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Perplexed Bush dekes?

20 November, 2003

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'U.S. and Britain were on a "mission of freedom" in Afghanistan and Iraq in a common and noble cause', said Pres. George W. Bush while addressing at Buckingham Palace.

US president visited Britain at a crucial time of his reign with palpable series of protests against him around raising slogans 'bush, Blair; Butchers'.

What do you think about the visit of Pres. Bush to Britain?

Is the visit politically motivated for next presidential election campaign in USA?

How do you see the political career of both Pres. Bush and Prime Minister Blair?

Do you think intl. protests against war on terrorism could lead to 'International Peace Community'?

Reader Comments:

It is correct this time edge is crucial to Bush, as wesley clark is gaining increase in his favor for presidential election day by day and as he is spreading his philosphy to rule and damned flaws of Bush admisitrations through his writings which is poisoning the Bush reign ivy.
i think this visit will add more distances between bush and upcoming presidential term.

Many of gurus think bush needs top level support regarding next presidentship.and so may be bush is thinking he has played the perfect courtier. BUT..... media is giving coverage to the protesters and agitation slogans more than inside buckingham palace. So, Mr bush! keep an eye on Media!!!:)

what can we say right now about the future of BB(bush blair) as premiers; election tricks are not only common in south asia but also there.

Our religious Leaders or all those whose platform for politics or service is set on 'Evil US' could use oposing emotions of people all around the world regardless of religion and could set an internationl brotherhood which is according to Islam i.e. to love and to streamline the others. There is another But after this comment. Thanks

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 20 November, 2003

Micheal Foot Labour Party of UK to US Big Foot Republican's Scar-Face in US !

UK Imperialism-Capitalism in American Civil War Blue Cubs Gen.Blair was The Alcoholist and Lincoln knew that Gen.Blair under Gen Washington yet won all The Battle Fields vs English Controls and The American Settled Feodal-Confedrates The same PM.Blair of UK is Though from Labour vs Conservatives Business Elites as seen from Labour Party Themes But The Euro Schemes afterall Unite EU under NATO=OECD=G-8 to Control WTO Through GATT Thus IMF=World-Bank / UN Bush-Blair Church Cause is vs Islam-Muslim's OPEC.
Bush(sr-CIA) O Bush(jr-FBI)
O-Tollerance to O-Ground WTO to WTC to New World Social-Order is Dark-Future
under Wash D.C USA-Plan.

Al-Haj.Mr.F.Koch{Chairperson & Founder of Islamitische Partij Nederland}EU, Netherlands - 23 November, 2003

Crazy Bush

Regarding Pres. Bush's visit I have no choice but to think the way Britains have exhibited to the whole world, what do they consider Pres. Bush as, that is, a Butcher!

Regarding Bush's political career, I have not yet overcome the shock of surprise, on how on earth Americans could elect such an illiterate person as their President. I just hope that Americans would realize the mistake they made in last elections.

There's definitely a need for International Peace Community other than U.N. My suggestion is to choose any country for its Headquarters other than U.S.A.

Agha, Pakistan - 24 November, 2003

Bloody Bush

Yes ofcourse bloody bush is leading this world on a way that leads to destruction. He claims that he is fighting for the cause of peace but instead he himself is snaching the peace from the world

Qaisar Nadeem, Pakistan - 24 November, 2003

nations on dec;line

America is on decline. The first indication was their failure to fire Bill Clinton in Monica case. Injustices can never accrue positive results. America is bound to fail in Iraq.

hayat, Pakistan - 24 November, 2003

War on terrorism

There is an urgent need to address this issue by evolving a different strategy to deal with Al-Qaeda that should bring peace and tranquility in a real manner among the people of all factions and groups, irrespective of race, religion, cast and creed.

Muslims of Palestine and Jammu & Kashmir are fighting for their basic rights for more than five decades, whereas Iraqis do not want that coalition forces should occupy their motherland. This is a just solution, which will save further loss of precious human lives of human beings.

Syed A. Mateen, Pakistan - 24 November, 2003

Recent protests in UK reflect awareness among masses regarding international issues. USA & UK mistakenly perceived the use of power as ultimate solution to achieve their interests beyond their geographical boundries. Now both the Bush & Blair are under criticism and in trouble domestically to be re-elected to continue their agenda.They must remember; It would be the tolerant strategies and compains only that could save the humanity from further conflict, and to bring peace around the world.

Aamir, Pakistan - 26 November, 2003

President Bush's visit to UK

The protest in during President Bush's visit to Britian were carried out by Marxist, Islamic Organizations, and anti capitalist groups. These are groups that will always be anti USA even Bush stays in office or not. Surprisingly these groups never protested against Al Qaeeda or Osama Bin Laden or even against Sadaam Hussain for murdering innocent people. These people are lucky to be living in Britain and have the freedom to express themselves. Imagine if I had protested against Osama Bin Laden in an Islamic country? You know the answer to that.

This is in response to Hayat and Agha from Pakistan. USA's economy is on rise. It grew at highest level for third quarter during last 10 years. For Agha, Bush is graduate from Yale and a fighter pilot. I dont think that qualifies him as illiterate.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 27 November, 2003


one thing which is very clear after the latest show of agitation on bush and blair policies that both govt gives a damn about the voice and concern of their people like in any other downtrodden underdeveloped countries so whats the difference ,where is democracy . they must be heading towards doomsday as far as bush career is concerned coz he might not be elected in next term but the damage is done and his next govt will have tough time to undo the past mistakes.As far as osama is concerned it was also the fruit of USA unjust policies all around the world like in case of ISRAEL so they should not grumble instead they need to rectify their past mistakes before its too late .

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 29 November, 2003

this is for sammy jabareen from canada, first of all everyone everwhere sought the videos on BBC and CNN and Fox that the protesters against president bush were british or other european nationality.And pls mind it that BBC, CNN and Fox channels are purely anti-al-qaeda. You seem their loyal more than themselves....
Mulsim, Marxists and others have their own modes of interaction and this is known by anyone who keeps a common sense.
In third world countries one may get some degree payinf some amount of money and it is not noxious over there but when we see bush as a graduate in business administration , we ponder on the credibilty of Yale University....
and in the last my dear sammy! US economy is going under intense circumstances, pls log on to some neutral not-classified-by-US-Govt economic forums all over the world and check out the lists following Enron....
i think it is enough or now

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 01 December, 2003

Sammy Oh Please listen!

That fighter pilot hid behind
his mother's skirt during the
Vietnam conflict and we know
how he graduated from Yale.I
suggest you wash your myopic vision and learn to accept the facts that both Bush and Bin Laden are moulds of the same coin.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 01 December, 2003

A few words to decribe Bush

Liar, Cheater, Greed, Deceptor, Traitor, Two Faced. Bush is all of those and more and the world is in trouble if he is voted into a second term. Pray for the U.S. people. But really pray for the Administration of Mr. Bush who knows nothing about leadership and has no regard for human life. That's what the protests in the UK were about as well as other countries.

And I am an African American but I know what the real deal is. Bush is not my president. He really needs help.

Shannon Jennings, Turks And Caicos Islands - 03 December, 2003

The Other America

Please, please don't judge every American citizen by the actions of our current unelected "president." Many of us are aghast at our misdirected military actions in Iraq and the current unquestioned support of the brutal Israeli regime. As far as I am personally concerned, Bush and Binladen are terrorists from the same mold and I live for the day when this illegitimate regime is ousted from power in the USA.

Charles Howell, United Kingdom - 04 December, 2003

Terrorist got used to Clinton too much. Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeeda supporters thought USA was a weak nation and would never come after them. In Somalia Clinton pulled them out. Off course after first World Trade Centre attack, Khobar Towers bombings, Somalia, USS Cole, and African Embassy bombings, Clinton did nothing. But on 9-11, Osama made a big mistake. He was not aware that President Bush would not let him parade in Afghanistan anymore. President Bush drew line and said enough is enough. He might not be smartest person but he has strong character.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 04 December, 2003

Bush visit to Britian

Resident Bush trip to Britian was ill-timed, and only a political ploy for his re-selection. Kudos to the Queen for not caving into some of his demands. Such as reconstruction of the Palace to suit his security needs. The price it cost London was ridiculous for his "majestys" visit. Here in the U.S. or complacent, lying media did not cover it enough, instead CNN chose to cover Micheal Jackson all day. It is my opinion that Bush and Blair's political positions are in deep trouble. I sincerely hope that the more intenational protests against the war and Bush and Blair will lead to more and more citizens (sheeple) of the U.S. to waken out of their comas. Bush is not my president!

Barbara, United Kingdom - 04 December, 2003

Bush is a Fraud!

just like his Grandfather Prescott Bush who funded the Nazi war machine early Hitler's aggressions until Congress put a stop to his banking empire. The "apple does not fall far from the tree". Democracy is imperiled here in America as the Bush Regime rules by propaganda, erosion of basic freedoms, and legislative coercion. Corporate fascism is growing under this regime and Bush and his NeoCon neanderthals must be stopped! I fear that in the next election ballot tampering through computer voting machines will be endemic. God Save America and the World!

richard holden, United Kingdom - 06 December, 2003

Proud to be an American

Sammy is right, the protests in Britain were funded by a partnership of Communists and radical Islamists who are united in their goal to undermine America. Bush is very underestimated by you all. He is not only a graduate of Yale but also agot his MBA at Harvard. People just make the mistake of thinking he's a dumbie. Wait and see.

cj, United Kingdom - 07 December, 2003


Does one oppressor murdering another oppressor = freedom? - i think not. The US as a nation has a lot to answer for and i am aware there are alot of nice people in america. I do not confuse the people with the government.
All oppressors need to be dealt with - there are no other options.

Love and liberty to all

steve, Aruba - 07 December, 2003

CJ, thank you for your support. It is surprising all these Bush bashers have nothing bad to say about Sadaam or Osama Bin Laden. I could understand Leftys and Atheists are obssessed with Bush. Well good luck to you. I hope USA never gets into hands of leftys and atheists.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 08 December, 2003


I have some advice for Agha.People who have a shock of suprise and who hope they would should never call anyone illiterate

ciccio, Canada - 04 August, 2005

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