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Pakistan and India in General Assembly

04 October, 2003

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Addressing General Assembly on 25 September, President Musharraf proposed a ceasefire along the Line of Control dividing Indian- and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and bilateral talks to resolve disputes.

Indian PM Atal Behari Vajpayee, in return, poked Pakistan as ‘terrorist blackmailer’ and adhered ‘No talks’ slogan in front of world body.

Friday, 3rd Oct, US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, responded the comment of Vajpayee in a press conference by cohering Pak-India bilateral talks and avoided setting Pakistan as a ‘terrorist blackmailer’.

What do you think about the open-forum offer of Pakistani President to India?

How do you think Mr. Powell’s statement would benefit Pak-India bilateral talks on disputes?

Could ‘No Talk to Pakistan’ strategy help in resolving Kashmir dispute in any way?

Is it righteous to term India ‘Terrorist Blackmailer’ with about one million armed personnel in Kashmir?

Reader Comments:


Musharraf's committment on war against terror is doubtful for the facts, that he has allowed the terrorist groups continue to operate by changing their names e.g., Sipah-e-Sihaba. Others are elected into the assembilies like Fazlul Rehman, one of his student, Tariq Azam just got killed.

Sunny, Pakistan - 08 October, 2003

Pakistan and India

Two rival countries are very near to resolve their disputes without firing a single bullet, India is aware of the world situation and Pakistan has a upper hand in the world arena Gen. being a very smart guy. India will show flesibility.

Mohammad Akram, United Arab Emirates - 23 November, 2003

Peep into your house

I wonder wether pakistan has no problems of its own. We know what every country is through friends around. Mind your business and country.

Look at what world says about India and about Pakistan. Open your eyes...Its not very late yet.

Anand, Ukraine - 02 June, 2005

Pakistan is an Islamic country. Where leaders pray 5 times a day. But they do not practice what they pray. Islam tells us to be honest and be always truthful. but our leaders liers and dishonest. They never had independent inquiry in 65, 71 and Cargil debacle. Now truth is coming out bit by bit. Nur Khan interview was ignored by leaders. Also minister Sh. Rasheed is still on the job. Pakistan says there are state sponsered terrorist camps in Pakistan, but whole world knows there are 13 camps on western border and 55 camps along eastern border. The world must realize that terrorism does not exist without state sponsership.

asahmed, Pakistan - 14 September, 2005

Peace through shared grief

I sincerely hope all in both countries will realize that the big picture is what counts. I am a white non-denominational Canadian, as well as ex military, with roots in the global intelligence world. All countries have skeletons in the closet, and it is time to forgive. I fully understand that forgetting is a children's wish, and will never happen in our world. Forgiveness is all. To reach out and say "hey we all messed up here" is a step towards the only way. Peace. It is achieved through war or diplomacy. Take the easy way. Treat each other like adults and your world will flourish and prosper. Continue with war, and the world will fail you when you need them most. History is rife with religious squabbling. It has gotten mankind where? Who is winning? It's all about the afterlife isn't it? Why don't we all realize that how you treat others here on earth, decides how you will be treated in your (whatever religion or deity you believe in) afterlife? Look in the mirror and tell which religion preaches death, destruction, greed, malice ad museum. None I'm guessing. So why? "Oh it's much deeper than that" you say. It does not have to be. It is simple. Hold hands, share, don't hit, be nice. These are the values your parents, all of our parents taught us. Only when religion raises it's ugly and hateful head do we guide our children down that terrible road of hate and fear. I sincerely hope that India and Pakistan settle this once and for all. To do so would set a shining example to the rest of the world, and show that despite religious differences you have the same heart. Last time...hate bad..guns bad..peace good. No matter who you pray to, don't believe murder, rape and war are tickets to the just don't make sense.

Dave Johnstone, Canada - 20 November, 2005

The Source of Disharmony

Many people wish for a peaceful world but fail to comprehend the source of all the disharmony in this world. Every country in this world claims that it respects the sovereignty of other states; publicly the heads of states claim that all countries are equal, no matter how small some states might be. However, in practice, some countries make it quite clear that all countries are not equal. It is like what George Orwell wrote "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than other animals" in his famous novel 'Animal Farm'. Some countries are relentlessly saying that some countries are more equal than other countries, in other words, making the term 'equal' meaningless. Some people term this kind of meaningless equality as reality and some others call it pragmatism. The troubles begin when the elites of this world demand that others accept this kind of reality or pragmatism. This kind of meaningless 'equality' is the source of most of the troubles of this world and therefore, should be abandoned by those elite states.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 27 November, 2005


India where people are born on footpath, breed on foot path and die on foot path. they want to become Asian tiger!

Hassan, Pakistan - 19 December, 2006

When are these hindu fundamentalist going to stop killing innocent christians in that country.These guys are no better than jihadis and should not be concidered friends.They target christians because we in india does not re-act. Lets retaliate and these killing will stop.

Levi, Hungary - 23 January, 2008

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