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Pakistan India Talks

06 May, 2003

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The opposition and the allies in Pakistani Parliament have supported the notion to normalize relations with India and resolve all issues including core issue of Kashmir dispute through dialogue.

Pakistan upped the stakes in peace overtures with India by saying it would scrap its nuclear arsenal if India is willing to do the same.

"As far as Pakistan is concerned, if India is ready to denuclearize, we would be happy to denuclearize," Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said. "But it will have to be mutual."

Do you think there can be any peace in the region without resolving the issue of Kashmir ?

Reader Comments:

We are good, You are bad...Thing

There is a prejudice in Pakistan that--
-All Hindus are fanatics, facists and born demons.
-Hindus can not be trusted.
-They are all liars.
-They are all responsible for Pakistan's Problems.

This is systematically taught in Pakistani texts and society. Unless this negativity changes there can't be any peace.

Aniken, United Kingdom - 16 June, 2003

focus on positive and discard the negative.

Discard all the negative points.focus on all positive points.Military must stop meddling with political hats in pakistan.they are biggest hindrance between india and pakistan.They don't want to live like military they like to rule pakistan and determine their fate.They are the biggest culprits in pakistan history.People have to rise up against these military bosses and take the pakistan back to themselves.Then there will be peace and prosperity.The military has been sucking the juice and getting fatter and richer but ordinary people are getting poorer and thinner.That's the reason they keep the pot boiling afganistan and kashmir, so that they remain in power.They live like kings in pakistan.

akbiswas, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2003

Two sides of same coin

India and Pakistan are two sides of the same coin. I am born after division, i.e 1947, but my ancestors hail from Nagar Thatta. I believe there must be many like me in Pakistan who have some feelings and ancestral connections with this land. India and Pakistan can live like two nations but with open borders, open trade open cultural exchanges and the people to people contact. If politics on both sides has a will the day is not far when this will be a reality.

Bharat Gajria, Hungary - 04 August, 2003

Pak India Talks = Walks India Pak Moon To Mars

Bismillah Airahaman Nirahiem 19-08-2003
Media West If Hide's This Then They r "Zalim"Cruels Not To Me [I Do Not Care]. Their Support of Projection IR Today is Their Future PR
chaker wati vs chand sitara
Denuclearization A-Bomb
Offer by Aziz Ahmed Khan FM-Spokesmn Need Read SALT-Treaty 1& 2 Offer by US to USSR Brought Down The Warsaw-Pact Talking Peace-Divident Now NATO Un-Opposed ISAF=NATO !
Mr.F.Koch {IPN}
Postbus: 5857, 3008 AW Rotterdam-Holland

Al-Haj Faridullah.KOCH {IPN}Europe, Netherlands - 19 August, 2003

Give Peace a Chance

I am from India, right now in canada. Before I came here, I had an impression that Pakistanis not good people, so I was warned that I should not trust any pakistanis when I meet them (in Canada). But when I came here, my views have changed, I found that you people are same as what we are, we think the same way and we have similar customs which brings the two communities Indians and Pakistanis closer at a land far away from their own. Now I feel sorry for the way I felt and I am proud to have made some friends from Pakistan. Such is the misconception and mistrust about each other, that I had to travel half a world to remove it. Sigh!!! I wish our leaders instead of sitting in their AC offices, would have traveled 100 miles, I am sure they would have thought the way I think!!!!

Shouvik, Canada - 31 October, 2003


Yo indians and Pakistanis,
You both are fighting to gether, why?
Both of you have same norms eating ROTTI, and still fighting. Only because UnitedKingdom plays game and made 2 countrys. why you both fight, and hate the british, like you are hating eatch other?

JERRY, Netherlands - 15 February, 2005

I am bilogically same as a Pakistani , Is the diffrence Lies in Place , air , water & environment...Change it , Let the nature rule.

BIREN AGNIHOTRI, Hungary - 12 November, 2005

Pakistan needs is many Operation Gibraltor

Yousuf, Pakistan - 21 September, 2006

in Germany

I am indian and when I came to germany and studies in the uni,many of my friends with whom i spent max time were pakistanis,I taught them analog ckts and they taught me VHDL. when the exma was over I was just walking back to my hostel,they called me and sai, bro. have a coffee and we hope u dont mind sharing a cigarrette with us,that was an emotional moment I cud sense that and I joined them, then they said, bro if our countries wud have been undivided then we wud have visited your bangalore! And I shot back, yeah and I wud have visited harrapa and mohenjodaro and your home too. Tell me who is to be blamed?? ofcourse Nehru and Jinnah!

Indopak, Georgia - 17 November, 2007

In reply to India's sincerity

Remember that advani is not in power and he is not leading government of India.India is not controlled by hindu fanatics,only thing is as it is a democracy everybody has the right to express their views,,so advani is also expressing his views,,but dont think that advani's views are the views of entire India

apoorva, Hungary - 05 December, 2008

Hostile Bharat is far better than cordial

Pakistan’s over all advancement in the last 62 years is the poorest but in defense. And which has taught the best manners to Bharat. And the credit goes to the hostile Bharat!!! So the hard lessen is that hostile Bharat is far better than the cordial!!!
If Bharat could not budge even an inch in the clear most issues of Sciachen, Sir Creek, Baglihar Dam and in Kishan Ganga Dam. Then a moonstruck person of a very high grade can subscribe to the idea that Bharat would ever deliver on Kashmir.
Her history has proved over and over again only one thing and that is; Bharat can only be relied upon in enmity and never in amity. Being the evil twins Bharat & Israel have been fluent only in the language of force.

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court)

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court), Pakistan - 26 February, 2010

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