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Pakistan India Talks

06 May, 2003

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The opposition and the allies in Pakistani Parliament have supported the notion to normalize relations with India and resolve all issues including core issue of Kashmir dispute through dialogue.

Pakistan upped the stakes in peace overtures with India by saying it would scrap its nuclear arsenal if India is willing to do the same.

"As far as Pakistan is concerned, if India is ready to denuclearize, we would be happy to denuclearize," Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan said. "But it will have to be mutual."

Do you think there can be any peace in the region without resolving the issue of Kashmir ?

Reader Comments:

India's Sincerity

It all depends on the sincerity of Indian government, which is currently led by Hindu Fanatics of BJP.

One for sure can expect flexibility and liberal approach by Musharraf and Jamali, but it's hard to imagine Advani, who's a well known Hindu fanatic and a firm believer of only Hindu India, could let other liberals in India to talk with Pakistan about Kashmir.

Nonetheless, the ice seems to have melt down and Indians are finally thinking rationally than emotinally.

IJ, Pakistan - 06 May, 2003

Issue of KASHMIR !

Some may propose to accept the line of control as an international border,that is not a viable solution. Neither are the two countries willing to hand their part to the other. Therefore the most viable solution is to accept Kashmir as Independent nation and let them decide how they plan to govern themselves.

The UN can play a vital role in this matter by making Kashmir her Protectorate for the term,till the new nation emerges and both India and Pakistan sign a treaty of peace accepting Kashmir as a Indepenent nation.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 May, 2003

Short answer is Yes

When Pakistan says it provides diplomatic support to the freedom-fighters, it should also demonstrate the capability to control them. Kashmir neither has the resources to function as an independent nation nor is there any major country willing to back that move. Peace is possible without altering the boundary.

A Bhat, United Kingdom - 07 May, 2003

Long Live Peace

It's always ironic to see how wars are being imposed to bring peace.

Peace can only be achieved through meaningful dialogue.

The fact of the matter is that Kashmir is a disputed territory between Pakistan and India. It's the only hurdle between the two countries and if you don't talk about it then what else you want to talk about ? We have fought wars over Kashmir and it still remains a disputed land, so let's hope that India which has accepted to Pakistan's dialogue offer, would not hesitate to talk about Kashmir, unlike they did last time when Pres. Musharraf went to India.

I think India has finally matured!

Agha, Pakistan - 07 May, 2003

Give Peace a Chance

I may not be representing the fanatic Indians, but I do represent the mass majority of peace loving Indian who want to live in peace and harmony with Pakistan.

We must show the world that we are a great civilization and not war mongers. Let's talk and resolve our long standing issues. We don't need any third party we can do it ourselves.

Raj Arole, Hungary - 07 May, 2003

Be Careful!!

I think Pakistan should be careful in just opening up everything for the sake of friendship with India. Indian politicians have a bad track record for keeping their promises and changing their positions quickly like monsters.

We really need to look after our interests. Keeping in mind that India, unlike Pakistan possess chemical weapons, Pakistan should never give up its nucealr program no matter what Indians do.

Sunny, Pakistan - 07 May, 2003


No peace without kashmir.

CH JAMIL AHMED KHAN KAMALIA, Pakistan - 07 May, 2003

Be careful

Experts believe that the sudden change in Indian attitude towards peace is because of economical pressure, therefore I suggest that Pakistan should be very careful.

SAJ, Pakistan - 13 May, 2003

There could be peace both in Inida and Pakistan by buliding trust . One thing which I always question is how come we( and by we I mean people from both sides that is India and Pakistan ) can forgive Brithisher who divided us but we cannot forget the past between us. There is a need to strengthen econmic relations and resolve the Kashmmir issue. By giving the Kashmiris to decide their own faith . These efforts have to be sincere.

Peace, Pakistan - 14 May, 2003


Has India found a new way to
play the game!If she is wants
SHANTI,then she must come to
us with no strings and we'll
do the same.

Khalid .Rahim, Pakistan - 15 May, 2003

It is time

The concept of having freindly neighbours is difficult to digest as it can be seen around the world, but now as new global changes are constantly emerging so we need each other to stand up and face all the forthocoming challenges together.It is high time that both nations should show some sensibility in tackling age old disputes.

S.M.Nabeel Imtiaz, Pakistan - 16 May, 2003

Peace between India and Pakistan

I believe it is the extremly bitter memories of the devision of the India in 1947 which is the root cause fueling the distrust between the two nations. There is a need to rebuild this trust for atleast another decade by normalising economic and social relations before even starting to solving the so called problem of Kashmir.

M Sadiq, United Arab Emirates - 16 May, 2003


I think the problem is with the majority of hindus they dont like to talk with pakistan because they are muslims they have no peace in india between muslims and hindus thats the way politicians want why do we not have problems with hindus in europe we live together in peace and with sikhs , tamil and so on

M.Yunus, Pakistan - 31 May, 2003

Saving the Dove ?

The sincerity of maintaining
peace should be on both sides
as a dove cannot fly with the
wings clipped.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 31 May, 2003


People in Pakistan tend to think that BJP has been in power for years. Actually problem in Kashmir started under the most secular government India has ever had. So it is not baout BJP. BJP has been around for less than 10 years. Before that it was very weak and had no influence in the corridors of power.

Ravi, Hungary - 01 June, 2003

Life is more important.

The average man on the street,in whatver country he is in, is more concerned about his family and his job.I think it is time to get on with life.What does a "freedom fighter" gain? or what does a Indian Soldier gain ....when he is shot at?

Nilakantan Rajaraman, United Kingdom - 04 June, 2003


India&pak both need love only it can bring peace

k.bains, Hungary - 05 June, 2003

Pakistan India Peace overtures

We just have to start talking sometimes. Lets give Peace a chance

ARKHAN, United Kingdom - 06 June, 2003

i think there is no way .except leaving the matter of kashmir aside for 30yrs so that every thing will be chillied by then

boby sekhon, Swaziland - 08 June, 2003


When there is a ray of hope for both India and pakistan then they must avail it. Both must sit and decide for good by converting LOC as pemanent border and than they should slowly over the years make it as soft borders between the two, so kashmiris can interacts.

Nikita Patelis, Aruba - 11 June, 2003

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