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Pak-American relations

22 April, 2011

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Bitter disputes like covert CIA activities, drone attacks inside Pakistan and lack of progress over peace talks in Afghanistan are fuelling the biggest crisis in US-Pakistan relations since the 9/11 attacks.

Last week, a summit of ISI and CIA was organised to ease tension but fail to resolve issues over the US drones attacks and Intelligence sharing. After that summit, a press release issued in the media in which it was informed by the CIA that it had established its spy network in Pakistan besides, there was no need of any assistance from Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to carry out drone strikes in the tribal areas.

Meanwhile, Pakistan`s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani also urged that Washington should refrain from drone attacks and share credible intelligence with Pakistan to enable it to take action against terrorists itself but all in vain.

  • Where Pak-American relations are heading?
  • Do you think, Pakistan should continue as a front line ally in war against terror along with US?
  • Do you think, drone attacks is the only solution to eliminate terrorism OR should we begin a process of talks with Taliban?
  • Reader Comments:


    As long as Pakistani government will keep its begging bowl extended and its grovelers hand stretched, it will stay as a vessel state. As long as the valets of Messrs. Zardari, Jeelani and Kayani stay unfilled the so-called ‘war on terror’ will continue because that is the only source through which they can have their valets stuffed and as soon as the ‘war on terror’ stops this source will be terminated. ‘War on terror’ therefore is a must and they will continue killing their own people for a few US greenbacks. They have already killed, according to the Pak. PM,
    at least 30,000 innocent civilians and 50,000 security personnel had so far been martyred in this battle. “The international community should acknowledge these sacrifices and services rendered by Pakistan,” the premier urged’. (Pakistan paid heavy price in terror war: PM, The News Int’l, National’, 5/20/2011)
    80,000 personal have been lost and the number of those who are wounded must be at the twice of this number.
    Who is responsible for the murder of all these numbers and are they actually the sacrifices and services to the nation or for the buffeting the exchequers of the rulers of Pakistan?
    Was there any terrorism before sept. 11, 2001? See what Ayaz Amir says: ‘…Just as there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq prior to the American invasion of that country, there was none of the unrest or challenge to central authority we now witness in FATA prior to the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001’. (Although the same Ayaz Amir is now the greatest proponent of the ‘war on terror’). He also said: ‘There is an active lobby in Pakistan’s English press assiduously spreading the same message’. (The gathering tempest, By Ayaz Amir, The News International July 18, 2008)
    There was no intrusion by Afghanistan (Taliban) in Pakistan affairs before 2001. There was no so-called Al-Quaédah threat to Pakistan before that invasion. Actually there is no Taliban or Al-Quaédah threat even now. Had the Pakistani government not succumbed to the threat of ‘with us or against us’ and the ‘commando trained’ ‘not afraid of bullets’ president of Pakistan not submitted to that threat Pakistan would not have had any problem which it is facing now. Small Sectarian clashes could have been settled according to the injunction of the Holy Qur’an: ‘And if two parties of believers fight each other, make peace between them, then if after that one of them transgresses against the other, fight the party that transgresses until it returns to the command of Allah. Then if it returns, make peace between them with equity and act justly. Verily Allah loves the just. (Ch. Al-Hujuraat: v10)
    Had this golden principle been adopted there would not have been any war on terror nor would there have been need for begging bowel or grovelers’ hoot which PM Jeelani made in Beijing. But that exceptional characteristic depended on an Islamic script in the minds of the ruler and it is always true.
    Yesterday the rulers were extending their begging bowl to the United States of America. Today they have made Pakistan a beggar to the benevolence of China. Friendship, no doubt, is the best characteristic but does it behoove a country with 180,000,000 population, with immense talent, unlimited natural resources, extensive manpower and an élite armed force of around 600,000 to extend that bowel even though it is the best friend?
    Actually, when someone forgets the best codes of ethics and adopts the worst ones this becomes his condition. He becomes the ‘Asfalus-Saafeleen’ (Holy Qur’an, Ch. At-teen, v6) (the lowest of the lower most).The Holy Founder of Islam (SAAWS) laid down an extremely treasured principle that: ‘Al-Yadul ulyaa khairum-minal yadis-suflaa’ that upper hand is better than the lower hand. Which means that to be a donor is better than to be a receiver. Had the Muslims depended upon their own resources, talents, genius, faculties and intelligence they would not have been groveling or extending a beggar’s bowel. Rather they would have been the greatest benefactors of the world. Forgetting brings to such lowest stature with we are witnessing today in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Pakistan is not an exception. Mr. Musharraf brought this disgrace and the current rulers are following the suit.

    Ahmad M. Quazi, United Kingdom - 06 June, 2011


    Beleive it or not, say it not, admit ot or not, ALL pathways to regional peace go thru Kashmir. The sooner that is solved, the sooner Pakistan can start sleeping with both eyes closed, and reagional peace and prosperity can boom, and THAT is the solution - The ECONOMIC equation. Right now, that is not an option.

    N. Javed, Pakistan - 19 June, 2011


    There is no Govtin Wazairsatan. Abd moreover the are providing shelter to dactos and robber smugllers in waisrstan for the sack of Money. If it is correct. then how they can claim peace. If Pakistan is helpless to Govern them. Then how Pakistan can protest on drone attacks on these areas. I am confused please correct me. Rest I dont see any Govt grip on rest of the country. There is no Justice in our country. Neither Juditional nor social and ecnomics justice.

    Nisar Ahmed, Pakistan - 25 June, 2011



    CURRYWALLA, United Kingdom - 26 June, 2011

    self-distruction on bigin

    Pakis are living in world of hate, (hate India, Hate west, Hate US, Hate non-Muslims, Hate.......) the holy book Qaran say Hate will destroy as w whole those who posses.

    TP, Hungary - 29 June, 2011

    pakistan should declare war againist usa in afaganistan

    i think Pakistan should declare war againost USA and NATO forces in afaganistan. i think if taliban returns it will be in stratigic interest of pakistan. in case of any future wars with india they will have afaganistan to fall back upon. and if pakistan declares war againist usa, china will come into play and both pakistan and china can defeat the USA and NATO forces and india and the forces of all the democratic countries.

    jagat khan, Hungary - 26 July, 2011

    US-Pakistan Relations

    Actually there are two Americas. One which we all know as United States of America. It has 50 states and Obama is the president of this America. It operates with in its borders. This America is economically and technologically the most advanced country in the world. It abides by its constitution and it has a working system of justice. It provides equal opportunities to all regardless of color or race. Then there is a second America, which has no borders. It is run by CIA, FBI, Pentagon and to a lesser extent by State Department. This America has no law and rules to follow or obey. It operates freely everywhere in the world expect the United Sates of America (The no. 1 America). It can arrest people and keep them imprisoned for as long as they wish without assigning any reason. Most 3rd world's governments act like its clients and provide all type of dirty services for a small fee. It gives protection to ruthless dictatorships and monarchies and use them to advance its global agenda. It discards these dictators when they are no longer useful. Unfortunately, our selfish leadership for their personal motives has established relationship with the second type of America. Therefore the situation we face today should not come as surprise to us. On the other hand India has been involved with the first America (USA) from the very beginning. This is one the reason that you find so many Indian in all walks of life. Very people in USA know Pakistan in a meaningful way. Because instead of building relationship with American people , our selfish elites have established relations with CIA and Pentagon. While people at CIA and Pentagon may have developed personal relations with our establishment, very few Americans know anything about our Father of the Nation Qaid-e-Azam.

    Rehmat Kundi, Pakistan - 14 August, 2011


    I think drone attacks favor of Pakistan they attack for terrorists not for friend .US is our friend and has right that kill every terror and save the World

    Nasir Farooqi, Pakistan - 14 August, 2011

    Sunil Sihna & Veerendra

    I found it v.positive to hear some realistic opinions from indian side. it is vivacious that indians are more Mature than we pakistanis in terms of national interest.
    Indians are well aware to deal with USA and West on the other side, our leaders even lack how to react against USA and NATO incursions into our tribal belt.actually election process is still bogus in pakistan which coulnot produce good leadership in pakistant.sitll fuedals and capitalists controls the entire system of pakistan. I hope if indians demonstrate such a responsible attitude towards its neighboring countries it not beyond that we may live together like Canada USA or European nations.

    zahid khan Gabari, Pakistan - 19 August, 2011


    Most of the commentors are external from Pakistan.
    Seems most cannot relate to the thousands that died 9-11-01 including islamists.
    Harboring terrorists is a problem any country needs to take seriously. Including Pakistan, USA, China and India.
    We have to be united in rooting out this horrible element in society any and everywhere.

    Bull, United States - 07 September, 2011

    If Pakistani government stays as a stooge, subservient and keeps on groveling instead of standing upon its own feet and using its own manpower, intellectual resources and strategic importance, the US and its allies will keep on using it for their own aggrandizement and Pakistan will receive no benefits.
    The war-on-terror is not Pakistan's war and Pakistan therefore wean from it out-rightly. Pakistan has lost over 70 billion dollars in trade and the human casualty figure is daunting. If Pakistan did not enter this war Pakistan would have been reasonably prosperous and without much liens and liabilities nor would it have needed daily and perpetual guidance from the US or its cronies. No Hillarries, Panettas, Mullens or Petreaus would have been coming to Pakistan nor would they have been threatening Pakistan as they do now. It seems that the Pakistanis have no wisdom left nor any insight or acumen. They need guidance and dictation for every paltry and trivial affair from the all-knowing, all-mighty US technocrats.
    Drone attacks are as the Europeans call them extra-judicial murders. They are not employed to eliminate terrorism. No one can prove that those who are murdered by drones are really terrorists. These are arbitrary murders without any judicial backing or trials. It is just the murderers' appetite and they are accomplishing it with the full consent of the extremely considerate rulers of Pakistan and nothing else. The US armed forces or CIA cannot resort to this method if confronted with China or Russia or even North Korea. Weakness is the greatest attraction for the murderers. Might is right.

    Ahmad M. Quazi, - 22 September, 2011

    The US is going after Muslim terrorists who have attacked their country. The US is wrong headed if they think any Muslim country will ever be friendly to US or western nations. Muslim nations have difficulty in accepting anybody who is non-Muslim. The US needs to stop trying to develop Muslim nations to be free and accepting societies. Change needs to come from the hearts of the people. There is too much hate in the hearts of Muslims to change or accept people who have different ideas or beliefs then their own. The US needs to pull out all resources from all Muslim nation. The US needs to focus help on nations who want to live in peace and support the people who are going without food, clothing, and shelter ( Roti, Kapra, aur Makan) in those nations. Lets be honest: if it were not for oil the US and western nations would not be involved in the middle east. Muslim nations need to help Muslim nations. When a Christian tries to help a Muslim it just builds hate in the heart of the Muslin.

    Pakistan needs to look at the reasons why they lost East Pakistan. Pakistan has been a welfare nation since 14 August 1947. Pakistan's leaders have been playing the US for chumps since that day. The US has to put an end to the Pakistan scam and move on to nations who want to live as equals in the 21 century.

    Dante, - 09 March, 2012

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