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Pak-American relations

22 April, 2011

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Bitter disputes like covert CIA activities, drone attacks inside Pakistan and lack of progress over peace talks in Afghanistan are fuelling the biggest crisis in US-Pakistan relations since the 9/11 attacks.

Last week, a summit of ISI and CIA was organised to ease tension but fail to resolve issues over the US drones attacks and Intelligence sharing. After that summit, a press release issued in the media in which it was informed by the CIA that it had established its spy network in Pakistan besides, there was no need of any assistance from Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to carry out drone strikes in the tribal areas.

Meanwhile, Pakistan`s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani also urged that Washington should refrain from drone attacks and share credible intelligence with Pakistan to enable it to take action against terrorists itself but all in vain.

  • Where Pak-American relations are heading?
  • Do you think, Pakistan should continue as a front line ally in war against terror along with US?
  • Do you think, drone attacks is the only solution to eliminate terrorism OR should we begin a process of talks with Taliban?
  • Reader Comments:


    Pakistan should get out as proud pakistanis don't need U.S money. Pakistanis are not beggars. pakistanis along with china are very very strong so it's better china uses us than U.S.

    Shawn, Canada - 22 April, 2011


    The US drone attacks if it had happened in China or India, there would have been counter attacks to protect the citizens.Pakistan must strongly protest in the United Nations for the drone attacks, killing innocent civilians, women and children. Even if this does not work from stopping, Pakistan a sovereign nation must shoot down drones hovering over its territory. Pakistan has every right to shoot down drones which has been attacking and killing in the name of terrorism.

    Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 23 April, 2011

    We must see how China and India are growing as they are from the same belt as we are. This will give us a guidelines on how to proceed further

    Islam, Pakistan - 03 May, 2011

    Sharp contrast

    There is a sharp contrast between how Pakistan and India deal with as emerging in recent times.Obama came to India and did all the dram incluuding support for UN permenent seat to India but mainly to sell fighter planes.Inspite of all this India rejected US fighter planes.Where as military operation are carried inside Pakistan without informining and apology.One nice thing in recent days is that India is not playing in the hands of U
    S or Eurpean Union which want India and Pakistan opposed always on Kashmir.US ambassador was asked not attend world cup criket.India has engaged interlocuters in Kashmir and started dialogue with Pakistan.

    Veerendra, Hungary - 04 May, 2011


    slave mentality will always dream bout better master but cant imagine freedom. For too long pakistanis are used to accept slavery of Sauds and that going is getting hard, people like Shawn think that China can be thier better master! But not more than that!!

    abhi, Hungary - 04 May, 2011

    After the Osama incident Pakistan needs to make clear choice with US. Pakistan needs to come clean with the terror activities with in Pakistan.
    Pakistan needs to provide US true intelligence so they can do what ever needs to be done to stop home grown terror

    Narvin, United Kingdom - 04 May, 2011

    If pakistan wants to grow like India and China first thing to do is stop harboring terroists. No business will like to come to Pakistan knowing that their business and their lives are not safe.
    Elect a government with educated people. Young people of Pakistan can bring end to corruption and terrorisam. India's sucess is based on young enterpranuer.

    Narvinnie, United Kingdom - 05 May, 2011

    In regard to the NATO drone attacks over Pakistan, I think your leaders are the most forgiving people on earth. If only the NATO countries were the same

    Tony, Aruba - 05 May, 2011

    Paks are playing good safe(under dog) game

    America Pak relations,as every event unfolds,are not at all like they are between friends.These relations are like master-obedient type to which Paks are adjusting to do the dance as desired or as need to be.

    No one should really blame Paks- nation,government or military.Pakistan managed to get by as sub standard friend during Russo-Afghan war.This was the waterloo type war to decide the next sole sole super power.Russia could very well have won the title if US was devoid of Jehadis support.Osama was the darling at that time until 1990.Only the first Gulf war and the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia drove the wedge in that deep friendship that defeated Russia in Afghanistan.

    Wars and terrors are all bad and Paks have sacrificed lot to mitigate both.Pakistan, though through wise compulsions is trying best not to provoke the sole super power.Actually Pak government, military and even the civilians are truckling to the master.The government,the army generals and high ups and civilians with plenty money of hard work or plunder are truckling to their Yanks master.About the civilians and the government,one could understand it clearly,but it is deep rooted amongst army generals and senior officers too.I found that in a wedding in Lahore where some army generals were present few years ago.They all bragged and prided in their chances of talking to US ambassador for green card visas for all their children if they could.One general talked of huge land allocations to him with coal and other minerals under the ground.He asked me if some American or Canadian company would exploit the resources, give him even only 2 percent and take all remaining back to US or Canada.I thought to myself that ours were selling out lot cheaper as even the Saudi slaves do not settle for less than 40 percent for Saudis and remaining for the foreign company expenses.Some army high ups even asked me about transfer of wealth they had been granted in Pakistan to be taken and invested in America or Canada.

    My only solace there was about 10 billion plus dollars that overseas patriot Paks send back home to balance the money flow out of the country.I have been asked by both civilians and military high ups about the auspicious way of investing their Pak money in US or Canada.

    America's welfare check of only 1.5 biliion dollars a year is much taken back by the other hand for expenses and numerous fees.But Pak expats are sending 14 billion dollars py only one way and also spending billions on travels to go there and spend their vacation money there.So, there is a big correction going on from patriot Paks.

    We have nothing against America.Destabilized Pak will be very bad and destabilized America will bring global destruction.Pakistan is too small and too weak a player to play at par and with dignity with America.And there simply does not exist the mutual love between Paks and Americans as there is between Paks and Turks or between Paks and Chinese people to people.China could and is treating Paks with some dignity and care.Turks simply love the Pak people and I have, due to some sweet treatment of Turks to me personally , have lost my heart on Turkish nation.I love the Turks as they are very close to my heart due to the love they have allways shown to me as me being a Pak.The Chinese have shown respect and some love for Paks to me.

    China is showing every chance of rising or even surpassing America's level over the next couple decades.I am glad that Paks have taken care of that bright thing in future and have wisely allocated their eggs to both the baskets--America and China.The eggs will be going on more and more from the American to the Chinese one as China rises more and more.America's decline is time's up type as they have already seen the crest like the Persians, the Romans, the Ottomans and the Brits saw.Next on super power line after America is none else except China.China has already surpassed America in steel production, car production and electric power(almost)production and is very fast closing the gap with America in energy(oil and gas)use.Paks have no wish or no will on that direction.It is happening as time's up retirement type reasons.And the serious thing is the growth in US to majority of care free,easy going and work shy Latinos, who want to make it good time America from worholic America of the past.Litigation and lawyers are an other drag to create America's decline as it happened to all previous four sole super powers in history.

    China is doing the miracles that neither Germany in both wars time or Russia as super power after WW2 was never able to do.

    The key here is the total energy(oil, gas,power)use and China is catching up America by 2020-2030.China is already leading in steel, cars and power(almost).It's oil refining and gas imports are catching up fast to make China the biggest energy user.Then you have a new super power.

    Paks may(perhaps)play fiddle to America for some time for safety/survival.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 06 May, 2011

    Way forward for Pakistan

    Pak must first completely dismantle infrastructure of terrorism sponsored by it's rulers.Dismantle ISI.Pak happens to have similiar human resource background as India. While India is on a growth path exploiting it's intellectual resources recognised world over by all.Jumping from lap of USA to China will only prolong the agony of Pak people.

    Harendrain, Pakistan - 09 May, 2011

    Muslim Killing by None Muslim constitute Crusade

    Q.1.Where Pak-American relations are heading? Answer:If Muslim Countries want to Survive and become equal , Muslims must learn to use own resources ,Technology and Talent .It is very close.It is close enough to become equal or equalise.
    Q.2..Do you think, Pakistan should continue as a front line ally in war against terror along with US?Answer: No. So called Muslim Terror is supposed to be Jihad and Pakistan should be with world Muslim joining Jihad.Those who are insulting Islam via Islamic Terrorism IslamicPhobia should be confronted and eliminated.They are impurity of islam.
    Q.3..Do you think, Drone attacks is the only solution to eliminate terrorism OR should we begin a process of talks with Taliban?Answer:Drone attack by Crusaders constitute a crusade procedure killing.Ghazi Salahuddin had fought war of crusades against such killing or occupation..The Taliban with so many ethnic Afghans have built pockets of Territories (as mini states within state).They also tried to create many mini states in Pakistan.This is the root cause of Firqawarani Fasad resulting in Terrorism Extremism Drone attack.This is what made USA and allied decide not to vacate Muslim countries.This is what made them decide Muslims are divided .This is what made Salman Rushdie wriite Satanic verse or taslima Nasreen against Islam.To understand Islam,first you must become a Muslim and atleast practicing.None Practicing Muslims are not allowed to run Islam based on incompetence or based upon purchased doctorates.

    zakaria_belal, Canada - 11 May, 2011

    convert problem into Opportunity

    This is the time when we could dicide to part from so-called Jewish Agenda of War against Terror.for this a bold leader could gain the symphathy of world community against US and allies.At least we could get support from China korea Arabs, Russia Japan and somehow from western countries.this could only be done when our leaders dare to say goodbye to US policies as well as VIP culture within country to minimiz protocols and expenses from top levels of our country.Abandon use of luxury even individual transport for high profile .thus we could minimize extra expenses at every deptt and every org.Self reliance thus can be achieved.

    zahid, Pakistan - 11 May, 2011

    US Aid to Pakistan

    It seems that most of the Concerns of Pakistanis is who will give them aid (money) if they cut ties to the US. This mindset will prevent Pakistan from ever being a true sovereign nation.

    Edward Harrington Heyburn, United Kingdom - 15 May, 2011

    US ties

    The non-Muslims can never be our friends... Al-Quran says as well,.....

    umair zaman, Pakistan - 16 May, 2011

    US ties
    The non-Muslims can never be our friends... Al-Quran says as well,.....
    umair zaman, PakistaN
    Then why do you accept my tax dollars?

    Richard A, Pakistan - 18 May, 2011

    Harmonious Relations

    Pakistan should have harmonious, respectable, equal, mutually beneficial relations with all Christian countries, including the USA. At the same time Pakistan should make sure that USA, NATO, and any other Christian combatants leave Pakistan and the region by 2014, as already decided.

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 18 May, 2011

    Pakistan Refocus

    It is all about Pakistani national priorities & focus. History is pretty clear on this fact.
    India did not show any preoccupation or go into a death spiral over Pakistan. It promoted democracy, exploited its talent and pushed thru reforms in financial, manufacturing & other sectors. I would not dispute that we still have a long way to go.
    Pakistan on the other hand has an unhealthy fixation with India. It has focused on military instead of building its civilian government. Years of promoting & exploiting jihadists & other terrorists has lead to your downfall. read any unbiased account and you must agree that it is true. India & Pakistan are worlds apart in terms of growth & quality of life.
    It is in our interest to see a stable & prosperous Pakistan that focuses on development & improving its lot instead of an unhealthy fixation with India & terrorism.
    It is not too late. Change begins with democracy & the overhaul starts with your ISI. If nothing changes we will still be having this conversation in the next century & wondering who will dole out aid to Pakistan be it US, China or some other country.

    Adhi Mattar, Hungary - 21 May, 2011


    Pakistan Survived Post Cold war era without USAID till 9/11. It can survive again. Despite USAID Pakistan has never developed nor prospered, poor remain poor. So who needs USAID. Aid was always given to fight, fight russian fight al-qaeda and bla bla bla. Just think what helps pakistan prosper, Industry (Steel mill by Russia). Trade (Gawadar Port by China) . Health facilities (By Arab countries).. US dollars for whom? These US $ are for Swiss banks and ranches in Florida.

    Zulfiqar, Pakistan - 22 May, 2011

    Pak-USA Relations

    Unfortunately Pakistan is "between a rock and a hard place" when it comes to having amicable relations with the USA. The US always take advantage of weaker countries.

    The US really started terrorism in the Asia region when it created armed tribal organizations who would combat the Russians when they occupied Afghanistan. I could write a long dissertation about the creation of
    so-called terrorist organisations, but the bottom line is that the US and its NATO friends have roamed around the world plundering and killing anyone who got in their way. The latest major casualties have been Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.
    And guess what; they blame these countries for starting it all. If the Pakistan Government is not very, very careful, Pakistan may finish up as another country, which has been bombed back into the stone-age, and US NATO forces will then say they are being noble and only trying to save the Pakistani people from some unnamed terrorists, although of course the CIA will give a name to the terrorist organisation that nobody has ever heard of before.

    The Pakistan Government has my sympathy. I do not know what the answer is, but it is probably more of what the Pakistan Government is doing. Being patient, resisting the USA in a diplomatic way, protesting in the UN, and making it too expensive for the Americans to stay, but of course, do it in the nicest way.

    Tony, Aruba - 25 May, 2011

    Be Realistic

    I feel like laughing at the Muslim leaders who seem to suggest or believe that democracy in Muslim world or a democratic Muslim world means anything to any of our Christian friends. Christians have been prolonging the suffering of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir in the name of secularism, respect for human rights, equality, liberty, democracy, and freedom. Christians have been carrying out massacres of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. in the name of same secularism, democracy, and freedom. Christians will find a new way, and a new reason, to persecute, attack, intimidate, and victimize Muslim countries. These Muslim leaders are putting their faith in the goodness of the hearts of our Christian friends in America and Europe, instead of believing God Almighty, when he warns the Muslims in the Holy Qur'an that, Christians and Jews can never give up animosity towards Muslims.

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 30 May, 2011

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