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Osama Vs American foreign policy

01 November, 2004

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Osama bin-Laden has threatened new attacks on the United States in a new videotape broadcast just four days before the American presidential election.

On the tape, Bin Laden criticizes President Bush for his actions during the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center three years.

He also accuses the president of deceiving the American people and says the reasons behind the September 11th attacks remain.

The terrorist leader also told the American people their security is not in the hands of Bush or his challenger, but depends on U.S. policy.

Bush, reacting to the video, said America will not be intimidated or influenced by its enemies. Mr. Bush says he is sure Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry agrees with that stance.

Do you think American foreign policy hurting America’s standing in the world ?

Will there be any influence of Osama’s new videotape on the US Presidential Elections 2004 ?

Reader Comments:

Muslim extremists have forced politicians voicing their opinion about Islam underground in my country.
In my country, the Netherlands, you should be carefull about what you say.
Muslims just killed a wellknown filmmaker because he helped a woman exiled from Africa in her critisism on Islam repression of women.
I think it's a shame the world is so divided against fighting an obvious evil.
In Europe we overcame the evil of christian church with her crusades and repression of scientists telling us Man and the Earth may not be the centre of the Universe.

When are people going to learn to think for themselves instead of listening to a priest, mullah or whatever?

Or am I an Unbeliever?

Fred, Netherlands - 13 November, 2004

Wake up!

To all out there especially the severely blinded Americans, wake up from your deep liquor,sex and materialsm sleep you people has always been in! It is absurdly amazing how foolish and stupid can the Americans be only to believe the harping of Dangers of the so called Islamic influences by the media tru out the world without an atom of evidence! Can't you guys see that the news that you get are merely assumptions made to be seen as the truth!You people are damm stupid not to compare the 9/11 attack with that of the events leading to the start of world war 1 and 2.Dont you see it? Or are you to busy attempting to behave like animals? Having sex with anyone and anywere? Wake up Americans. The land you live in do not belong to you in the first place and the atrocities your race commited to wipe out the Indians race was unprecedented in the human race. The very people who planned these also was responsible for the 9/11 attack!These are satan worshippers. They take instructions from satan to lead humans into the fires of hell! These people are the masons,the illuminaties and a great majority of the members are european judah satans! Wake up guys!Embrace Islam as the is no truth besides Islam!The rest are fallacy!

abu zar, Pakistan - 14 November, 2004

Well I see it like this.... Bushes tatics to have a video of Mr Bin Ladens is just a ploy to win the vote of the american people ,how convenient is that to have the video just right before election ? alot of people do not know that Bush was involved with the so called terror groups with in the united states and even had money tied in with them. First of all we never asked for a president that would be slaughtering other countries for gain of oil or gain of the peoples vote. I myself can see whats going on If I can see it , don't the other people see it ? Bush is leading us right into the hands of destruction and everything to gain from it , The American people are the ones to suffer from it .I do not want any part of having anyones blood on my hands. This is why I voted for kerry. If the Unites States would keep there noses out of other peoples affairs we wouldn't be where we are today . I pray to GOD for all those people in the other countries that have lost there lives over a fight between OSAMA and BUSH. Mr Bush and Mr Laden will have to pay for what they are doing to each other and to the other countries why should WE?

sheila yousuf, Pakistan - 14 November, 2004

Bin Laden vs America

America is so big on countries which are at war to have peace talks, how come we don't even offer the option of peace talks to Mr. Bin Laden? All I hear from our government and many of our people is "hunt him down and kill him". I am not convinced that his death will solve anything. Maybe peace talks won't either, but it's worth a try to me.

Maria, United Kingdom - 15 November, 2004

So Mr Powell has tendered his resignation after being the moderate voice in the neocon Bush foreign policy. The fact that 60% of Americans viewed him in favourable light inspite of his lowest point where he presented false pictures at the UN to make the case for America to invade oil rich Iraq. He is not liked by the right wing bible thumping wing of the Republican Party but has stood up against them.
This second term of Bush will create a terror that the world has not seen. He has nothing to lose so he is going to unleash the American danda and let the ruins fall where they may.

Anna Nicloe Smith, United Kingdom - 15 November, 2004

who's who and where?

The last tape of Bin laden, show that he is in western countries city and not from the mountain.!!!

aabshaar, United Kingdom - 15 November, 2004

Bin Laden vs. America

It's funny - I've been visiting this web site for a couple of months now hoping to learn more about how other peoples view the war on terror. I've had my fun participating in the "debates" and reading the comments of others. Each of you (myself included) believes you are correct in your opinion of the situation. But suddenly, I've grown weary of all the bitching and whining from everyone and even those of you who are so well educated as to have factual evidence in your comments have become disinteresting.

I have, however, actually learned something from this whole experience, so if your not tired of reading comments, here's my "blah, blah, blah": Good and evil do not reside in any group or nation, culture or belief. Both good and evil are everywhere. The battle between each is an individual struggle within each of us and it is up to each of us to fight it (or not) for ourselves. The thing we can't seem to get past is that each individual has varying degrees of tolerance for evil based upon belief and culture. If we could just focus on the battle within ourselves and not about determining everyone else's outcome of their own battle, we would all be better off. Evil and evil doers are in the eyes of the beholder - each of us will eventually be held accountable for our actions in one way or another (heaven/hell; karma; etc.).

Americans have the holiday of Thanksgiving coming up. Most of us are probably thankful for our homes, food on the table, a car to drive, our health, etc. Why don't we all take this holiday one step further? Read the Quran (sp?), get a book on Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else for that matter and read it to your child - some of the rules of etiquette are very different and quite interesting for children! Help an immigrant learn to speak english by helping with an ESL class. Make friends with someone who looks and believes differently than you. I thought for a while there that this war problem could be solved by higher-ups and government policy. I realize now, that peace has to begin within the individual and spread from one person to another, one at a time.

In the next "speak out", I'd like to ask the editors to consider changing the format to more of a "help out" context. Instead of all the bitching and whining and finger pointing, etc., lets all do a little research into an area of interest and see if we can offer suggestions for problem solving considering the topic given. For example, what would be a good crop and money-maker for the Afghan people? Maybe hemp would work. It has many, many uses (paper, rope, clothing, oil). Its farming and production into different products would create jobs for the Afghan workers. Just a thought.

In closing, I'd just like to reiterate that it doesn't matter regarding Bin Laden vs. America. What matters is you vs. yourself.

Maria, United Kingdom - 16 November, 2004

Unfortunately, I am sad to say that I actually agree with this newspaper article and what Osama is saying. Bush handled the events after September 11 all wrong and he obviously had his interests elsewhere. Bush does deceive the American people; he brainwashes his people through the media etc. I feel sorry for the American people, as they are not given a wider perspective of world issues and what is happening outside America and they therefore have no influence on US foreign policy. I believe they still do not know the reason for the attacks on the Twin Towers and they need to look at these issues and how they are continuously interfering in other countries affairs. They may be the most powerful state with the biggest army but they are the victims of their own success. This does not mean that Osama should continue attacking America and its people and I believe that the terrorists should be held accountable for what they have done (and so should Bush!). The American people need to become more aware of outside affairs and look at the reasons why they are hated by the rest of the world. The film Fahrenheit 9/11 tried to demonstrate this – watch it it is an interesting documentary. This by no means, means that Osama should attack innocent civilians.

God bless who?

Carrie Richardson, United Arab Emirates - 17 November, 2004

It is amazing that all over the Arab media all I see is "The poor Muslims in Iraq, please stop the killing of the Muslims." Well Boo Hoo Hoo. Go cry and whime all you want. I heard nothing about 9/11 except the cheers from the Muslims all over the Arab world. Satan controls your religion and deceives you into following your towel headed clerics who say they speak for God. You should wake up and finally see who is keeping you down. Its not the West, the Jews, the Christians or the Hindus. It is your own religious leaders who promise you riches in the afterlife. The reason all your rewards are promised then is that they cannot deliver them during your life.

Joe, United Kingdom - 20 November, 2004

Osama Vs American foreign policy

Aljazeera region of Iraq land (real)and Aljazeera Tape masterpieces TV show biz involving
Osama Bin Ladin is a hoax while bush blair osama wining dining all along .Kerry tried to get
in using ' Cave storm' opposite 'desert storm ' using saudi bin Ladin Alladin Iraq oil lamp (magic).But it did not rub!

belal_zakaria, Canada - 24 November, 2004

Joe's Comments

Hey Joe! What's happening? Where ? Oh where do you get your facts from? I don't know what part of the US you live in, but for the overwhelming majority of the people in the US it has become quiet painfully obvious that Mr. Bush and the Republicans have just completed their own political (election) "jihad" wherby they have successfully decieved the citizens here to get them to vote a govt. into office that is essentially a govt. by theocracy. Amazingly, these are the same people who have been accussing the Taliban,Iran and other "muslim" countries of having theocratic govt. What's even more scary is that in the next 4 years here in the US there will be an absolute reign of the Moral Majority, the Christian Right and the Neo-Cons. They will totally disregard all civil liberties, distort our constitution and put down all non-Christians, regardles of what other beliefs they may belong to.
Joe you ever wonder about the genocide our white forefathers committed against the Native Americans? Think about that for a while, chump!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 24 November, 2004

Twilight of the American Culture

Read 'The Twilight of American Culture' and see if you agree with the author. The America of today is a far cry from what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Mike, United Kingdom - 24 November, 2004

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