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Osama Vs American foreign policy

01 November, 2004

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Osama bin-Laden has threatened new attacks on the United States in a new videotape broadcast just four days before the American presidential election.

On the tape, Bin Laden criticizes President Bush for his actions during the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center three years.

He also accuses the president of deceiving the American people and says the reasons behind the September 11th attacks remain.

The terrorist leader also told the American people their security is not in the hands of Bush or his challenger, but depends on U.S. policy.

Bush, reacting to the video, said America will not be intimidated or influenced by its enemies. Mr. Bush says he is sure Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry agrees with that stance.

Do you think American foreign policy hurting America’s standing in the world ?

Will there be any influence of Osama’s new videotape on the US Presidential Elections 2004 ?

Reader Comments:

Regarding the first question yep!! absolutely Bush's policy hurts American standing in the world also american people suffer's alot.

The main objective of Osama's new video is to show some reality to the American people that they must stand up agianst the American Policies for Middle East and Muslimm world.

People with some common sense and knowledge will never vote for Bush because of attack on Iraq on false intellegence reports.

Sadia, Pakistan - 02 November, 2004


I think this new video is all crap. Another ploy to gain voters for a cause... how convenient, 4 days before the elections... Something new to scare the American people, like all the other threats... Or to justify more infringements of rights... I don't believe it will change much except maybe for undecided voters... Those already for Kerry will take this as more reason to vote Kerry and those for Bush will take it as more reason to vote Bush... Heck, it will probably make the undecided even more undecided!!!

As for me, were I American, I would neither vote Kerry nor Bush.

Jeanne, Canada - 03 November, 2004

Osama vs America

Senator Kerry has just conceded to Bush. So we are all going to have to put up with him and his gang for 4 more years.

I believe American foreign policy is hurting America's standing greatly. It seems as though America does what is in the best (economic) interest of America. Actually, since our government is controlled by corporations, judgements are made in their interests. If we were a country that based our decisions on what is right for humanity (without losing respect for the cultures and beliefs of others), then the rest of the world wouldn't care that we are "the guy on top" because we would treat others fairly and with respect. It is interesting when I talk to Bush followers and they say things like "everyone is trying to knock of the guy on the top" (meaning America is controlling the rest of the world and everyone is after us). My response to them is "that may be true, but don't you think we should consider how we treat others that someday will be the ones on top? Do you think they'll treat us as kindly (not) as we've treated them? America cannot stay a world power forever." Historically and statistically it is impossible. Americans (and the rest of the world) need to hold America accountable especially now that this administration has been re-elected because they are literally "getting away with m-----".

As for the taping of Mr. Bin Laden, call me stupid, but I ignored the headlines and read the quotes and to me it sounded as if Mr. Bin Laden was appealing to the American people for peace. He offered an explanation for 9/11 (although I believe there is much more to it than just what was stated). Why would he do that? The papers said it may be a code for his followers to attack. Also, he offered a path to peace - stop threatening the security of Muslims. (Tell us ignoramouses how - what do you consider a threat to your security?) I see no threats here, only an opportunity which I am afraid the American people will miss and quite honestly regret. We should NEVER pass up an opportunity to end war - it is in the best interests of humanity. Both presidential candidates have ignored this possibility and have said they will hunt him down and kill him. What kind of peace will that bring? I hope people will look deeper into each others spirits and listen and understand instead of judging - for calling themselves a "christian" movement, the Bush administration and followers sure do spend a lot of time judging others. This is not what their Jesus said to do. How many of you think Mr. Bin Laden is sincere and how many think it is a set-up? Just

As for the comment from Sadia regarding people with common sense and knowledge will not vote for Bush, you can conclude that the majority of Americans do not have common sense or intelligence. They are following their religious beliefs regarding abortion and homosexual marriage rights and they are literally ignoring everything else. Talk about sheep. I think their shephards might be leading them off the edge of a cliff.

Curious, United Kingdom - 03 November, 2004

osama helped bush

osama,s so called tap only pushed americans to vote for Bush...Americans would have the crusade continue.that is their virdict

qaisar, Pakistan - 03 November, 2004

Bush, War, & Osama

I agree with Sadia, Bush is hurting america and the people.
The hopes and dreams of the hard working simple american person has now dissapeared, freedom for all is nothing but a joke. By voting bush back in as president it has been proven that you can be a liar, cheat the majority of people, show predjuice of others and live with no morals; All you need is money and a big mouth that lies well enough to deceive the people that cannot see, or do not want to see what is going on all around them.
I personally condemn the iraq war. I wish the usa government would keep it's nose in it's own business by running it's own country and taking care of it's people here. Doing good for other countrys should always happen but trying to control how other countrys run thier countrys is none of our business. If the usa would take care of it's own country and peoples it wouldn't have time to stick it's nose in other countrys affairs. Every country has it's own cultures, religions, and beleifs. This should be left as such and accepted by all.
From what I have seen on tv of Oshma's message he did not threaten anyone, he did say our fate is not in the hands of our government but our own. I may not understand what he met by what he said but MAYBE he ment exctally what he said!
NOT everyone speaks with hidden meanings. ALL of us have a God, we may not all call him by the same name but he is there the same.
We all have a right to beleive as we want.
We should all accept others as we accept ourselves, and love others as we wish to be loved. We are on this earth to take care of each other, not destroy what we may not like. NOBODY likes everything about everything, else what would be the point of differences?
ACCEPTANCE and tolerance needs to be made a reality.
Hate, deceipt, greed, egos, are all getting this world NOTHING!
Wrong doing is becoming an accepted way of life, people it's time to re-think how you are living, it's time to open your hearts and minds.
ALL fore-fathers of every nation worked for betterment of thier peoples, not destruction bcs of greed.
It all boils down to CONTROL, and once you can control everything and everyone what will you have?
Oshma had towers bombed to make people hear him, Bush closes borders and wants control of countrys, NEITHER of these men are right.
NEITHER has a moral right to subject people to thier greed.
The ordinary person can't do anything about government control. We can vote but it means nothing. We can bitch about it but still it means nothing.
ALL we can actually DO is live our lives the best we possibly can.
We have to live by mans laws while on earth and with God's laws in our hearts. We have to use our own morals and do the best we can and hurt as few as possible. Treat each other fairly and see each other as we want them to see us.
God save this world before it destroys itself.
YES Bush is deceiving the American People !
It is the PEOPLE that have to fight "HIS WAR" not him, it IS our children that are dying, NOT HIS !
It is Bush's personal war NOT ours !
Normal Americans do not want or start wars on false pretenses, we certainly do not insist we did not make a mistake and continue to make people die for nothing.
Bush, reacting to the video, said America will not be intimidated or influenced by its enemies. <---Then WHY are you still making us fight MR. BUSH ????
We weren't upset to start with Mr. Bush, YOU started this. WHEN does it end?

poijani, United Kingdom - 03 November, 2004

america's foreign policy

usa foreign policy is playing havoc with the peace in world,usa citizens are no longer safe in any region of the world becoz hatred is spread all over the world against american foriegn policy,and masses r involved du to their voting in favour of this policy.

amjad saeed bhatti, Pakistan - 03 November, 2004

Osama vs. US Foreign Policy

Bush never told the people WHY Osama did it. Osama even denied it until now. I am glad when HE tells us his reasons. Sure our foreign policies hurt other countries because part of Bush's foreign policy is to help American companies profit off the resources of other countries. If he really wanted to help people in other countries, for example if he wanted to help the people of Iraq, he would have let Muslim companies bid on the oil reconstruction projects. He did not. How can people of other countries trust a man who does not seem to care about their people? We are judged by his actions even though millions of people do not agree with his foreign policies. I think Osama should speak for himself, and the media should carry his complete transcripts which they rarely do, they give quotes and partial info and then tell you what you should think, which is why the American people do not know what is and has really gone on. Free press it isn't.

gina, United Kingdom - 03 November, 2004

Mr. Bush and Mr. Bin Laden

America is in Iraq. That is a fact. I do get angry when I hear statements made in the US such as "I would rather be fighting over in Iraq than in the streets of New York." Are Iraqi lives of less value than American? Of course they are not. However, when you think a little deeper, America is presently fighting in the cradle of terrorism, at least in these times. Your part of the world has let this menace flourish for years. Mr. Sadat, of Egypt, allowed this extremist element to thrive in his Country. Then he jailed them and tortured them. After that he let them go. They promptly came back and killed him. Other Middle Eastern Countries have ignored this evil and put up with their bombs and bullets for years. America, by sadly giving up the lives of some its brave young soldiers, is letting the world know that we will not tolerate blowing up the Trade Centers any more than a Holy Mosque in Pakistan. Our soldiers are fighting them as you should have done years ago. Why don't we just agree that America, in helping itself, will also help you in the end? Or are we all supposed to sacrifice ourselves on the bloody alter of Palestine and Israel? Here may I add that I hope the policies of my Country will get better in that area, a lot better. However, and I shouldn't have to say this, you all have the perfect right to your opinions. The "extremists/terrorist" do NOT have a perfect right to do what they do. I wonder if we could even agree on that?

Carollane, United Kingdom - 04 November, 2004


How can anyone deny that Sadam was an evil dictator and mass murderer. Even if no chemical or bio weapons are found, in the long run it is the best for the people of Iraq to be rid of Sadam. It may hurt them right now to have their country in disarray, but freedom has its costs.

As for Jeanne's comment about the Osama video being released as a ploy for Bush to win the election, what a joke is that notion. Don't you know that the USA and Al Jazera are completely opposites and there is no way that the Americans and Al Jazera would work together.

Doesn't anybody realize what resources and human sacrifices the Americans are giving up so the Iraqis can be free? Whoever thinks that America wants to occupy Iraq for its own financial gain has no clue. How do I know? By looking at history. Who can name one instance where America invaded a country and occupied it to make money? Somebody name me one please, I would love to know! The most recent situation - Kuwait, the Americans came in to stop an invasion of Kuwait and left as soon as Sadam's forces were pushed back into Iraq. Did America take over Kuwait? NO. Did America take over Kuwait's oil industry for its own use? NO. Somebody please tell me why so many of you think that American policies hurt other countries! In my view, they are simply trying to give people the freedom to make their own choices on how they want to live thier own lives.

Stako, Pitcairn - 04 November, 2004


This is the amount of people opposing president Bush's agenda. This is the America the world has not seen in four years, and it is the America worth fighting for. To those in other countries, I am at a loss of what to do at this point.
I'd wish I could tell you to stop with the anti-americanism. The only problem with that is it holds Bush as the Hero that allowed the neo-conservative policy to unite the world in agression. I love my country, and I love about 48% of the people in it. I wish more of us wouldn't have to die at the hands of those who hate us, but sometimes think it's the only way for our population to understand the need for peaceful solutions coming out of the presidency.
I know that the world hates us. I know that the Christian Right has won the election for bush, and in doing so has ignored the 100,000 people dead in Iraq. It's an absolute travesty. I sincerely apologize for this disjointed writing, but it accurately reflects my confusion on how to solve the crisis at hand.
It almost appears that it has come down to religion vs. science. The faith our country carries in our president has caused them to vote for him, even though he allowed a !!WAR!! that most of us now oppose. How could this have happened? How could the democrats have lost? Are those in the middle east who've had their families killed by our soldiers going to retaliate with 911 2.0? When will the cycle end, and who will make the first concession?

Clifton, United Kingdom - 04 November, 2004

usama is a charector of a drama

what i think about usama's new video is, that he is a part of a drama that is producing under the production of usa.he has given many videos before this also and warn world for his attacks but what he does, is very clear to us.

ibrar chaudhary, Pakistan - 05 November, 2004

God bless BUSH!

You people are sooo mistaken. You obviously have forgotten about 9/11 and whom attacked. It is very obvious where evil lurks in the world and it is with Bin laden! Bush has ben very resolute and determined, which a leader neds in fighting EVIL!! Bush has said what he would do and has done it! If not for his resolute, Aphgan and Iraq would still be ruled by EVIL doers and terrorist!

God bless BUSH!!

Chris, United Kingdom - 05 November, 2004

Bush and Osama both are sent from Allah's side. To make us realize that life is short better stop corruption and avoid wrong doing. But I will kill Osama if he is still alive. He better tell his dogs to filter their targets.
Bloody SOB.

, Jordan - 06 November, 2004

US foreign policy

I urge all to study the facts about the 1800s, when the British, Russians, French & the Germans played the "Great Game" & divided up the entire Ottoman Empire into spheres of infuence, covering each of their respective interest. Some of the major consequences resulting from this are the carving out of Iraq, Trans Jordania, Israel and Kuwait. Iraq & Israel have been of prime importance as far world events are concerned. Who caused these traumatic geo-political changes, but the crafty British!!!
A subsequent and delayed result has been the entrance of the US, into this quagmire of dirty politics, much due to the strong-arming of it's many administrations by the Christian Zionists, Conservatives and recently the Born Again Christians who found it to be a common necessity to protect and sustain Israel at all costs, even the expulsion & killing of millions of Palestinians. This action and support has it's roots and basis in the fundamentalist Christian view of the "Holy Land" and ther rest of the non-Christian world. Today the Iraqi occupation by Western forces is the spearhead of an eventual action which will attempt to establish an Eretz Israel (Greater Israel).
Watch out! This is a perfect recipe for yet another global conflict, except this time the stakes are much higher and the weaponery 10,000 times more lethal. Instant annihilation!
While we are quick to point our fingers at the US and blame it for it's biased and prejudiced foreign policy, for obviously what it has done in the recent past in Islamic lands, we are forgetting that the real culprits are the British. They started this whole mess and now they buddy up with the US and pretend to be this bastion of democracy and civility. Please spare me the bull crap!!!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 07 November, 2004

Mr. Bush and his policies

I realize the question was about Mr. Bush, but it is so very discouraging to see such toleration of the acts of Mr. Bin Laden and his ilk. Gina, Mr. Bush is giving thousands of Iraqis jobs. Fallujah will practically be rebuilt. He is employing as many Iraqis as he can. They desperately need the work. Muslim Countries did not want to get very involved in Iraq at all. It is only fair that Mr. Bush consider the Countries willing to help fight the menace we ALL face in today's world. Halliburton was the only Country that had some special equipment needed for the particular job they were hired to do. This statement probably won't be believed, but it was spoken of in our media on a very well respected news site. Perhaps it is true. Was there corruption involving Halliburton? I don't know. It will be investigated. It seems whatever America does, it will receive nothing but critism. I am not being sarcastic, please believe me. I just wonder why ever do so many people want to come to the US? However, our immigration laws have been tightened thanks to Mr. Bin Laden. We are still happy to receive you in any event. America was built by immigrants. We all have relatives who came to the US from other Countries somewhere in our background.

Carollane, United Kingdom - 07 November, 2004

A few questions for all pro-bush americans

One question; "Ever seen the death toll of the Iraqi Citizens killed at the hand of your soliders? Seen the images of the dead and the smiling youth behind them? Ever connected the grief you had when ur loved ones died on 9/11 and those who's beloved are killed at the hands of your army as we speak? Did you find a link between Iraq and 9/11 as Bush constantly commented on? Did your country pay for the lies and for the innocent killed on Iraqi soil? Do you realise the world looks at every American as a fool simply because their leader can barely speak or take responsibility for his actions? Do the muslims who attack americans (on home and foreign soil) really want american blood or are they desperate to remove foreign occupation on their land? Do you know your country's history and the connections to the israel and palestine problems, Beyond what you see in the media? Ever considered the history of the Bush Family? Do you realise Muslims don't hate (I am a muslim) Americans, but even those living within your country hate Your Army occupation, the way your government targets muslims, the way american's cry about their loss of 9/11 but do not realise that they are barbarically killing (and have well passed a double count) innocent children and women in return, Yet believe themselves to be the Better People?

For the unaware, Muslims believe in Christianity as a part of their religion...'Allah hu Akbar' means 'GOD IS GREAT' and is not a War CHANT. Prayers in a musjid and its loud calls are 'CALL to people to come and PRAY' not screams of broadcasting our prayers and making a show of how we worship God. Islam does not press women to the ground, we raise them in honour...our belief is 'beneath a Mother's foot lies the enterance to Paradise', 'A Man is accountable for his Wife and they have equal rights upon one another.' 'Compare the covering of a muslim woman (shown as opression) to those of a Nun, find the difference? or the looks of a Rabi to a muslim man...see teh simplicity notice any significant difference? IF you think about these questions and acknowldege the ignorance that most americans have about Islam and the Muslims, one may acutally see why the Amierican Government is target by so called Terrorists (a defination that not even G.Bush managed to define as yet, he will probably change it to adapt his current and then future motives).

Think and then Reflect, don't just talk of what you hear, speak after you learn and understand the importance of Facts and History.

HJay, Pakistan - 08 November, 2004

Chris & Clifton's remarks

I read Chris's(USA) remarks and I also read Clifton's(USA) remarks and I am compelled to say the following:
Chris' you are representative of that group in the US that is seriously handicaped, blinded by the hypocrisy and rhetoric of the Christian Right/Moral Majority. Afraid to inquire into facts, afraid of what they may discover. All I say to you is read and find out for yourself what the truth is. Not the forced fed crap you devour through the daily news...not the junk provided through Fox, Bill O'Reily, Rush Limbaugh and others of that ilk. They are all paid mouthpieces of the "rich and powerful" I have lost a cousin in Iraq, a friend in Afghanistan and I ask myself the question...why hasn't Bush sent his 2 daughters in uniform over to the battle fields? To me that would demostrate genuine conviction. Instead he continues to cower and acquiese to the Israeli lobby and is using our young men and women as mercenaries on behalf on Israel.

Clifton I encourage you to speak openly more often and with more candor. The truth will set you free! You have the class and diginity to be able to educate yourself about the truth. You are able to know right form wrong! You are right, unfortunately 48% of our country is on the right road and the rest is beset with rancor, prejudice and absoluteism. Sadly, they are no different from the people they call their enemy. As thing stand right now in the US, I see great similarities between the Taliban and the theocratic nature of our presently elected govt. Mr. Bush successfully concluded his own jihad against all those that took an opposing stand, not just John Kerry and the Democrats. Finally, Republicans, Democrats....they are all the same. God Bless America! God help America!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 08 November, 2004

Cycle of Power

While we debate the right and wrong of occupation of "Islamic" lands, how terribly faulted the West has been over decades for their colonial ways...we have all over looked one simple fact. History teaches us, or at least those that take lesson from it, that all civilizations, nations, groups of people that hold sway over others, inevitibally always complete a cycle that started their "upward" move. The Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and others before them have all seen the beginning and end of a cycle for each of their repsective periods. Since then the British, the Russians, the Germans and now the US! We in the US have this sense of a cyclical inevitability that could, very possibly have a hegemony ending point,started with the Iraqi adventure. A common occurrence in all civilizations, now and before has been the mercurial rise of wealth, power, prejudice, decadence. Homosexuality has been a factor that most "politically correct" persons are afraid to point out, at the root of all causes.
So, I think the time has come, (the walrus said), for all things, good & bad to come to and end and make way for yet another power, civilization to come to the forefront for it's destined mecurial rise! The natural way of things almost always help straighten things out!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 10 November, 2004

just let the all the troops come home

its not a propaganda technique anymore.. if the united states would leave iraq and afghanistan what then ? it would all be the same.. except no more killings or hostage situations of the united states.. its a religious war.. still... nothing will ever change and forces of 200,000 can not compete with millions of religios bound would almost be geonicide...

deved, Afghanistan - 13 November, 2004

Osma vs American Foreign Policy

Agree with REDAUGS. This is a pivotal point in history for USA. It seems few Americans read history but to those who do, the handwriting is on the wall. USA in decline, here comes China, India, etc. America has become a land of "totemists," the only thing missing is the totem poles - and they simply don't get it. Sleepwalkers; somnambulistic existentialism; turn me on but don't confuse me with the facts, MY MIND IS MADE UP! It occurrs to me that even Osama is shocked at the degree of blindness of Bush and American society; had hoped for some sort of positive response leading towards increased awareness of Middle Eastern needs, responsibilities, assistance, dialog. Not.

J. Michael, United Kingdom - 13 November, 2004

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