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Osama - End or Beginning of New Story!!!

05 May, 2011

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The world`s most wanted man and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by the US Special Forces in a midnight operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

  • Was Osama Bin Laden really there?
  • If he was and not armed too, then why was he shot and killed?
  • Why bury him at sea in a hurry unless it was not OBL at all or because he is alive and in custody and being water boarded?
  • Is the gruesome photographic evidence being manufactured for release to the world?
  • Reader Comments:

    Don't blame anything on Paks

    No beginning or no end and don't even associate it now with Pakistan.

    Osama et al were the west's or America's darling in Russo-Afghan war and they made America the sole super power, which otherwise Russia wa all set to be.

    Then the darlings turned adversaries after US of Iraq invasion or First Gulf war of 1990.

    It is US that failed to nab or desroy them in Tora Bora and chased them into Pak mountains.It was not Pak fault.

    Paks leave the outsiders free and alone.I have enjoyed Pakistan on every trip and never been interrupted by any one.Pakistan's mountain has the world's most beautiful scenery on several dozen locations and people there are the world's prettiest.Then very sweet looking young girls are selling very cheap fruits to visitors in land rovers. The country and its people don't bother any one and leave you alone and free of any worries.

    Pakistan has rendered more sacrifices than any other nation for global peace, terror free or mitigation reasons.

    And within Pak, the world has to admire and appreciate the leave alone attitude of Pak on all outsiders. They(Paks) have done their more than fair share to nab or mitigate terror by sacrificing several thousand military and civilians.

    As a matter of fact, Pakistan must be admired that visitors or outsiders are left freely alone to enjoy the world's grandest spots of natural and human beauty in the dozens of spots in mountains of Pakistan.Pakistan's north has more than half of the tallest peaks , the world's first six largest glaciers outside the arctic and grandest and incomparable valleys of the world.

    Pak nation, military and government have nothing to do with and will not support any continuity of something that is not liked by others.And don't blame it at all on Paks as Tora Bora is in Afghanistan and not in Pak.

    Paks must be appreciated and admired for mitigating terror and war dangers.

    You do not find Pakistan a police state at all that you find in several other parts of the world. They leave visitors and outsiders alone and un-interrupted in general and that makes the country very enjoyable to outside visitors.You can never find thst kind of scenery even in America's Rockies or Andes or Europe's Elps or even the Himalayas that the KK has.

    When I go on holidays or visit there in mountains, I see only the world's grandest scenery or the prettiest girls in mountains of north Pak. Even Daewoo bus has very pretty bus hostesses serving you food and cold drinks in the bus on your journey.

    Paks are against terror of all sorts. At the same time they give sense of heaven like freedom and left alone leisure to outsiders or visitors and we thank Paks for that type of hospitality.

    The events unfolded were from left over after Russo-afghan war that made America the sole super power.Pakistan has nothing to do with anything that turned sour for others. It was the invasion of Iraq as first Gulf war of 1990.And again, Paks had nothing to do with that.If America bombed and chased some of those from Tora Bora in Afghanistan, Paks there too had nothing to do or be party there.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 May, 2011

    Sovereignty and Justice...

    Sovereignty and Justice…

    According to Ove Bring, a highly respected professor in Civil rights and liberties at the University of Defense in Stockholm, the execution of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden is an open crime against the human rights and civil liberties.

    He further says that it seems that Bin Laden was killed intentionally. The demand to arrest and not to kill under the relevant laws is applicable even in Pakistan as it is no war zone and as such the peace time civil rights and liberties should be observed and respected.

    The professor also underlines that the final decision for sanctioning or legitimizing this kind of American adventure in Pakistan lies wholly solely with the Pakistani government and authorities.

    So despite our reservations for the deceased or his outfit we strongly condemn the American terrorist action on our soil and hope that our government shall take off the bangles of colonialism by indicting the intruders at home and abroad (ICJ) to protect our national sovereignty with iron hands.

    Ahmed bin Babar

    Ahmed bin Babar, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 05 May, 2011

    How can one country demand sovereignty rights and respect .when country dependens is dollors aid. US oppenly says we use carrate and stick policy ,it itself is a insult to a country. once a country gets use to foregin aid they forget to improve their own economy. leadrs of pak chose double game starting from gen. Zia
    it will take lot to go back and start building countries economy. until then pakistan has to face humilation and desrespect over n over again.
    thats the fact

    mark wilsson, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 05 May, 2011

    Facts that we need to remember

    We have to look at the facts. And this is how Muslim historian of the future will remember The Great Osama Bin Laden.... When the Western Christian thugs were carrying out massacres in the whole of the Muslim world, killing innocent Muslims in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Sudan, in Somalia, and supporting the persecution of Muslims in Palestine and in Kashmir in the name of so-called respect for human rights, secularism, equality, democracy, liberty, and freedom.... One honourable Muslim stood up and decided to do something about it... and he killed thousands of infidels with a single blow and put the fear of God in their hearts, and changed the world forever. If nothing else, at least the whole world now know's the truth about Western respect for human rights, secularism, equality, liberty, democracy, and freedom. And this is all down to the Great Shaheed Osama Bin Laden. No other Muslim can claim to have done anything what the Great Osama Bin Laden has done.... this is the only truth....

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 06 May, 2011

    I agree Mark. They make a situation that the country cant walk with his own legs. If the country try to walk with his own lags US call it nacionalist and invade to free the people! Thats such a joke, a bad joke

    John, Netherlands - 07 May, 2011

    To Hamaad Sethi

    Mr. Hamaad Sethi accuses that the western Christian has been persecuting Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.What about Gaddafi a Muslim leader of Libya is killing his own citizens. Syrian President Assad is killing his fellow Muslim brothers in order to stay in power. Hosni Mubark the ex president has executed many Muslims to stay in power.Many Yemeni citizens got killed by troops of Yemen sent by the president. Will you voice your concern when Muslims persecute Muslims or just a bogus idea " Christians and Hindus persecuting Muslims".

    Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 08 May, 2011

    Osama & Radical Islamism Repudiated

    The announcement of Osama bin Laden's death brought neither rejoicing nor tears from this American. Like for all people, I do pray for his soul.

    Through his methods, he clearly placed no value on human life, Muslim, Christian, or Jew. In his worldview, all were equally expendable, the infidel and the brain-washed suicide bomber.

    Following the June 2009 elections, I used a Fourth of July Tea Party rally here in Kansas City as an opportunity to educate my nieces about world events. We painted homemade "Free Iran" signs and co-opted the protest against government intrusion to bring consciousness to attendees about those events unfolding in a faraway land.

    Like me, my young nieces were inspired by Muslim youths risking everything for a better way of life. We saw similarities with the American Revolution. I followed updates through Twitter more closely than any other event I can remember; in fact, it was the sole reason I even bothered to set up an account.

    Similarly, the breath-taking efforts of young Muslim people to demand more rights, freedom, opportunity, and participatory government in the hope for a more fair and fulfilling life for themselves and their families during this Arab Spring is awe-inspiring. I pray that the peace-loving Muslim people around the world prevail in their collective struggle. It's overdue.

    The bin Laden-created Al-Qaeda had an endgame of darkness and destruction - for everybody. Their ideology espouses policies that leave Muslims uneducated, narrow-minded, poor, politically disenfranchised, and unconnected to the rest of mankind. Or, worse, dead. Isn't it possible there's a better way?

    As for those here that are more focused on other aspects of bin Laden's demise, to some extent I can see your points of view. The incursion into Pakistan is in itself unseemly; I'm confident that would not go over well here in the USA. And, while challenging the West to more fully consider the well-being of Muslim people and nations in their foreign policies is definitely laudable and also overdue, the manner in which he approached change made him into a mass murder. I don't need a respected Swedish civil rights attorney to offer up some legalistic and nuanced explanation of why bin Laden deserved better treatment than any other mass murderer concerning the manner in which he was stopped from murdering more people - Muslim, Christian, Jew, or other.

    I do not share the view some here have espoused that bin Laden was "great". I will grant that he demonstrated some impressive capabilities - he enjoyed a large network of friends and 'street cred' from his days as a mujahedeen fighter, raised cash, galvanized his followers and recruits, and executed complicated plans to bring about destruction and gain notoriety. Yet, against the longer view of this decade, his organization's methods have clearly been repudiated by those who've led the Arab Spring. Even in Pakistan, his popularity fell from about 50% to 18%.

    He is credited with being the only one to "bring down America". In truth, he brought down some planes and buildings. No great achievement. In doing so, he also instigated an asymmetrical war that increased the burden of being Muslim to peace-loving Muslims around the world. The result is there is now some burden to being Muslim that resembles the 'burden of being German' that followed the Holocaust. I fail to see how that has successfully advanced society in the Muslim world, and the plight of everyday Muslims all around the globe.

    While bin Laden architected a successful terrorist event, some ten years later his organization and methods were rejected by more effective change masters. In the final analysis, his ideology was viewed as a loser in the Muslim world, and so was he.

    The narrative of the Arab Spring offers a starkly contrasting alternative. Simply put, it's an approach that increases the ability of all individuals to appreciate each other and the natural beauty and gifted people that God has placed all around us.

    Why not embrace trust and dare to love your Muslim neighbors as yourselves to bring peace and unity to Muslim nation-states? I believe it can be done, history notwithstanding, and I believe the rest of the world really wants that for all Muslims. This is my hope, for Pakistan and for all of the Muslim world.

    As for the comments about Abbottabad, I'd love to visit there some day. It's beautiful. Having grown up in military towns - one, in fact, where Zia himself spent some time in school - I have a feeling I'd really like the people and feel of the town.

    Wishing Pakistan all the best, and hoping we can draw a line in the sand and start over from this point and move forward together.

    Jay Hawk, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2011

    Pakistan the True Victim

    Of those billions US never stops moaning about allow reductions such as cost for transit shipment via Pakistan, delivery, military escort of same, and in any case it is a nett loss for Pakistan, because since this Afghan war for the sake of Israhelli gas pipeline, Pakistan had lost over 100 billion dollars, incalculable "potential revenue" due to lost investment, and over 30,000 civilian deaths, over 6,000 soldiers which is more than total NATO losses. There was not a single suicide bombing in Pakistan before Americans on the orders of Israli owned Industrual Military Complex started invading and killing over 1,000,000 Afghan Muslims. Thanks to American cluster bombing and widespread dispersal of spent uranium, Afghan infant mortality rate now is 50%. Mind you, Vietnam and Korea were one, they are not now, and they too suffered due to American involvement. "You don't go about saving people by massacring them"

    Wake up hill billies. WAKE UP!!!!
    They are trying to frame up Pakistan because it's the only country stopping "PNAC" Project for the New American Century to redraw map of Middle East, followed by crashing of US$ to be substituted by a new global currency controlled by Israhelll after controlling the oil flow.

    Molvi_whisky, Pakistan - 11 May, 2011

    Osama Bin Laden

    Osama was a negative genius and he is still leaving in this world in different forms., Pakistan - 18 May, 2011

    Response to Jay Hawk

    Response to Jay Hawk
    I agree with you in totality that Osama brought death and destruction to the innocent people, which can never be justified for any reason what so ever. No sane person can ever say that he was a great person. But can any one say that US was right in doing what it had done in Iraq or is still doing in Afghanistan or Libya. Over a million Iraqis lost their lives due to US invasion, Weapons of Mass Destruction could not be found and a weak Government has been installed which needs the presence of American troops for its survival. Is US or its people ashamed of what have they done in Iraq by making a concocted peace of Intelligence information as an excuse to attack that country. Similarly in Afghanistan they have spent billions during the last ten years and killed thousands of innocent Afghani men, women and children. Have they been able to finish Al-Qaida or Taliban? No, not at all. As a matter of fact Al-Qaida has multiplied and now shows its presence in many other countries. Taliban are still fighting and a face saving end to this war is not in sight. The moment US leaves Afghanistan the present corrupt Government is not likely to survive for too long. Similarly in Libya, the mandate given by UN was to establish a no fly zone but US and NATO have gone much beyond that. Subsequent events have proved that Qadafi still enjoys the support of the majority of Libyans and in spite of heavy odds his forces are loyal to him. The world has now started to realize that the root cause of all the ills, injustices and miseries on this planet earth is United States itself. In spite of the fact that peaceful solutions could have been found to all these problems, the US opted for a military solution which brought massive death and destruction to the humanity which is many times more than what Osama had done. At the same time no one can claim that due to the US actions the world is now safer than what it was at the time of 9/11. Osama was a symbol of a mind set of a few hundred evil minded people but US was a symbol of liberty, righteousness, human dignity, freedom, justice and rule of law. All other nations of the world looked up to US as a flag bearer of the most civilized nation of the world. See what have they done. In spite of the tall claims US has not been able up hold the human values. Their actions will encourage many of those young people who have lost their dear ones due to US military action to become Osama and adopt his evil ideology. By the time US ultimately withdraws from Afghanistan, it would have cultivated another crop of militants, much bigger in size and in the process would have damaged its economy beyond repairs. Those nations who do not protest against the wrong decisions of their leaders ultimately have to pay the price for their complicity.

    buttjee339, Pakistan - 12 June, 2011

    Osama End or Beginning of New Story

    What if Osama is still alive and everyone in Al Qaida is keeping quiet about it because he is alive to help the Mahdi once the dajjal rises? Does anybody really believe he was just living in a house with his wives and some children for years and not being out there fighting? I don't. He loves jihad.

    Just Me, Pakistan - 17 June, 2011


    I continually read comments from readers and columnists that Mr. Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, and what an evil man he was.

    Now I do not think I am a conspiracy theorist, but I am absolutely certain that we have been given a half-baked answer, to what happened on that dreadful day.

    What do we really know about 9/11? A couple of planes crashed into the twin towers, and a few hours later three buildings fell to the ground at free-fall speed. Additionally, one plane crashed into the ground we think, and we are also told that another plane crashed into the Pentagon, but have not yet been shown any believable proof that much of this actually happened.

    Concentrating on the Pentagon just a little, we are told that it is the most heavily defended building in the world with enough CCTVs to require the electrical power plant of a small city to keep them going. Additionally, Pentagon authorities confiscated all the private CCTVs that might have had a chance of producing pictures of the incident. It is now ten years since 9/11 and the Pentagon have not yet shown any believable footage of a commercial plane crashing into the Pentagon. Incidentally, the plane was said to be cruising around for several hours before the incident. Additionally, their are a few dozen other points that would require many words to go into them fully. For example, jet engines are made out of the most heat resistant metal on earth, but to my knowledge the airliner's engine numbers have not been identified, and/or released to this point. There are also a several other points that require in depth explanations such as dead bodies, multiple body parts, multiple aircraft parts, eye witnesses to the incident,identification of bodies. These are just a few items to consider, and if anyone says that there was nothing left, it must be the only major crash in history that produced such little evidence.

    Getting back to Mr. Bin Laden, what do we know about him? I would say very little! Up until 9/11 I had never heard of him, and I should imagine that 99.99% of the world population had not either? Since then we have been subjected to the most intense propaganda barrage in history telling us that Mr. Bin Laden is the most evil man in history! I could think of many men who would fit that description somewhat better, and none of them are Moslems. Most of them went to very good schools, wear expensive suits, and/or military uniforms, and we refer to them as statesmen, give them fancy titles, and/or put medals on their chest and call them heroes.

    So what has Mr. Bin laden been accused of? Basically it is because he, supposedly, is responsible for the deaths of a few people in New York. I say a few because after the devastation of Iraq and Afghanistan it seems insignificant, although even one unnecessary death is tragic. In effect the CIA have raised Mr. Bin Laden to the level of hero, and/or sainthood, in the eyes of many, by accusing him of masterminding 9/11. It has helped the Western world to justify bombing, polluting,and plundering much of the world as well as killing hundreds of thousands of people. If in fact Mr. Bin Laden is as good as they say, he has almost single-handedly, but with the help of a few untrained bearded hill billies in an Afghanistan cave, virtually brought the Western world to its knees. In ten years a huge Western army, with the most advanced military equipment has not yet beaten
    them, and he has had the added bonus of virtually bankrupting their economies.
    If Mr. Bin Laden achieved this he has to be the military genius of all time. This is without a military uniform, no economics degree, and no gold braid pinned on his chest. If he is as good as all this his military/economic record will be compulsory reading in all the military training schools of the world for ever. Nobody that I know of has created such world mayhem with so little help.

    I do not think that we will ever know the full truth about Mr. Bin Laden or 9/11. All we do know is that he will be one of, the most famous, or infamous, people in history.
    What has been the answer by the West to all this Genius? The best they could come up with after 10 years, is that he was supposedly assassinated, and his body was disposed of, out at sea, in a body bag. No post-mortem, no evidence, and all the people at the top can say is, "we did not want a Bin Laden shrine".

    What can we say to the U.S.A. about Mr. Bin Laden, 9/11 and its aftermath? My opinion is that, in view of recent research, they should come up with a believable explanation of what happened on 9/11. They should stop throwing hand grenades into peoples house when they know women and children are inside. They should stop using aircraft drones to bomb Pakistani and Afghanistan women and children, they should stop polluting these countries with dreadful chemicals, and just get out.

    Tony, Aruba - 14 August, 2011

    Are you Joking?

    As an American who looks for peaceful ways to bring the World together, I can see why it is a difficult challenge, more so now, than any other time in history.

    Here in the United States (and The World), no matter what American Policy has caused your dismay, we are saddled with new travel restrictions because of Your Jihads and Acts of Terrorism.

    Conspiracy? What, we aimed our own planes at New York? No video of the Pentagon attack? Think about that. If someone found a way into your home, would you want to announce it?

    Obama alive? We risked an International event to get the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He sleeps with the fish.

    Christian tyranny? It's obvious you know little about World History. There isn't enough characters in this 'text box' to name the overwhelming amount of Muslim Genocide in the past 500 years. I'll just state A-Z. From the Armenians (estimated 2 million massacres) to Zanzibar, the death toll is in the 10's of millions just by the Young Turks.

    The ignorance of assuming we did this (Towers), that OBL still alive, no genocide, etc.

    Remember, those of you in Indo-Middle East-Asian countries, your Internet is restricted at certain sites. Your Freedom is dependent on the USA, unless you prefer to live in clouded belief.

    Lucky Nucky, United States - 30 April, 2012

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