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New War Front

10 January, 2007

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Opening another warfront, US jets have pounded suspected hideouts of Islamic militia in east African nation of Somalia, claiming that Al-Qaeda and Islamic militia are planning to turn the country into a save heaven for `terrorists`.

The air strikes are the result of same preemption policy of the sole super power of the world, which it applied to invade Iraq, though not even a single weapon of mass destruction has so far been found there.

Monday`s attack was the first overt military action by the U.S. in Somalia since it led a U.N. force in 1993 that intervened in Somalia . The mission led to clashes between U.N. forces and Somali warlords, including the "Black Hawk Down" battle that left 18 U.S. troops dead.

The air strike occurred after the suspects were seen hiding on a remote island on the southern tip of Somalia, close to the Kenyan border, Somali officials said. The island and a site near the village of Hayi, 155 miles to the north, were hit.

The main target was Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who allegedly planned the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, that killed 225 people.

President Abdullahi Yusuf told journalists in the capital, Mogadishu, that the U.S. "has a right to bombard terrorist suspects who attacked its embassies." Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Aideed told newsmen that the U.S. had "our full support for the attacks."

According to analysts Somalia`s Islamist movement, al-Ittihad, is a small, relatively weak organization, with a mainly domestic agenda. Some individual members have had links to al-Qaeda which merit close scrutiny, but the group as a whole is in no way a subsidiary of al-Qaeda.

Here are some questions
1) What is real motive of US action in Somalia?
2) Can USA afford another guerilla war in Somalia after Iraq and Afghanistan?
3) Has US right to invade wherever it wants to flash out `terrorists`?
4) Does the air strike on Somalia endorse the contention that USA is targeting Muslim countries one by one?

Reader Comments:

US action in somalia is worthwhile

The US has the right to invade any particular place to flash out terrorists as long as it has verifiable evidence that the place is really homage to the terrorists.The main reason why i argue this way is that no one really enjoys seeing people shed blood as a rasult of the terrorist vices.If the us does not have the right to invade these places in it's campaign to fight terrorism then what right do we have to say that terrorism is inhuman and should not be condoned howsoever?.We all would like to see the world live in peace, as a result then we should all be in the front line against terrorism.

Monto dominic, Kazakstan - 10 January, 2007

Ans-1.Islam & Muslims around the Globe are the designated targets by the USA.

Ans-2.Another Guerilla War in Somalia, will engaged USA like Iraq & Afghanistan, ultimately leading defeat in detail for US Forces.

Ans-3. USA has No legitimate right to attack any where around the Globe, if is so USA should exercise its option against North Korea & Iran.

Ans-4. USA is targeting Muslim Countries one by one as per its global agenda.

, Pakistan - 10 January, 2007

Somalian Al-Qaida

Why in the world that all Muslims don't understand, linking al-Qaeda will give USA a good reason to attack the main hold of Muslims freedom fighters. Muslims world need to come together to form a true strategy as we are now at the brink of may be losing our Islamic values. Islam mean peace, As-salaam alekum, Wa-alekum Salaam teaches us that we are the new modern religion of the world call peaceful Islam. Our main problem past history of Iran, Iraq war, Say for instance and the 9/11 where we Muslim were targeted (by the will of Jewish), the USA economy took a major dive, and 9/11 was blamed for. The big companies like Enron, and all others among the same situation,dumped their bad Card. Even Americans had taken too. They lost big money and most of the American lost their 401k and huge saving, and end result of creating the war throughout Iraq and Iran and all others in Asia, Gulf, Africa to stabilized the American dollars in the market. War create cash flows and arms and war head being purchased, reason India and US nuclear deal. Indian will spend money and show their superiority against China, Pakistan, but Pakistan is small fish, USA is after china. But again. As a Muslims we will not succeed in our goal if we all (Specially Our Muslim clerics, Scholars) sit and evaluate the issues of Islam, Sunnis, Shias, other Muslims minorities and truly accept them in Islam as brother and sisters. We were divided before and now with even more difficulties after 9/11 we must sit down and start thinking our true values of Islam. We are not in any way can compete with the western world, because they control everything. India had no problem with Pakistan in past and now or in future, because due to our education levels and our present Islamic values they can easily manipulate us any time. Pakistan is struggling, Musharaff under pressure of USA, India, Western world, UK, and now with all our Muslim clerics, our Political People, Nawab Shariff, Bainazir Bhutto, who are dividing people’s mind for greed and their own personal advantage. I have nothing against the Scholars of Islam but these guys has been used by all above. It is time these scholars of Islam must get together and fix something that was not done before, and help reform the status of Islam, How I am not sure but if there is a will there will be a way to all this. "Allah Khaliq"

Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 11 January, 2007


Well if muslims can danish people for mere cartoons, then what wrong if USA kills real terrorists in somalia.
He is doing u muslims a a favour by removing dirty people within you. Something you guys must have done on your own to save ur religion bad name.

Micheal richards, Czech Republic - 12 January, 2007


The United States is neither invading Somalia (or) attempting to intervene in it's domestic affairs!
It is after "SPECIFIC AL-QAIDA TARGETS" believed to be in the area!

Remember Al-Qaida, they're the guys who killed over 3,000 of our fellow citizens in a cowardly attack that occurred on 9/11... a day that will, as F.D.R. phrased it,"live in infamy"!!!!!

These targets include the Al-Qaida terrorist that engineered and executed the two American Embassy bombings in East Africa that resulted in over 200 deaths and many more maimings!

Also being targeted is the Al-Qaida operations chief for East Africa!

Those are the ONLY targets of raids which were both allowed and permitted by the legally appointed U.N. Interim Government of Somalia!

These men are indicted criminals and criminal terrorists belonging to an International Terrorist Organization, ie: Al-Qaida!

Where your further conclusions and non-supported suppositions are drawn from... we don't have the slightest idea in America?

All we know is that we are at war with Al-Qaida and we will hunt them down wherever we suspect them to be hiding (or) seeking shelter (or) sustenance!

We do it because we believe in ACCOUNTABILITY, the same type that our soldiers within Iraq are held accountable too!

Bruce Leahy, United Kingdom - 13 January, 2007

Muslim Calling Muslim Terrorists for free wheelers Dealers

Somalia has 12 million population with close enough
size of Pakistan with 166million.Sudan with 35m is
little smaller than size of India with 1 billion.These
US allied resort developer looters got to be evicted from
Saudi Arabia UAE Algeria Morocoo Central Asian
and all OIC oil gas field LNG Iron Gold mine ore and
water front and fresh water lakes of Muslim region
be it Somalia or Sudan or Timbuktu.They should be lined
up with their medals and put into trials as Mass Murderers
and Looters.

Their monopoly in car insurance and medical supply
and coffee coco theft group can be summed up as
illicit mafioso in Muslim Suit boots and uniforms.

Using Bush allied soldiers terminology should be declared
as illicit and none Islamic .They are calling fellow Muslim
as Terrorist along with with Car- aish alcoholic gamblers
and woman- ayashers buch.Muslim Umma defender fighting
AllahQaida fighters ? Never!

Z.B, Canada - 13 January, 2007

USA is digging its own grave

America has never ever been humilated and defeated as much as it stands so visibly defeated and humilated at the hands of Muslims be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or 9/11. Bush has become a Joke and a lame-duck President because of its military's perpetual failures both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its Cornflakes and cadburry-consuming marines and their top commanders are in shatters overwhelmed by the raw bravery of the devoted Muslims both in Afghanistan and Iraq and have failed to deliver what Little Bush wants - If ever the USA troops other than air-bombardment make the mistake to step on the Muslim soil of Somalia , its military defeat in the long run will be worse than the defeat of Afghanistan, Iraq and 9/11 put together. USA and the whole Western World are ICU patients of the dreaded Islamophobia And By God , very rightfully so with no cure in sight.

Ahsan Khan, Pakistan - 13 January, 2007

Re: New Fronts ?

Don't worry with Negioponte as US intelligence chief and
Khalilzad at UN.NATO will be
ready to open a front in the FATA region to look for lost tribe of bin laden.Somalia is
only an excuse to tell ISI to
behave or get shattered like Iraq's Revolutionary guards.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 13 January, 2007

somalia action

I have an advice for Khalid Rahim, Canada!!!!!
Dont act like chicken, nothin' can and will happen to Pakistan (Inshallah)......

Uzma Bashir, Pakistan - 15 January, 2007

Human War Front in Somalia Kenya Tanzanya

So called new war front is Somalia .Fazul Abdullah Mohammed is Alleged alqaida Hitman who had planned 1988 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, that killed 225 people.

Alqaida Man is an African while US Allied Army constitute common Law and Married soldiers like Somalis.Kenya and Tanzanya are Allah’s Forest region with Tigers Lions Buffalo Zebra Giraffe and wild animals Monkeys and Baboons where rule of jungle still prevail amid hunter and hunted Killing.Now a days there is not much difference inWar killings like wild animals trying to procure prize honour Banana and female Baboon pleasure.

Allah has Created Rule of Jungle too like Alqaida Islamic Marriages or common law partnership Rulers and their soldiers in New War front .The claimants like Human Business Partners are Hyenas leopard jaguar wild cats wolfs vultures who line up After each success killing or twisting of a Neck.They are new war front with Human Behaviour.Allah may have said correctly in Islamic book in correlating above NewWar Front Phenomenon.
1) Who knows s real motive of US action in Somalia after 1998.
2) USA is not alone in attempting to wage war in 100% Muslim Somalis?

3) Neither US has right to remove 100% Muslim Somalis Assets behaving like
wild animals in pursuit for `terrorists` via Carpet Bombing of a country
size of Pakistan to hunt one Alqaida Terrorist of 1998 ?

4) Why USA or partners behaving like they and allied leaders in uniform behave ?
In such a short time depleting Muslim OIC resource is Bombing Phenomenon everywhere.

benz m Ispahani, India - 15 January, 2007

An Islamic Alliance Essential

It is the need of the day to build up a common force of the Islamic countries with any name like 'Islami shoora' etc to make the Islamic countries secure from any foreign invaders as we all know that the authority of U.N and its forces is not left more like a crying parrot.
We should not blame in any case the Christian fighting against Islam as the American government had not accepted the call of the Pope not to attack Iraq.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 15 January, 2007


Are you americans stupid? do u really think you can eradicate al qaeda, its like saying u can finish crime in USA...u cant..if couldnt secure the streets of your own country how can u hunt down people around the world.
According to Guiness records 2007 the higest number of rapes occured in America and i think americans should solve their own personal problems before going around the world. One Women gangraped case saw the light of the whole world and people based muslims and pakistanis as sexists...i wonder what americans would call themselves after these startling statistics?
...and with all this Crap about Islam being intolerant etc, calculate urself the deaths and conquests of white people around the world, how they killed millions literally for their own sake, and established so called 'democracies' and 'secular modern states' when they lost their captured lands. If you really think there are over 1.3 billion suicide bombers out there to kill you, then you shouldnt have be alive already

uzair usman, United Arab Emirates - 19 January, 2007

Islam is a death cult!

Ahsan Khan's comments above illustrate the real truth about Islam, it is a death cult that glorifies conquest, pride, hatred and killing. This twisted and perverse ideology must be eradicated from the earth so that people can live in peace.

DH, United Kingdom - 19 January, 2007

Eye and tooth for an eye and tooth is Islam and is supreme justice.

Truth is a bitter pill - A few more doses and soon you will get used to it. When you kill you must not whine when you get killed. The more you kill the more you get killed is the essence of fairplay. The noblest and the sincerest of all the ideologies is the ideology of Islam and unless it does'nt reign supreme peace will forever remain elusive.

Ahsan Khan, Pakistan - 20 January, 2007

New front?

Excuse me? A new front? I thought the U.S. was helping Somalia. Also, didn't the military of Ethopia just push these Talibanized Islamists out of Somalia? Didn't the U.S. go there to help? Of course, it was in our best interest too. Haven't any of you noticed how these radical militants seem to be attempting, and sometimes succeeding, in swallowing up the smaller and weaker countries?

In the 1900's, and in the Germany of 1941-45, to use just two examples, terrorism threatened to reign supreme.

Filled with a desire for more power and land, an evil regime subjected the Armenian people to a heinous genocide. Over Mr. Hitler's desire for all the lands of Europe, millions died. This man intended to kill as many Americans as possible and use the leftovers to serve the Germans. He didn't accomplish his goals because instead of blaming and pointing fingers, at others, America and its allies fought back.

When one of those allies later attempted to enslave his own Country and threatened the rest of the world, again, America fought back and, in time, won.

In my opinion, the threat to world peace is in the hands of you who, quite incredibly, defend a monster like Saddam Hussein and see no danger at all around you - except for America, of course.

Why can't you hear the wailing of millions past and present who have lost their lives, often their entire families, to a form of terrorism?

Their souls cry out a warning, but too many of you cannot hear over the din of those who blame.

The last time I looked at history's map, blame never got anyone anywhere.

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 23 January, 2007

Living with Honour

If with honour we have to breathe
We should remain upto the teeth

Shirin, Pakistan - 25 January, 2007

Why we not think?

If we think about Middle East we see that ME has been surrounded by American & NATO Forces, There Air Craft Warship are surrounded to ME. So the time has been begin to start third world war. Every one can think what has happening and what is going on...

Saqib Malick, Pakistan - 12 February, 2007

Why we not think?

If we think about Middle East we see that ME has been surrounded by American & NATO Forces, There Air Craft Warship are surrounded to ME. So the time has been begin to start third world war. Every one can think what has happening and what is going on...

Saqib Malick, Pakistan - 12 February, 2007

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