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New Geo Political Block of Asia?

01 July, 2009

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Presence of US forces in the region, emerging of China as future global power, Russian desire of once again playing leading role in the world, appearance of Pakistan and India as atomic power, Iran, South Korea and Israel upgrading as future atomic power has changed the world scenario. The prevailing adverse security environment and issues like War against terrorism, Dispute over natural resources, Territorial Disputes, Kashmir problem, South and North Korean Issue, American desire of grabbing natural resources and Indian took divorce from USSR and married with US shift has threaten the world peace in general and specifically South Asia. The Asian region almost has become the fighting and weapon testing ground of the world powers. Thus, there is a need that Asian / South Asian leadership should sit together for resolving their regional and bilateral issues for establishing permanent peace.

Under the back drop of above mentioned premise please answers the following questions and give suggestions to our leadership to create peaceful environment for the Asian people.

  • Should super powers role be minimized or eliminated from the region, if so then how?
  • Is there any need of creating new Asian Block?
  • How Water issues with India and South Asian countries be settled?
  • How major burning Issues of Middle East countries, Kashmir Issue and border problems of India with China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanak, Nepal and Pakistan be resolved?
  • How US should be realized to stop interference in Asian Region?
  • How and when American Forces be Expelled from the region?
  • When and how India should be made conscious of stop storming terrorism in the neghbouring countries?
  • What are US, Indian and Israeliís interests in the region?
  • Will Israel stop brutality in Middle East?
  • What all countries be included in new Geo Political Block?
  • Will India be able to stop state terrorism against Sikhs, Christians and Muslims?
  • Can we consider, Muslim Bengal, Tamilistan , Khalistan and Nagaland as emerging Asian States?
  • Reader Comments:

    new order is already taking shape

    Basically as with all things, countries and states do chop and change. We anticipate racial identity reasserting itself in the future and the Asian states in the future will reflect that. In the next 50 years or so, Baluchistan and the NWFP will attain its independence or become a part of a greater Afghanistan or Khorasan. Whereas Western Punjab, Sind and Kashmir will amalgamate as part of a greater Punjab. Greater Punjab we anticipate will be a major player in both military strength and economy and will have a strong influence in central and south Asia. Greater Punjab will most likely attach itself as an autonomous member of the Indian federation. We anticipate also Southern India will follow its own destiny and will prosper industrially and India will be made up of a series of autonomous federation of states very much like the European Union. As for China we anticipate Eastern or Han China will prosper and attain advanced industrialised status. The Han Chinese will be the military and economic powerhouse of East Asia. Inner Mongolia will rejoin the Mongolian federation, whereas the Xinjian Uighur region will rejoin other central Asian republics. We anticipate Tibet will eventually become independent but still be under the sphere of influence of Han China. Hence countries like Pakistan, India, China, the Koreas, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and possibly Burma would undergo a lot of changes. This will be progressive changes rather then induced by war or strife.

    Lt. Gen. Singh, Hungary - 16 September, 2009

    Hallelujah China

    Pakistan has nothing to say about itself except terrorism, Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, Human Bomb.. etc etc and that is why it always speaks about China.. LOL

    Are Chinese helping Pakistan in breeding also?

    Pak + China = Chinastan ROFL
    Friends.... Best Friends ! :)

    admin, China - 21 September, 2009

    Attack on army headquarters in garrison city of Rawalpindi

    The biggest challenge Pakistan is facing is from its Punjab province because, more than one third of its army soldiers come from this province. And it also has about one third of total Pakistan terrorists.

    The attack on army headquarters in garrison city of Rawalpindi was carried out by terrorist from Punjab province. The problem Pakistan face here is, it can not deploy its military in Panjab because military may sympathies with its people.

    So we should think of a solution to stop terrorist attack from Punjabi terrorists rather than praising china.

    Siddique Khan, Pakistan - 12 October, 2009

    China rocks

    It is wonderfulto see somuch pride in China in this forum. I've been to Shanghai and marvelled at the rise of the new Asia. But no foreign country (China, USA, Saudi) can be Pakistan's saviour. China has not given any of its $2 Trillion to Pakistan. Pakistanis have to save their country from Taliban, chaos, extremism, poverty and disintegration.

    Siddharth, United Arab Emirates - 17 October, 2009

    let iran develop nukes for jews

    its very important that iran becomes nukes power iother wise jews will kill muslims aas they are doing .usa would be shut off once jews be in range of nukes .

    tom, Niue - 08 February, 2010

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