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New Geo Political Block of Asia?

01 July, 2009

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Presence of US forces in the region, emerging of China as future global power, Russian desire of once again playing leading role in the world, appearance of Pakistan and India as atomic power, Iran, South Korea and Israel upgrading as future atomic power has changed the world scenario. The prevailing adverse security environment and issues like War against terrorism, Dispute over natural resources, Territorial Disputes, Kashmir problem, South and North Korean Issue, American desire of grabbing natural resources and Indian took divorce from USSR and married with US shift has threaten the world peace in general and specifically South Asia. The Asian region almost has become the fighting and weapon testing ground of the world powers. Thus, there is a need that Asian / South Asian leadership should sit together for resolving their regional and bilateral issues for establishing permanent peace.

Under the back drop of above mentioned premise please answers the following questions and give suggestions to our leadership to create peaceful environment for the Asian people.

  • Should super powers role be minimized or eliminated from the region, if so then how?
  • Is there any need of creating new Asian Block?
  • How Water issues with India and South Asian countries be settled?
  • How major burning Issues of Middle East countries, Kashmir Issue and border problems of India with China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanak, Nepal and Pakistan be resolved?
  • How US should be realized to stop interference in Asian Region?
  • How and when American Forces be Expelled from the region?
  • When and how India should be made conscious of stop storming terrorism in the neghbouring countries?
  • What are US, Indian and Israeli’s interests in the region?
  • Will Israel stop brutality in Middle East?
  • What all countries be included in new Geo Political Block?
  • Will India be able to stop state terrorism against Sikhs, Christians and Muslims?
  • Can we consider, Muslim Bengal, Tamilistan , Khalistan and Nagaland as emerging Asian States?
  • Reader Comments:

    No one's Trustworthy!

    Just like Allah(S.W.T) told us that do not be friends with the yellow people (ex.Chinese) clearly tells us that our biggest friend one day will turn against us just as America seperated from Britain and became its own nation,but that's another thing. Pakistan's future will be bright Inshallah and Pakistan will also become one of the best nations in the world Inshallah. We just have to make some good decisions and Allah(S.W.T) will help us out and make our country much better than other countries. First of all Pakistan needs to change its government system as Quaid-E-Azam said that adopting the Western Government system will not help us and that we can already see what it has caused (WW1&WW2). He also said we should adopt a system that does do equality and justice (Sharia). My Dua is this that Pakistan become a better country with the best universities, hospitals, education system and best technology and everything. And I also want Pakistan to become a much better Islamic country based on true Islam. Ameen.

    Imran, Pakistan - 17 August, 2009


    Should super powers role be minimized or eliminated from the region, if so then how?
    Ans: A super powers role can only be minimized by a super power only and not a poor state like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afganistan etc, can minimize U.S. role. So if you want to minimize the U.S roal become a super power like U.S..

    Is there any need of creating new Asian Block?
    Ans: Asian block is already created that's why U.S. can not attack a country which India and Russia doesn't want to be attacked. U.S attacked Iraq and Afganistan because there was hidden approval from India and Russia.
    How Water issues with India and South Asian countries be settled?
    Ans: There is no water issue why are you making an issue out of an issue which is not an issue. don't behave like anwar mah...

    How major burning Issues of Middle East countries, Kashmir Issue and border problems of India with China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanak, Nepal and Pakistan be resolved?
    Ans: Kashmir issue will never be resolved because India never attacked any country in its history of last 10 thousand years so it will not attack any country in next 10 thousand years. But it will not allow Pakistan to take whole Kashmir. And the problem will remain unsolved for atleast next 10 thousand year's.

    How US should be realized to stop interference in Asian Region?
    Ans: Atleast India doesn't want the U.S roal to be minimized in South Asian region beacue of it's enmity with China. And until Russia and India doesn't want US roal to be minized in South Asia US roal can not be minized.
    How and when American Forces be Expelled from the region?
    Ans: No one can expell american forces atleast in next 20 years. and withour vigour of Russia and India is not possible in next 10 thousand years.

    When and how India should be made conscious of stop storming terrorism in the neghbouring countries?
    Ans: Not Applicable
    What are US, Indian and Israeli's interests in the region?
    Ans: All three's interest and same i.e. to STOP TERRIRISOM IN REGION.
    Will Israel stop brutality in Middle East?
    Ans: It will continue till the Arab world will get converted to asses.

    Can we consider, Muslim Bengal, Tamilistan , Khalistan and Nagaland as emerging Asian States?
    Ans: Let's start with Baluchistan and Swat etc.

    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 27 August, 2009

    The peace heaven Pakistan

    Every body reading this paper may realize that some Indian elements have been alowed to write in disguise with false identities against the state and armed forces of Pakistan.The realities are 180 degree diferent.Pakistan is not only the effective peace buffer in the most dangerous location of the world where the mightiest are trying to create a different balance of power equation.If Pak army was not in effective control of the country and if Pak government and nation had not adopted a policy of toelrance and the most balanced neutrality the world has ever known,it would be WW3 by now. On top Paks are tolerating disguised Indians anti Pak writing right in Pak news papers.

    Today is different than 1848,when the Brits were incapacitated to control the tribal regions.Pak army is in very effective control of Baloch province,Swat and before restive tribal areas.India has not even totaly failed in its designs of destabilizing Pakistan,its infiltrating, arming and financing models and designs have ben thoroughly crushed and decimated by Pak military.Today, Pak ilitary is the hero in the eyes of both America and China,who are the two most important counties of now and the future time to come.Pakistan is the only key plugged in the dangerous WW3 equation region for the global peace reasons.

    Let us answer the interesting questions:

    Q:Should super powers role be minimized or eliminated from the region, if so then how?

    Ans:The best answer to this question is that Pak military,as the world peace buffer in the region has mitigated the dangers into otherwise very dangerous WW3 equation that exists there.Pak army is kissed by all major players--America, China and Russia.And Pak military has strong nuclear arsenal to deter, what is a relatively minor player India in the region.

    Q:Is there any need of creating new Asian Block?

    ANS: China and America in future and America and China for now are key players in global strategy.Russia and Europe,and not at all India, will be the other important powers to afect the strategy of future peace.Pakistan will be the key geo-strategic spot in this future peace model for the world.

    Q:How Water issues with India and South Asian countries be settled?

    Ans:With Indian rivers drying very fast to destroy India's water and agriculture base,the whole water issue will be redundant and meaningless in few decades.South Asia's geographical area is too small to have susceptibility from intensified regional warming(besides global warming.The rivers feeding glaciers cannot take oil refining capacity and energy use beyond 2 million barrels per day in india and its burn up as energy use.Glaciers of south Asia will melt away and destroy India's and some of Pakistans lifeline of agriculture and water.South Asia and India in particular are not America,Europe or China to absorb energy from 15-20 million barels per day refining capacity.My engineering work from energy related warming was published in the annual interenational conferences of the world's very top places and in Kyoto and US military publications in 2004-2005. Small south Asia cannot absorb energy from more than 2 mbpd oil and fast melting glaciers in Himalayas and fast drying rivers will destroy the big Indian dreams.

    Q:How major burning Issues of Middle East countries, Kashmir Issue and border problems of India with China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanak, Nepal and Pakistan be resolved?

    Ans:Emergence of China as the super power and then sole super power and China's and America's working together with the global peace key Pakistan will stabilize most problems.India keep out of the big league of China and America,Europe and Russia.India also suffers from oil and gas energy supplies insecurity even at 3 mbpd refining capacity.

    Q:How US should be realized to stop interference in Asian Region?

    Answer:Pakistan as the peace buffer and peace key in the otherwise very dangerous WW3 equation is mitigating and stabilizing all the possible dangers in the region at the cost of 40 billion dollars and sacrifice of 5000 Pak civilians and military.Pak military is the hero now after Indian designs were crushed few months ago.

    Q:How and when American Forces be Expelled from the region?

    Ans:Paks are not expelling any body.They only act as peace key for the region and the world.

    Q:When and how India should be made conscious of stop storming terrorism in the neghbouring countries?
    What are US, Indian and Israeli's interests in the region?

    Ans:Pakistan as peace key mitigates most related dangers.

    Q:Will Israel stop brutality in Middle East?

    Ans:Hopefully yes,for peace reasons.

    Q:What all countries be included in new Geo Political Block?

    Ans:Peace and no blocks for all.

    Will India be able to stop state terrorism against Sikhs, Christians and Muslims?

    Ans:They better do or be global rogue.

    Q:Can we consider, Muslim Bengal, Tamilistan , Khalistan and Nagaland as emerging Asian States?


    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 28 August, 2009

    Paks want peace for all

    Whether it is America or China or Europe or Russia or any mighty nation, Pakistan has been treading very carefully to talk and act and promote peace in the region.Pakistan therefore holds the peace key if its neutrality is respected and if the military modes and models are kept separated by the Pakistan peace buffer with presence only of Pak military to ward off any contact between the mightiest gathering around Pak.

    Pakistan is committed to mitigate terror and terror of any sort in or around Pakistan is hated by peace loving Paks.The whole region's and the global peace will be insured if Pak military stands in between as mitigating terror influx of any sort--in and out and it's presence keeps the mightiest of the world at peace distance from each other with Pak military and nation standing in charge and control of the nation's peace model and roll that will allow the world function as peace loving humanity.

    The world's both world wars were fought in persuit and acquisition quest of oil and gas energy that had set in the first car culture and oil revolution that has ever since centered or even enjoyed mainly by the Americans and the Canadians and partly by the Europeans since early 1900. This oil revolution helped the world expand and support population growth base never experienced before in history.Before the advent of oil and gas revolution, the world could not support even 1.5 billion people and that too was marred with famines and starvation.With oil revolution, the fertillizers and motorized machinery, our planet earth can support over 6 billion people.

    This oil revolution was also responsible for two world wars where the Europe's or rather the world's most competent nation of Germany also tried to get on board as grandly as the Americans or Canadians, but failed through two world wars.The Russians failed to sustain in competing with the west mainly because Russia could never acquire car culture and the traffic in Moscow was feather light allways.No country could ever achieve oil refining capacity compared to America.Oil refining and secondly gas usage is the key energy base to measure the grandness of a nation.China appears to be the only country in energy use history that could surpass America in oil refining by 2025 and therefore, there will be much military activity around Pakistan.China,this year,has already surpassed America in Car production, but the Chinese are driving only half as the oil refining capacity of China is around 10 million barrels per day compared to America's steady 20 million barrels per day during the past 20-30 years.With saturated car culture in America, this oil refining capacity has stayed steady and that is partly due to America's trend also to drive smaller cars compared to 15, 20 or 30 years ago.

    China's oil refining capacity is expanding to 14 million barrels per day by 2015 and that could set the achievable target for the Chinese to refine and use gasoline in comparable volumes like the Americans.

    Americans have the energy security since they got control of Iraq and Kuwait oil IN 199 AND 2003, besides the Saudi and UAE guarranteed oil supplies.But, the key challenge is that China is poised to catch up America in oil refining and becomethe wealthiest nation in the world.That is akin to upsetting the world as it has existed since 1902.British Empire retired from sole super power status before first world war, Germany tried to become car culture and grab big share of the world's oil, Russia went under with no success in achieving its comparable to America oil refining capacity.Neither Germany, nor Russia nor the British Empire did ever come close or even became worthy of minor comparison to America's oil refining capacity and its ever since 1900 richest in the world oil refining related status in human history.

    China is the first country in oil refining history that is poised to get there by 2025.The whole world is going to change with that, but the need of mankind is to see the transition go in a peaceful way.War would annihilate all humanity and Paks are for peace and terror free inside and all around Pakistan.

    Paks can participate in peace and are not allowing the country to become as Poland was catalytic in start of real phase of WW2 as the Germans and Russians entered Poland with eyeball to eyeball face off.

    Paks do not want any military blocks for global peace reasons.

    Let all humanity share peace and hate war.

    No words sound sweeter than what President Obama said as such:


    And Pakistan located at the most important geo-strategical location, would fit the best as the key to world peace.

    Paks are and wish to remain peace buffer and the peace key for all mankind.

    Nothing is more sweet than peace for our dear and loved humanity of white, black, brown and yellow human shades of beauty.

    Paks wish peace and love to all humanity with no sharing in power blocks there around or any where else.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 29 August, 2009

    Let's compare the strength of Pakistan and India and what will happen if they decide to go with the WAR.

    Everyone who has an average knowledge of India and Pakisatan's strength will agree with me that:
    India has developed Anti ballistic missile missile which it tested in 2006 and became the worlds noly fourth coutry to do so after U.S., Russia, Isreal comes India. Indian Ballistic Missile Defense system consisting of two interceptor missiles, namely the Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) missile for high altitude interception, and the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) Missile for lower altitude interception. The two-tiered shield will be able to intercept any incoming missile launched 5,000 kilometers away. Forget about Pakistan even China does not have this technologies.

    Also India and Rusia has jointly developed BrahMos missle which is named after two rivers, the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia. It travels at speeds of Mach 2.5 to 2.8 and is the world's fastest cruise missile. It is about three-and-a-half times faster than the U.S.A's subsonic Harpoon[2] cruise missile. A hypersonic version of the missile is also presently under development.

    So we come to conclusion that the Pakistan will have the same chance in case case of WAR against India what India will have in case of WAR against China. Also India is developing its long range Surya missile which has a renge of 15K to 20k kilometers.

    jagat kahn, Slovakia - 29 August, 2009

    Pak army- key to world peace

    The world's most kissable and global peace champion Pakistan military has got the terror war in most mitigated state besides remaining the global peace key as peace buffer to lock up any dangers or apprehensions of WW3 error that prevails around.Pak army remains as the very effective peace buffer in danger zone of WW3 equation.

    Pak army existing as very effective peace bufer in the region insures peace for all mankind.

    Paks are for peace only and love the famous phrase,"WE WANT PEACE FORALL" BY PRESIDENT OBAMA OF AMERICA.

    While no nation does not and must not doubt in America's grandest military status like all the past other foursole sole super powers were at their zenith, but internal grand ways and symptoms lead to believe that America may be on its way to retiring.

    Queen victoria never balanced her budget even single year of her 64 years of her rule of the world's sole super power British Empire.The killer national debtof the British Empire around WW1 was 195 percent of its GDP.The overall national debt of the sole super power America is 47 trillion dollars,which is 350 percent of America's GDP of 13 trilion dollars py.Like the sole super powers Persians,Romans, Ottomans and the Brits,the Americans are obssessed with legal ways.Remember the grand Suleiman the Manificent used to call himself Qanooni or legal when the sole super power Ottoman-Mughals were faling from their sole super power zenith.

    With all eyes on the rising star China now,it is very impertative that any transition(if and with big if)if it takes place at any probable time in future, must be all peaceful as WW3 will annihilate all mankind.

    Paks love China,Paks love America and Paks love Europe,Rusia and all mankind.Peace bufer Pakistan and its global peace key Pak military is there for peace reasons only.No blocks,no wars,no tensions and no hate amongst our sweet humans is the message from the Pak nation and its most lovable peace champ military.



    Pak military,U're best of all
    Stay srong,we will never fall
    Nation got in you the trust
    World peace needs U for must

    War mongers are all around
    N are playing war like sound
    Sending infiltrators in Pak
    Break up Pak is their talk

    They train,finance and arm
    Infilterate and do Pak harm
    Baloch province,some Pak west
    Pak foe want break Pak best

    India got foe's dirty lead
    Hollbrook praises Indian deed
    The Zionist is on Indian side
    Pak army got this to subside

    Pak nation,army got the role
    Peace is Pakistan's only goal
    Paks mitigate most of terror
    Paks stop world from WW error

    Pak army is the grandest need
    For the global peace indeed
    Don't want WW3, nor blocks
    Cause Pak peace is war locks

    And the world,it must expect
    Give Pak army due respect
    Pak army is life of nation
    For world peace,celebration

    Pak army is the peace wish
    Of the world, is dish delish
    Pak army love,should not miss
    Give Pak army kiss after kiss

    Think otherwise,you R duffer
    Pak army is the peace buffer
    Pak military does the docks
    Separates the danger blocks

    Before America retires N last
    China's rise is the most fast
    America as through like fore
    Will retire like Brits before

    Romans,Ottomans,Persians too
    Were grand,went same through
    Hope to peace, world shifts
    As peace buffer,Pak army fits

    Debt,overspending, legal ways
    Grands retied before, allways
    China with 5 to 10 times lead
    Over yes India, fits indeed

    Oil refining, power and steel
    China's lead is real for feel
    Gap widens each day and night
    India done, America is sight

    Oil refining will now decide
    China going to top most side
    That is just for all to see
    Peace will be for you and me

    Pak army is the peace zone
    Leave us Peaceful Paks alone
    Through peace, will secure
    Peace for all,Pak army sure

    Pak military, you are grand
    All the world does understand
    Love of each one Pak's heart
    Pak army is,right from start

    And the second poem
    The peaceful ways of Paks

    Paks love peace, want no war
    Sweet N peaceful,all Paks are
    N the blocks, Paks don't want
    Paks got only peace for haunt

    India acts as a new policeman
    Paks stop terror much as can
    No to World war three,say Pak
    Paks stop big war,is the talk

    Paks love humans at the heart
    As Paks did, right from start
    Paks love smile,want no blood
    All war mongers,bite the mud

    China, America, Russia N all
    From Paks get, peace for call
    Greates thing from Pak,U find
    Is love mankind and be kind

    Paks love peace all the time
    Pak peace is so sweet sublime
    U leave Pak in peace for ever
    Pak is peace, beyond for ever

    Sindhi,Punjabi,Pathan, Baloch
    All Paks got,O peace approach
    Love U Paks, you are so grand
    Peace in Paks,O we understand

    Pak stop all divides N blocks
    With pak peace,wars get locks
    Pak peace ya,no one must miss
    Give the Paks,kiss after kiss

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 29 August, 2009

    Only peace will and can win

    This overly jingoistic and war hystrical and disguised as well named Jagat Kahn is living in his own bellicose dream world.

    Even the Americans have described anti ballistic missile system as hitting a bullet wity a bullet and a most probable incapacitated to perform.The Russian Pravda has carried many articles about the sure baeatabilty of the ABM system.And Israeli's have talked of one third population migrating out if Iran ever tests its missiles, which Iranians have been talking of not even building it on the first place.

    The cure of all these fears of missiles and ABM lies in the peace and only peace and respect of all human life of any religion or country.

    ABM systems are 20 times or more expensive than offensive missile systems. Then you can fool the ABM systems with admixes of replicas and dummy missiles and saving the real strike when the enemy has exhaust consumated his too expensive ABM'S.

    Never mind the striking missiles and the ABM'S. Them will perhaps never be used and the only exception will be when some one tries to over-run the possessers of nukes misiles and ABM's.

    Let us be optimistic that peace will prevail for all even under very tense situations.If you stand up for peace and want peace, you will get peace.

    India has to worry more about water and energy in-security instead of rattling of that disguised Jagat. When India tested its nukes in 1998 and two weeks ahead of Pakistan, there were American think tanks stories that the worse killer of all, that is radiation, will find the winds taking it all from Pak to India with the winds that allways travel from Pakistan to India in case of hypothetical nuclear war.

    I had a detailed discussion with a Dutchman who has now migrated to Canada and was operator of Nato ABM systems. Even he admitted that ABM's were not sure real defence against incoming strike missiles.

    Peace for all is the only assurity against the striking missiles or ABM'S.

    Let this Jagat live in his mad world of war mongering mentality.

    Even Hitler wrote that he could not sleep all night when he, under some optimism, attacked Russia to start real phase of ww2.

    Hitler was reported to have mostly sleepless nights afterwards as 5000 dead were coming from war front into Germany daily for five years and 13000 dead were coming into Russia daily for 5 years.

    Nuclear war will annihilate all.

    Pak nation, Pak military and Pak government are following the very right path, which is the path of peace for all.

    The whole world must admire Pakistan as the Switzerland of Asia.War mongers like Jagat will bite the dust with their failed dreams of war mongering war dreams of south Asia.

    The whole world has to embrace peace for its survival reasons and there simply is no other alternative or substitute of peace in this world rattled by nuke talks and ABM's talks.

    Paks are truely practicing what Mr Obama said as such:



    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 02 September, 2009

    Peace peace and only peace

    It is said that there are times when one has to fight if one wants to live in peace. So peace word doesn't sounds good from the mouth of poor countries. How it will sound if Bhutan talks about peace. Do you think any country will listen to Bhutan.... Why people react i mean to say give attention to American call for peace, it is because they(U.S) have the power to destroy world peace. And if a country does not has this power peace word doesn't sounds good from it's mouth and no one listens to it.
    You Anwar Mah.... are doing same thing. You are always chanting peace like you are chanting and "Hare Krishna .........." mantra but it doesn't sounds good from your mouth.

    Jagat Khan, Hungary - 03 September, 2009


    I have written like this so you Anwar, keep your mouth shut. We Indians actually never wants to go in war with any country. You can look at our history of last 10 thousand years despite being powerful has never invaded any country through any means forget by force. Also don't consider this fact as India was not capable of invading, we defeated the mighty army of Alexander the great and many more. Actually Pakistan and other country in Indian sub-continent can take pride in this because they were part of Bharat Versa. If you have studied history you may be knowing that Alexander the great won every state but in the end he came to India and was defeated by Nanda empire. So we have the power and we want peace in the region.

    Jagat Khan, Hungary - 03 September, 2009

    Always dont try to blame and pin india for your crisis.Its not india who is pak centric...its you guz who is india centric...hence you people are economic growth and no peace.Dont ever think that china is your saviour they already pissed you guyz many times.But remember one think...tommorrow US will definetely wage war on Pakistan and then the only country which will stand for you Guyz is India.

    Vamshi, United Kingdom - 03 September, 2009


    India actually never wants to go in war with any country. You can look at our history of last 10 thousand years despite being powerful we have never invaded any country through any means forget by force. Also don't consider this fact as India was not capable of invading, we defeated the mighty army of Alexander IIIrd THE GREAT and many more. Actually Pakistan and other country in Indian sub-continent can take pride in this because they were part of Bharat Versa. If you have studied history you may be knowing that Alexander the great won every state but in the end he came to India and was defeated by Nanda empire. So we have the power and we want peace in the region.

    Jagat Khan, Hungary - 05 September, 2009

    Pakistan is not realizing that how dangerous is the problem of terrorism. America (U.S) will attack Pakistan in near future to wipeout terrorism from the world. If one look at history, only India has the power and gouts to stand. During cold war when the whole world was aligned in two groups i.e. U.S and USSR (now Russia), this time India started non-alignment movement. Though there was chances of breaking up with its most trusted allies i.e. USSR. India could have easily aligned with USSR and would have got huge arms and financial assistance from USSR. So well said Vamshi, Pakistan is not realizing that India is the only country which will stand against US to support Pakistan. Don't blame for what is happening in your kitchen (small things) to India.

    Prashant Yadav, Madagascar - 05 September, 2009

    The very peaceful Paks

    Paks know how to act and stand up for peace when some one is hell bent for war.And look, them Indian evil won't even spare a hindu country Bhutan and grant no peace wish to even the Bhutanese.Pak military chief General Kiyani had told readiness for war to deter India,when they flew their planes to attack Pks,with readiness and frank talks to Condi Rice on Pak visit.

    A wolf talks of protecting sheep while dressed in sheep clothings.All infiltrating from Afghanistan and financing and training of India played terror into Pakistan has been caught and confessed to be of Indian designs.PM Gilani had presented it as a solid proof to PM ManMohan Singh at Shar-mul Sheikh in Egypt.And hell bent Indian rabble rousings are at full play to make even America act against Paks.

    Never mind to talk of isolating Paks even from China,which is fast rising as the super power and then sole super power of the future.China did warn off India with its massive military amassing of troops near East Pakistan border during 1965 war.Devoid of re-supplies and re-inforcements due to India on al sides,no military of the world could defend east Pakistan even if it was their own territory.Only a threat of use of 100 nukes could have prevented India and Paks didnot have them in 1965 or 1971,but they have them now.

    America is Pakistan's friend and ally and it would never fulfil the wishes of any exalted Indian to attack Pakistan.Even in 1971, America, at least in words, was suposed to land its sixth fleet in East Pakistan and president Nixon had rebuked Indira Gandhi by talking of her as "that woman" in anger filled words.China was supposed to land its troops if America landed its sixth fleet. America fell short of landing its sixth fleet and China maintained its warnings with determined amassing of troops on India near least west Pak border in 1971.With Russia's hell bent willingness to start even WW3 for India sake,all settled for peace and peace only.

    But,do not forget that Pak military did capture a very important place called Chamb that is the key spot to de-link India from Kashmir if need be so.

    America and China or Russia are all friends of Paks and they will never fight against each other.There will be only rattling and no war between America and China.America is there only for China-Russia-Iran sake.America is there only because China is fast emerging to be the next super and sole super power.

    Never mind about Cina's grandness, because it matters lot to Paks and peace in south Asia.The grand America will bow to history's norms of retiring as all four super powers in history had 40-60 years final leg of sole super power status.It is a 200 years cycle of grandness--first 60-70 years of rise to become super powr,60-70 years staying super power like a few more and then 40-60 years final leg of sole super power.Even the best humans retire at age.

    China leads India with an edge of 10 to 1 in steel production(400 million tons compared to 40-45 million tons per year),5 to 1 edge in power production(2.5 billion megawatt per year compared to half megawatt per year)and similar edge in energy use of oil and gas.The gap is widening very much more in favour of China.China now is producing more cars than even America starting this year.

    China's oil refining capacity is expected to jump from 10 mbpd now to 14 mbpd in 2015 to catch up with America's 18-20 mbpd by 2025.China plans to build 6 or more mega gas pipe lines to import 13 trillion cubic feet of gas from Russia to supplant its already 5 tcfy gas production already there.Imagine the comparison of 18 trillion cubic feet gas per year use agaist India's under 1 tcfy- the same as Paks or Bangladesh have.And China has projection of using by 2025 4 billion tons out of world's total of 9 btpy of coal per yeart that will produce 8 billion megawatt power from coal alone.How would you feel comparing China's 10 billion mega watt power per year against India's between half to 1 mega watt py.Even retiring America will stand second in the key comparing numbers. And all,except crazy Indians,will talk only peace.

    And do not forget the very fact that relatively small India cannot takemore cars and industrialization, because the rivers are drying fast there due to energy burn up.Even the Indian biggest river Brahamputra water flow is going to trickle further down to 150 billion tons water py from 300 bbtpy now out of which China is already withdrawing 70-100 btpy as justified rain water cultivatin before it enters Brahamputra at origin.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 September, 2009

    Paks are peace for all

    Enjoy my poem as such:

    Look at Jagat hindu snake
    Human's voice,he can't take
    Calls Anwar peace talk bitter
    Evil is Jagat,Anwar is hitter

    Kicked by dogs and by donkey
    Spat by the ugliest monkey
    Hindu Jagat is man of hate
    He is lowely,Paks are great

    For all Paks, we feel grand
    Paks love peace,u understand
    Evil him,listen him no longer
    That Jagat evil is war monger

    For Pak peace, world lingers
    All love Paks in eir fingers
    China,America,Russia and all
    Listen to Paks for peace call

    Pakistan military is the key
    For the global peace you see
    Love them men of peace N gold
    Pak army is love all hold

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 06 September, 2009

    Paks are peace nation

    Those Indians on the forum preaching that America will atack Pakistan are living in fools dream.The super powers like America, China and Russia will be ruffling their feathers around for power balancing reasons and no one will take the risk of probable ABM's and nukes and the big war.

    There won't be WW3 as no one among the mightiest three or four will take the risk of anihilation of mankind.

    All nations and people, big or small, weak or strong and wealthy or otherwise have every right and wish to think of peace and live in peace.Human hearts are above the mightiest mights and America,China, Russia and all are under the higher power that controlls all. And Americans, Chinese and Russians are first humans and then anybody else.

    On this news and on alL forums, it is the Indians who are Pak centric as they have no business to come on Pak media and prod for Pakistan's dis-integration.Capable Pak military is successfully doing terror and war mitigation to act as the key to global peace.

    All readers of this news paper can very distinctly and clearly see the rabble rousing Indians who are maligning the integrity of the most noble and peaceful Paks through very malicious propaganda against the Paks.

    Americans, Chinese, Russians and the Europeans are doing balanced acts globaly that fit into the peace wishes of all including the small Bhutanese.

    America and Europe, unlike between 1978-2003, have energy security now with four out of seven oil and gas mighty reserve countries insuring oil supplies to them.Russia has enoough oil and gas of its own and China has outbid India and all middle size competitors to have adequate oil and gas supplies.The world having reached peak oil has certain limitations,constrictions and constraints that will play more than the energy related greeds of some more voracious like India and keep us all in peace at large.

    Pakistan is doing beter peace balancing acts by paying balanced attention to the mightiest like America,China and Rusia and Nato and won't be sucked into the clever prodding of its one wolf behaving neighbour.Paks know, who like in this news media and Pak forum topix, is spreading hate to the never achievable finish against peace loving Paks, and Paks fuly recognize the intentions and aims of that adversary, who has left no stones un-turned to isolate Paks everywhere.

    Even Americans,Chinese, Nato and Russians know that adversary of the Paks and none of them will be swayed by the vicious and malicious propaganda against Paks.

    As a mater of fact all mightiest four are working with the world's most peace loving Pks as friends in peace.

    Friend in need
    Is friend indeed
    And friend in peace
    Got no false fleece

    A wolf in prey
    He must stay away
    The mightiest four
    Will love peace door

    That door is Paks
    With peace their talks
    And peace their acts
    Of Paks for facts

    Paks peace is kiss
    That none wanna miss
    Paks are peace friends
    Without any pretends

    Paks are peace love
    Say the stars above
    Pak army and nation
    Got peace celebration

    Anwar Mahmod, Canada - 09 September, 2009

    How can super powers role an be minimized. how can a super power will allow you to minimize its role and if you have to minimize it role you have become a super power.

    The most notable copuntries in the world are U.S., Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, U.K. and france. only if these country or any of these countries would like the role of super powers like U.S and Russia to be minimized can be minized. So the mantra is become a super power. India and China are future super powers. So don't jump on others strength and feet be something yourself. Other coutries can just dream of that one day U.S. will stop attacking terrorist state.

    jagat khan, Hungary - 11 September, 2009

    Stand on yourself

    As a Chinese, I don't feel my country is one of the super powers you are talking about here. I am happy that i can live peacefully so far as an individual, don't have to worry about the teroristic attacks. But the thing is changing, now i am afraid of travelling to some places in my motherland, Xinjiang, For example.
    I want to make friends with people from all over the world so i want to be able to travel around the world freely. But i can only dream it today.
    Have you ever known that the human beings is capable to produce enough food, enough cloth, enough commodities to allow every individuals live well and with dignity?
    Then what is the war for?
    But i also like the difference, different cultrues, different landscpes make the world beautiful and make the lifes meaningful. What i don't understand is that people from India and Pakistan have their own languages but why do you discuss things in English? Why do you allow English as your official language? I can't image a so-called super power its people not speak their mother tongue.
    My mother used to teach me with an old chinese saying:"Never expect to count on somebody else, stand on yourself". I guess as a nation, N. Korea understands this saying.

    Li, China - 13 September, 2009

    Paks are for peace for all

    Not every half assed nation,no mater how big, can become a super power unless it has comparablly very large use of energy--oil, gas and electric power.

    Right now, there are only two and a half nations in this league. America and China are fully and Russia is half, though Russia has enormously larger biggest in the world gas reserves(1700 trillion cubic feet compared to second Iran at 1000 tcf and third Qatar at 900 tcf).

    If it was 1950 or before, when steel production was the key gadget to measure if a nation was a super power,China would already be the super and sole super power.Now, the major chunk of economy representation of any country is done by its energy use-- oil refining, gas processing and electricity production.Since 1950 and especially since 1970, it is the energy consumption of a nation that tells its grandness.You cannot put India in US- China-Russia league when more than 10 countries are ahead of India in oil, gas and power use.

    China is the first country in the past over 100 years that is becoming comparable to America and is acquiring 6 or 10 edge over India in energy usage.Even Germany of bothworld wars or Russia as super orBritain as super power could be comparable to America like China is marching ahead.

    China produces over 400 million tons of steel per year compared to India's 45 million tons per year and America's 130 milion tons per year.China is using over 2 billion megawatt power per year compared to America's 5 bmgy and India's 0.5 mwpy.Just four years down the road, China's oil refining capacity is going to be 14 mbpd compared to America's 18-20 and India's 3 mbpd.In gas use, things will even be better for China. With 6 mega pipe line(56 inch dia and 2 tcfy gas flow each) China stands to ad 2 tcfy toits already 5 tcfy.How would you compare US- China - Russia each using 18-22 tcfy gas compared to India's 1 tcfy or same as Pakistan or Bangladesh.

    China has 2-3 trillion dollars cash reserves or ten times more than India's and 300 billion dollars trade surplus compared to India's 100 billion dollars deficit each year.

    And do not forget that China has outbid India in every energy acquisition world wide while India has big break downs in upstream oil and sector even at home and that sector is not even big enough.If things keep going at this pace,China will have,before 2030,economy bigger than that of US and India put together.By 2040, China may have economy double the size of combined US-India economy.

    It is the China factor and India's messing with Pak Internal through terror infiltration.

    I admire Pak government,Pak military and Pak nation who have played peace as their key act.Things will be very dangerous around Pakistan as the world's economic and military history is making a big shift after 300 years dominence of the west.

    Paks have no interest in playing one side against the other in this blocks business.Pks want peace and no dangers and Paks can play the roll only of mitigating terror and that roll is good for all.

    And most important Paks are only talking pece and peace only and peace can be the best possession of any human and any country.Paks love peace in this most dificult times of history,where WW3 can shape up.Paks are the bufer peace key who are playing the most important peace roll and acts by keeping the mightiest separated through the peace heaven Pakistan.

    The economic facts that I have mentioned are available in any source of encyclopedia knowledge and there is nothing against any countryin in talking of those numbers.Actually,it may be a caution way to keep the WW3 fears away and give the world chance to live in peace for all mankind.Nation's status of power and economy can change,but Paks are embracing peace as the key factor to mitigate the fears of WW3.

    An other drag is the global and regional warming,which is hurting the whole world with dis-appearance of water and agriculture resources and the problem is worse in south Asia and India in particular.My letter/ article in 2005 was published as best of the day in Hindustan Times in 2005.The problem is very seriously delicate as 5 degree centigrade warm up in Himalaya's glaciers can destroy all glaciers and rivers of south Asia.My more detailed article about global warming from energy use was published in the 2004 annual International conference of Kyoto protocol and US military took it out to publish those facts in 2005 US military publications.In 2004,my gas enginering papers were published in America's and the world's very top places like LRGCC,NACE and Gas Processors of America.

    India's and south Asia's rivers started drying badly ever since India's oil refining and oil use crossed 1.5 mbpd or before Jamnagar refinery was built by Bush on US tax payers money.The other big oil refiners like America,Europe and Russia have 30 degree centigrade danger gap as their rivers come out of lakes.

    The world will look only at America,China,Europe and Russia as future's grands

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 14 September, 2009

    Chinese grandness

    Why some people on this forum debate on if China is great or not, a super power or not, instead of this one should debate on what Pakistan's capabilities are. Some people write junk messages on china's grandness. I think we should block such people like Anwar mah….

    Even a Chinese people says stand on your self but some people keep on discussing Chinese capabilities, oil uses, steel production which are not relevant to the topic and Pakistani people. So we Pakistani people should request Paktribune to stop publishing comments on Chinese grandness.

    Siddique Khan, Pakistan - 15 September, 2009

    The peaceful lovable Pak people

    What a great person is this Li from China. The world will be a very safe and sweet place for all mankind if people even from super or potential sole super power will act and speak humble like Li.In contrast you read that hollow Jagat from a hollow self proclaimed super power that does not have intention of letting his own hindu Bhutan with constricted and constrained choice of peace.

    Well, Pakistan people, military and government are all talking and acting dear deer when it comes to peace for all.

    Paks have relativelymuch safer roll of mitigating terror only compared to the more ambitious talking bellicose wishes of war.In any case and situation, sweet Paks are having intention, wishes and prayers of grand peace for all with no interest to participate in blocks politics related to war.It is due to the seet peaceful Paks that even blocks politics is mitigating into noble peace for all.All mankind owe great to the peace prodding and peace loving Paks, whose nation and military and government are acting as key to global peace for all.

    Many sweet peace laden faces of Paks have got me right from my heart to just surrender to what Pak peace is for the world.Tonight, I am in somber peace mood of expresing my love for some very sweet and peaceful looking Paks.I will mix my love for peace angels Paks with some grand American songs of all time by al time best voice of Nat King Cole.I will start with a great song,"Nature boy" of 1950 with lyrics as such:

    "The greatest thing, you'll ever learn
    Is just to love and be loved,
    In return."

    I believe Paks are dedicated to the global love and peace expressed by this great song by Nat King Cole.

    Even Pak military has roses of love and peace decorating its grand peace intention of peace for all.

    knew a lovely pathan beauty in Canada who used to be a nurse at Peshawar with Pak military.That pretty and sweet deer like beauty had nothing but peacer for all right from her heart. She was serving guests during a christmas days party and the grandest love song of all time,"I love you for sentimental resons" of 1942 was being played in the house.The voice is again of America's all time best of Nat King Cole. The sweet fairy fell asleep on the lyrics as:

    'I hope you do believe me, I've given you my heart."

    When she woke up from fleeting sleep, she said as:

    'This voice is so sweet that it can put any one to sleep."

    I have seen hundreds of peace loving American people even gone to sleep on those two lines of lyrics.It is written as rercord in places that this song went on top of popularity chart of America many years of the decade of 1940's.No peace loving one can resist sleep on the valvet soft and silk and satin smooth delivery of Nat King Cole's voice in this song.Can you imagine a 1942 song having quarter million sights on the internet.

    I was attending a wedding in Lahore, Pakistan and I saw an other peace face of deer looking Pak military beauty. This Kashmira peace deer was a doctor and a doctor officer in Pak military.This beauty military doctor officer must be as pretty as Hallen of Troy and my heart was captivated by the rose or roses that decorate the grand peace army of peace loving Pak nation.I would only wish peace and love to that deer looking officer with a 55 years old song,"Stay as sweet as you are", again by Nat King Cole with lyrics as such:

    'Don't ever loose, all the charms you possess
    Your loveliness, darlin the way you say, yes
    Stay as sweet as you are
    Discreet as you are
    You're divine dear
    Stay as grand as you are
    And as you are"

    And finally, I wish to bestow liberal applause on the world's most peace looking beauty actress Sonia Khan of Lollywood. She has had the only alabaster white looking face that south Asia ever had with eyes bluer than the bluest summer skies.The Turks told me, after seeing her film "Direct Havaldar" that Sonia Khan had eyes more blue than even the eyes of Turkish Sibal Jan, who is world famed for her very blue eyes.Even Madhubala(Mumtaz Mahal)did'nt possess alabaster white face and Sabal Jan does'nt have eyes as blue as Sonia Khan possesses.Too sad Sonia Khan quit films after very few films in Lollywood.

    I dedicate mixed combined lyrics from two of Nat King Cole's very grand songs,"Sweet Loraine of 1940" and paradise of 1950's as such:

    She's got pair of eyes
    That are brighter than the summer skies
    When you see them, you realize
    Why she takes me to paradise."

    And I would close this letter in love of peaceful Paks with quation from "Decline and fall of the Roman Empire" by ever best historian Edward Gibbon, who write there as such that fits grand peace loving Paks as:

    'And as long as mankind shall continue tobestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors (Paks), the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters."

    Even Gibbon must be wondering about the ones who are Paks now more than 200 years after he wrote it.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 16 September, 2009

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