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Negroponte`s Surprise Visit to Pakistan

28 March, 2008

US Deputy Secretary of State John NegroponteJohn Negroponte and Richard Boucher met the leaders of the newly formed govenrment of Pakistan that has received a tepid reception.

It was being reported initially by the foreign office of Pakistan that the visit was not scheduled, but it now develops that the Negroponte-Boucher visit was properly scheduled earlier and agreed by the Foreign Office of Pakistan as per routine.

The Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said he warned President George Bush in a phone conversation that he would prioritise talking as well as shooting in the battle against Islamist extremism. "He said that a comprehensive approach is required in this regard, specially combining a political approach with development," a statement said.

But Gilani also reassured Bush that Pakistan would "continue to fight against terrorism", it said.

The Bush administration is scrambling to engage with Pakistan`s new rulers as power flows from its strong ally, President Pervez Musharraf, to a powerful civilian government buoyed by anti-American sentiment.

1. In your opinion what is the main purpose of their visit at this occasion?
2. What should be Pakistan`s policy on WAR ON TERRORISM now?
3). How do you see the newly elected government will counter the pressure from the US and the West to remain the front allies in WAR AGAINST TERROR?

Reader Comments:

Let us have a change

Their purpose was obvious to pressurize incumbent representation to follow the soot of mindless, power hungry and unwanted person.

It should represent the popular sentiments of masses. i.e, enough is enough, we wont let our country "Murder Hourse" under US recruit.

As omens show they will better take care of public, media, lawyers and civil society. Even, if not upto to public expectaions, it looks happy era of rivals working together for the good of country.

let us promise we wont let our beloved country turned into killing field as one of out leader said. Thanks them all for cold reception. :-)

Shazhad, Pakistan - 28 March, 2008

Let me be your teddy bear?

No matter who sits in the chair,has to rock around the clock!Pakistan's politicians
have to carry a mask when facing the ordinary people.It
would be naive to think that
our politicians in power will
stand and confront US.Their rhetorics will remain same with little change in the tone.US has a long term lease
to be in Afghanistan,just as she has in Iraq.Assuming that
Obama wins and he does order
the withdrawl,a token pullout
will take place.But then we will see massive explosives in major cities of Iraq.Don't
be surprised if their envoy is killed in the Green Zone.I
will not be surprised if new
troops are send by the new President.With one leg in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan.Do you visualize
that their butt is towards the Gulf or they are looking
down on Iran and the Gulf? It
is therefore relevent for US
to be in peaceful control of
their strategy in the region.
Why are the militants growing
bold after every skirmish?
Who is supplying them with weapons and cash and where is
the support coming from? Do we have the right answer,or will it continue as blame and
guessing game.If tomorrow Al
Qaida and Taliban surrender.
Do you think this war against
terrorism will end?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 29 March, 2008

The Newly Policy

The government was based on with the slogan that there will be brought a change in interior and external policy getting rid of the dictation of foreign powers getting on in full of own interests and the security of life of own folk. It seems that all was blown away like a dust by a single and earliest visit of the U.S deligation. Moreover the other thing that has been wrong in the present government is the starting up of the student federations i-e bringing the students into politics, while already the condition of education is not in satisfying condition.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 30 March, 2008

War on Terror cause Pervez Musharraf downfall

Bush regime "war on terror" is the main cause of Pervez Musharraf downfall. Bush and Dick started this war without analyzing the consequences, which is stupid.

Bush war on terror is never ending conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq. John McCain wanted to fight their war on terror 100 years in Iraq, Barak Obama want to US troops to go after so called terrorists in NWFP, Hilary Clinton will do the same because this issue has become the political tool to get support of ignorant American voters.

Pakistan new government should negotiate with the fighting factions instead of blindly following White House commands like Pervez Musharraf.

The peace is only possible with the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

QB, Pakistan - 02 April, 2008


I am a pushthun working as a doctor in this country for many years.I am a patriot to my country of origin that is Pakistan.But atleast I want to have some historic identity.If Iam not given my historic name I will have second thought about my patriotism.Let us make the federation strong .Certainly Chitralis are chitralis ,Hazaras are Hazara BUT TYHEY are all sons of the same beloved Domain.The sooner you make Pushtoons happy and listen to there appropriate and lawfull grievinces Pakistan will benifit,otherwise there will be always repercussion in the federation

dr a latif, Pakistan - 04 April, 2008

Finding real terror to fight

Following are my replies to the questions:

Q-1. In your opinion what is the main purpose of their visit at this occasion?

Ans:Our Government is not free and such visits are proof of the fact that, the subservients are being supervised. These supervisors frequently come at such critical junctures to give on-the-spot instructions. Sometimes, a stooge gets its strings entangled in the act and remote controlling play-master has to come out to straighten out the twisted strings.
Q-2. What should be Pakistan`s policy on WAR ON TERRORISM now?

Ans: For any policy to be successful, Government must know the ground it is standing on and its orientation of surrounding atmosphere. We know that, Al-Qaida is a cover-up organization with unknown address and Osama bin Laden was trained and sent by the highest American institutes of covert planning and execution. His continued terror in hiding is part of the plan. Therefore, we cannot be sure even of the meaning of terror bedeviling the world since last 7 years, not to speak about finding, fighting and defeating it. With such a hopeless situation existing today, how can we make any or policy to fight Terror created by some very strong covert hands, to achieve hidden targets. It is not difficult to appreciate that, an IQ 91 President of the lone super-power is a perfect dumb-head to perpetrate the deceit and farce necessary to play the dirty inhuman game, for unknown but definitely sinister reasons. Those playing into the hands of hidden enemy are also partners in the foul play. Therefore, policy of Pakistan should be consistent with the designs of its enemy's devices. Most essential part of its policy should be, to work silently for finding out its real enemy, before trying to step into the battle ground of real terror and fighting it. At this point, it should be understood that, blaming everything on Bush is a part of the covert plan so that, all misdemeanors could be effectively covered. Therefore, our real plan to counter terror should be equally covert. To fight a hidden enemy, you must also use invisible but more potent than enemy's hidden devices.
Q-3). How do you see the newly elected government will counter the pressure from the US and the West to remain the front allies in WAR AGAINST TERROR?

Ans: The new Pakistan Government must find out its real assets in very high IQ holding minds in the problem areas and employ them secretly to work and decipher the intriguing riddle of terror. This is where one-know-all is the most dangerous suicide poison. If the new leaders have slightest in-sight about the horrible situation surrounding them, they should sit together and decide their course of action. They should not fall prey to the trap and follow the course of false courage injected into them by covert hands, through specially created circumstances with well articulated end results. It would be worthwhile to mention here that, according to some analysts, highly intricate maneuvers and string-pulling by hidden hands, were responsible for creating the whole situation, which ultimately resulted in the horrible bomb/suicide blast, that killed Benazir Bhutto. Therefore, it is prudent that, as a first step towards any meaningful planning to fight terror, the new government should explicitly demand of the US and Western Governments, to share their information about terror without reservations and its known designs, before asking it to fight terror, blindly. In the mean time, the Government should continue silently, its efforts in finding truth through its own devices.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 08 April, 2008

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