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National Security Entry Exit Registration

05 January, 2003

Pakistanis as a nation have been greatly disappointed by their inclusion in the National Security Entry Exit Registration by the US government.

Pakistan had offered unlimited support to USA against war on terrorism and in the process had earned the criticism of many an Islamic country.

So far not a single Pakistani, whether living abroad or in Pakistan has been found to be involved actively in 9/11 or any other act of terrorism against USA.

Do you think by such discriminatory act, the US may loose staunch support of Pakistan.

Special Registration - INS Site

Reader Comments:

I am very sure that if US army try to get more favor without asking Pakistan Govt(one sided) it would not only spoil the relationship but also loose the support of Pakistanis and other Muslim countries. US must understand, if general public goes against them then no Govt can help them.
So it is in the better interest of US that all the operations inside Pakistan should be conducted with the assistance and support of Govt of Pakistan.

Jawed Khan, Ukraine - 06 January, 2003

Long Live Pakistan-is the motto of the nation,we strongly oppose the US intervention.

Tahir Akbar, Pakistan - 08 January, 2003

Of course it's correct. We Pakistanis commit jehad everywhere and kill people ,support osama bin laden ,sadam hussein and have a military dictator.

Katlya Khan, United Arab Emirates - 09 January, 2003

I believe it is in Pakistan's supreme interest to have good relations with all the countries and especially with the United States. Before disliking this NSEER, We must understand why this is happening, Since 9-11, United States is under enormous pressure, physically, mentally as well economically, there is a constant Terror Threat and I am 100% sure knowingly the American nation that only the criminals have to worry about it and not a common person.

A.H. Siddiqui, Netherlands - 09 January, 2003

When will our "leaders" learn that we should have faith in Allah alone and not so called our friends United States.

After Iraq be prepared Pakistan is next
either in direct confrontation with US or through India.

I hope by Allah's will our people rise up to this occasion.

Khuddadad Choudhrey, Swaziland - 09 January, 2003

Pakistn's military dictator Gen. Musharraf has deceived & betrayed majority of Pakistani citizens by falling in the trap of Zionist Crusader George Bush. After the 9/11 attack, the USA has ruthelessly bombed & killed innocent Muslims in Afghanistan & elsewhere. Once it would accomplish its goal, USA will do the same to what it did to Gen. Ziaul Haq; that is, eliminate Gen. Musharraf. It's about time for Pakistan & other Muslim countries to unite against the enemy Number 1; the USA.

Abdul Razzaq, United Kingdom - 10 January, 2003

I think Pakistan's stand is wrong on NSEER. USA is a sovereign nation and for its security they can implement whatever law they think is suitable. In fact what we should be worried about is the discrimation at social level in the USA which our Pakistanis in particular and muslims in general are facing everyday. The NSEER has just provided a legal cover which in fact is giving message to Pakistanis that 'We do not want you to visit USA'

Sunny, Pakistan - 12 January, 2003

US' government's recent INS derogatory actions against the muslims, specially the Pakistanis, have crossed all limits of morality and international code of conduct. Obviously we donot support any Pakistani who has committed a crime, but US' government is openly disgracing Pakistani community as a whole.

To quote just one example (BBC : `Meezan'; 11 January 2045 hours) a Pakistani student who was already legally admitted in one of US' universities visited his friend in another US university and stayed with him for two days to apply for admission in that university because its fee charges were lesser. The INS arrested that student and deported him! And, the US officials contacted by our embassy openly mention that they trust Pakistani government but not the people of Pakistan.

We should immediately convert all our accounts and assets etc linked to US dollar and British pound into Pakistani currency and investment in Pakistan. In case where a foreign account/ asset is unavoidable, it should be in the currency / country like Germany, which is still showing its un-willingness to join US and UK in their preparations for naked aggression against Iraq. It will not only help in strengthening our own economy, it will also deprive the US government and its `political attachment' (British government) of at least some part of their military finances which is being used / planned to be used for massacring the muslims around the World.

Brig Dr. Ahsanur Rahman (Retd), Pakistan - 13 January, 2003

As far as the registration of Pakistani nationals in usa is concerned it is a post 9/11 security measure to know where who is in their country. I guess the legitimate immigrants and workers need not to wory but the illegal immigrants should be rightfuly worried. I think there is a demand from some quarters to make all the illegal Pakistanis legal immigrants. And as far as the humiliation is conerned, I think it is much more humiliating to get or renew a Pakistani passport within Pakistan so we should not mind that so much!

Musa Kazim, Canada - 14 January, 2003

I do not agree with this, but Pakistan has the same rules for Afghanis who visit Pakistan. If you are against such rules of registration policy of US, then you should be against this in Pakistan first.

Kabir, Afghanistan - 15 January, 2003

Did you know that USA has a system to track ALL its citizens? It's called TAXES! Required for all born here/immigrant/legal residents work/living in the USA. And you can be arrested and face consequences if you refuse. So let's set the record straight and get over all this "registration" hype!

If American citizens have to register so the gov't knows about our work/school, what $$ I earn/save/give to charities etc etc why should we allow anyone to enter this country without the same information? Let's have EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone in America!

Freedom without responsiblity, rules and honesty is called CHAOS. So the US or any other country has a right to know what goes on inside borders to protect all the people here.

Nabeela, United Kingdom - 17 January, 2003

I think every nation has a right to secure them selves. If this is the matter of our homeland's security we will do our level best to secure our land, this is what Americans are doing for their nation. I would like to say that they are just securing themselves and if you had done nothing wrong, and you are legal then just go for it. I amm not saying this all because I m a citizen here or a greencard holder, I m too a student here and I m waiting for visa here in Newyork. Even if they will send me back I will definitely go and will try to come back legally or I will try to get the visa for other countries because this is not the end of the world. And I believe where there is a will there is a way so don't be afraid just go for it !

Zafar Basit, United Kingdom - 18 January, 2003

Well I live in USA there are millions who live illegaly in USA for years. Every year 70000 to 50000 students enroll in US universities who have no leagal status. Only targeting muslims is not fair they come to this generous country for better economic lifestyle like other millions of people.

Ali, Pakistan - 20 January, 2003

Let's just say YES

Let's just say yes for the deportation of all Pakistanis from US, and instead asking US Government for some favor for such Pakistanis for the Registration, our Governemnt should ask financial assistance to settle them in Pakistan. I am sure all Pakistanis who will be deported and if can get some financial assistance, should not have any problem going through registration process in USA. All our Governement has to do is just put pressure on US government to assist Pakistanis Financialy. It is also known the majority of Pakistanis are the ones who went to US by spending lot of money and at this crucial time they should get some thing in return.

Tariq Ahmed, Pakistan - 25 January, 2003

U.S.A. and Pakistan

Pakistan should learn from history that the best defence is offence--that is to say that we as a nation should not just react to the international political enviromant but pro-actively seek future long term foreign policy for Pakistan.We as a nation should look at all factors without putting emotions into the equations--which is a difficult task.We should look at the behavior of nations in the last 50 years and see which nations are best for us to become our long term frends; which countries are good for us only as
a "distant friend".China should be our #1 friend, followed by France and Germany.And you can conclude who should be our distant, neutral, minimal"friend".

Fawad Mirza, Pakistan - 25 January, 2003

Register other nationalities too!!

US should register Indians, English, Russians, Mexicans and others nationalities also. Registering Pakistanis is a big fat RACISM!!

Farah, United Kingdom - 26 January, 2003

Changing Lines

Since 11 sep. lots of changing had been appeared on the globe. Muslims all over the world are facing serious problems. U.S.A is totally oppose to muslim and whatever we saw in Afghanistan is enough to understand that the muslims have no place to live . We are facing very critical behaviour and discrimination. Muslims all over the world look like helpless. On the otherside Israel is killing palestinians who have not committed any crimes, and we are just watching them on our big screen. What we need today is to unite overselves under one flag thats the only weapon to stop non-muslims to kill muslims. We need strong media that shows the world that muslims are innocents and they are not the terrorists. They are just trying to defend themselves.

Morpheus, Canada - 27 January, 2003

We have no shame in leaving Pakistan and settling down in kaffar land. Let them all be kicked out and come back to the land of the pure.

Asif, Pakistan - 27 January, 2003


Unfortunately Pakistan had got herself
involved during the past two decades in
a conflicting situation. Now that it has
decided to be on the winning side,nevertheless, it does not change the situation in Washinton DC
unless the Pakistan Government bans all
religious parties and declares secular

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 27 January, 2003

Pakistan wants to make US like Afghanistan

As a Pakistani I am ashamed that not only we Pakistanis not follow laws in our own land but we break the laws of other nations.

May be we need to start teaching civics to all our citizens, otherwise, we are becoming Paraiah's in every other nation.

Today Pakistanis are arrested in UK, US, Italy, Spain, gulf states and Canada. Even other muslim states treat us like Paraiahs.

Ashrad, United Kingdom - 31 January, 2003

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