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NWFP may be lost

28 July, 2008

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The situation in the NWFP is extremely worrisome as the last Wednesday’s meeting (23rd July, 2008) of coalition partners was warned in plain words that the Frontier province was on a fast track of breaking away from Pakistan because of Islamabad’s blind following of Washington’s war on terror.

A presentation given by the Frontier government on the situation in the province, too, was quite disturbing for those who attended the meeting. According to the source, the Frontier government conceded that the influence of the Taliban had grown tremendously and extended to many parts of the settled districts of the province. The local Taliban had now the capacity to create trouble in the districts of Charsadda, Mardan and Hangu, which surround the provincial capital Peshawar.

In the south and north of Peshawar, their presence is felt, thus, creating alarms for the authorities. The PML-N representatives, led by Mian Shahbaz Sharif, too, expressed their complete dissatisfaction over the ongoing policy on the war on terror and urged that there was a dire need for making a national policy to meet the growing threat of extremism and terrorism. The meeting was told that President Musharraf’s eight-year policy to deal with such issues with the barrel of gun had put Pakistan’s future at stake.

Among the coalition partners, the PML-N and the JUI-F asked for an immediate review of Islamabad’s policy on the war on terror and insisted that the issue must be brought before parliament for detailed and extensive debate to formulate a home grown national policy on the issue.

  • Was Musharraf`s firm stand against Terrorism, the right step towards war against terrorism?
  • What sort of steps should be taken by the Govt. to save NWFP?
  • Should Pakistani Govt. go for talks or go with power against terrorists to save NWFP?
  • How Govt. can win the hearts of NWFP people?
  • Who is responsible for such extremely worrisome situation of NWFP?
  • Reader Comments:

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    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 04 September, 2008

    Anwar get creative

    I heard when someone is very much tensed, gloomy or say 'Udas' or angry or say not in normal condition becomes creative. And what is currently happening to the dear brother Anwar Mahmood. Use this creativity in right direction and you will not only satisfied yourself but others too. Well you name remembered be my favorite yesteryears comedy super star Mahmood of Indian movie industry.

    Bhupendra, Hungary - 18 September, 2008

    American Aim is to remapp Pakistan,

    This may be possible that NWFP may be taken away from Pakistan and merged with Pushtoon areas in Afghanistan to make a new country called Pushtoonistan.This is the goal and cover up is all what you hear.Watch the video,"war of terror targets Pakistan on,in which an American investigative historian says that the plan is to make pushtoonistan.

    Anonysmous, Pakistan - 23 September, 2008

    Sovereignty of Pakistan

    Pentagon has announced it is sending veterans to train Pakistani troops to fight in the North Western Frontier. For the purpose a deal has been made with Pakistani authorities.
    Entrance of a single United States or Nato soldier in the formation of the defence of Pakistan is the anouncement of the desintegration of the country. It is the ring of slavery that Mr.Zardari and Kiyani have won for the nation. Now the trouble inside the country will gear up with the arrival of failed in field teachers of Pakistanite soldiers in field; beside that, the strategic power of the country will also accordingly start decomposing in a slow poisoning manner. Moreover, another programme of the executive authority is also on its way to make a Nuclear Subjugation in the name of 'Civil Nuclear Deal'.

    Al- Arslan, Pakistan - 04 October, 2008

    It seems like everyone tries to talk nice of Pashtun fo political reasons.

    When people like Anwar Mahmood and others are talking about 'USA and India being the only responsble for the situation in Pashtunkhwa, it makes me feel strange. why? because that is only the small part of the story. gone are those days, when we believed in the lies of the army of Pakistan and servants of Punjab. Calling us beutifull people and nice people is all propaganda, because you are so scared to lose Pashtunkhwa. We have seen all your "love" to pashtun people. after 60 years you have not even recognized the name of our homeland Pashtunkhwa. you call us Sarhadis. For 60 years you have been killing our moderate leaders and supporting and giving rise to extrimism. you have been killing our traditions and giving us guns and sending us to Kashmir. You have been taking our electricity and paying almost nothing. You have worked to kill our language and history. When setting with americans you are calling us terrorists and extrimists, and when talking to us you call us brothers and nice and brave people.
    Well, that is all lies, India and USA might have responsibilities for the situation, but no one is more responsible than the army and ISI, and the Punjabi politicians. It will probably be the best solution for us to go out of this union of unjust and Punjabi dominance.

    Khalil khan, Pakistan - 04 October, 2008

    Khalil Khan, You are right

    Khalil Khan said it right. Unless you control ISI and Panjabi dominance in Pakistan, the situation is not going to improve. Although President Sardari doesn't have a clean image, Nawaz Shariff (another Panjabi) is staying out of previous coalition because he couldn't see a Sindhi, Shia Muslim as a president of Pakistan. No matter where these Panjabi Muslims live, they do anything and everything for Power, Money and Woman. I have well addressed all these in my previous posts and only a Panjabi thug opposed and criticized my view.

    Mr. Sardari has displayed his courage and surprised everyone in Pakistan and around the world when he said in the interview that India, had "never been a threat" and that militants fighting Indian rule in Kashmir were "terrorists". He is telling everyone the facts.

    A venomous worm / Panjabi thug is saying differently, only to poison Pakistani people with sweet words like Loveable, Kissable etc. He is such a liar and an opportunist.

    Jones, Canada - 07 October, 2008


    Really funny when Pakistanis keeps blaming India for all her troubles!! Although it is a little flattering that India is so much in the minds of Pakistanis - the reverse is not true. Pakistan doesnot figure in Indian discussions this much!! Personally I have only respect for Pakistanis and hopefully we'll sove all out problems together!

    Arindom, Hungary - 27 October, 2008

    Begging Bowl...

    There days, pak can be imagined only as guy wearing half lungi, with a cap on his head, beard on face and a begging bowl in his hands......hahahah

    Joss, Pakistan - 19 November, 2008



    swapan, Hungary - 09 December, 2008


    The comment from Arindom, India is hilarious. It says that Pakistan always has India on its mind but the reverse is not true and Indians don't pay attention to Pakistan. It's amazing that an Indian is on a Pakistani news site telling us how they don't ever pay attention to Pakistan. Why are you on this site if Pakistan is not on your mind? India is on Pakistan's mind because they have formented a lot of trouble in Balochistan and in the past in Bengal. Rahul Gandhi says that it was a premeditated plot in 1971 to destroy Pakistan. Pakistan has never tried to destroy any part of India, but has only tried to unite an occupied part of Kashmir with the rest of Pakistan.
    The problems in the NWFP are due to many factors. The gov't needs to crackdown completely on drugs and illegal firearms, build a fence separating Afgh-Pak, no matter what Karzai or anyone else says, and begin to revamp the entire educational system there (and everyone else in Pakistan). The US is to blame for some of Pakistan's problems, but surely the buck stops at us. This is our country and it is our responsibility to fix it.

    Fahad Khan, Pakistan - 09 December, 2008

    To Hasan of Bangladesh

    A rotten pork of Bangladesh has recognized other pork of Pakistan, whose bengali culture was crushed by pakis in the 1971 war.

    Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 09 December, 2008

    Pray for Pakistan and India

    I pray for the people of Pakistan and India to look at each other and realize the pain brought upon everyone's souls. We all feel anger especially after not just these attacks but also at the 50 years of being at a state of war. I'm worried that India will attack Pakistan heavily. Today Indian officials were quoted saying that "all options are on the table." As an American I know exactly what that means. All of us reading this do. Please people of Pakistan demand your officials to either turn over those that aided in the attacks or share information with the Indian gov about the attacks. Most of the world is in support of India right now and they may of learned from the US's mistake in attacking Afghanistan (what I mean here is waiting a month to build a coalition of support instead of attacking swiftly and immediately after the attacks of 9/11). India sees this as their 9/11 and they are well aware that Pakistan's command and control over its nuclear weapons isn't much better than the security system for a bus foot locker. This is the closes that Pakistan and India have been to war since the K G B hit on General Zia and I pray that the people on both sides will demand that the two countries work transparently together.

Now, with your permission, I'll will speak as an "obnoxious American who thinks he knows what's best for everyone." In case your weren't aware we had a bit of a stain on our reputation over a little matter of being able to own other people. This wasn't the only reason but was a major reason resulting in a 4 year blood bath called the American Civil War. Recap: North won, South lost, Slaves freed but found themselves unemployed and uneducated. The South lost but up to a year before the end of the war anyone could of won. What really was the straw that broke the camel's back was General Sherman sweep through Georgia, the heart of the South. Sherman basically burned and killed everything but the city of Athens and completely crushed the will of the South to continue fighting. This was a wrenching experience for America. People who visit America often joke about the fact the we don't have any old buildings or churches, it's partially because we destroyed all of them over a three month period. If Sherman had not done this and the war continued England and France were both waiting to take what was left and America, with all of her faults and potential, would of disappeared. I believe your government to be of descent people. They need their people now more than ever. I pray that your governments (Pakistan and India's) will be humble yet strong, as well as wise and forgiving. 

I understand that most of Pakistan can't stand the US, it was completely clear when we lost our embassy back in 78'. Now India is looking to possibly doing the same thing with the NWFP as the US but on a larger scale. Now replace India and the US with France and England and you are face to face with what General Sherman had to do. 

May your God bless you

    R Pond, United Kingdom - 10 December, 2008

    India & Pakistan

    I was going through the comments in the forum and loved to dropn in. Anyway, the common people of both the countries should understand how they are expolited by the whims and conspiracies of the political leaders. Both Indian and Pakistani people people do not cherish envious relations, but the socio political scenario existent in the both the countries inculcate hatred and dishonour in the people's mind. Intentions of the politicians of both the countries to render people of both India & Pakistan is quite natural, otherwise the inncocent, illiterate and simple people cannot be moulded to act as according to their whims and wishes. I pray to Allah to awaken the inherent human being in the people of both the countries to understand the real meaning of love, fraternity and to learn to live peacefully in the god-gifted world.

    Md. Yazed Alam Khan, Hungary - 16 December, 2008

    pashtuns and pakistan

    there are resons which are making NWFP pushtoons feeling abit far from their muslim pakistani brothers.1)we should live as an equal pakistani in the country i-e the punjab mind set about pushtoons were never been one of love.when they talk they think they are talking about the most worst and illitrate people in pakistan simply forgetting imran khan,qadir khan,leyaqth ali khan, ayub khan,jehangeer khan with the fact that these were the people who helped the armys of pakistan in 1947,48 to take this chunk af kashmir from india.if we observe it carefully then we see that in urdu films and dramas they only show pushtoons as security guard and if we se india so those people always have showed a pushtoon as a friend of the hero in a movi are the one who secrifies like in america they show in every move a black personality as a helper of white character which gives you a sense of pakistan history books in schools and colleges they will never tell you that GHORI,MEHMOOD GHAZNAVI,SHER SHAH SORI,LODHI were pushtoons and they were great worriers but they will make it sound like these were arabs.i know to acknowledge anes identity is hard but for living together we need to give them the respect they deserve.when a pushtoons is trvelling towards punjab on roads,police treat him deffrent than others and he is forced to feel alien.the attitude we had toward bangladesh shouldnt be repeated because if ever we were asked in refrendum so we will decide otherwise.if it come t electracity so all the punjab can use it,when it comes to gas so whole punjab can use it but when it comes to crops like grain so we cant have it or on different rates.the rest of the country need to make us feel like there owns.we should know that if amercan forces start getting inside north west frontier and later if afghan govet demanded in united nation the resolution towards durand line problem,so what gonna happen.its better for a pushtoon to live poor but in dignity instead of enjoying wealth abstracted from the blood of others,the way said by tepo sultan.
    the graet leader benazir bhutto established agreements with swath vally and with PATA and that time it was peace.people practiced what they wanted and obayed govt and armys as ligit and respected force. so if we just start loving people of NWFP no one can take it away but we need to be honest with each other.

    abdul saboor, Pakistan - 10 January, 2009

    Why we making enemy as India

    India is not a cause of our recent problems. Indeed good relation help us in our economic condition.Than why our idiot politicians making enemy in India and pampering USA?

    Imran Nazir, Pakistan - 12 January, 2009

    Pak leaders ruined the country

    Musharraf ruined pakistan. in his rule of 8 years he provided a base for Taliban.

    I don't understand why all the Pak leader live outside country( mostly london) and only come to country when they their party or organization comes to power. A leader should stay in the country with the people of country facing every consequences.

    Its time Pak young blood should unite against the Taliban and destroy it or Pak will surely divide into more states.

    Nitin, Hungary - 28 January, 2009

    Very Good Idea

    NWFP belongs to Pakhtuns, and Pakhtun belong to Afghanistan.
    There should be a plebicite and if majority of NWFP residents want to side with Afghanistan, then it should be part of Afghanistan.

    Mullah Faffulah, Pakistan - 28 January, 2009

    Unite Pakistani's

    One thing leads to another... I can understand the view coming out of people and that is due to frustration. We all love Pakitan deep down no matter which province we come from. It is the politics which divides the ethnicity and exploit the simple Pakistani's. In the history of Pakistan it has been ruled by only one Punjabi Prime Minister. The fact is no matter which province they come from no one has the vision or skills to run a country. This creates hatred amoung the people. Mind you India has more problem then Pak when it comes to superiority. The north thinks they are better then the south and so on... The answer is not division. The answer is respect each other, moderation, live let live. WE ALL as Pakistanis should forget about breakaway which people out there would want annd probably laughing at us seeing us fight each other. Pakistan is one country and we all are Pakistani's. Talking about breakaway is like running away from the problem. We should sit and solve the problem and progress. The key is UNITY!!

    Hassan Khokhar, Pakistan - 24 April, 2009

    Where is the patriotism in pakistan?

    Yes I'm a young westerner.. but have visited pakistan on a number of occasions.
    You have a beautiful country full of beautiful people/culture/history where is your patriotism!
    Everyone loves their country - work together/unify to save your country. ALL provinces included.
    The problem is that western media portrays pakistan throughout the world as unsafe - apparently the most dangerous country in the world.. I for one know this is not true but this is not what millions of other gullible westerners perceive. If people see the country unifying and pulling together to work toward the future rather than attacking each other how can they ignore it!
    You are people of great values, morals, history and culture. DONT LOSE IT. DONT FIGHT FOR IT. UNITE FOR IT.
    (and im an aussie)

    Cassie Cheesman, Aruba - 28 April, 2009

    The Road to OZ

    In 1980 late General ZiaulHaq
    laid the first yellow brick on the soil of than NWFP.In his eight years imagine how many bricks were laid.Years on other contractors kept on adding the bricks,And today it is matter of time that the
    people will take the yellow brick road to OZ.

    Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 07 February, 2011

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