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NWFP may be lost

28 July, 2008

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The situation in the NWFP is extremely worrisome as the last Wednesday’s meeting (23rd July, 2008) of coalition partners was warned in plain words that the Frontier province was on a fast track of breaking away from Pakistan because of Islamabad’s blind following of Washington’s war on terror.

A presentation given by the Frontier government on the situation in the province, too, was quite disturbing for those who attended the meeting. According to the source, the Frontier government conceded that the influence of the Taliban had grown tremendously and extended to many parts of the settled districts of the province. The local Taliban had now the capacity to create trouble in the districts of Charsadda, Mardan and Hangu, which surround the provincial capital Peshawar.

In the south and north of Peshawar, their presence is felt, thus, creating alarms for the authorities. The PML-N representatives, led by Mian Shahbaz Sharif, too, expressed their complete dissatisfaction over the ongoing policy on the war on terror and urged that there was a dire need for making a national policy to meet the growing threat of extremism and terrorism. The meeting was told that President Musharraf’s eight-year policy to deal with such issues with the barrel of gun had put Pakistan’s future at stake.

Among the coalition partners, the PML-N and the JUI-F asked for an immediate review of Islamabad’s policy on the war on terror and insisted that the issue must be brought before parliament for detailed and extensive debate to formulate a home grown national policy on the issue.

  • Was Musharraf`s firm stand against Terrorism, the right step towards war against terrorism?
  • What sort of steps should be taken by the Govt. to save NWFP?
  • Should Pakistani Govt. go for talks or go with power against terrorists to save NWFP?
  • How Govt. can win the hearts of NWFP people?
  • Who is responsible for such extremely worrisome situation of NWFP?
  • Reader Comments:


    Mr. Anwar Mmahmood really thinks he can write poems. This is the first sign of proof that he is immature and illiterate. Others might have different opinion and I understand that. But in Canada, we call this as a piece of shit.

    The Holy Bible says "Do not be deceived: GOD cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." Galatians 6:7

    Jones, Canada - 15 August, 2008


    I think its funny that many of the people here who are lauding Pakistan and celebrating Independence Day now live in Canada or the US. Apparently they don't think Pakistan is as great as they say it is...

    Ian, United Kingdom - 16 August, 2008


    At least,there is some good comments from Mr Mashrur and I am not going to convince him with some thing that is very much in Canadian records.I have just reached my retirement age after 42 years being in Canada.The Professional engineers society of Alberta is not going to take away my Canadian P.Eng from 1979 and my engineering degree from university of Windsor Canada in 1973 is mine too.

    The courts are not going to take away the records that I was key engineering support to a major gas industry lawsuit.The world's very top gas engineering places are not going to erase my name from my world class publications in the annual international conferences publications in LRGCC(OKLAHOMA),2004 annual international of Gas Processors Of America,2004 annual International of NACE,2004 annual international Kyoto Protocol and in 2005 US military publications.There is one and only one gas Engineer Anwar Mahmood who ever appeared there.

    And my work places like the largest Nickel Company(INCO),world's largest alluminum company(ALCAN), Shaw Protection,Jacobs Engineering,Alliance Engineering,Duke Energy's largest gas plant in north America,Canspec Engineering, Skystone engineering all these in canada saw one and only one Anwar Mahmood, which is me.

    And Europe's top gas chemicals engineer Dr Chris Grossman of BASF Germany and Union Carbide's top engineer Bill Judd are not going to deny that they had several sessions with me for years.

    Saudis wont deny having consulted me and inviting me to Saudi Arabia in 2004.And Iran's very first in command of gas Mr Rasool wil ever remember my sessions with him along with first in command of their pipelines only months ago in Tehran.And even after retirement, I am going to be on projects in Canada and middle East.

    That is only gas engineering.We are talking of EXOTIC NWFP and our love and union for the sacred province that will survive far beyond for ever.the enemy will bite the dust and we will embrace love for fellow Paks--- Pathans, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Sindhis and Baluchis.

    I am not trying to hate any country,but I will kiss the hands of any one who can convince the Indians that they should love small neighbour Pakistan like the Americans love is good to have peace and it is sad when some ones openly writes of creating Paks people's genocide on well read in the world forums.Can Mr Gilani or Zardari convince Indians that they should talk of peace and the survival of Pak nation and Pak people.

    NWFP is our loved part of Pakistan and I shared this graciousness with many of my Pashtoon friends in Canada.Pashtoons are gracious,lovely and beautiful people.It gives me great joy when I hear a lovely Pashtoon family on any international airport saying that they are Pakistanis.

    Many of you,like me, saw that film "Direct Havaldar". I think that heroin Sonia Khan was even prettier than Mumtaz Mahal(Madubala)or even the Hollywood's 20th century goddess star Gareta Garbo of the epic film "Grand Hotel" of 1932.Sonia Khan had more alabaster akin skin and more sky blue eyes than even Gareta Garbo,whose appearance had made the cameras fall off from the cameramen hands.

    We used to play songs of America's all time best singer Nat King Cole's in Pashtoon homes in the absentia of Sonia Khan.Nat sang a very famous song in 1940(still very much alive in America)titled,"Sweet Loraine" in which his voice has really gone very valvet soft and satin smooth to deliver lyrics as such:

    "She's got pair of eyes
    That are brighter than the summer skies."

    You really have to hear these two lines in the all time best voice of Nat King Cole.Our Pashtoon host lady in canada used to fall sleep only to wake up and say as :

    "Nat King Cole's voice is so soft that it can lull you to sleep."

    It was just wonder to see Sonia Khan's poster on the wall in Pashtoon house and Nat King Coles voice putting you to sleep with the lyrics:


    NWFP and our very loved Pashtoons are just inseparable from Pakistan.

    Well,it is not just Sonia Khan's bluest of the blues eyes.NWFP,Punjab,Sindh, Kashmir and Baluchistan lovelies are tall,tan and beauty in an other sense too.

    O my memory swings back to an other great song,"The girl from Ipanema" which was sung again by Nat King Cole in 1964 to be awarded with the world's first grammy award best in America in 1964.The song starts with all Pak type beauty praise lyrics,

    "TALL AND TAN AND YOUNG AND LOVELY,THAT GIRL FROM IPANEMA." to make u surrender on climaxed love that even all creatures of land and sea appear to have in common besides humans.

    These three lines of nature love are;




    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 16 August, 2008

    I donot think so

    NO Anwar sahib, Musharaf brought this as Zia had in 70s.....the reason citing the theory of was not necesitated by the circumstances.....Musharaf and head of the armed forces knew whats been boiling up in Afghanistan under the just saying he did the best he could under the cicumstances is grassly incorrect......The army should....and the Pakistani establishment should take responsibility of the mess created.......Innocent Pushtoons are dying and the responsibility rests with the Pakistani establishment..

    Arshad Haroon, Pakistan - 16 August, 2008

    Ayasha is a cover name for an American pushing anti Islam and anti Pakistan propaganda.

    In the war to end Pakistan,Americans are involved on all levels,on the level of propaganda,Americans are writing in support of wrong advices and discouraging right actions.Ayasha is one such name.
    I have one question from her:Why it is always that in every war on this planet US is a party directly or indirectly for the sake of greed and power and not for democracy,human rights or justice.ANd a second bonus question,why is US always supporter of dictator and not of democracy in third world countries.?

    Abdullah, United Kingdom - 17 August, 2008

    I think

    I think Pushtoons and Balochs have to be one nation and separated from Punjabi and Sendhi because they all ways thinking that Pustioons and Bluchs are problem in the region.

    on the other hand pustoons don't have a right of education in Sendh it is better to Pakistan divide two portion Baharati Pakistan, Pashtoonistan and Balochistan. Then Afghanistan will join with them too. In that case United Nation has to come up with new name for the three states of Pushtoonistan, Balochistan and Afghanistan. The best name would be (Grate Aryana) the previous name of that land. Grate Arayna must have better relation with all Western countries in the region. Aryan will remain a region for peace stability and base against China and Russia for ever.

    Azad Khan Ahmadzi, Pakistan - 17 August, 2008


    I don't think it was funny, when America's great ex president Richard Nixon made a special trip to Pakistan right during the days America had epic landing on the moon and said there as:

    "We are spending exactly as many hours in Pakistan as we were on the moon."

    That was a great compliment by a great president of the richest,mightiest and technologically the most advanced nation in history.The other day US president Bush told Pak prime minister Gilani,who has the looks akin to John Kennedy that he considered him as his brother.

    That was humanity on the part of the great Nixon and this recent remarks by Mr Bush is about his humanity in praising a good human PM of Pakistan.

    I can praise great Canada in here while bestowing liberal applause on Pakistan right from my great Canada.I can feel great about religion Islam and also feel sweet about christianity or the Jewish religion as my religion teaches me to respect christianity and Judaism.And I really feel spiritually lost on a very great christmas song by my very favourite and America'a all time best voice of Nat King Cole being played every fifteen or twenty minutes in north America's shopping malls during christmas season.I have allways delighted myself on the song,"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"christmas song that has been saved in America's hall of fame and was sung by the valvet soft, satin smooth silky voice of Nat King Cole.

    This is all humanity and good humanity.And I have allways felt pride in Canada being declared the best country to live by UN six years in a row.

    Things that are beautiful in some places must be admired and so the things that are beautiful elsewhere also need praise.And that is humanity and real humanity.

    Pakistan has sweet humanity as well like we have sweet humanity in Canada.ANY ONE WHO JUMPS ON OTHER HUMAN'S THROAT IS WOLF IN NATURE.

    Now,we can endlessly talk of great humanity that exists in Pakistan too.If Canada and US are great for vigour and rigour of work, Pakistan is wonderfully sweet for stress relief.I spent good amount of time in Saudi Arabia and Iran as well besides Pakistan.Any body saying that America is hated there is big liar and fool.People there want relaxed life as they have had for thousands years and they just do not want to be forced upon way of life that creates stress.This is not hating America and I can bet that we in Canada and America also seek stress relief after enjoying vigour and rigoour of work.Many many years ago, I was on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janairo,where there are the world's largest beaches like Copacabana, Ipanema and Faleango.I could see Americans and Canadians and Europeans seeking stress relief.You could see seventy years old men walking around with teen age girls from Ipanema beach.Those tall and tan beauties were immortalized by Nat King Cole in the world's first grammy award winning song,"girl from Ipanema" Or " Goreta de Ipanema" in Brazillian language.They have even named a hotel on Ipanema beach after the song,"Goreta de Ipanema".I just cannot resist bringing in the twice repeated three lines of highly romantacized notions and emotions that are common to humans and all creatures when it comes to that phenomenon.Only Nat King Cole's valvet, satin and silky soft and smooth voice could deliver those three lines as:

    'O but i watch her so sadly
    How can I tell her I love her
    Yes,I'll give my heart gladly

    The humanity in Pakistan including NWFP is mostly tall and tan to speak of the great song.NWFP's past actress Sonia Khan,has twentieth century goddess "Greta Garbo" of Hollywood type sky blue eyes or more.O I must bring in lyrics from an other song by my favourite Nat King Cole of America with heart throb lyrics as:

    "She's got pair of eyes
    that are brighter than the summer skies."

    And those brighter than summer skies or brighter than "Greata Garbo" eyes are possessed by Pakistani Pashtoon actress,"Sonia Khan" of my very loved Pakistani film "Direct Havaldar".From that Pakistani movie,I loved Sonia Khan more than I had ever loved Mumtaz Mahal(Madubala)or even Gareta Garbo in her best of twentieth century epic film "Grand Hotel"-an American movie filmed in Paris.Sonia Khan was that very sweet and loverly Pashtoon star.

    My pashtoon friends in Canada have told me and assured me that even this article or subject is a phony invention and that NWFP is like heart to a man, which is Pakistan.NWFP IS INSEPARABLE AND WILL BE THE SACRED AND LOVED FOR ALL PAKISTANIS FAR BEYOND FOR EVER.

    Pakistan is stress relief after valuable rigour and vigoured work in Canada and US.

    Paks are friendly and sweet and deserve to stay united with equally sweet and loved brothren and sisters from NWFP.

    And in the much sought stress relief, most if not each tall and tan Pak girl is"Goreta de Ipanema".And there are quite many from NWFP to make you sing Nat Cole song(about Sonia Khan) as:

    "She's got pair of eyes
    That are brighter than the summer skies."

    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 19 August, 2008


    people of Pakistan are most ignorant people they give vote and support asif ali zardari who was mr 10% the biggest thief in Pakistan and second nawaz sharif who stole Pakistan wealth same on you people they will do same thing again and Pakistan will be destroyed sham on you

    abdul rashid patel, United Kingdom - 19 August, 2008

    History and future

    1971 Birth of Bangladesh
    2010 Birth of Baluchistan
    Both courtesy of.... ;)

    mohan, Pakistan - 20 August, 2008


    No to terrorism and yes to democracy, is what is most needed for the Muslim world.

    Mohammad, Pakistan - 21 August, 2008


    Vengeance is a Pushtun's value that can be exploited by outsiders to destabilize Pakistan. It is time that Pushtuns should give up false honour in taking revenge, they should learn the importance of kindness and forgiveness. This will automatically break the cycle of killing and counter killing at times instigated by Agents of outside world.

    Tanvir Akhtar, Pakistan - 21 August, 2008

    Answer for all 5 Questions

    Discussion is almost saturated and I think this is the suitable time to post my answers for all 5 questions. Before that, thanks to Anwar Mahmood for keeping his mouth shut.

    - Was Musharraf`s firm stand against Terrorism, the right step towards war against terrorism?

    Yes. It would have been done such a long time ago. In Pakistan, without army support, nothing is possible. Since he was General and President, it was easy for him. But same cannot be expected from current coalition government.

    - What sort of steps should be taken by the Govt. to save NWFP?

    Any thing other than a stupid move. With current situation it's difficult to suggest some thing. A bleeding state is too expensive to maintain within a federation. Not to make same mistakes as of Kashmir. They have so many commonalities with Afghans comparing to Panjabi's and Sindhi's. It would be better, if they have given a choice of self determination. No Panjabi thugs would encourage some one from NWFP to play an important role in federal system. Since NWFP people are being more courageous and healthier people in Pakistan, the Panjabi's and Sindhi's, doesn't want poor NWFP people to get educate or to use some sort of brain. There are reasons to believe, Sindhi's and Panjabi's are using their brain to divide and rule NWFP and they are the real culprits behind of all the troubles.

    - Should Pakistani Govt. go for talks or go with power against terrorists to save NWFP?

    Is there anyone to talk? It's hundreds and hundreds of small groups and there is no united front or a common representative for them. They all pretend as “GOD's warriors”. It shall be a combination of Talk and Power.

    - How Govt. can win the hearts of NWFP people?

    No answer for a nearly impossible task.

    - Who is responsible for such extremely worrisome situation of NWFP?

    Pakistan and its feudal politicians, especially Punjabis! Who else?

    Jones, Canada - 21 August, 2008



    Gul khan, Pakistan - 22 August, 2008


    Any cat,Punjabi cat, Pashtoon cat, Sindhi cat, Baluchi cat, Kashmiri cat and the Urdu speaking cat can smell this Indian spy rat Jones, who has nothing to speak but against Pak unity.

    Discussion is saturated for this rat as he thinks so after his complete and resolute shut off, let alone defeat. The unity party of Paks is not over despite rabble rousing by Paks ill-wisher.

    Pak cat Anwar mouth was silent temporarily as the spy rat Jones was hiding deep in hole.The mouth is not only open now for action,but to spot track and race catch the rat--just watch out.My poems, hundreds of them on international forums have been deservingly admired by hundreds and thousand fans of my poetry except the rats like Jones as they say:

    When cats are away
    The mice will play

    My all pashtoon brothers in Canada are with Pakistan and with me as Paks love our very dear Pashtoons.We had the most successful president that governed the longest- Mr Ayub Khan Pashtoon that we loved and admired.Our Pak army has more pashtoon per capita than Punjabis or any fellow loving Pak brothren.We have Karachi and Lahore and Islamabad full of our very loved, lovely,lovable and livable Pashtoons.We have had pashtoon actors and actresses act in Punjabi films with very lovable Punjabi accent that make our hearts give love and love only to Pashtoons.The handsomest pashtoon actor ever in south Asia,that was Yousuf Khan, not only spoke excellent Punjabi but even married south Asia's number one entertainer songstress star Punjabi Noor Jehan.And our Pak Punjabi and all Pak hearts will ever give sincere and loving touch of hearts to the most gorgeous looking actress Sonia khan of direct Havaldar. That loveliest bueauty with more than sky blue eyes speaks excellent Punjabi and we do dedicate America's all time best voice of Nat King Cole to her with Nats valvet soft and satin smooth lyrics for that heart throb Pashtoon Sonia Khan,whose sky blue brighter than summer sky eyes are admired by Nat in lyricsas :

    'She's gotpair of eyes
    That are brighter than the summer skies."

    And the Anwar cat and every Pak cat must open its voraciously hungry mouth as we smell the rat.

    Here are counter replies to the rabble rousing Jones, who eats his own bones as:

    - Was Musharraf`s firm stand against Terrorism, the right step towards war against terrorism?

    Musharraf's step was towards peace for the region and the world and also it was to mitigate a dangerous warning. But, India did exploit and malign the situation and got it adrift with vicious and malicios propaganda with funneling of money to sow seeds of dis-integration in Pakistan.No body has to defend India on this maligning as they are openly admitting their ill-designs every where on international forums with openly admitting of facts.If terrorism is and was contained by such acts of Musharraf, it is benefiting all and America and Pakistan the most.But, nothing is meant about targetting any fellow Pak brothers. Turkey has Kurdistan issue and so do Iraqis and Iranians face dillema.America is grateful, but Indian monkey is allways trying to ride the American back and try to fart into the noble ears of America with lies and fabrications and intrigues and deceptions.

    - What sort of steps should be taken by the Govt. to save NWFP?

    This rat Jones want one Pak cat fight the other cat to spare him rat.He can be read in Pak tribune months ago with spewing poison against Pashtoons and branding them as bad people.It is only months ago letters in same Pak tribune.

    We Punjabis or Sindhis do not measure against Pashtoons in any thing other than love.Any one can read our Punjabi's and all Paks love craze for Pashtoons. All of west Punjab, from Gujrat on,has mixed Punjabi and Pashtoon blood. Who is Imran Khan?.

    No one has to advise us Paks to slight our love and craze about our pals and partners Pashtoons.We love our Pashtoons and we have large very loved Pashtoon populations living in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad.where did that very gorrgeously pretty Sonia Khan pick up her heart touching Punjabi speaking ways other than Lahore.Pakistan is not bleeding.It is mitigating the spoils of India.

    - Should Pakistani Govt. go for talks or go with power against terrorists to save NWFP?

    This rat Jones says talks are nearly impossible.We will not only talk to our very loved Pashtoons,we will even kiss our very kissable people of NWEP right from the bottom of Punjabi, Sindhi and every other heart in Pakistan.We are one people rolled up into one like in America's Nat song:

    You're my every thing
    Underneath the sun
    You're my every thing
    Rolled up into one

    - How Govt. can win the hearts of NWFP people?

    It is dangerous for the rat Jones to even imagine one cat talking to its sister cat.But,Punjabis,Pashtoons and Baoch's will talk and kiss each other.

    - Who is responsible for such extremely worrisome situation of NWFP?

    India and its spies like Jones are to blame and none else.

    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 22 August, 2008


    You can read my poems even months ago in Tribune about this spy rat Jones.But, here are the latest two as such:

    Don't believe in spy Jones
    Disguised,eats his own bones
    Before also, I did find
    He will stab you from behind

    He has barked against Paks
    Again Pashtoon was his talks
    Hippocrite,and bastard Jones
    He does eat his own bones

    I caught this spy so before
    He will stab the Paks more
    Read his letters months ago
    and real enemy you will know

    Read Pak Tribune and find out
    Months ago,you won't doubt
    Jones poisoned against Paks
    Against NWEP was his talk

    Please read the Pak tribune
    And find this jones real tune
    He is Paks and Pashtoon's foe
    Read Pak tribune,u'll know

    Against NWFP, he talked bad
    Read he said to make u sad
    This is same disguised Jones
    Who does eat his own bones

    And the most recent one as such:

    As he sowed, so does he reap
    See Jones evil cry and weep
    Even his hair turned into snakes
    And his own stings,O he takes
    Self snake Jones got self to sting
    To his own fear Jones does cling
    He's evil , he is Indian spy
    He is cry snake, let him cry
    His Pak hate designs will be dis-armed
    So noble Paks can stay un-harmed
    Let Jones bastard cry and scream
    Can have million snakes for dream
    Hippocrite, he can bite the dust
    Jones will suffer, so he must
    Read his posts, u will find
    He got intrigues on his mind
    Bastard, first he does the bite
    Then tells bitten ones to unite
    Evil he is deceiving actor
    Tells Paks go against benefactor
    Rabble rouser Jones will get the kicks
    Known are well his deceiving tricks
    Jones is liar, he deceives
    Him half assed, no one believes
    Celebrations,falls evil Jones
    Who does eat his own bones

    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 22 August, 2008

    Why not hate yourself

    For all who hate each other by saying sunnies/ shias/ hindues.Facts of history: Before 600BC there was not a single muslim in India(both pak and India). I don,t want to disallude peoples here with with religions/caste /creed but only one man(SOG) ivaded India and killed thousand of indian and start converting Indian to Islam.If you do DNA of any muslim in pakistan or in India it matches 100% with forefathers of Indian Hindu. So if somebody came to know this fact of life , would he or she not hate that guy who forcibly converted your forefathers and rape your sisters and distroy your homes?

    Ritu, Puerto Rico - 22 August, 2008

    i think that the mindset of an ordinary pakistani is deluded with short sighted ideas of destruction of India in any way possible. You guy cant blame us for NWFP and Baluchistan and Taliban. The day you grow up and say fine and carry on with your daily life as pakistanis and indians in the Gulf you will be lot better. I stayed in the Gulf area for some years my best friends were Pakistanis, I am proud of that,people from Karachi , Lahore always insisted I fly PIA back to India with a stop over in Karachi to meet their parents.
    So when i read you people blaming india i feel sad. Thee is no RAW no Khad no ISI . Think nice ,be nice to each other, thats all.

    Rajesh, Hungary - 25 August, 2008

    NWFP: Some thoughts

    I have read all the comments here and found interesting to go thru them. But marked one thing in common, some persons do not see the reality but live in their own made world. One of them is, needless to say, a very insecure character who is distracting the whole issue and is discussing Pashtoon beauties. I do not mean to undermine the present scenario in NWFP, but here are some lessons one tends to learn from history:
    1. There was not a single Moslem in India (including today's Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh) in 600AD. But, after that Moslems started invading other societies and forcibly converted some people of Indian Sub-Continent. Everybody knows the moslems of India or Pakistan or Bangladesh did not migrate from Saudi Arabia or Egypt but converted from the local masses. As their facial features are same and they do not look like Arabs, they may attach Khan or Syed with their names but fact is a fact that can be corroborated by DNA testing. Even Saudis, or middle eastern look down upon at Bangladeshi, Indian or Paki moslems.
    2. Mr MA Jinnah gave a two Nation Theory that proved wrong when the same Western Pakistanies started looking down upon at East Pakistanis (now Bangladeshis), and the result was disastrous and Bangladesh came into existence. According to TN Theory, if all were moslems, why did this happen? Because of different language and culture. Mr Jinnah said on Feb 28, 1948 that Urdu and Urdu will be the sole language of Moslems of Pakistan which proved wrong by the partition of Pakistan. Urdu is a language of Indo-Aryan family which is developed from the very basic notion of Sanskrit language (starting from morphology thru syntax plus sociolinguistics). Had it been closer to Arabic, its word order would have been different. As most of the moslems of south asia were forcibly converted from lower class hindoos, still they have Ajlaf and Asharf concept everywhere in south Asia. Nobody says it openly in Pakistan but the proof is they do not marry each other. In my city, Sargodha, I have seen this from my eyes in the last 59 years. So is the case with Urdu language (spoken by 63% Pakistanis) which developed from the streets of Delhi and Meerut. That is why imposition of Urdu on Benghalees was proved to be wrong and we lost 56% geographic area of Pakistan due to our sheer foolishness and pseudo-concept of superiority of Punjabi and Pathan races.
    3. Now we are doing the committing the same mistake, as we did with Beghalees, with Pashtoons (NWFP) and Balochis (Baluchistan). And result will be more or less same as that of the emergence of Bangladesh.
    4. We can change history books in our Pakistan but we cannot change the history itself. Besides, the books of history written about us through out the globe about our ancestry, heritage, faith and way of life style.
    5. It is clear Punjabis in Pakistan think themselves superior than others in Pakistan and the result is they speak Punjabi (instead of Urdu) and do not try to learn Balochi, pashto or Sindhi whereas the other ethnicities try to speak their language.
    I hope this is the answer.


    Murtaza Mehsood, Janoobi Waziristan

    Murtaza Mehsood, Pakistan - 25 August, 2008


    The way the world is dragging itself into Armageddon, every nation, big or small and every human weak or strong feels insecure if you go by the dangers looming every where--Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia-Georgia and in tribal belt of Pak-NWFP.

    Only the people who tend to smile through life, have no hate for good fellow humans,love and like the beauty of humans that Allah has gifted to humanity in one mode or the other in every shade,colour or gender- more so in females, can feel the life with not much stress.

    East Pakistan was lost by our big neighbour taking advantage of history's worse killer tidal wave in east pakistan in 1969 or so.Then the politicians,not the people,did not want to give in to power quest.only one--Mujib, Bhutto or Yahya, surrendering power would have saved the nation from breaking up. And then, according to US and world think tanks at that time had logically told that east Pakistan was un-defendable due to impossiblity of supplies and re-inforcements because of India surrounding the east wing.Previously Suharwardy or Muhammad Ali Bogra had gladly given up lust for political power.In this case in 1970, Bhutto and Yahya are more to be blamed as Mujib had won over all majority as east wing had bigger population. Today, it would have been different as west wing would have been more populous.West Pakistan people are not to be blamed as we had allways loved Bengalis.I remember,a sweet and prettiest looking songstress Nahid Niazi was gladly married off to one Bengali music director.

    Even in Canada,I am renting my property to a family from Bangladesh and we have very sweet relationship.Half the time, these Bengali dear people are bringing fish rich food to me and we enjoy it together.

    Saving the fedration of current Pakistan is very vital for the regional and global peace.I would seroiusly question one author here about Punjabi feeling superior to pashtoons and Baluchis.Yes we feel very superior in our heart felt love for our very dear pashtoons and Balochis.When,I was in Pakistan in Ayub Khan days, we Punjabis allways prided in calling Ayub Khan as our Pashtoon president.

    In Canada, I have had family type relations with Pashtoon brothers and sisters.I remember the Pashtoon lady would call me and complain if i missed visiting them on my way home from my place of work at Shell Turbo refinery in Edmonton Canada as their home was in between my home and my place of work.Her 8-9 year old Pashtoon boy, whenever he saw me in the malls or out on street , would come jumping on me with embrace and lovingly calling me as his uncle.we are never insecure when we love people and get love in return.People in Pakistan are well immersed into each other in each other's sisterly provinces.

    I would say that my love extended to Pashtoons of Afghanistan as well.I had often taken two very pretty Afghani sisters of Pashtoon- Tajik mixture to Turkish weddings and for Punjabi-Pashtoon-Tajik love in five star hotels.The father of these girls was a very senior professor in Kabul university and then was director of Afghan refugees UN program in Peshawar and Islamabad before they migrated to Canada.I remember the 18 years Pashtoon-Tajik beauty got all the Turkish people excited by her dances and love embraces.even the Turkish ladies and my friends told me that their Turkish men were around her and away from them and may be I should have brought only the elder one.We had great time in the Turkish wedding.

    I would'nt feel bad at all in some one calling me insecure if that involves my craze and admiring of sky blue eyes of Pashtoon beauty and Pak actrss Sonia Khan. I have really admired her sky blue eyes more than her other counter part sky blue eyed stars--Sibal Jan of Turkey and 20 th century Hollywood goddess Greta Garbo.My Turkish friends who have gone back to Turkey are phoning me every two weeks or so and promising me socializing with sweet Sibal Jan.

    I really assure every body that 1940 song 'Sweet Loraine" by America's all time best voice of Nat King Cole sounds cool, sweet, valvet soft and satin and silk smooth voiced with lyrics befitting Sonia Khan's, Sibal Jan as such:


    One really has to listen also this song by Nat King Cole, whose voice has been declared incomparable even by computer analysis by the key criteria of pitch in human voice.Pakistan's Noor Jehan has the best voice pitch ever in South Asia.

    I have a liitle poetry of mine as such:






    A. Mahmood, Canada - 29 August, 2008

    Evil Spirit on Anwar Mahmood

    I was told there is a custom in NWFP / SWAT area spraying Pepper powder on eyes or whip them on buttocks with baby bamboo sticks, if people are endured of hayâtîn or Iblis

    Is there some one close by of Anwar Mahmoods to spray some pepper powder on his eyes or whip him on his buttock to bring back him to senses? Looks like he is contaminated by a hayâtîn (evil spirit) or Iblis (Devil)

    Jones, Canada - 02 September, 2008

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