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Musharraf`s visit to Europe

31 January, 2008

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During President Pervez Musharraf`s visit to Europe, He tried to convince his hosts that the February 18 elections would be free and fair, but soon after his visit US State Department expects `some` fraud in Pakistan polls.

"Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher said at a Congressional hearing on the February 18 polls that We don`t necessarily accept a certain level of fraud but if history and previous reports are of any guide, we should expect some".

Tried to convince that far from being a political prisoner the chief justice was actually an irresponsible political agitator and an illegal squatter,but Boucher acknowledged that "kicking out the judicary is a bad move" by Musharraf but did not back demands by lawmakers that the Pakistani leader reinstate the sacked judges.

Q.1 What do you think that Musharraf visit was successful?
Q.2 Do you think Musharraf should set another visit to the US to convenience US counterparts on same points?
Q.3 What would you say about the thinking that Musharraf shouldn`t visit Europe to convince his counterparts?

Reader Comments:

Ans to Q.2

Musharaf should set another visit to Euorope for the same point. But the rigging and blame of rigging is the tradion of Democracy.
Never before it happened that all the World is satisfied on some General Election Vote.
Our Opposition parties are shouting for fraud election even the moment of election has not come. What not they will do after the election.

Tariq Mahmood, Pakistan - 07 February, 2008


Q-1 West only speaks with the powerful and as long as Musharraf was wearing a uniform they respected him and gave him audience. His trip was not never meeant to be successful. He should doff the civilian uniform and accept reality that he could not become Ataturk of Pakistan...

Q-3 He should stay home and fix the house and wait till democrats come to power and he will have his day. He has destroyed and he will be side lined soon by the powers since his role is finished in the great game

Faris, United Kingdom - 10 February, 2008

President Musharaf's European visit

Pak Tribune has put forward three leading questions to its readers.
Q.1 What do you think that Musharraf visit was successful?
Yes, Musharaf's visit was very successful.When he came to Brussels, I was also present in the European Parliament and by talking to MEPs who listened to the President of Pakistan in person, I got this clear impression that he is respected, listened to and he can also hold his fort in difficult circumstances. Where ever he went,his hosts accepted his arguments and supported him in his efforts to bring stability to Pakistan through elections. Sarkozi, Brown and Solana and all other political leaders, President Musharaf spoke to, agreed with his vision and plan of action for Pakistan. Those Pakistanis who argue for Musharaf's departure fail to realize that the alternative is incompetent and corrupt politicians like Zardari and Sharif. At lease Musharaf has not put billions of dollars in his pocket.

Q.2 Do you think Musharraf should set another visit to the US to convenience US counterparts on same points?
No, President Musharaf should not and I am sure that he would not go to USA before elections. USA needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs USA. Musharaf and USA know this fact.

Q.3 What would you say about the thinking that Musharraf shouldn`t visit Europe to convince his counterparts?
If you have noticed, Musharaf visits countries out side Pakistan to make trade agreements, invite foreign investments, open the doors for Pakistani exports. He has never ever asked any world leader to support him. He is actually on record to criticize the western media and politicians for being too harsh on Pakistan.
As the head of state, President Musharaf can and does go where ever there is the possibility to advance the cause of Pakistan. This is his and should be our criteria.
Elections are only a week away. Please wait and see who wins and who looses. I have faith in Musharaf's leadership and his desire to hand over the running of the country to those who are chosen by the people.
My only desire is that a new, honest and able leadership emerges from this chaos.
Bashy Quraishy
Chief Editor. MediaWatch. Copenhagen

Bashy Quraishy, Czech Republic - 11 February, 2008

Last election

President Musharaf, under pressure from the West, lost much of, East "Duran Line" to fundamentalists during past election, and now may lose Pakistan. The Western countries, I think need to clear their decision making bodies from the Zionists. The Zionists are hurting, the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians, the Hindus and everybody else. They are directly committed to spread of terrorism in one way or another.

Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 11 February, 2008

Foreign visits

Answer to Q.1
No, I do not think it was successful. Rather his policies and thinkings were exposed in a negetive way.

As far as question no 2 and 3 are concerned he should set his own house in order first before convincing Euorope or America.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 11 February, 2008

Europe Tour

I think Musharaf is the best leader of these cicumstances pakistan is facing and should be there for next 5-8 years.
The operation in FATA requires an allied juduciary which understands what the world requires of pakistan rather than torments the government on missing persons cases.
The corrupt politicians of the opposition should not even enter the assemblies of pakistan. People should refer to pakistan's balance sheet when these leaders were in power. Musharaf can improve if there are speedy
investigations into suicide bombing cases, police given more international funding to deal with suicide bombing like more advanced machinery metal detection etc.
Pakistan must have more clear English speaking spokemen to answer question of western media with a western perspective rather than dwelling on their own perspective.
Congratulation to people of karachi and Musharaf on inaugurating the water desalination plant coupled with gas turbine power generation. This is what the people want for now clean drinking water and relaible power, the last few years have witnessed a lot of highway construction so the government scope of works is complete. Its the nation that needs to rise now.

Ali Abbas, Aruba - 18 February, 2008

Saudis Crackdown on Ahmadi Mulims

LONDON - Speaking at the weekly press meeting at London Mosque, SW 18, Monday March 24, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association press secretary Abid Khan strongly condemned the actions of Saudi Arab government against the Ahmadi Muslims who have been working in Saudi Arab for the past several years, many very professional jobs.

In the past few years the Saudi government targeted Ahmadi Muslims and barred them from performing the hajj - the annual Islamic pilgrimage of Mecca as part of their faith.

A disappointed Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of Middle East Human Rights expressing her concerns said, The Saudi Government's persecution of Ahmadis on the basis their faith is turning Saudi Arabia into a byword of religious intolerance.

The press secretary Abid Khan urged Saudi Government as a true Muslim nation for immediate end of persecution of Ahmadi Muslims and lift all bans, reemploy and accord them equal treatment guaranteed by Islam.

Dr. Hanif Koya, San Marino - 28 March, 2008

Best Leader

There is always a difference of opinion on any subject let alone the integrity and character of President Musharraf. Over the period of 8 years Pakistan has been lucky to have a strong and very hardworking leader who did not harm the economy or the country as done by two politicians i.e. Zardari and Nawaz. They do not hold any position as such in the parliament and got so many cases against them which are cleared under the NRO BY THE PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN. Zardari should have been in jail in Switzerland and Nawaz in Pakistan for life. Its the public of Pakistan who voted PPP and PML N in no doubt there were vote rigging at a very large scale as per many observers and counting. There were more votes casted than the actual number of voters in Punjab. Its shame that a man of a very high calibre is disrespected by politicians who think that they above the law and are clean. A highly corrupt country on this planet is Pakistan and a claim to be innocent and trying to drag an innocent Ex-General and too much media going against him for their own benefits and supported by agencies is really shame. President is an elected President by the parliament and got to be there for his full term unless he wants to retire himself. He is needed more than any politician in Pakistan under the circustances when threats are looming over the borders and a Giant is on the Afghanistan border with bad intentions. Pakistanis must wake up and support the President and give him all the help he needs to restore law and order in Pakistan. He can also show micrcles and bring the economy back to its feets of 17th February 2008 when there was $17B in the treasury and Rs.59 to a Dollar. Look at the situation today. The worst economic condition in 30 years and all the blame goes to Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who are making this mess and poor will suffer not them two who got lot of stolen money inside and abroad. Its a wake up call and Pakistanis must get up and save the country.

Mohammad Akram, United Arab Emirates - 16 August, 2008

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