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Musharraf`s Impeachment

08 August, 2008

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Leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) have agreed to begin impeachment proceedings against President Pervez Musharraf, charging him with violating the Constitution, weakening the federation and other state institutions and causing a critical economic impasse.

“The coalition believes that it has become imperative to move for impeachment under Article 47 (of the Constitution),” PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari said at a news conference he addressed here on Thursday along with his partners in the ruling coalition, including PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, after three days of hectic dialogue.

The communique contains a complete plan for impeachment proceedings and an outline of the charge-sheet that will be presented along with a resolution for impeachment in a joint sitting of parliament.

All the four provincial assemblies will adopt resolutions demanding that President Musharraf should seek a vote of confidence immediately in accordance with a commitment made in the Supreme Court.

The coalition decided to initiate the process if the president failed to take a confidence vote.

Mr Zardari did not give dates for convening the sessions of the national and provincial assemblies.

However, according to sources, the government is planning to convene the sessions on Aug 11 because it wants to complete the process of impeachment by the end of the current month.

The coalition claimed to have the required strength in parliament to impeach the president.

Reacting sharply, leader of the Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has said that the announcement of impeachment of President Musharraf is another attempt to buy more time to rule the country and deceive the people of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, President Pervez Musharraf was reported as saying he will not accept his defeat vowing to fight his impeachment bid by the ruling coalition.

President Musharraf in holding talks with his political allies and Constitutional experts here, reportedly said while talking to one of his close-ally that he could not see the country to go towards defiance.

He said that he did his best to defend the country as President and Chief of Army Staff.

He vowed to adopt all ‘legal’ means in his defence against impeachment motion.

However, another source privy to Musharraf’s state said the president would not use his discretionary power to dissolve the National Assembly and dismiss the government because he had been too much incapacitated.

  • Would President Musharraf invoke article 58-2B to forestall his impeachment, and with what consequences?
  • Will President Musharraf present himself before the assembly to get the vote of confidence from it, and with what results?
  • Will a President denuded of all powers not render him to be yet another Ch. Fazal Illahi or Rafiq Tarar type of rubber stamp president and affect the ‘Check and Balance” of powers between the Chief Executive and the Head of the state? Comments please.
  • Reader Comments:

    Gone With The Wind

    As I was watching the resignation speech of Musharaf on the desert of afghanistan.....a verse of quran came to my mind..Wa To-ezo Man Tasha-e Wa Tuzilo Man Ta-sha...God is the one who bestows dignity (honour) and indignity (humiliation).....He was calling shots recently.....but now...... gone with the wind....

    Arshad Haroon, Pakistan - 18 August, 2008

    Musharaf Resigns

    Dear All,
    He has given his resignation in spite of having power to sack the assemblies, held elections where his party lost and he accepted the result, provided press the freedom which it never had. any other leader has never done that. It is a first. He may have made mistakes and rather big ones one of them being not leaving earlier and collecting all sorts of rubish around himself while in power. However, as they say in Urdu Andhoon main kana raja. Choice of Zardari and co... May Allah Help us all.
    I wonder what Allah will do to us for all the trouble we have caused in the land that he had very Generously given to us. We have destroyed it and continue to do so.
    As for Mr.Aslam from Karachi, he is a frog of the well. he does not even know what Pakistan is. To me he is still an Indian in mind and has not been liberated mentally. He is not a follower of Qaid-e-Azam but his latest Qaid and May Allah have mercy on their soul for betraying Pakistan.

    Sajjad, Pakistan - 19 August, 2008

    After his resignation !

    I will also like to say that you should not try to humiliate Mushraff because after all till yesterday he was the president of your country but at the same time, I suggest you people that if you really want democracy in Pakistan to grow, please don't allow him to stay in Pakistan because his evil mind will not stay in peace and will surely create new troubles in coming years.

    Prakash, Hungary - 19 August, 2008

    No one fault

    Whats happening in Pakistan is no one fault but everyone should read the world history since 600 BC. It started from the foundation. So in short nip the evil in the mud before it ruin other area of the world.

    Ritu, Puerto Rico - 19 August, 2008

    Sad - Honest Musharraf resign.

    This is really sad that honest Musharraf has to resign under pressure from corrupt Nawaz and Zardari. Pervez Musharraf did not take any personal advantage of his position. He did honestly what he believe was in the best interest of Pakistan.

    Pakistanis who voted for Nawaz and Zardari must know that their stupid votes has bring Pakistan back on track of corruption. They will face more economical crisis with these two SOB will be filling their foreign bank accounts.

    QB, Pakistan - 19 August, 2008


    The good thing is that the coup is bloodless and hopefully the nation will embark on development right now.There should be no excuse about starting instant development from the state of limbo or political hangover that existed in Pakistan for the past several months.

    They say about politics that it is chicken one day and feathers the other day.Let the hangover and waste of time be past now. Can the dis-reputed politicians now change their course 180 degrees and start honest work.

    Musharraf may have made some mistakes and he honestly and fairly appologized unlike our other politicins who allways described them as right.Pakistan has seen two and the only two experienced and world stature politicians gone dead or resigned in the past six months.

    I remember my father showing to me a book some fifty years ago with a picture in it that said as:

    'Dropping the pilot."

    This pilot was Bismark, the founder of modern Germany that took on the world two times and still is the most successful nation.Every person has a time and nothing is guarranteed for ever.Actually things seem to start subsiding for every human after retirement and sure after age sixty five.

    Musharraf's decision immediately after the 9/11 was really nation saviour.Sharp u turn was needed else we would hve been bombed to extinction.Pakistan is not Iran that it posseses more hydrocarbon energy than any other country and even AMERICAN ECONOMY WOULD CRASH IF ATTACK DOES TAKE PLACE ON IRAN.

    9/11 was totally different thing. The world's sole super power tiger was injured and humiliated even though it can bomb 10000 targets with nukes in matter of 2-3 hours if it really became the survival issue for America.Musharraf's decision was right at that time. And the man was shrewed enough in convincing power that even Condi Rice once said:

    "America has no vision beyond Musharraf."

    The economy did grow with some of the fastest growth rate in the world.Pakistan did amass 16-17 bilion dollars Forex reserves and Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and the sole defence has respectable number of 100 nukes according to a recent Russian report by Pravda.

    But, as we know, nothing stays for ever. If Bismark-the German history pilot could be dropped, Musharraf's way was expected sooner or later.Good thing is that it is bloodless and not the way Zia and Bhutto or Benazir went.Still more significant is the fact that men of military, no matter how they ruled, were spared life in contrast to civilians in any country in history.

    Musharraf's role in Balochistan could really tilt in favour of his action as there was too much foreign instigated drift of that province that would have made us loose it.Balochistan is more vital for Pakistan's integrity than any trouble in NWEP.As you know land locked people are allways constricted and constrained.

    The things that go against him are like too much privilege to military in a poor country and no checks on people- civilians and military, who moved the robbed money to abroad.On personal honesty, he would rank much above Sharif or Zardari or even Ayub Khan or Zia-ul-Haque.His other negative was that he tried to move hastily to recognize Israel without taking the people in confidence.That perhaps was due to his very strong connections with Turkish military.Some shooting riots and MQM tilt was an other negative but perhaps un-avoidable for him.

    But, let us not forget that the current military and rulers are carrying over same policies in the name of saving the country from break up. The Turks, the Iraqis, the Iranians and many countries have done similar acts to save their countries from breaking apart.We do not know and perhaps we need not try to ponder into things where we have no information and we can only beat about the bush.

    But, then the opinion voiced by majority in the Pakistan press and even here on this column does not go much anti-Musharraf.People like me have lived outside of Pakistan most of their lives and i think the home opinion spares Much of blame on Musharraf--it is opinion of Pakistanis within the country and not me or similar people.

    I think Musharraf has spared the country from political hangover and confrontation.




    Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 19 August, 2008

    Pakistan will be rudderless

    Pakistanis have got such a short term memory. They have forgotten all the past records of Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. It took Mahatir Muhammad over 23 years to set Malaysia straight. And he did that depite being highly unpopular. We must understand that we as a nation are too knieve to understand the complexties of the affairs of the state. To err is human and Musharraf was no exception but i would still maintain that he was far better than the criminals who rule us now. May God save Pakistan! S.M.Nabeel ImtiazIslamabad

    S.M.Nabeel Imtiaz, Pakistan - 20 August, 2008

    Musharaf impeachment

    a great leader and stateman, who knew running state's affairs well. Ill fated politicians will meet there end soon!

    Qasim Butt, Pakistan - 20 August, 2008

    Sorry to see Him Gone

    It's sad to see that Mr.Musharaff is gone. He was one of a kind leader Pakistan ever had after Mr. Jinnah. Mr. Jinnah failed to understand entire Pakistani community or he didn't have enough life time to understand. In our entire human history, the great and extra ordinary leaders always had short life.

    Mr.Musharaff is an army turned politician and when he learned the ground realities, he had to go. It's a big gap and loss for Pakistan.

    Bilawal Bhutto Sardari is still a kid and he has long time to go, just to figure out which is black, which is Grey or white. Nawaz and Asif are hopeless. They are behind of personal interest rather than national interest. How a nation can be glorified with a bunch of leaders in power those are well known for corruption. Within past six months FOREX has go down to couple of Billion dollars from 15 to 20 Billion dollars. It's a huge amount and GOD only knows where and why it's gone.

    Once, Pakistani army was one of the professional forces in the world at least in the fighting spirit. That time is history and we are seeing their day by day defeat in Swat and NWFP. Their muscles power is limited within Pakistan and there is no point of sign that it may go beyond the borders of Pakistan. Investing heavily on them will be like digging our own graveyard.

    Here are few recommendations for Pakistan.

    Pakistan shall continue to maintain a good relation with china and establish a good understanding and confidence between India and Afghanistan. Eventually reduce the number of Army troops and bring down the overall expenditure on them. Divert that money for Electricity and irrigation projects.

    Pakistan shall keep Army away from politics and should not seek Army general's opinions on political issues.

    Keep ISI under Prime Minister or dissolve them for good. Kick them out of Air conditioned rooms and send them to barracks or give them compulsory retirement.

    Move ahead with ASEAN free trade agreement ensuring farmers rights are protected.

    Control the supremacy of Panjabi thugs from Pakistan and treat all four provinces equally.

    Remove Kashmir issue from National Agenda and set LoC as permanent border line with India.

    Establish 3KM – 5 KM no man land across Durrrand line.

    Send back all foreigners residing in the name of Islam to their respective nations and let them continue their preaching and activities, where they belong.

    Jones, Canada - 21 August, 2008

    Musharaf a great president

    Mr. Nawaz Sharif, test firing five nuclear tests brought Pakistan under sanction. President Musharaf saved Pakistan in face of one million Indian soldiers ready to attack. President Musharaf did not kill Nawaz, but he might kill Musharaf, not fare at all. President Musharaf rightfully, stood for democracy and against Taliban. Most of all he saveguarded the Pakistani pride (Nuclear weapons) I believe he resigned for his countrymen.
    We will see how the selfish Nawaz Sharif will handle this great responsibility of the country.

    Mohammad, Pakistan - 21 August, 2008

    Post Musharraf Pakistan

    Well, there is no doubt that majority opinion is in favour of Musharraf here. But, let us not forget that even dropping of the pilot Bismarck of Germany did not stop Germans to brcome great nation.

    Musharraf has wished well to Pakistan even on risigning time.There may be corrupt leaders now as a drag, but the path forward for Pakistan has many factors working in faour.we just cannot berate our leaders and people when some wolves are out there to destroy Pakistan.

    The very positive thing in favour of Paks is that it has the most important geo-strategy in the world and money will keep pouring in.

    Then things are allways shining when Pak expats are sending more remittance all the time and soon it is going to hit 10 billion dollars mark a year.On top 10-20 thousand Paks visit home land every week and that is another 3-4 billion dollars per year.

    And a nation's state of economic health is allways pegged to the energy(oil, gas and power a nation consumes per capita).Pakistan, on per capita use of energy is ahead of all countries in south Asia on its per capita consumption of hydrocarbon energy.With 0.7 MBPD being achieved by next year in oil refining with a big refinery from UAE getting on line and 1 tcfy( equiv to 0.5 MBPD oil refining) of domestic gas production,Pakistan is doing allright.It will really boost Paks when China will install and operate a world scale refinery as planned at 5-6 MBPD.

    On political side, it is not dangerous no matter how bad people may project.Pakistan is part of war on terror which is much less dangerous than part of global military Armageddon equation of the future.Pakistan did, it will and it can mitigate terror related killings. Things were quiet for 4 months and the new surge of average 15-20 deaths a day will be brought under control soon.It is much safer than 20,000 deaths a day that even a conventional war brings when things get ugly.

    Pakistan is doing fine with regards to its relations with 2-3 countries that are going to shape the world's future.Pakistan is fine with America, with China and even with Russia. Only India has to mend its ways, but they have really gone exposed to China vis a vis India.The re-positioning of very powerful missiles by China on Tibet towards India a month ago, construction of underwater nuclear submarine missile bases in Indian ocean and re-inforcement of Chinese military north of India, makes Paks relieved that Paks are not part of any super dangerous equation. Even against India, Paks are sitting only defensive and have the peace in Indian courts for them to act sensible.

    Even despite some home criticism and rabble rousing by spies and only foe, Paks have kept internal problems to be handled by Paks only. Even the military bases built in very protected cliffs on three sides surrounded Gawader, are for paks forces to be in command.China and America have , can and will help, but nothing puts Paks against external Armageddon as every thing in Pakistan is controlled by Paks military.Punjabis, Sindhis, Pashtoons , Baloch's, Urdu speaking and Kashmiris within pakistan can allways embrace and reconcile with each other as loving brothren and sisters.But, thanks Allah, Pakistan is not part of a dangerous global war equation.Mitigated participants in war on terror is thousand times more livable than tens of thousands of dead body bags that used to come daily to Russian and German and other homes in WW2 or any big war.

    Our PM Mr Gilani with the looks and personality of John F Kennedy was called brother by Mr Bush.Our kid future leader Mr Bilawal Bhutto was treated as important and loved future leader by the Chinese.Big dignatories - both civilian and military from both America and China and elsewhere are treating Paks as friends.

    And Pak military with the most marshal race of Pashtoons and Punjabis ARE NOT ONLY CAPABLE OF MAINTAINING PEACE, BUT POSSESS 100 NUKES AS WELL FOR PEACE REASONS.


    We have reasons to feel fine as our foreignn policy has saved us from becoming part of some most dangerous military equations floating around Pakistan. India already is well sucked into dangers equation vis a vis China.And China is most fabulous at present after America with its Forex reserves of 2 trillion dollars alone being twice as big as the entire economy of India.And 450 billion dollars yearly trade surplus of China may send jubiliations in some centers compared to 120 billion dollars trade deficit of India.

    We are proud to have America and China both as our friends at the same time.

    Paks deserve peace and happiness like some other great nations like Canada, which was declared by UN as the best country to live six years in a row.

    Our sweet, great and dear Paks deserve to be enjoying the same soon--INSHALLAH.

    A. Mahmood, Pakistan - 24 August, 2008

    Allah's impeachment

    Despite strict prohibition in Islam to curse yet as an exceptional exception I fervently pray and pray and pray to Allah SWT to curse and curse and curse and curse Mushraff and his multifold forthcoming generations over generations both here and in the hereafter if by chance if they are an extension of what Musharraf is as a retribution for the pathetically heart-wrenching state Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and his innocent 11 1/2 year old son are in .

    O Allah O Allah O Allah We pray and pray and plead with you to invoke your fabled "Be" to subject this tyrant and his likes to an exemplary punishment and exemplary humilation never heard before and never seen before as only you can conceptualise with your ever all powerfull might and wisdom O Almighty Allah a punishment as severe as the crime is .

    O Allah , Musharraf and his likes can hoodwink the worldly impeachment and escape but surely cannot escape your proverbial dreaded impeachment . O Allah O Allah O Allah , Impeach him , impeach him , impeach him and impeach all his likes both in this world and in the world hereafter thoroughly and fully conforming to the severest standards as specified for this heartless tyrants in the lofty Holy Koran .

    Amjad Khan, Pakistan - 24 August, 2008

    Best of luck Musharraf

    These people are not worth the fight. The best President, we had.

    Murtaza, Netherlands - 25 August, 2008

    President Musharraf 's Impeachment

    When the people of any nation cannot see the real potential of their leaders its their worst time in history and of course they are bound to perish ...this is what is happening now in this country '' Pakistan '' after Musharraf left this country you can see how the country is being handed over to the new masters of this region '' America''....yes, you will see in no time how they takeover all your nuclear facilities and enslave us...You wont have to wait long now ...Maybe ..this eid ul azha will be celebrated with new developments. Ex President Musharraf Sir , I personally miss you very very much ...and so will every person in this God's forsaken land.

    Shirull Zaman Khan, Pakistan - 03 September, 2009

    Musharaff time was best.

    Musharaff has served Pakistan as a true son of the Country. Those people who are very vocal to try Musharaff having a wishful thinking. Musharaff has a lot of support in Pakistan let alone abroad. These people, trying to revenge and settle score with Musharaff are sitting at the back seat of TANGA and are unable to see whats coming next unless they turn their neck. That they can't do because they have SARYA in their neck.

    abdullah Zaid, United Arab Emirates - 03 September, 2009


    Worried... Pakistan’s condition economically is not really stable and every day the Government imposes new
    Things, such activities may cause more damage...

    Where is "Independent Judiciary"?
    What Opposition's roll in Government?
    What our Media are doing?
    What is Pak Army thinking?

    You people known well that our Government took Foreign loans in 3-years are more than the previous Governments took in 60-years and nowadays State Bank of Pakistan are printing currency notes Rupee 2,000,000,000 daily to support the Government?

    We are not bankrupt country but our Leaders made us. Ask them to bring their foreign assets and Bank accounts in to Pakistan and will see the change also en-force the following for everyone from top to bottom.

    There are many steps but in my opinions, the first simple steps to be followed without any delay.

    1. A-Z Government’s officials are prohibited to keep account/assets in foreign countries. Those already having such, must transfer into Pakistan, otherwise resign.

    2. A-Z Government’s officials are prohibited to establish/run any Industry and/or Trade otherwise resign.

    3. No one can take part in Election, who having dual nationality, foreign residency, foreign assets, foreign Bank Account/s and/or any Industry/trade etc.

    4. A undertaking from each participant of Election, Non having as stated in no.3, even Never thinks about, otherwise all National plus Foreign assets will be taken by Pakistan Government and no case will be lodged.

    5. Pakistan Visa must be same requirements/condition and even Fee as the applicant’s Country.

    6. Prohibited land/property to be sold other than Pakistan Nationals.

    7. 1-Province to makes unity for all languages (Pakistanis) also to minimize the Government expense instead Of 4-provinces.

    8. Invite Pakistanis expatriates to make investment in the country with 100% guarantee them that their accounts not be frozen as in past. This is very important.

    God Bless Pakistan...

    manc, San Marino - 10 January, 2011

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