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Musharraf`s Impeachment

08 August, 2008

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Leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) have agreed to begin impeachment proceedings against President Pervez Musharraf, charging him with violating the Constitution, weakening the federation and other state institutions and causing a critical economic impasse.

“The coalition believes that it has become imperative to move for impeachment under Article 47 (of the Constitution),” PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari said at a news conference he addressed here on Thursday along with his partners in the ruling coalition, including PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, after three days of hectic dialogue.

The communique contains a complete plan for impeachment proceedings and an outline of the charge-sheet that will be presented along with a resolution for impeachment in a joint sitting of parliament.

All the four provincial assemblies will adopt resolutions demanding that President Musharraf should seek a vote of confidence immediately in accordance with a commitment made in the Supreme Court.

The coalition decided to initiate the process if the president failed to take a confidence vote.

Mr Zardari did not give dates for convening the sessions of the national and provincial assemblies.

However, according to sources, the government is planning to convene the sessions on Aug 11 because it wants to complete the process of impeachment by the end of the current month.

The coalition claimed to have the required strength in parliament to impeach the president.

Reacting sharply, leader of the Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has said that the announcement of impeachment of President Musharraf is another attempt to buy more time to rule the country and deceive the people of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, President Pervez Musharraf was reported as saying he will not accept his defeat vowing to fight his impeachment bid by the ruling coalition.

President Musharraf in holding talks with his political allies and Constitutional experts here, reportedly said while talking to one of his close-ally that he could not see the country to go towards defiance.

He said that he did his best to defend the country as President and Chief of Army Staff.

He vowed to adopt all ‘legal’ means in his defence against impeachment motion.

However, another source privy to Musharraf’s state said the president would not use his discretionary power to dissolve the National Assembly and dismiss the government because he had been too much incapacitated.

  • Would President Musharraf invoke article 58-2B to forestall his impeachment, and with what consequences?
  • Will President Musharraf present himself before the assembly to get the vote of confidence from it, and with what results?
  • Will a President denuded of all powers not render him to be yet another Ch. Fazal Illahi or Rafiq Tarar type of rubber stamp president and affect the ‘Check and Balance” of powers between the Chief Executive and the Head of the state? Comments please.
  • Reader Comments:

    Helpless Pakistani

    The only folly I recognize that Musharraf did was the sacking of judges. Then due subsequent election results he should have left. Current situation I see as he bieng surrounded by vultures who have been denied their share for the last 8 years and vying for the kill now.
    As a paikstani my dream is somehow to get rid of these people that think its their birth right to rule helpless pakistanis at their whimp......may be someone needs to remind us what happened to East Pakistan....we are again at our weakest.
    May be we are incapable of ruling ourselves and let some other nation take over and reign us in ...then may be we can come out stronger togather

    HelplessPaki, Pakistan - 11 August, 2008

    impeachment of Musharraf

    Before clamping emergency Musharaf declared that he was 'merely saving Pakistan from committing suicide'.
    Looks like Pakistan is making another attermpt to commit suicide this time for certain.
    Two greedy men who just want power and have absolutely no feelings for the ordinary people of Pakistan in their hearts are talking of justice and impeachment of a man who gave Pakistan dignity,economic uplift and even saved it from the evil designs of the US. In doing so he certainly made some blunders which he recognises. He was cornered and had no choice. The worst blunder was the shoot out at Lal Masjid. He repeatedly warned theleaders of the siege to solve things peacefully and not to involve fanaticism in religion. He warned them for a whole year. He finally gave in to US pressure a country that was blackmailing him all along and using him to gain information about 'terrorists' in Pakistan.
    Impeaching Musharaf is just ploy to impress the naive public of pakistan that these two so called leaders are very sincere about the welfare of Pakistan. From their past record we all know how sincere they are!
    Impeachment wil only make things worse for Pakistan as it will only make this country sick and crippled. These two leaders will do even worst things than Musharaf. They will be the first to ask america to interfere totally in the affairs of Pakistan as long as they get the 'big bucks'. Mr ten per cent will be in a state of euphoria as this will be his wish come true.
    So the Pakistan public should not be carried away by this sudden 'sense of justice' shown by mr Nawaz sharif and Zardari. Everything is so sham and opportunisitic.
    Musharaf made the biggest blunder by recalling Nawaz sharif back from Saudi. He should have had him imprisoned for life or impeached when he had the chance.This was perhaps Musharaf's biggest blunder. He is now paying the price for it.
    Only destiny can save Pakistan now.

    Rezan, Pakistan - 11 August, 2008

    Waste of Nation's time

    Musharraf's Impeachment is wasting nation's resources and time. Instead of wasting precious time current government should be focusing on dangerously increasing inflation rate, control on petrol and food prices. Provide electricity. Then go and impeach Musharraf!!!! Otherwise, it will be true what Karl Inderfaith, ex-offical of US State department just recently said, Looking at Pakistan's problems "right now what they need is a food aid"

    kadar khan, Pakistan - 12 August, 2008

    Mush Ambushed.....!!!!

    Well, once again there is a battle in the political arena of Pakistan. Just imagine, PPP and PML-N leadership considers Musharraf as an unconstitutional President and yet they are planning to remove him constitutionally. They were not ashamed to take oath of their respected offices under unconstitutional President. They were the first to avail the National Reconciliation Ordinance of the President by which their sins and corruption charges were pardoned so that they could run for the elections. How mean-spirited the leaders of both the parties are. They can never deliver as per the expectations of the people of Pakistan. They won't be able to impeach the president. They are just trying to be highlighted in front of the voters so that they can make an excuse that at least they tried to do so. If they really had to fulfil their promises they would have reinstated the deposed judges within 100 days as they promised. They cannot be trusted on any anti-Musharraf move. It is rightly said that 'In politics believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, specially when it is Pakistani Politics'.

    Zahid Ali Afridi, Ukraine - 12 August, 2008

    Pakistanis should know their Real Enemies

    Time has come so that Pakistani people should know about their true enemies. Musharraf was the only Pakistani leader in last 30 years who did huge economical
    development in the country. Not only economy he also developed infrastructure and education system of Pakistan. He did not rob a single penny like shameless Nawaz or Zardari. He also strengthened the armed forces. He tried to convert his country into a industrialized country. Pakistan's enemies do not want to see this progress, because if Pakistan becomes prosperous then this country will be huge strong. Pakistan's desire for strong defense needs strong economy, which Musharraf understood real well. He enhanced the foreign reserve from the tiny amount left by criminal Nawaz. Pakistan's enemies do not want to see that Pakistan has a strong economy and strong defense forces. As a result they bought Pakistani politicians, media-newspapers, so called HR activists and article writers to get rid off Musharraf. Educated Pakistanis know the contribution of Musharraf for his country. Only the semi-educated, non educated and looters of Pakistan (Nawaz & Zardari gang) do not understand his contribution to the country, so they all want to get rid off him. After Musharraf is impeached all his good works for the economy will go down to the toilet. Already Zardari gang has vanished $4/$5 billion dollars from the foreign reserve. After Musharraf, there will be no development in Pakistan. People will be poorer & economy will collapse completely. Do you guys remember in Musharraf era Rupee was strong against dollar? But the current government devalued Rupee so much that it is even weaker then Bangladeshi currency now.
    Any way, Pakistan's dream for a strong economy with strong defense is over as Musharraf is being thrown out. After Musharraf's departure whole Pakistan will plunge into economic and development crisis. But Pakistani people should know who did this damage to their country, they should know who deliberately destroyed their Economy and Defense Forces. They are none other than criminal Nawaz & Zardari, Newspapers & Medias who constantly abused Musharraf. Not only them, so called HR activist Asma Jahangir and Military, Inc writer Ayesha Siddiqa both of whom, who defamed their Defense forces and Intelligence Agencies. Pakistanis should never forgive Ayesha Siddiqa who compared ISI to a prostitute. This ISI and Defense forces are protecting Pakistanis from external & internal threats. Ayesha Siddiqa wrote all the bad things about Pakistan's military in her book, Military Inc. Pakistan's Defense forces are the bravest souls of Pakistan. This criminal woman Ayesha Siddiqa wrote all the dirty things about Pakistan's military in her book Military Ince. This rogue woman should never be forgiven for her crimes against Pakistan. There is noting much more to hope for Pakistan as its fate is sealed. But Pakistani people should know Indian intelligence agency paid a lot of money to Pakistan's greedy politicians, to its newspapers & medias and also to its rogue HR activist & rogue writers to destroy Pakistan.

    Hasan, Bahrain - 12 August, 2008

    Mushy boy

    PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF,another dictator who will end up in shame,he took power from a corrupt Prime Minister NAWAZ SHARIF but was trapped by other corrupt politicians like CHOUDRY BROTHERS OF PUNJAB.When he took power he promised he will make pakistan a moderan Islamic secular country like Turkey but then he fall to ISI who supprots Taliban.Generals love to conquer their own country and people. Gen Mush came with great ideas and claims of modern Pakistan, secularism, his childhood love with Turkey was boiling so much that he wanted to be a Pakistani Attaturk, when he grabbed power he was shown playing with his dog like western leaders, he created NAB, punished those who were involved in corruption but then like every military dictator, he showed his real colors,These power hungry Generals love keeping Pakistani nation in the doldrums, these Generals never hesitated to put Pakistan in Rack and ruin. The country suffered a great loss in 1971 when its own Army surrendered in shame after committing one of the worst human right crimes in history and perpetrating the holocaust of three million people who were the citizens of Pakistan. According to Article 6 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan : "Any person or persons who commit the act of mutiny against the parliament, judiciary and/or the elected members and officials of parliament is/are guilty of committing the highest treason. This person or persons committing such an act must be charged and prosecuted in the court of law and sentenced to death if found guilty" Army have biggest share in Pakistan's stock exchange, operate commercial bank, airline, steel, cement, telecom, petroleum and energy, education, sports, health care and even grocery shops chains and bakeries. Pakistan army being ranked as the seventh biggest army in the world has not conquered a single inch in fact it has only brought embarrassment to the nation in the battle fields of Kargil and Dhaka. Musharraf and his corrupt companions have broken all records of corruption and bad governance. Keep in mind that existing Fauji junta will never give up financial benefits, lavish life style, and luxurious pomp and show. To maintain their present comfort abilities they need some agenda to divide public on non-issues and to keep continuous flow of dollars from Washington, they need some grounds to fool American and Pakistani people simultaneously. Only way to deal with such dictator is to stop financial aid. Reason for pomp and show of generals and lavish life style is largely based on flow of free and easy money receiving on the name of “war on terror”, Pakistani generals could be distinguished among army generals of other countries, according to provision of facilities, huge emoluments, vehicles and properties which made them billionaire before retirement, is all dependent on continuous flow of easy money on the name of “War on Terror”. Regular government servants working on same pay scales are hand to mouth.He palyed double game,he took billions of dollars from U.S. TAXPAYERS MONEY and promised to WASHINGTON that he will punish TALIBAN,he arrested some terrorists to make Americans fool and when they paid him,he released terroists.

    Mwaqar, United Kingdom - 12 August, 2008

    Mr. Musharaff

    If Mr.Musharaff is unconstitutional president then what is the validity of his decision on pardoning Nawaz and Asif? Can we assume that after impeachment all previous cases against Asif, Nawaz and Shahabaz will be reinstated and to try them in a “Neutral” court? Mr.Musharaff is the least corrupted president ever had in Pakistan after Mr. Jinnah. Things went beyond his control and external forces made him contempt. His biggest mistake was giving up of his Army chief position.

    Jones, Canada - 13 August, 2008

    Corrupts and Robbers are the rulers

    I am amazed by the conduct of the so called elected ones from those parties who never practice democratic procedures in their own organisations.The unelected are holding the NAKEL of these selfish elected ones. Those who were given suspended sentences not from a Pakistani court but the European courts. A huge material is available on the corruption of those "NA SHAREEFS", books, printed not in Karachi, but in Lahore are availble to read. But it is amazing that people, let alone the common less educated ones but the sadly the well educated ones too like lawers and journalists are beating the drums against Musharaf just in "BUGZ-E-MAWIA". Musharaf is far better than these corruped and impostures, who deliberately kept the masses uneducated that they should not acquire the ability to judge and realise their anti peoples, undemocratic history, activities. May god help Pakistan, we are heading towards disaster just for the personal grudge of the few evil who have heavens overseas with safe passage too.

    Ahmed Shaheen, Aruba - 13 August, 2008


    The worst damage so far been done to Pakistan is this shameless retired general. Worst liar, american agent, sold daughters of pakistan to the foriegn agencies. The time will come and show how much ugly and sick this person is and how much damaged has been made by him to the roots of Pakistan. I left Pakistan in 1999 and today if i compare the things then and what we have become today. It will be a blessing from Allah if this person is punished by the court of law. This obscene and crazy bugger should be hanged in Public till death. This may not solve the releven issues but at least a message can be send to the establishmen and other forces that what can happen if the constitution is broken.

    Pakistan Zinda Baad

    Shahzaib from saudi arabia, Pakistan - 13 August, 2008

    After the Impeachment?

    Assuming that Musharraf resigns or is impeached? Who takes over Zardari a man whose scruples are doubtful.Sharif
    who follows his political ally closely in
    terms of corruption. Which Sardar from
    Baluchistan will be considered patriot to step into the Presidency. From the troubled Pakhtunkhwa is Asfandyar the choice, his mentors are the ruling
    party in India and how safe will the N assets of the nation be? Can we place
    Fazalur Rehman in the chair, then we have to accomodate Taliban and Al Qaida and join the Club with Iran,Syria
    and Venezuela. Since N Korea is now a
    dummy member.So Pakistanis from 18
    years age to 80 years age will have to
    light candles and search the haystacks
    to find a person with no blemish to replace Musharraf. Provided they in their haste do not set fire to the haystacks.

    Khalid Rahim, Canada - 14 August, 2008


    Musharraf Zindabad!


    Today we need a Pakistan Specific Constitution via which we can evolve a New Political System and divide into more Provinces.

    The current Pakistani Democracy is a Failure and needs an urgent overhaul.

    This democracy is leading to a meltdown in Pakistan and creating ethnic conflict where none existed.

    Pakistan's survival requires a period of stability.
    Enough of politics.
    Our model should be China or Dubai.

    As the alternative is to fall and that does not suit a Nation that has built an impressive record of beating the odds.

    sherbano, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008

    Pakistan' Political enviorement is polorized in the sense that we have not many example of politicians have national level strature alas bunch of local level strature.from where punjab shared a lot thus political pandulem remain swing there which always posing other state people to suffer either deprived of thier due share in politics, socio-econic development.This kind of senerio farbades entire peoples of pakistans active/passive participation & representation in pakistan's affairs.Prevailing current political choas driven by those peoples whom peoples already rejected but poor masses are limited to see the drama.Ethnic and localize thought politicians has already damaged pakistan.For getting rid of these kind of politicians pakistani peoples has to increase the number of province by 8 instead of 4 to make a perfect equillibrim so political check & balance may persist by getting proper repersentation and economic allocation.currently nation has hijacked by two forces and forced rest of to follow.

    Yusuzai inam-ul-haque, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008

    President Musharaff is Faith-corrupt

    Agreed , Nawaz and Zardari are money-corrupt but God-forsaken Musharaff is religion -corrupt. Allah Swt shielded him and saw him through from the very accurate and very well-planned assasination attacks waged by the fundamentalists only for this day wherein he pathetically stands alone on the verge of an EXEMPLERY HUMILATION. Subhan'Allah. What a lofty example of the proverbial " Divine Retribution " . Justice will not be served unless Musharaff is not handed over to the families of Lal Masjid Martyrs or to the likes of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui family for their verdict as how the undiluted Islamic Shahriah calls for.

    Sadat Khan, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008

    New Pakistan. Time is now

    I will not go in details like my brothers Anwar Mahmood sahib and Usman Khalid sahib, but will make it short and to the point. Some may find my opinions to be offensive. Then again, my words are my voice.
    The Time is now for us Pakistanis to accept the fact known since the split. The engine that runs Pakistan is Karachi. I dare to write, Let us break Karachi away from other provinces. Make Karachi a new Pakistan.
    Give Punjab to Nawaz brothers. Let them do whatever Punjabis want to do. Make a new country, screw with frontier or among themselves. They can combine with the state on the other side of the boarder and make a greater Punjab.
    Other two provinces have never contributed a dime in building our nation, nor do they GET it. Let us right them off or better yet, let this headache be part of Afghanistan.
    My brothers, note this fact that 85% of tax base of Paksitan is in Karachi. We are the educated ones. Ours fathers were the one who agreed with Quaid dream, accepted his vision and followed to Pakistan. The same dream can come to reality in a form of new Pakistan.
    If Musharraf decides not to fight these thugs and leaves honorably, I predict that the first swipe for hard cash from the Punjabis and other hoodlums will be on Karachi Muhagir Industrialists. No other entity in Pakistan have recorded tax base except us. Look for new war for Karachi money to start if Musharraf leaves office. It's going to be a blood bath.
    I will pose strict visa restriction for specially people trying to visit Karachi Pakistan, specially my brothers from north and Baluchistan. Punjabis will be required to obtain permit to work and live in Pakistan. If they show any sign of illiterate behavior, they will be deported to the peaceful sights and sounds of Punjab.
    I welcome thoughtful and respectful comments.

    aslam, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008

    Impeachment, or really is it?

    Musharraf's Impeachment, or really is it? The fast turning numbers game and the betrayal by some party PML-Q sideliners in the Provincial assemblies just shows how ugly this situation really is. With everyone looking out for their own interests (Namely Zardari, the self proclaimed King of Pakistan who day by day looks more like a don from an Indian film, to Nawaz who really hasn't been able to get out of the Seth like mentality).
    Why is it that we as a nation are so complacent, that we don't even realize that the very leaders who are trying to rid Pakistan of its President were indited in NAB cases, were put behind bars for committing endless crimes against the state, the establishment and its people. I can still remember Nawaz handcuffed and crying infront of a crowd present at the Sindh High Court, why can't others remember what he did to our nation.
    The weakened President, is not who we should be worrying about. It's what's going to happen if he's gone. The rupee at its weakest, at an all time low of 75.30 to a dollar is an indication of how difficult things are going to get if there is a long battle in the impeachment process. With political uncertainty and a belligerent coalition government run by failed rulers of the past out to prove themselves once again against a common enemy, one can only expect the worst, more bombs and terrorist attacks in major cities across the nation. The crime rate will also be on the rise; How does one expect a person who earns 3-5 thousand a month to support a family of 4-6 in an average Pakistani home. His life as he knows is about to end, resulting into a thief or robbing from others; Hence leading to more frustration.
    Just a few weeks back the two leaders Nawaz and Zardari were not on talking terms, it seems that they've put their misgivings behind them once again to take out their personal vendettas in the name of impeachment. But what happens when Musharraf is gone, it's hard to believe that two men who raised cases against each other when they were in power remain close allies. Clearly the only thing uniting them is the President who has done something right for this nation.
    Pakistan is most unfortunate, partly due to the system itself which lends out to political leaders like Zardari and Nawaz but also because of the vast majority of us. By us, I point out to both the educated and the uneducated masses that have turned a blind eye, or are comfortably numb about what's happening to their country. To many of us this is just another topic under discussion, while sipping tea in the cool confines of our drawing rooms.
    Maybe we are incapable of ruling ourselves, and need to be reminded about the harsh reality of 1971 when East Pakistan was separated. The rulers of today are so busy on keeping their eye on the presidential seat that they could give two hoots about the masses, who are struggling to keep up with the ever rising prices of pulses, petrol and energy or lack thereof. I fear and pray that history does not repeat itself, thus resulting in the breakup of this nation which has tremendous potential. May Allah protect us all and our sovereignty!

    Bilal Elahi, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008


    Musharraf Zindabad!


    Today we need a Pakistan Specific Constitution via which we can evolve a New Political System and divide into more Provinces.

    The current Pakistani Democracy is a Failure and needs an urgent overhaul.

    This democracy is leading to a meltdown in Pakistan and creating ethnic conflict where none existed.

    Pakistan's survival requires a period of stability.
    Enough of politics.
    Our model should be China or Dubai.

    As the alternative is to fall and that does not suit a Nation that has built an impressive record of beating the odds.

    sherbano, Pakistan - 15 August, 2008

    impeachment of Musharraf

    I always wonder about the people using the name Chaudary. Most of them don't even have a donkey to ride and as yet they want to be Chaudries.

    It is like people I know, didn't even have place to hide their brainless head as yet want to be called Chaudary.

    General Musharraf is the best thing for Pakistan to prepare them for path to democracy. You watch, if he leave, this country will be in big trouble.

    Raymond W.Durrani, Canada - 16 August, 2008

    Pakistan at crossroads

    Once again, in the 60 year history of Pakistan, it is facing yet another crisis.

    Undoubtedly Musharraf allowed his close associates, military and non-military to become corrupt and comprise whatever principles they may have had. For this and perhaps for other mismanaged issues, Musharraf has to step down.

    With 15% inflation, high unemployment and the abject level of illiteracy the so called "democratically elected" new coalition government doesn't stand a chance of a snowball in hell to pull up the country from it's downwards spiral.

    Democracy, in any form will never....never, be established in Pakistan, for the simple reason that this form of governance imperatively requires that at least 75% of the population have some recognizable level of education, short of which any administration will conduct itself, completely without any accountability.

    Recent claims by the inherited, not democratically elected leader of the PPP Mr. Zardari seemed hypocritical when he charged Musharraf with misappropriating US economic assistance, especially since Mr. 10% himself made trillion Rupees during his late wife's PMship. Nawaz Sharif, on the other hand is bent on exacting his pound of flesh in a vengeful plot to hang Musharraf at all cost.

    The West, specifically the US & UK are done with Musharraf. They needed him when they did, he served their purposes and they have reached an agreement with Zardari and Sharif to continue the game-playing without Musharraf as a partner. Don't forget, this is in keeping with the foreign policy philosophy of NO permanent friends, No permanent enemies, ONLY IMMEDIATE INERESTS!

    The West can also always depend on the Army taking over, should "things" get out of hand! Gen. Kiyani, the great American friend is patiently waiting in the wings.

    The radicals, the Islamists et al can't wait for Musharraf to leave office. With his departure, predictablly, they will overrun the country in a matter months, if not weeks without much if any resistance. The Pakistan military once a source of powerful defence, thanks to Musharraf, is now fat, rich and drunk with power, no longer a lean, mean fighting machine once feared by it's neighbor(s). Much evidence of this fact can be easily found in the many news reports of the captured or killed military personnel. A "ragtag" Taliban, Al Qaida and other Islamists have carefully and in some cases with inside help and much skill defeated the military might of Pakistan. Kiyani has his work cut out!

    Musharraf came to power and decided to play with the big boys, which he did by playing by their rules. He did screw up and now it is time for him to move to some quiet, unknown location.

    Frankly, the US, UK, Sharif or Zardari really don't give a damn about democracy in Pakistan. If someone realistically did care about it, then all the landlords, e.g. Bhuttos, Zardaris, Sharifs, Bugtis, etc. etc would have been eliminated, there would be rreal education for the masses and the military would have removed itself to the barracks, deferring to true, elected civilian government!

    Intrepid, United Kingdom - 17 August, 2008

    What a JOKE!!!

    Great lets impeach him and elect the criminals Zaradari and Nawaz into office. Good idea. Might as well put Altaf Hussain on the ballot box as well. I think our country needs more corrupt political figures.

    Good show!!!

    When will the people that actually care about our country get elected into office? OH right they wont since they are not corrupt individuals and will never have that chance.

    Faisal, United Kingdom - 17 August, 2008

    kuta bag raha hay

    musharaf is the worst presedent of pakistan

    zahid, Pakistan - 18 August, 2008

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