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Musharraf and Judge`s Case

31 July, 2009

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The Supreme Court had given a notice to former president Pervez Musharraf to explain his position in the "Judge`s Case" on July 29, 2009. Musharraf decided not to comply with the notice on the evasive legal technical grounds that it was not served on him.

In the light of above, what do you think:-

  • Will he appear before the Supreme Court to defend his action? If not, then share your reason?
  • Will his lawyer appear in the court for him to defend?
  • Is present Government trying to protect Musharraf against these charges?
  • Reader Comments:

    president pervaz musharaf

    dear sir,our politicians are same old rubbish again.they will never learn.military governments have given the country stability which we desperately need and that is why military rulers have remained so popular.we need a revolution that will clear off these rogue politicians from the scene.politicians as they have looted and robbed the nation"s wealth are are well off.therefore they will never understand and feel the problems of the people in the street.people need these foolish and selfish politicians to tacle their problems of everyday life.May Allah make these politicians understand this fact or destroy them for ever so that others can try hard to eliminate poverty and shortage of basic needs of life fo people in the street.I am sure there are million and miollions of people in the country who wish to improvement in living standards before they leave this world.Please try to make these politicians aware of these real facts.Let us be honest and admit that only mian brothers will benefit from mushaf trial.This they can do under private prosecution and spare the nation.for heaven"s sake do not put the fate of whole nation on line for your personnal vendetta. DO NOT MAKE IT A POLITICAL ISSUE.For heavens let the politicians try to solve national problems which are very huge and very very important.May Allah help the poor people of Pakistan.My we get rid of these mischevious and venemous politicians.Aamin.Sumaamin

    muhammad umraz, United Arab Emirates - 16 September, 2009

    Musharraf is Second to Quaid-Azam

    All developments in pakistan made during millatry regime
    As the democracy is concerned you see what is going on is fight of like bulldog they do not pay attention problems of the country same happened during previous democracies

    AKRAM CHAUDHRY, United Kingdom - 17 September, 2009

    nothing to explain

    , Pakistan - 19 September, 2009

    What constitution says on trial against Musharraf? Part 1

    Former General (retd) Musharraf may be tried under official secret Act on his latest revelations that Pakistan under him had diverted the US aid and ammunition, given to Islamabad for the war on terror, against India. I feel that he has been allowed to use his tongue freely and he is still under 2 years period after leaving his office and remaining silence on national issues which may jeopardise his country's well being is his national duty on job or off job.
    His latest revelations which supports Pakistan's arch enemy India are a direct breach his code though he has no control of his tongue and writing as was the case in his book 'In the line of Fire' where he admitted handing over many for exchange of millions from CIA.
    After carefully reading the book I feel that then sitting COAS had broken his already set trend & service rules as well as breached his two=2 0oath(s) by writing about the most sensitive as well as matters of national interest & sovereignty showing his superfluous strength and applying the 'might is right' maxim whilst he is in those two offices. This latest statement is a repeat of his book.
    In particular, when he wrote whether 'Pakistan's nuclear capability was operational or not at the time of Kargil incident' and 'Abdul Qadeer Khan's alleged role in nuclear proliferation without him available to defend'. He further wrote at other page, 'about his role in forming PML(Q) being under oath not to indulge in politics as COAS'. He accepted in his book that he agreed to be part of military campaign against Afghanistan in the war on terror as a result of Richard Armitage's threats via DG ISI to bomb Pakistan if they refuse, giving in to demands upon threat thus departing from core Islamic values of faith and discipline'. Finally, he breached his code of honour and principles of rule of law and due process when he accepted of handing over US wanted personnel's for millions of dollars exchange thus acc epting to override the judicial scrutiny and present them to other states without due process of law and judicial oversight. These revelations are not only humiliating but prejudicial to the interest of security and integrity of the country. Lets not talk about drone attacks and free movement of US intelligence officers, the practice of which is still continuing.
    Now if we see the 'The Official Secrets Act 1923 [Act No. 19 of 1923 dated 2nd. April, 1923]1 ' of then India before partition which was enacted and adopted by Pakistan as Pakistan's criminal jurisprudence is based on British colonial law, he may be in direct breach of 5(1)(c) of the official secrets act, 1923.
    Para 5 says as following:
    5. Wrongful communication, etc., of information - - (1) If any person having in his possession or control any secret official code or pass word or any sketch, plan, model, article, note, document or information which
    relates to or is used in a prohibited place or relates to anything in such a place, or which has been entrusted in confidence to him by any person holding office under 2 {Government} or as a person who holds or has held a contract made on behalf of 1{Government} or as a person who is or has been employed under a person who holds or has held such an office or contract.
    And we further see sub section c which says, "(c) uses the information in his possession for the benefit of any foreign power or in any other manner prejudicial to the safety of the State".
    My close scrutiny of his office's oath then and "That I will not allow my personal interest to influence my official conduct or my official decisions" and his COAS oath That I will not engage myself in any political activities whatsoever and that I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army (or Navy or Air Force) as required by and under the Law" make it clear that he has breached such oath(s).

    Amjad Malik, United Arab Emirates - 28 September, 2009

    What constitution says on trial against Musharraf? Part 2

    Defence Ministry as well as Supreme Court will carefully examine his latest statements and his book in line with his oath(s) taken and their wording subjectively and objectively as well as service rule to see if the book has opened a Pandora's box and there is any issue of compromising national integrity & security and sovereignty by disclosing material facts of confidential and highly sensitive nature which came to the possession of the writer in his official capacity.
    If that's right, then necessary action must be taken to preserve rule of law in Pakistan in respect of his random use of his freedom of speech and writing this book and conduct of the writer which is already under criticism in intelligencia and higher circles of Pakistan and abroad. But here we are confronted an entity which seems above than rule of law, something supra constitutional in nature and meaning. Question for all is 'Who will bell the cat' I guess it is public who needs to mobilize and as Shakespeare said in hamlet, 'to take arms against the sea of trouble and by opposing end them'
    I disagree that these are mere facts. These are disclosures of material information in the possession of former President in the course of his duty and the time requires the Govt and Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan to form a view quickly to stop the former secret agent(s) to shut their gobs or face the music as random unchecked stories of Brigadier Imtiaz, Major Amir, Khalid Khawaja and now General Musharraf on behalf of their handlers are a great disservice to community, country and baby democracy of Pakistan.

    Amjad Malik, United Arab Emirates - 28 September, 2009

    Pakistanis leave Pakistan

    If Mr Iftikhar Chaudary has decided to go aginst this country than we should leave pakistan. I am a not intrested either in Zardari or Shareef. They all are usurpers and Mr Chaudary is abatting the latter. We from middle class of this country are very much afraid of courts particularly Supreme Court. I am rabidly finding a place to leave my country for the time till these three parohas of Pakistan are living.
    Zahoor Pakistan

    zahoor, Pakistan - 14 February, 2010


    assalam u alakum.I gone thrugoh the article and then to the sub titles and the revelant forum on this part.But being a muslim and a strong believer its my personal opinion that Brig Ali has no concern with Haz bul Tahrir, how everone of my august friend written about Gen Musharaf, is he responsible for plunging him in this crises way? Rest you ppl read his book in detail once again.regards

    Auth, Thailand - 31 May, 2012

    Musharraf Trial

    The Entire people(No Exception) of Pakistan are a bunch of Sheeps following one in front of the herd not knowing that they are being lead Astray.
    The Biased,Verdictive and Revengeful Judicary of Pakistan is totally Blind against their Ill Will to seek Revenge and Vengance against Gen Pervaiz Musharraf , the Biased Judicary is continuingly taking foolish and nonsense steps as can be determined by today's Biased Judicary Action of making a very petty and ordinary action a big Crime " that how did the vehicle carrying Gen Pervaiz Musharraf entered the premises of the Court Building?" and entire Government Functionaries are taken to task,The so called Independent Media,So called Human Rights Activists,So called Civil Society and All Other So Called Champions of Humanity have closed their Eyes,Ears and Tongues towards the Atrocities of the Biased n Corrupt Judicary of Pakistan against Gen Pervaiz Musharraf.
    Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf is being led to a Spider like wooven Trap webed by PML(N),PPP,Judicary and Media, Since very cunningly Sharif Brothers(PML N) and Zardari (PPP)have netted the so called Care Taker Govt of Former Judicary and current Media Personnels to achieve their goals against Gen Pervaiz Musharraf.
    Each and every Champion of Humanity in Pakistan is silent against the Biased Judical Dictatorship which has taken over the Legislator and Executive. Each and everyday Legislation is twisted and turned their (Judicary's)way Executive Functionaries like Police,Secretaries and other Heads of Govt Departments are Sacked,Promoted andTransferred by the Biased Pakistan Judicary to achieve their vengance against Gen Pervaiz Musharraf.
    All I can Imagine for is a Big Bang.

    Jeeva, - 24 April, 2013

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