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Musharraf and Judge`s Case

31 July, 2009

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The Supreme Court had given a notice to former president Pervez Musharraf to explain his position in the "Judge`s Case" on July 29, 2009. Musharraf decided not to comply with the notice on the evasive legal technical grounds that it was not served on him.

In the light of above, what do you think:-

  • Will he appear before the Supreme Court to defend his action? If not, then share your reason?
  • Will his lawyer appear in the court for him to defend?
  • Is present Government trying to protect Musharraf against these charges?
  • Reader Comments:

    Pakistan Politics Military Court & Musharraf Question

    Q. Will he(Musharraf) appear before the Supreme Court to defend his action?
    A. All Court Procedure is governed by Methodology (even Technical)
    and it must be obeyed.

    Q. Will his lawyer appear in the court for him to defend?
    A.Lawyer Must advice client Court procedure or best method to help him Win or
    Defend his case.

    Q. Is present Government trying to protect Musharraf against these charges?
    A. The Present Govt or Opposition and Pakistan Stability have had seen many
    Ups and down .

    To evaluate the reasoning…

    All acts are by divine force of Allah. Some time it took dictatorship sometimes stupid ill formed Democracy Method sometime NUKE explosion to counter India's. There were UN inspectors Searching Iraq ( years for WMD amid Wars between Muslim Iraq-Iran). They Moved in neighbourhood using 9/11 pretext anyway. Millions of people got killed.None Muslim Forces of Russia VS NATO strength who have currently moved in the Pakistanor Muslim domain.Why?Why Billions Spent to keep there? .There were criminal charges Pending against Nawaz Zardaris and those few corrupt Law firms who write IMF and Business transaction for Money. Sudden growth of Hindus Chinese Jews Christian and Buddhist billionaire is also fact. Why NATO strength still want to defeat Muslims in lieu of Russia _Warsaw Pact Capability?They are giving bold Statement:
    “ no rest until Muslim Taliban erased from face of the Earth”. Which Muslim Taliban ? No Muslims control affairs of 1500 million Muslims with wide resources of Oil Gas Iron Ore Uranium Gold Silver Coal Mines Opium for Drug Tea Coffee Cotton Merchandise.These are all in none Muslim Hand.One way or another Musharaf quit his solid grip for Pakistan Power brought back Zardari and Nawaz Brothers in Balancing Act amid wide spead act of Terrorism against him too during Nov –Dec 2007 in the period in question .The fact is in context when Millions died in Iraq Afghanistan and how many Mass graves still awaiting digging up.One ex Muslim MP of G8 Democracy yesterday told me “One Jewish Lady now has his Job by inducing a Pakistani Guy to get his Votes split (from Muslim Voters)until she got elected ejecting him”. Such Kind of criminal does exist. In Pakistan after Taliban Swat Waziristan NWF Courts Democracy problem to dwell on Balancing Acts of Pervez Muusharaff in Time wasting or using fine detail seem joke while World has plunged into lawlessness job losses economic Turmoil with only India and Chinese Billionaires seem enjoying the fruits of Turmol.Pakistan is a new Nation.All Mistakes must be corrected – the country the economy the industries jobs income housing law defence religion the constitution and all .Blaming to One Pervez Musharaf while ignoring others in self promotion to divert attention like Muslim MP vs Jewish MP Case seem Cospiracy to defraud on behalf of
    Current interest of Billionaires.

    Z.Billo, United Arab Emirates - 01 August, 2009

    Mushrraf saheb

    Now Musharraf saheb must me ready for a readymade muqdama ending with a great speed. Afterall, he is not above the pakistani law. Drive slowly...sir...any contact with sau-d-arabia?

    LC, Pakistan - 03 August, 2009

    Mushrraf Golden 8 years for Pakistan

    I know people hate Mushrraf ... what he has done for Pakistan over 8 years can not be judge and understood by country that is full of Jhahills. It's so unfortunate for a country who has achieved so much during the Mushrraf government. He as a dictator introduced true democracy, liberated the media, turned around the economy, and increased the Currency reserves. LG system was a true democratic system and was working great now newly elected government wants to bring back old failed system. DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR EVERY COUNTRY.... When you have 90% illiteracy and feudalism at its peak democracy will fail. You want true democracy get rid of all the Chaudries, waderass and Zamidarsss first and educate your masses or your country will be domed........

    khalid, United Kingdom - 04 August, 2009

    Musharraf was nothing but a tin pot dictator who used his position as military chief to his advantage, abused the constitution and law. He set back the process of democracy. He promoted religious extremists to stay in power. He certainly should be tried for treason. Besides if all acts are Divine deeds of Allah then certainly God is not a friend of Muslims.

    as ahmed, Pakistan - 05 August, 2009


    Ex president of Pakistan was really loyal to the Pakistan as compare to the major political parties at present.

    Minhas Omar, Canada - 06 August, 2009

    What Trial?

    No case against General Musharaff can be justified. Mr Iftkhar Muhammad Chudhry is a PCO Judge himself. Nawaz Sharif is a convicted person. What Nawaz Sharif did on 12 October 1999 he should punished for hojacking and trying to kill more than 240 people on board. CJ was happy as PCO Judge till 9th March 2007. When it came to him, he then remembered the constitution. Where was he earlier? SC has become hostage to few people who are playing with the future of Pakistan. There are so many issues that must be resolved. CJ is silent on the plight of the people of Pakistan. He and NS want to take revenge. This is matter of concern that our apex court is a vegeful body. May god save Pakistan from these people. General Musharraf is stll the best person for Pakistan.

    Major (R) Nasir, Pakistan - 11 August, 2009


    MUJAHID MAJID, Pakistan - 11 August, 2009

    Try Iftikhar Chaudhry, Zardari and Nawaz First

    Musharraf should have hanged all three of them and I hope he gets a chance to do so

    Amjad, Pakistan - 12 August, 2009


    This CJ should try himself for treason before anything else an then hang himself if he really thinks for the nation. If cj was fair he would have taken decisions made in 19999-2000 into account. Some people who think divine power is working then wait a little longer and see what happens. Mr. Musharraf Zindabad!!!

    Akhlaq, Pakistan - 14 August, 2009


    The decision of Supreme Court dated 31st of July 2009 as projected by media is the biggest Fraud in Judicial History of Pakistan when it says that PCO judges have been sent home. PCO Judges are still working and non PCO judges have been sacked, packed and sent home. The beneficiaries of the recent judgment are Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal, Mr. Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan, Mr. Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday Mr. Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Mr. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani etc. All these judges violated the constitutional oath and took fresh oath under the PCO of General Musharaf after Pakistan army ousted Nawaz Sharif in October of 1999.
    The other set of PCO judges are Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokhar and Justice Javed Buttar etc. including other judges in High Courts who took oath under the PCO on 3rd of November 1999. All of them are judges even today and are still continuing.
    Interestingly the judges who have been sent home had never taken oath under any PCO. Most of these Judges were not even appointed in General Musharaf's period. Infact they were appointed after the restoration of democracy in the country. The name of these judges who took oath under the constitution are as under:-
    1) Mr. Justice Pervez Ali Chawla
    1) Mr. Justice Habib Ullah Shakir
    2) Mr. Justice Nazir Ahmed Ghazi
    3) Mr. Justice Abdul Sattar Goraya
    4) Mr. Justice Syed Ihtasham Qadir Shah
    5) Justice Ms. Jamila Jahanoor Aslam
    6) Mr. Justice Mahmood Akhtar Khan
    7) Mr. Justice Jamshed Rahmat Ullah
    8) Mr. Justice Pervez Inayat Malik
    9) Mr. Justice Arshad Mahmood
    10) Mr. Justice Irfan Qadir
    11) Mr. Justice Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari
    12) Mr. Justice Ch. Naeem Masood
    13) Mr. Justice Anwar-ul-Haq Pannu
    14) Mr. Justice Muhammad Shafqat Khan Abbasi
    15) Mr. Justice Imtiaz Rasheed Siddiqui
    16) Mr. Justice Bin Yamin
    17) Mr. Justice Khalid Ali Z. Qazi
    18) Mr. Justice Salman Ansari
    19) Mr. Justice Abdul Rehman Farooq Pirzada
    20) Mr. Justice Abdul Rasheed Klwar
    21) Mr. Justice Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani
    22) Mr. Justice Syed Mehmood Alam Rizvi
    23) Justice Ms. Soofia Latif
    24) Mr. Justice Maqbool Ahmed Awan
    25) Mr. Justice Safdar Ahi Bhutto
    26) Mr. Justice Moharram G. Baloch
    27) Mr. Justice Malik Muhammad Aqil
    28) Mr. Justice Syed Shafaqat Ali Shah Masoomi
    29) Mr. Justice Muhammad Iqbal Mahar
    30) Mr. Justice Khadim Hussain M. Sheikh
    31) Mr. Justice Muhammad Ismail Bhutto
    32) Mr. Justice Arshad Siraj Memon
    33) Mr. Justice Aamir Raza Naqvi
    34) Mr. Justice Muhammad Karim Khan Agha
    35) Mr. Justice Salman Talibuddin
    36) Mr. Justice Shaji Rehman Khan
    37) Mr. Justice Ghulam Mohayuddin Malik
    38) Mr. Justice Ziauddin Khattak
    39) Mr. Justice Syed Mussaddiq Hussain Gilani
    40) Mr. Justice Syed Yahya Zahid Gilani
    41) Mr. Justice Muhammad Alam Khan
    42) Mr. Justice Mazhar Hussain Minhas
    43) Mr. Justice Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti
    44) Mr. Justice Rana Zahid Mehmood
    45) Mr. Justice Kazim Ali Malik
    46) Mr. Justice Hafiz Tariq Nasim
    47) Mr. Justice Khalil Ahmad
    48) Mr. Justice MA Zafar
    49) Mr. Justice Malik Saeed Ejaz
    50) Mr. Justice Syed Shaheen Masud Rizvi
    51) Mr. Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi
    52) Mr. Justice Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon.

    The aforesaid 52 judges have never ever taken oath under the PCO. They have been ousted. The nation is celebrating and all the PCO judges are still continuing as judges. In short the fight between post November 3 PCO judges and post October 12 PCO judges has resulted in ouster of judges who took oath only under the Constitution of Pakistan and never ever under the PCO. The media, PML[N], the lawyers and other political forces are mixed up and are rejoicing the ouster of constitutionally appointed judges and PPP seems ignorant of this fact. Such things can only happen in Pakistan. After General Musharraf dislodged Nawaz's government on 12th October 1999, Iftikhar Chaudhry in order to save his job took oath under the PCO. However when he lost his job on 3rd of November 2007 he condemned the PCO. Lets stop having double standards. All PCO judges should be removed regardless of the fact whether they took oath under the PCO before 2nd of November 2007 or thereafter. The irony is that PCO judges have removed those judges who took oath only under the constitution and never under any PCO.

    Fatima Bhutto, Pakistan - 14 August, 2009

    Pakistan enemy # 1 Iftikhar Chaudhry, Zardari and Nawaz

    All the educated and people with real love for pakistan and people with Civic sense should rise up and save the country from these three Biggest Enemies of Pakistan:

    Iftikhar Chaudhry

    you can Put them any order you want....

    khalid, United Kingdom - 14 August, 2009


    This is not necessary to go back and punish all who we think are responsible for something. If you want to blame, blame the institutions who have not done their jobs. in America too no matter how stupid is your president, they have a system in place. Institutions all contribute toward the betterment of people and create the laws. No matter how many people have tried or may not have tried to build Pakistan it does not matter. We are lacking in our duty to do some homework, like what happen to Iftikhar chowdry, what has he done so far for the judiciary system. Is he came up with some new idea as how to run this country. President of Pakistan is a shameful fact that he is after taking money from many businessmen still elected by the officers of the peoples party. I am still shocked. but again our institutions steps up and do the right thing and do not let the president transfer all his money to foreign accounts. I heard that they taking more money from IMF and it is a shame where musharaf had done opposite create a market for outside dollars to invest in this country without interest and terms. I think the politician now instead blaming the previous Government must do some thing really smart, to move forward and work with integrity and honesty. Hording of sugars in panjab is a shameful act and all poor people of Pakistan suffers. Whoever are involved Law must come forward to punish who are responsible for that act. If a person on the top is greedy he will make all others under him to do the same. I think it will only start when law of the land prevail at lower level of laws, where on police man will act with honesty. anybody who break laws must be punished. Pakistan can't go forward unless every person take the greed out of his mind and work for the poors and needy and the equal right for every person. amin fahim was an honest candidate for president but Zardari was elected, what a shame and I will blame all the people's Party politicians for that. If you realistically analyze the whole sixty two year of the history of Pakistan, you will find that during the period all whom we call dictators have done much more than the elected government of Pakistan.Finally only one thing that I can say to the people of Pakistan. If your Institutions are not strong, there is no law, means there is no justice to maintain. Please learn from other developed Counties.

    Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 15 August, 2009

    Further adding to this discussion

    All PCO judges are still doing work, and Judges of Lahore high court , who were appointed by Syed Zahid Hussain ( now Supreme Court Judge) appointed by CJ Iftikhar Hussain, were sent home, and their hiring was termed as illegal.

    Poor nation doesnt know that PCO judges are still in courts while Non PCO judges were ceased to work …

    Fatima, Pakistan - 29 August, 2009

    Musharaf, Altaf and Zardari

    Musharaf, Altaf and Zardari all should be punished for betraying the whole nation

    Saleem, Pakistan - 03 September, 2009

    sir musharraf is the best

    media need to be more responsible what they says aganst musharraf. trail for iftikhar, zardari, nawaz.

    rahim, United Kingdom - 03 September, 2009

    In faver Of Gen Mushrif

    Gen. Musharraf Was the best President for Pakistan. He save the Pakistan.He was much better than any one else May God bless his family and save from his enemies.

    Rev. George Fateh Din, Pakistan - 05 September, 2009

    Musaaraf Trail

    Army or Armed Forces never had a desire or has a desire to rule the country, but when your politicians sell out Pakistan then they are against the wall. Why politicians, ALL, without any exception should look towards Army to put them in power because they
    ( Politicians ) do not have a base in the public. Why politicians scumbe to their desires and goodies instead of taking bold and bitter decisions in the interest of the NATION and the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN.

    Ask Army to do a job in accordance with the Law and Constitution, firmly without any favours and clinging to the power, and you will see they will do it.

    What, we as a People of Pakistan have demanded of our Politicians and when they did not fulfill their promises then did we reject them for ever ? How many of the educated lot has gone to polls and made our illiterate MASSES aware of the value of their VOTE and the Life Sketch of our Politicians to show their real faces to the public and our MASSES?

    Wish a luck to Pakistan Inshahallh.

    Noor Ilahi, - 09 September, 2009

    Musaaraf Trail

    Thats a miconception being spread.
    what were the issues in 1999 which forced musharaf to take over the government. he was expelled by the chief executive of the country and he rebelled and forced him for accept exile

    what were the reasonf for general zia to arrest bhutto? We had politicial issues and there were always reasonable sources to sort them out politically. ..

    how would you justify general yahya's role in pakistani history?

    go little behind... and you will notice general ayub trying to destabiline liaquat ali khan's government in 1951.. they laid down a plan and used brig akbar khan... brig akbar khan was arrested but soon after that liaquat ali khan was murdered and brig akbar khan was released and promoted by general ayub late...

    go little back and you will see commander in chief of pak army refusing Quai-e-Azam' s order to send forces to kashmir... and we are still facing the consequences of betrayal

    we had two chances to get kashmir back... one was lost by CIC in 1948 when he refused Quaid and then General Ayub when he didnt attack indian army in 1962...

    we lost kashmir becuase of army
    we lost half pakistan because of army
    we lost siachin because of army
    we were humiliated in kargil becuase of army
    we lost our stance on kashmir becuase of army


    army ruled pakistan for more than 32 years

    they never let people of pakistan trial corrupt politicians
    mushraf couped in 1999 and promised to get rid of corrupt politicians. .... and what he did....... he made a party of the most corrupt politicians and then ruled pakistan with their support?

    and you still call politicians a reason for everything?

    even if we accept your logic... again.... we have seen......

    a politican being hanged for what he did or didnt
    we see politicians being jailed
    we see politicians for being exiled

    politicians are made to pay back for what they did...

    when are we going to see army generals paying back for their corruption treason and above constitutional steps... now is a moment in the history of pakistan that we can arrest ex army chief/pakistani president and trial him whatever he did to us..

    we all got to stand up and support musharaf's trial for the sake of pakistan and pakistanis

    we will have to do it to keep army on borders...

    we need to complete the circle of "selection through election - then government - and then trial and selection through election"

    Raheel Rana, - 09 September, 2009

    Musaaraf Trail

    Dear Raheel,

    Take it easy, no need to burn yourself we must think objectively and discuss the problem Cooley. I am not justifying Army action nor degrading the politicians.

    Let me ask you a question, have you been in the corridors of power. My guess will be not, and neither you will have too much knowledge what happens behind close doors. I have seen these politicians licking the hands of the Generals and literally touching their feet when they ( the Generals ) granted audience to them.

    Right now see your numerous politicians not in favour of Musaaf trail that includes the sitting government, PPP at large, because they have to guard their SIX.

    In case we come across an opportunity in future to sit to gather, I will tell stories that you will be the first one to throw all these present politicians in the sea. But that does not mean we should withdraw, NO NO NOT at all, let us be brave enough to say Black is Black and White is White, from now on let us stand up and confront all, no matter where we are and what are we doing.

    Good Luck

    NOOR SIDDIQI, Pakistan - 09 September, 2009

    Musaaraf Trail

    Dear Noor Siddiqui

    I wish there were more who would think like you.
    Unfortunately, we are a nation given to emotions, rhetorics and VERY short memory. We worship the rising sun and condemn those out of power. We also hail the army every time there is a coup and start condemning it soon for our LOVE for democracy. The democracy which makes us stand in long Ques in the scorching sun for atta, chini and bijli. Only thing that we don't know is, "Protect and fight for our rights".

    Col. Jafri (Retd)

    Riaz Jafri, Pakistan - 09 September, 2009

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