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Mumbai Blasts

13 July, 2006

Indian government has blamed Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and outlawed Indian group Students of Islamic Movement (SIM) for the Mumbai train attacks that killed at least 200 people on Tuesday last. At least 350 people, mostly Muslims have been arrested on the suspicion of having links to the attacks.

But other Indian officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was just getting under way, cautioned it was too early to accuse a specific group.

On the other hand, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba has denied its involvement in the terrorist attacks saying that "Indian security forces blame Lashkar in an attempt to defame Kashmir freedom struggle."

A spokesman of powerful Hizb-ull-Mujahidin, the largest group fighting Indian rule in held Kashmir, has also termed the attacks an "act of terrorism" saying Islam does not allow any group or individual to hurt the innocent civilians.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna on Wednesday repeated Indian demands that Pakistan crack down on the militants, who New Delhi says operate from Azad Kashmir.

"We would urge Pakistan to take urgent steps to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism on the territory under its control and act resolutely against individuals and groups who are responsible for terrorists’ violence," he said.

Here are some questions
1) Is that too early to blame any specific group for the attacks?
2) Who will be the major gainer vis-a-vis such attacks. Mujahidin or India?
3) Could it be a calculated conspiracy to tarnish the image of freedom fighters?
4) If yes, then who could be behind that?

Reader Comments:


It is a shame that one of the comment on this site is that Gandhi was fundamentalist. I am surprised to see such comment on 'Gandhi', a person who is known for his brotherhood.

Let me tell you one more thing. Gandhi was killed because he was supporting Pakistan to get Rs.50 Crore from India.

What a shame..It is shame that instead of being greatful to Gandhi, people call him Nazi type person.

Answner me one thing Mr. Pakistan Zindabad, who is respected most in the World, Mahatama Gandhi or your so called Hijbul Muzaheedeen. So called area commander, who was a failuer in his life and was father of failures like you in Pakistan.

You will never succeed - No pakistani effort to distabilise India will suceed. One Indian is equalent to 10 LakH pAKISTANIS.

VIKAS, Hungary - 10 August, 2006

common sense

hi friends well its a well know fact from history that u can win anything by nonviolence what is bin laden or any other terror group going to acheive by bombings is only a piece of land i guess that is why mother nature is so furious that we have started having tsunamis now when tsunamis was hit did it ask for a religion i mean did it hit only muslims or christians or hindu's no it infact slapped and questioned the whole existance of human kind are we still learning from these natural disater that quite happen in our sourroundings like the earthquake in pakistan or india then my question to all these jihadi people do u really know wht jihad is ? well its the fight against evil right and how do u who themselves are brain washed by handful of poeple who say themselves to be god can say wht is right and what is wrong so god has given u life to spread love affection and humanity and kindness not war or hatred history is a sure to prove one thing truth always triumph's and good always stays no matter what mirage u percieve i strongly feel those who are cowards who do not have strenght to make a difference in the society can only think of such attrocities of killing people centre,right and left its no way to get ur things right.Death does not come by asking wht religion u are that is the fact my friends quran doesnt support the fact of terrorism and killing infact no religion in the world says that beacause if u know wht true religion says it just connects u to the humanity and love. mind u when u talk of or compare urselves with some one of the starture of Great Gandhi man u are real insane wish u knew the history and the sacrificies that someone had to do to get things right.You are totally in two different tracks my dear friend gandhi was the one who had taken the struggle for his people by not killing them and if u think u have taken a struggle then u are wrong what are u trying to prove do u have the strength to rule even a single country or address a countries citizen's issues man if u cannot then u are not a leader u are a scared person who himself needs some guidance .What will u guide someone when u urself need some guidance and some sense of thoughts of righteous ? one more question if osama bin laden hated US then why did he study at howard in 1970's ? he shouldnt have taken any help from US if he disliked them that is double standard my dear friend
hope god gives u some sense of sensibility and thought

gandhi, New Zealand - 11 August, 2006

Another Indian State Managed Drama

Indians are notorius for hosting state managed dramas at specific junctures of international political landscape where they can exert their own agenda. Since peace talk and Kashmir is not what it likes to talk about and remains in continuous pursuit to turn the heat on Pakistan. It is also known to Western intelligence that Indian RAW have penetrated the Islamic extremist network in Pakistan and may be the one driving intl. terrorism through it in the background, to defame Pakistan.

I think West needs to put India under microscope than any one else as it is the mother of all evils in S. Asia. India being the author of cross border terrorism in E. Pakistan (now Bangladesh), its support of terrorism in Balauchistan and all its neighbors needs to be understood and addressed.

John K. Milton, United Kingdom - 14 August, 2006


i Agree with John K Milton from USA. Its only India's Propoganda to Malign Pakistan's Image. CURSE ON INDIA

Jumbo, Pakistan - 15 August, 2006

Who will gain

Hi guys just ask yourself who will gain out of all this, learn to question your governments, they will usually find a guy of the streets and say he did it, why is it that everything is done under secretly under government controlled media nothing is transparent, why was the government so quick to react without any evidence that it was muslim terrorists, our government be it Indo or Pak should fear us not we we the people of our respective nations.

wasim, United Arab Emirates - 13 September, 2006

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