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Mumbai Blasts

13 July, 2006

Indian government has blamed Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and outlawed Indian group Students of Islamic Movement (SIM) for the Mumbai train attacks that killed at least 200 people on Tuesday last. At least 350 people, mostly Muslims have been arrested on the suspicion of having links to the attacks.

But other Indian officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was just getting under way, cautioned it was too early to accuse a specific group.

On the other hand, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba has denied its involvement in the terrorist attacks saying that "Indian security forces blame Lashkar in an attempt to defame Kashmir freedom struggle."

A spokesman of powerful Hizb-ull-Mujahidin, the largest group fighting Indian rule in held Kashmir, has also termed the attacks an "act of terrorism" saying Islam does not allow any group or individual to hurt the innocent civilians.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna on Wednesday repeated Indian demands that Pakistan crack down on the militants, who New Delhi says operate from Azad Kashmir.

"We would urge Pakistan to take urgent steps to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism on the territory under its control and act resolutely against individuals and groups who are responsible for terrorists’ violence," he said.

Here are some questions
1) Is that too early to blame any specific group for the attacks?
2) Who will be the major gainer vis-a-vis such attacks. Mujahidin or India?
3) Could it be a calculated conspiracy to tarnish the image of freedom fighters?
4) If yes, then who could be behind that?

Reader Comments:

time to get above propafanda

India gas been a cradle of the civilisations for the million of the years and the whole of the history shows the great strength of the indian nation to survive. We have survived the impact of the most savage and barbarous of the attackers and the indian phoenix has restructured itself each time it was burnt down.The act of terror in mumbai shows the level of the frustration and the cowardice in so called preparators of religion, you can not cope with the furious might of the third largest army which has got worldwide acclaims for the bravery and the dedicated service so you start attacking undercover and targetting the innocent civilians.Lashkar or no lashkar we fully know that who is the enemy willing to pull us back and who is jealous of our size culture ,heritage and the great strides we've made in the art ,culture , science and international standing.BUT
you should remember that whatever you dream, your endeavours are bound to may bring the temporary misery but you can not rob the great indian nation off it's determination and the will.

Anil pratap singh, Hungary - 18 July, 2006

Terrorism doesn't exist without state or GOVT sponsorship, especially well organized large scale attack like this. Many terror attacks through out the world had Pakistani & Islamic foot prints. Various different interpretations of Quran has lead to false justification for such barbaric attacks. Obsession about supremacy of any religion or god is a fallacy. Belief that any prophet or masaya had direct and only connection with god is a biggest fraud in history. When ever Islam rubs against any other religion there is violence whether in Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosova, Chechnya, Israel, China, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other European countries. There is no point in crying wolf and blaming Mosaad and RAW.

H. Morris, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2006


It was Mohandas Gandhi. It's a known fact that him and his nazi Hindu facist friends planned this and put those bombs there 60 years ago in a plan to make Qaid-e-Azam look bad. But of course it's also known that Bhindustani technology is so bad that it took 60 years for it to take affect. RAW, Mossad, RSS, Gujrat, and the Jewish lobby helped Gandhi and his friends pull this off. And MQM obviously provided the bombs.

Pakistan Zindabaad, Pakistan - 19 July, 2006

Muhammad's (peace be upon him) last sermon

Salau wala sallaium said in his last sermon that he would leave upon us what will never lead us astray. The quran. The quran itself says it is complete and fully correct. Let us Muslims forget sunni and shia and unite in our guidance through the quran. It has been proven that the Hadith and Sunnah have been tainted by the Shia's and Sunnis (specifically in this last sermon). So why dont we all unite under the complete full quran in which any act of terrorism is condemned. Where u love ur brothers and sisters and respect them. Giving women full rights and respecting them. Now i am not trying to say this act of terrorism was done by Muslims because i have my doubts about the motives, but we should fight peacefully as the quran teaches us against the desecration of the words of the quran by these terrorist groups and even governments such as Saudi Arabia who give women zero rights and is indifferent to people of different religions or races.

jahangir, Pakistan - 22 July, 2006

Mumbai -Lebanon Bombing Linked

Lebanon Bombings were to create Shia Sunni Sectarian War (Globally).
Mumbai explosion was to do an Israel on Pakistan. Iran would have
Been invaded while Pakistan border would have been erased with extreme
Atrocities. Can C.Rice Untangle Jews Allied Invasion Army with Settlers while
UMMA Diminishing.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 24 July, 2006

Who Bombs- why Mumbai Bombing ?

Who is capable of owning chemical mfg, Mumbai bombing or
Doing Israel on Lebanon designing massacre or Assassination?....
For Chemical Mfg or some equipment design or strategy probably I am
One of the best educated well disciplined well travelled best skilled
Person (in combined engineering & technology) from hundreds
Of PhDs Lab based Major industries based of India EU N America combined.
Imagine My own mfg plants making Chemical Petrochemical Glycerine wire
Cables Pipes H water mfg skill& Owning.Then l could have had ability to
locate disperse NATO forces Jewish settlers Indian Businessmen engineers
(my competitors).
Imagine me in Jihad as strategists mapping, isolating them to bombard scatter
G8 Soldiers or settlers overwhelming them converting them as pockets of
Resistance amid 10s of million Jihad enthusiastic fighting with me as Muslim
volunteers.Imagine NATO /UN reluctance to explode NUKE with fear of Radiation
Fall Out in mixed Muslim Hindu sites. Why do Jewish allied WMD Army
Or India RSS like to isolate Muslims as individual hsbllh Nasrallah
Osama Bin Ladin, Zarqawi Mullah Omar.? The answer is lack of courage skill
With missing Truth speaking Atma. Example of Mumbai Bombing Arrest potential
Still exist right now.
Mushrff asked for proof to India for Pakistan Involvement.India Public want
An Israel done on Pakistan at point blank range with murder of civilian in mind
like in Lebanon or Gujarat .Indian Army PM MPS demanded that Pakistan Extradite
David Dawood Abraham & Gazi Saladdin be extradited to India for becoming
Militants.The two wanted to become Ministers via vote of democracy in Indian
occupied Kashmir. They won votes but they were denied victory by India Govt
rigging complicity India helped them create Hizbul-e-Mujahideen Lashkar via
Jain Hawala TADA Case along with A Hussein S Gouheri Ahsandar.It is India
who designed Kashmir Resistance group with Israelis .As Short cut India asked
for extradition in liu of sending Proof To P Musharaff .for official extradition
for anyone else. The culprits whether in Israel Nato or Delhi Act same as I can
virtually locate my competitor in Mfg R&D technology area of My expertise.
Israel had presumably massacred 70,000 Palestinian with Moshe Dayan Ben
Gurion Yitzhak Rabin in Lydda in 1948 while colluding The RSS of India killed
1948 Mahatma Gandhi via Nathu RAM via twin city of Lydda -RamAllAh
resulting in Ram God Gujarat massacre babri masjid (birth place of Ram Allah
The massacre of JFK June 6 day war or all such bombing by duo RSS bunch -
Israel settlers doing Israel on Lebanon again and again or Umma come with some
Muslim participation too who wear Jewish skull cap under Arab head dress.
Who are they? Some design democracy laws some have convinced themselves
being Universe Size Vishnu Jesus Allah Indra Kali MA or Annan Merkel
Manmohan Singh Bush Blair Advandi or sudharson on Iraq in E Timor or Hawah

benz m Ispahani, India - 24 July, 2006

why its only muslims involved in terrorism,

i got no debate in who condusted the blasts in mumbai, as its the job of invesitgators to find out not ours, my only question is why its only muslim community producing major terrorism, why not others like, christains, hindus, etc.. why are muslims being extra scrutnized at airports etc.. my college who is originally from pakistan, why does he want to hide his nationality, and instead says he is orginally from india ? just because of some people the whole community is defamed. the muslim community should come up and fight for their own reputation, with these kind of people who actually have no religion, and who are actually fighting for their own intersets.. think about it !!!

richa, Canada - 25 July, 2006

I condemn this mindless violence where ever it happens. and am thankful to our kind Pakistani friends who have honoured Allah & his teachings and humanity by condemning this act of cowardice. Rest assured - all India and Pakistan need are good a natured and tolerant population and they will be great allies in the years to come.

Anonymous, Aruba - 26 July, 2006

Mumbai Bombing

Who ever did this act is not only coward but also has no respect for Life which is given to all of us by the same God who we fondly call Allah, Bhagwan, Isamasih. We all have the same blood hindu muslim sikh or christians. Terror does not help the cause of Islam its giving Isalm a bad name. Islam stands for peace not TERROR.

Vinnie, United Kingdom - 26 July, 2006

If things were the other way round?

Many pakistani's are calling for calm. I would like to know what would happen if a Indian blew up a train in Pakistan. What would be your reaction? I've seen the reaction a just a silly bunch of cartoons can make!

Dinesh Patel, Pakistan - 27 July, 2006

Defeating divisions

Just like Delhi, Varanasi(temple & train station attack), Nagpur(attack on RSS office), Ayodhya(temple attack) and Jama Masjid(very small bomb) incidents, the people refused to react or riot. In Mumbai Muslims queued up to donate blood to blast victims, a Masjid close to a train station threw open the gated and treated the victims and Maulvis praised Hindu community for the restraint. Prominent people including Muslims fiercely criticised it. So the major purpose of all these divisive incidents is defeated by the people of India and the nation is on the right track. By the way, many Muslims were killed or injured in the blasts too. Some people, whether local or foreign, wrongly thought that India=Hindu, which was never the case for India.

Dayal, Hungary - 27 July, 2006

Detail about pakistan

pakistan is danger helping 2 terrorism with money & weapon

if i get power than i will
remove name of pakistan from world

RAJ, Hungary - 27 July, 2006


Whatever the accident happens in India that is always connected with pakistan.Why pakistanies are doing so? Why only muslims are involved in such bloody activities? Are kind human beings like India are living in Pakistan? If kind human beings are there than why they can't be taught?

purush, Hungary - 28 July, 2006

Strengthen our security and intelligence.

I think rather than blaming Pakistan for the attack on the innocent people of mumbai, we should try to strengthen our security and intelligence. It is such a shame that we still have not been able to identify the attackers and identify people behind this attack.
Modern world will have to live with with the terrorists. Let us face the truth. Such attacks will be tried again and again but we should think on lines as to how can we not let this happen again.
We always keep agruing that pakistan should give Dawood Ibrahim back to India but if we try to step into the shoes of General Musharraf, we can find out that it is very very difficult to do so. Other people will take advantage of the situation and Musharraf will be thrown out of power and my be even killed by the extremists in Paksitan. So we should understand the ground realities.
Pakistan too should understand that in the modern world they cannot use terrorism as a weapon. Terrorism is like a twin blade sword. It can kill the ememy but it can kill the person who is trying to use it.
India and Pakistan should be friends and fight against enemies like illetracy, powerty, unemployment. In this case Pakistan can take a leaf out of India's book as to how to promote education and focus on science and technology. Pakistan, just like India has tremendous potential to grow as a country in these fields (science and tech.)
Pakistani media too should promote friendship with India rather than focusing on Kashmir and spoiling relations with India. Once this this happens there will be no bad blood between the two countries.

Aditya, Hungary - 29 July, 2006

Pak people innocent

Some of my Indian friends like Raj do feel strongly against Pak, which may be OK by the info they have, but it is just opposite of the officially reiterated stand of India that a strong and democratic Pak is in the best interests of India. If your neighbour's children are violent or intolerant, you as well as the neighbours' family itself is in danger. That is why Benazir said in London that she will close down LeT because it is dangerous for Pak's existence itself. I am not a fan of her but she is right here. I am sure that people of Pakistan did not want to see the day when their army has to fight mini-wars with Jihadis inside their territory. Pak people were not at fault and were always given selective information by the establishment including media for all these decades. Only now Pak tribune and international media is available to a few in Pak.

Dayal, Hungary - 30 July, 2006

Socio-Economic inequality encourages Terror

Socio- Economic inequality whther its in Saudia, Afghan, Sudan,Pakistan is root cause for breeding of terrorism. Lack of demorcacy also encourages terror as an outlet for these individuals. Open , Democratic soceities have ample relief valves to curb terrorist tendencies among misguided youth. But some time religious fanatiscm can override all above causes...and still breed terrorism among misguided youths.India with just large population of muslims ( of various sects like shias, sunnis, bohras etc ) have generally remain immune to terrorism. Its external influences of misguided elements have strayed Indian muslim youths.India wud like to root out terrorism from Indian soil with help of liberal nationalist muslims. Pakistan can help in this great human endeveour by uprooting terror camps in PoK . All extremist organisations shud be banned by Pakistan, for it to make long term freindly relationship with India. for India, terrorism is core issue between India and Pakistan. Pakistan shud address this issue immediately , so that they can expect soe movement on other peripehral issues bothering both neighbours.

Sanjay, Mumbai, Hungary - 02 August, 2006


Relying on conjecture to pass judgement on a whole people and nation is tantamount to a bigger crime than the one we are being accused of!

If Pakistan is guilty of terrorism in india then who is guilty of terrorism in Pak?

What about the comments made in Janes Defence Weekly by Indian and Israeli agencies of destroying Pakistan using sectarian strife?

Islam does not promote or condone it what ever the death of innocents. All acts are considered illegal/haram/sinful!

To save a life is tantamount to saving the whole of humanity and vice versa to kill an innocent life is tantamount to killing whole of humanity.

This is not open to interpretation whether shia, sunni, or wahabbi.

Incidentaly DYOR and you will discover that the British created and fermented Wahabbism! so that they could destroy the ottoman state.

Research behind the shia sunni split will inform you that it was a Jewish hypocrite by the name of Abdullah bin sabah who fermented the strife at the time of the 3rd Caliphs death!

As far as India is concerned Muslims ruled that land without there ever being hindu muslim problem. Infact the first ever recorded hindu muslim riot was in the 1920's under British rule!

It seems in this global village where the media ownership is concentrated in the hands of ultra zionists like rupert murdoch muslims are convicted without trial!

The only solution for the ills of not just the muslim world but humanity as a whole is what professor Kaplan of israel hs recommended:" a return to Muhammadan Law". This is the Caliphate and the only state allowed for muslims.

Mudassar Rana, United Arab Emirates - 03 August, 2006

Mossad has Every Reason

to inflict this attrocity among indians, Mossad personally wants to eliminate pakistan cuz its threat to existence of israel as a country, and a serious concern would be to engage india with pakistan in a never ending war ! many of my friends do not know the fact that, osama bin laden is dead in 2001 nov, in tora bora bombings of afghanistan and CIA/mossad using OBL as a ghost to scare american public in a closet. and there are many websites on internet which give an accurate information about 9/11 being a insider job, infact done by israelis to intigiate zionism so called armageddon.. and many other sites provide accruate information about world's politics and what's exactly happening around the world, with Zionism being at its peak

Zuben, Hungary - 03 August, 2006

Mossad has Every Reason

to inflict this attrocity among indians, Mossad personally wants to eliminate pakistan cuz its threat to existence of israel as a country, and a serious concern would be to engage india with pakistan in a never ending war ! many of my friends do not know the fact that, osama bin laden is dead in 2001 nov, in tora bora bombings of afghanistan and CIA/mossad using OBL as a ghost to scare american public in a closet. and there are many websites on internet which give an accurate information about 9/11 being a insider job, infact done by israelis to intigiate zionism so called armageddon.. and many other sites provide accruate information about world's politics and what's exactly happening around the world, with Zionism being at its peak

Zuben, Hungary - 03 August, 2006


Many people got killed, for no reason they were responsible for. There can be no justification for any killings. No religion - Hindu, Muslim, Sikh teaches to kill.

K Cheema, Canada - 08 August, 2006

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