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Most dangerous country of the World

27 October, 2007

The cover of Newsweek’s last issue dubbing Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world, not merely stunned Pakistanis but the entire world, which earlier considered Iraq and Afghanistan as the most dangerous states.

The cover stating " the most dangerous country in the world is not Iraq. But it’s Pakistan" sent a wave of shock and anger all over Pakistan with analysts fearing the Newsweek’s move as part of ongoing campaign against the country’s nuclear programme.

Ironically, the Newsweek’s report does not contain any comparison or facts and figures about suicide bombings, killing of civilians, and personnel, and other terrorist incidents in Pakistan and Iraq.

According to analysts, the Newsweek’s report is totally baseless, and nothing more than a cock and bull story. Surprisingly, the Newsweek analyst totally forgets the facts that in Iraq, killing of US soldiers, hundreds of civilians, Iraqi troops, and suicide bombing have been an everyday affair.

Around 4000 US soldiers have so far been killed in Iraq since 2004, whereas the entire infrastructure of the country has been destroyed by everyday suicide bombings and bomb blasts.

The analyst also forgets the fact that there is no normal life in Iraq, while Pakistan is the second fastest growing country in Asia.

Here are some questions.
1)what is your opinion about Newsweek’s report?
2)Is this a calculated attempt to prove that Pakistan’s nuclear pro gramme is not safe and may go in hands of extremists?
3) Is this a move to pave the way for foreign forces in Pakistan?

Reader Comments:

When there was Peace in Pakistan

Pakistan is green and peacefulcountry once a time before the Marshallah´s when marshallas come into beings then revolution snatched the independence of every one and that´s effects every things. Industries effect lack of interests. Many organizations come into being and even many new and fundamental political parties targetted Pakistan. The policies of Marshall´s administrators were badely effect Pakistan from all sides. Democracy was only and unique platefrom to built pakistan on new lines. We have to suffer long th establih pakistan. We have waiste lot of time in Paratcing on the land of Pakistan. We are waiting for the time when true democracy will comeinto being and foreign eyes will closed for ever and any body will never raise finger on Pakistan that, Pakistan is dangerous country. It is very good country but now in the hand of Bad people who are not well femilar with the ethetics who to run the country and who to uplift the standard of general public in Pakistan. Pakistani Nation is very dedicated and strong one. Bad luck for pakistan the or this is the fate of Pakistanis that they never select a person who can dedicately work and run the whole systems according to their wishes. Time will come when the whole world will say Pakistan is good country and Pakistani are nice people. If we want to see Pakistan on the top then we have to study the vision of Allam Muhammad Iqbal who translate Quran as poetry and this is final and nice guidline for the nation. Allah Almigty save Pakistan and prvide better supervisor and administrator for Pakistan. We are prarying for true and real democracy in Pakistan.
Allah Hafiz

49 Joaquin Costa, 49 BJ 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Hammad Ahmed Shah, Solomon Islands - 02 December, 2007

leasson of Islam is love love no hate no kill

Don't worry dear brothers
Assalam o elekum
In the world only & only countery is PAKISTAN. which is build on the plate form of Islam. I t is countery of multi languages, multi nations united on a single plate form i-e is LLA E LA HA ELLAL LA HO MOHUMMED UL RASOOL ULLAH. Please remember it we are living nation( hum zinda qoom heein.)

Who ever want to destroy them selves; they come to fight with Pakistani qom. It is advise to those who are living in dream's world, please do't try to touch Pakistani Qom. other wise your name will be skiped from the map of the world. THANKS

DR.HAFIZ-UR-REHMAN MOHUMMED RAFIQUE, Pakistan - 08 December, 2007

It is correct

The news week article is correct.There are choes in the country.Recently the most popular leader of the country killed and others are on the hit coming out of his house,cannot say that he will return alive.
Three units of the federation are annoyed from the state,iterference by the forign countries is clearly visiable.The country is governed by a one man,who is only intersted that he should be in power,what is going on with the country or the people he don,t bother.He destroyed all the state orgons,even not spared the armed forces.
To make the Pakistan a peacefull country,only soloution is removal of Mushraf and then people are to be allowed to have their free say to decide their fate.
Only true representative government can solve the problem of extremism............

Bakhtiar, Pakistan - 30 December, 2007

usa is the most dagerious

not pak but usa is the most dangerious country , we must get it down to hell

toron, Pakistan - 11 January, 2008

No stability in Pakistan

I believe there is a lot of truth to the Newsweek article. A war is taking place in Iraq therefore it cannot be compared to Pakistan where Pakistanis wage war on themselves almost daily...where it is common to simply kill others whom you disagree with and it is becoming common place to kill women who dare to speak with any rationale or intellect, and where anyone opposing the West is considered a hero regardless what they themselves do as long as they feed a few poor children. Indeed a double standard exists in Pakistan where mass murders by some is seen as Islamic and acceptable. There are no real rules or laws or order to speak of in Pakistan or rather there is little enforcement of laws, corruption is rampid, and there is no unity. This is what makes Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Pakistanis are by far their worse enemy and if they don't learn how to resolve differences and conflicts within their own country how do they ever expect to improve the state of their country across the board?

I seriously doubt that Newsweeks article is an attempt to undermine Pakistan's Nuclear Program though it is obvious that Pakistan has no national or even partial stability or a strong and lucid government power at present to control a Nuclear Power. If Pakistan cannot control its own country how do they expect the world to believe they are capable of maintaining full control over a Nuclear Program considering the amount of terrorist activity within Pakistan? Indeed, the mere thought of Pakistan having a Nuclear Program at this time is absolutey ridiculous as they have exhibited no civil obediance or control.

Pakistan needs a lot of help but foreign forces are not the answer. They must fight their own civil war and thus establish some type of order and figure out how to govern their country for themselves. Until Presidential candidates can rally without fear to spread their ideas/plans to the people of Pakistan the people will never be able to freely choose a leader who actually represents the people and the dreams they have for their country.

Let's face it, the Newsweek article was not just some propaganda plot to discredit Pakistan in order to unjustly deny them permission for a Nuclear Program nor is it a plot for foreign forces to enter Pakistan. The world is not blind to what is taking place in Pakistan. Foreign forces are already in Pakistan and have paid Pakistan a great deal of money for their assitance in capturing terrorists which seems to have bared little progress. It makes one wonder if Pakistanis are united in truly wanting terrorists out of Pakistan or not. While Pakistan has asked for help, there is nothing foreign forces can do. Pakistanis are going to have to fight this civil war among themselves and hopefully the good guys will win. At present, Pakistan is anything but a God fearing Country.

There is No National healthcare, No National mandatory education, No rights for women or children. Without these important necessities Pakistan will never become anything other than what it is today, an unstable third world country.

Aisha, Pakistan - 12 January, 2008

Just my two cents

I am an American born and breed and I am married to a "muslim pakistani man" and very proud to be. I think that, the "political" stuff has alot to do with what is going on there. Pakistan is not dangereous to others, but only to themselves!!!!!! They are fighting against eachother and for what reason?
All I have heard and seen for the last few months are a lot of innocent people with families getting killed for no reason at all. There are so many good muslims that are just trying to make bread and butter for their families. Of course, we don't hear about the ones that are just trying to live day to day with their families. They are the ones trying to live a nice and peaceful life, but how can they when there is fighting in the streets and all over their country?
All we hear about is all of the negative things about Pakistan and there is a lot more to our country than that, but why would they want to show that part for? *sighs*

Why doesn't Newsweek do more articles about the soliders that have lost their lives in iraq and the families that are left behind to try and pick up the pieces of their lives. As well as the families in iraq and Afghanistan? USA needs to learn to mind their own business sometimes and deal with their OWN country and the people here!!!!!
I am not much on politics and such, but I have a family in Pakistan, so I do care about what goes on there and I do get upset listening to all the crap from the media and stuff.
I think the Media should get back to the real roots of reporting, why does everything have to do with blood and war?
I would very much disagree that Pakistan is the most absurd!!

Aisha, United Kingdom - 18 January, 2008

North Korea is the most dangerous country

North Korea has tons of nuclear mass weapons trying to attacks usa and the rest of world muslim is the 2nd dangerous country because of bin laden and terrorist

dena, Canada - 25 January, 2008

Time to think about ourself

This is the time we have to be united and we have to prove the world that we are peacful.

Fasih Qayyum, Pakistan - 11 March, 2008

pak is no dangerious

usa israel natoos are the most dangerious countries , thanx god iran have nukes to take care of these criminals

toron, Singapore - 07 June, 2008


I think the Media should get back to the real roots of reporting, why does everything have to do with blood and war?
I would very much disagree that Pakistan is the most absurd!!

US has various faces to show. On one side they have declared Pakistan a Non NATO ally in war against terror and on the other side it is being declared as the most dangerous country.
This is a Propaganda War against Pakistan which is dangerous than Atomic War!
I have seen various other indicators in several reliable web sites about prevalence of social and moral crimes in different countries. Pakistan is not prominent in such lists. For example, South Africa is presently the world leader in such crimes. Even our dear Great Briton is very high in the list of armed robberies, where a major robbery is being committed every 3 minutes! It would interest the readers ( not the Newsweek) to know that, according to the "List of countries by homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants", published by the "National Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics". dated Dec. 2006, Pakistan is listed at the bottom of the list, with only 0.05 homicide cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Following selection from the list of 112 countries can give a very good idea about the defamation attempt of the Newsweek against Pakistan:

Country Score Position

Jamaica = 46.59 1
South Africa = 34.50 3
Thailand = 8.47 22
US = 5.90 38
U.K = 2.03 69
Saudi Arabia = 0.93 97
Pakistan = 0.05 112
Dangerous means a wild ability to harm other and most dangerous means to harm as much as. So who is most dangerous in the world which has past record of using its wild ability. Off course USA
What makes Pakistan the most dangerous country? It is Israel which is nonstop bombing a people who only are allowed to use stones and they get killed every single day. It is Israel which poses as the smallest country of the world but the third strongest when it comes to nuclear weapons. Third only after USA and Russia. And Israel is most dangerous cause it control the world media, money and politics and NEWSWEEK is another Zionists run magazine.

AURANGZEB BASHEER, Pakistan - 08 June, 2008



IKRAM UR REHMAN, Pakistan - 16 June, 2008

behind the seen

why amercian media is composing pakistan as most dengerious country, there is some thing behind the seen .what role play by amercian and other europian courtries against Russian and communism,perhasp there action is forcing them to potriat pakistan as most dengerious country of the world .They are thinking about the future condition of the world ,there minds are clear about pakistan and pakistanies that if they can fight for there cause to defeat old USSR why the same condition can not be apply aganist present condition in Afghanistan and Amercian in this area . If u will continuisely attacking on pakistan border and daily killing hundred of women and children and our army personel in this area daily .so what difference between russia and amercian who have come thousend of miles away from our borders.when ur polices is in favour of Israel,and muslim world,and muslims ,why pakistani people will support amercian and their allies in this country where he hase destroyed each and every thing in afghanistan .He forget the time but will never forget them time when he finance and recruite the jeheedi all over the world to fight aganist USSR.There cause was nobel in that case so why not in this case when Amercia occupied and destroyed each and every thing in afghanistan , and now he is trying to involve Pakistan whather in case of pakistan is nuclear issue, or in socide bombing attack or pakistan is trible belet where they think that safe Heaven for Al quida is leadership. They are trying to attack on this area and most of the cases they attacked on this area with the permission of Mr. Mushref ,there puppet in Pakistan, which is sham for pakistan.I think Mr.Mushref is behind this statment and he wants to prove that I am is inavitable for pakistan.Now the situation is very clear for Amercian that spirits of jehhad in the mind of muslim is clear aganist Amercian policies specially for muslim world. fortunatlly or unfortunattly this link is directly or undirectly within pakistan and afghanistan .In Afghanistan they have there puppet govt. and there militery,but in pakistan there puppet is nearly ready to go behind the seen,and they are worried about this new chang which Zarderi is announcing in Lahore .In this situation News week is story that Pakistan is most dengerious country of the world is like nightmear and what the thinking mind can be think axcept this .

shabir tahir, San Marino - 20 June, 2008

Pakistan Zindabad

I think this is a psycho warfare that west is trying to achieve their motives. Those motives are very clear/ Whenever west or specially needs us they impose Martial Law in our country. They v people in establishment. You see Martial law of Ayub khan, (when us needed to v a base in Peshawar), 1978, Zial Haq was brought because US intelligence knew they Russia ll invade Afghanistan, Pervaiz Musharaf was broght when US decided to invade Afghistan. they bring these dictators just one year before any big indicent around us, because they need puppet govt. Pakistani people should stand now to save their homeland. First they must get rid of Bush+araf and when this cursed SHATAN LL LEAVE OUR HOME LAND EVERYTHING LL BE FINE, AND AFTER US ELECTIN, THINGS INSAHALLH LL CHANGE. ALLAH BE WITH US.

muhammad Nawaz, San Marino - 11 July, 2008


US is near to its end,PAK is a sweetest land....Its all happening around is the indicator about the end of the day...............Soon world come to know there is a power........Who can manage ..offcourse Almighty...And He is the greatest power...greatest generous........and greatest harmer,danger ....for the world....dnt forget...the day of judgment...and ALLAH....dear incredible Newsweek.You ppl got your end very soon.

sophia, Pakistan - 26 July, 2008

its all a game that will end soon

dear freinds all over the world.
it is sad to see that media is acting very blindly and dancing to the tone not very sweet and freindly to human ears. the tones of murder, sadness and selfishness. one day this all will be disclosed and everything will be open to the world. who is the real threat to the world stability and humanity. this is all power game and i am ashamed to say that "yes we pakistani's are the part of this game too" some of us but they are us and we cant deny that. our youth is still not aware that this is their time now and the old retarted incompetent politicans have to leave the stage now. they have done their part ruing pakistan, someone has to come out and build this country from its ruins. this cover story should be a wake up call of all pakistanis not an emotional wave of anger and fear.
we all believe in the judgement day and before any one else i can only see our own politicians being responisble for the country's dispair.
i wish one day we can bring able enough peopole to lead this country in the right direction. God bless Pakistan.

jamal yousufzai, Pakistan - 28 August, 2008

United States The Most Dangerous Country In The World

I agree with RUMI KHAN of Pakistan. In it's quest for global hegemony, the Bush Administration is but a continuance of a long-standing tradition Anglo World Dominance. Remember that George Walker Bush is a relative of the Crown of England, and in right-wing America's Crusader mentality, Pakistan-bashing is just another phase of demonizing Islam.
Anyone familiar with Edward Said's great book Orientalism, understands that both before and after the Ottoman Empire, geopolitically speaking, this negative stereotyping has served to provide justifications for involvement and to ensure stability for the powers that wanted to be involved in the region.
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, taught love, tolerance, forgiveness and non-violence. America claims to be a Christian Nation, but as every nation that has ever done so, flatly refuses to follow his simple teachings, summarized in the Sermon on the Mount. American hegemony, the Neo-Conservative agenda, our rank militarism, the very idea of being a Super Power, not to mention the murderous war of aggression against the people of Iraq and the murder of the US minion Saddam Hussein and his sons, all fly in the very face of Christian Faith.
As a both a Christian, and an American, I find it all appalling. I do believe that we have become the Anti-Christ, and are speeding the World toward it's doom.

Motorod, United Kingdom - 01 September, 2008

The most dangerous country?

The Big question in round dates Nowadays is WHO IS THE MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY??.Is it Iraq?Is it Iran?Is it Afghanistan?Is it india?Is it Israil?Is it Pakistan?Is It USA?All educated peoples from all over the world Muslims,Christian,Hindo etc all knew who is the most dangerous country for the whole world.ofcors USA & ISRAIL.USA & Israliz policies have destroyed the relationship of all the world.70% of the world people hate America & they knew it better.But this is the end of America.Now America have bunddle of problems in their own contry.American peoples have no knowledge about politics & world geography..they only know how to make tasty burgers & eat fast foods.They only know to give claps to their politicians.Americans are facing a huge defeat in Iraq & Afghanistan & if they will touch pakistan tribal areas then they know the history what can happen with them in this war.if they don,t know they can ask from the great britians & russia army they can better explain them how the tribals are fighting with the enemies.America & Israil are the 2 devils on this earth.Inshallah soon We will see the disaster of these 2 countries. Allah will help us

Dr-Ali, Jordan - 19 September, 2008

US effort to destroy pakistan

US is continously taking offensive measures against pakistan as it is evident from the dual policy of US to weaken pakistan both internally and externally.on one side US is using our ports and taking logistic support from pakistan and on other side US is continuously weakening our army by compelling us to fight against our own tribal many innocent citizens are being killed in the so called war against terrorism which is not really our war.surely,pakistan is facing trouble in improving the law-in-order situation but this can be solved by negotiation and dialogue with the local tribes,proving them education,medical and all basic necessities of life and finally marginallizing the few terrorists and extremists.without support of local tribes no army even the US army can eliminate terrorists.America also knows the facts but their aims are not to clear pakistan from terrorism,their real aim is to occupy the geografically important land of pakistan and for this purpose US is openly providing militant support and nuclear technology to india.under the supervision of AMERICA india is pressurizing pakistan both at the borders voilating the seize fire and also the Indus water agreement and also by supporting the terrorists.without indian support terrorists can not fight against pak army.
The government of pakistan needs to dialogue with non-voilent tribes to defeat terrorists without damage to innocent and poor citizens.Pakistan also needs to review its foreign policy and to build broad based relations with our sincere friends china,saudi-arabia and rest of muslim world.

haroon arshad, Pakistan - 25 September, 2008

dajjali stinge of american newsweek

most pakistani are thinking about about newsweek statement as vulgar news and comments,nureal mermeri of mentally unbalance person.Pakistani are aware of their duty responsible atomic nation.They can defend their atomic eggs.The World should not fear.But this vulgar statement of the newsweek shows that american and europions are plannining to attack on pakistan,so for this purpose they are preparing the minds of the world.The world shoud KEEP in mind that if they even think about this cowardise plan THEN THEN NO FORCE IS GOING TO STOP PAKISTANI FOR ONE NIGHT VICTORY ATTACK ON AFGHANISTAN,KABUL SPECIALLY SHUMALI ATTIHAD .

ayaz qureshi, Pakistan - 01 October, 2008



AWAIS, Pakistan - 08 October, 2008

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