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Most dangerous country of the World

27 October, 2007

The cover of Newsweek’s last issue dubbing Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world, not merely stunned Pakistanis but the entire world, which earlier considered Iraq and Afghanistan as the most dangerous states.

The cover stating " the most dangerous country in the world is not Iraq. But it’s Pakistan" sent a wave of shock and anger all over Pakistan with analysts fearing the Newsweek’s move as part of ongoing campaign against the country’s nuclear programme.

Ironically, the Newsweek’s report does not contain any comparison or facts and figures about suicide bombings, killing of civilians, and personnel, and other terrorist incidents in Pakistan and Iraq.

According to analysts, the Newsweek’s report is totally baseless, and nothing more than a cock and bull story. Surprisingly, the Newsweek analyst totally forgets the facts that in Iraq, killing of US soldiers, hundreds of civilians, Iraqi troops, and suicide bombing have been an everyday affair.

Around 4000 US soldiers have so far been killed in Iraq since 2004, whereas the entire infrastructure of the country has been destroyed by everyday suicide bombings and bomb blasts.

The analyst also forgets the fact that there is no normal life in Iraq, while Pakistan is the second fastest growing country in Asia.

Here are some questions.
1)what is your opinion about Newsweek’s report?
2)Is this a calculated attempt to prove that Pakistan’s nuclear pro gramme is not safe and may go in hands of extremists?
3) Is this a move to pave the way for foreign forces in Pakistan?

Reader Comments:

The Attack on Pakistan Initiated ....

I qoute Mr Saeed's comments :

"Deceit, thy name is---
It is a fact acknowledged by the UN in its various reports that, Pakistan has provided the highest number of peace keepers to the UN for its efforts in all troubled areas. Pakistan has also suffered the highest number of casualties in such efforts. This sufficiently proves that, Pakistan is the most effective and useful partner of the UN in peace efforts and dependable ally of the US in its war against terror. It has also proved through demonstration, being a reliable and safe nuclear power which has nuclear capabilities since over eleven years. This is enough proof of its nuclear arsenal being in safe hands.

This Newsweek report on Pakistan defies all ground realities. According to a similar study conducted and reported in a recent issue of the Forbes magazine, has published a list of most dangerous countries of the world, Pakistan is in the middle of the list. Interestingly, these results are further confirmed by another survey conducted by a group of the US universities, which has listed the United States of America as the second most dangerous country in the world, trailing North Korea. It is highly intriguing that, deceit and twisted logic are the guiding principle of high profile American media. It can invent news to out of any innocent and harmless situation for serving self interests. Almost one third of the results in survey had voted the US as the greatest threat to global stability, The scores on the basis of most dangerous and difficult countries to live in for some main countries, is given below:-

North Korea =70%
United States of America = 29%
China = 19%
Iraq = 13%
Israel = 12%
Pakistan = 8%
Syria = 7%
Russia = 4%

So, what is the credibility of the story published by the high profile Newsweek magazine, listing Pakistan as the most dangerous country? Pakistan bashing and hurting sentiments of the Muslims has now become the basic principle of the government sponsored American media. Above results would prove the extent of deceit prevalent which is now well known and resented by the world. Perhaps, this is all part of covert designs of the US administration, like it had for Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran."


ZAFAR, Pakistan - 06 November, 2007

In the context of emergency

There is no denying the fact that the newsweek's claim is very weak, lacks credibility, reflects bias. However, the poitical instability which has been further triggered by unjustified imposition of emergency (in fact martial law) shows that driven by lust for unlimited power a single person, in a bid to prolong his power, has brought the country on the verge of disaster with a high probability of anarchy and chaos likely to follow. It is this brinkmanship that has the potential to, God Forbid, give credence to the newsweek's dubbing pakistan as the most dangerous nation in the world. We are cutting the branch of the tree that we sit on and if the opportunism and power hunger persists there is no one who can save us from falling and sinking in the books of history. May Allah help us preserve Pakistan.

M.S Dayo, Pakistan - 07 November, 2007

Rude and impudent

I am flabbergasted on the extent of brazen impudence displayed by the Newsweek in its report which classified Pakistan as the most dangerous country of the world. The report is a glaring example of ambush journalism employed for malicious intents. Or else, has the Newsweek also classified Pakistan as the world's moronest nation as well, which can willingly accept any nonsense anyone can cook-up?

In my earlier reaction published on these pages, I have given enough reliable and verifiable facts against the Newsweek report to prove it being slanderous. Here, I am giving a simple challenge to the Newsweek to save its name from being named "The Ambush-Journal" of the year, by authenticating its report with documented evidences from the US Foreign Office, UN HR Department, or administration Department of any international organization employing staff on world-wide assignments about what rate of "difficulty allowance" or dangerous duty station multiplying factors to the salaries and emoluments, are being applied and paid to the staff by these organizations for their staff posted in Pakistan. They should also give verifiable figures for other difficult countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Sierra Leone, etc., in comparison to Pakistan.

I have seen various other indicators in several reliable web sites about prevalence of social and moral crimes in different countries. Pakistan is not prominent in such lists. For example, South Africa is presently the world leader in such crimes. Even our dear Great Briton is very high in the list of armed robberies, where a major robbery is being committed every 3 minutes! It would interest the readers ( not the Newsweek) to know that, according to the "List of countries by homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants", published by the "National Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics". dated Dec. 2006, Pakistan is listed at the bottom of the list, with only 0.05 homicide cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Following selection from the list of 112 countries can give a very good idea about the defamation attempt of the Newsweek against Pakistan:

Country Score Position

Jamaica = 46.59 1
South Africa = 34.50 3
Thailand = 8.47 22
US = 5.90 38
U.K = 2.03 69
Saudi Arabia = 0.93 97
Pakistan = 0.05 112

There is another reliable indicator named Happy Planet Index (HPI), which is an index of human well-being introduced by the "New Economics Foundation" in July 2006. The index is designed to challenge well-established development indicators like, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the Human Development Index (HDI), which do not take sustainability into account. Particularly, GDP is inappropriate, as the aim of most people is not to be rich, but only to be happy and healthy. Interestingly, the US is ranked 150th in the list of 178 countries, with Zimbabwe being the lowest ranked at 178. Pakistan is ranked 112th, with China at 31, UK 108 and India 62.

Above facts should suffice to show the truth. Newsweek should note that, above stated comparisons are obtained from their own US based reliable sources.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 07 November, 2007

Pakistan most dangerous country.

Should the religious extremists take control in Pakistan aad therefore gain access to nuclear weapons the civilised world will have have no option but to make a first nuclear strike on Pakistan to protect themselves. The West alone has the nuclear capability to wipe out every country which is a threat to its security simultaneously. This would be the easy option of dealing with these people but the most terrible one and the West has been too responsible to use itup to now. But if the rest of the world is put in the position of having to face Islamic terrorists possessing nuclear bombs then there will be no other option. Pakistan beware and get your house in order.

I.BROWN, United Arab Emirates - 07 November, 2007

Most Dangerous Pakistan Outcome

Quote T E:” when America points the finger they should remember Three fingers point back.". Quote I B :” West alone has the nuclear capability to wipe out country which is a threat to its security”.

Reply ..Those who possess Nuke ,Pakistan is most Dangerous alone (so far).Those who point Shahda finger on Saddam or Pakistan for WMD three fingers folded underneath pointed in reversed direction at EU Canada USA (one each) .Most allied citizen use Mouse and computers where All 5 fingers do not point in the forward direction.Shahada finger Designed with Quranic is highly Islamic.They are computerized hand lines ( lines of fortune telling working in symphony with stars astroforecast or West security). HM Queen Victoria at arrival In Indo Pak said “with their Security Prosperity is our strength wealth”.This gave birth to Western Security Car planes . I can tell you Muslims have most blessing in Prayer (even now).BB’s prayer for quick look at sky with finger pointing Amid Mosque like Mausoleum for Dad is misleading as is sitting with association of converts in BBC interview or attempt to acquire Pakistan all hijacked ransacked with citizen affected and govt harmed. BB :” I want Leadership of Pakistan Now” as One of Eligible Election Candidate is absurd.Cutting branches on which one is sitting or making holes at bottom is like bottomless pit .Western Security is rapidly
eroding or have eroded more than 50%.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 08 November, 2007

The solution for peace.

Srila Prabhupada-or Hare krishna mission,said that peace between India and Pakistan will come when both realise that "we are not this body!',meaning we are spirit souls,all equal under the same God,who has numerous Names:Jehovah-Krishna-Allah..We are all brothers and sisters,and should respect also cows and other animals,as their abuse brings war around the world!

george, Pakistan - 09 November, 2007

what was the point of sacrifcing millions to ahve a land for muslims if they dont want Islam of the prophet but rather want a hybrid religion?

If they dont believe what the Quran and Prophet peace be upon him says is the right way to govren their country. Then why be Muslim?

Since they want the way of the Christian west why dont they become christians instead and move to christian countries and leave Pakistan for the Muslims

pakistani, Pakistan - 10 November, 2007

May Voices Stay Free

"Let every Nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of Liberty.”

-President John F. Kennedy

Many of you are writing from Nations who respect liberty. And there is always a conspiracy against it. You (individually) have to decide if Radicalization deserves credit for suicide bombings or if you are going to blame those who support Freedom in the 21st Century. You are your own spokesperson.

MB, Pakistan - 10 November, 2007

Dangerous means

Dangerous means a wild ability to harm other and most dangerous means to harm as much as. So who is most dangerous in the world which has past record of using its wild ability. Off course USA

Attique, Madagascar - 11 November, 2007

Non Credible at best

Newsweek has now proven how uncredible it is as a news source. Used to be when stories in the magazine were treated with respect that is hardly the case now. Pakistan? the MOST dangerous? country I mean its more dangerous than Iraq?, Nigeria and the Ivory coast? you are kidding me right?

Yaqoot Mir, Canada - 12 November, 2007

Not the most dangerous

Pakistan is not the most dangerous country in the world. Law and order in pakistan is not as bad as in Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia or Palestine. In fact it is much better than these countries. It can be the most dangerous country only if the nuclear weapons falls into the hands of Taliban or Alqaeda. The army is only half talibanised and only half of Pakistanis support alqaeda. By looking at this support base there is no chance that the nuclear bombs will be controlled by them and army will always be in control of the nuclear weapons. So Pakistan is far away from being the actually the most dangerous country. Even if the whole army gets talibanised the only countries who will get nuked will be china, India, Iran and Afganistan. So I dont know why Newsweek is concerned about Pakistan as USA will never be affected neither will Europe or UK.

Raj, Hungary - 12 November, 2007

Israel the most dangerous...

What makes Pakistan the most dangerous country? It is Israel which is nonstop bombing a people who only are allowed to use stones and they get killed every single day. It is Israel which poses as the smallest country of the world but the third strongest when it comes to nuclear weapons. Third only after USA and Russia. And Israel is most dangerous cause it controle the world media, money and politics and NEWSWEEK is another Zionists run magazine.

Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 13 November, 2007

Israel the most dangerous...

What makes Pakistan the most dangerous country? It is Israel which is nonstop bombing a people who only are allowed to use stones and they get killed every single day. It is Israel which poses as the smallest country of the world but the third strongest when it comes to nuclear weapons. Third only after USA and Russia. And Israel is most dangerous cause it controle the world media, money and politics and NEWSWEEK is another Zionists run magazine.

Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 13 November, 2007

Its just a blame to shatter the country,s good name. Now the western world is trying to make base to attack Pakistan.

Muhamamd, Pakistan - 13 November, 2007

The Quran Warns Against Taking Them For Allies

These foriegn governments are not interested in your welfare, in fact they seek the destruction of Muslims as an entity. They want you to follow their customs - THEY hate the way you live.

Rather than uniting, Muslims find fault with Muslims.

Imitations are not as good as the original. However, Muslims today abandon their own rich cultures and religion and seek to imitate the non-Muslims.

Be proud of yourselves, your culture and your religion oh Muslims.

When you have lost your identity, what will you have left?


You have to relaise that modernisation is not synonymous with Westernisation - you can become technologically advanced and yet still hold on to your religion, culture and values.

In the West, everyday we see stories that belittle Muslims and Islam. They say that we oppress women. We do not - Islam gave women rights over 1400 years ago - those that do, are going against Islam. The fact of the matter is that THEY exploit their women - pressurising them to commit immoral acts, dress in a way that reveals more than conceals.

Ask not what you can do for Islam, ask what Islam can do for you.


Nawaz, United Arab Emirates - 13 November, 2007

Pakistan is safer than ever

1)what is your opinion about Newsweek’s report?

The report is not true. The country has been in mushraff's hands for 7 years. Its beeen the safest than ever. The general public was constantly being robbed even by police but since the army has been involved that doesn't happen as much as it used to. When one left the airport they were searched again and again on the streets. But now that doesn't happen. Its in much much safer hands than ever before.

2)Is this a calculated attempt to prove that Pakistan’s nuclear pro gramme is not safe and may go in hands of extremists?

How can pakistans neuclear programme not be safe. It can't be more safer antwhere else.

America can't say much. They trained Bin Laden. Look what happened there. Goes to show how safe they are with their nuclear secrets.

3) Is this a move to pave the way for foreign forces in Pakistan?

The move is good. It can't be worser than what has already happened. When benazir bhutto and nawaz sharif where in power the only thing on there mind was the money. They weren't interested in anything else. In the end the bank of Pakistan was in credit with the world bank. Look at the streets, motor ways, the transport of pakistan it is more improved than ever before.

What is the point of benazir bhutto and nawaz sharif being elected?

Benazir Bhutto conspired to kill her own brother which happened. How can she ever be anyone's friend?

Well Done Musharaff! Keep up the good work.

samara, Pakistan - 14 November, 2007

never compare pakistan with these two:External resources donot examined what actually happened in pa

I condemn those who are in favour of statement that pakistan is most dangerous city.these statment is forwarded by those who are the source of making it dangerous.A country said to be on dangerous state when every citizen is harmed.i agree that last bomb blastings letting it to dangerous zone and the died were belongs from common families but the cause of it were just some particular zone.inshallah it will dispose off soon.we are still much better than iraq and afghanistan.these kinds of unnecessary statement are just to give more bad impressions to the rest of world.pakistan do had suffered with critical condition because of some flaws in our would achieve its position back.

DEEBA, Pakistan - 14 November, 2007

Fulcrum of Evil?

Where is the Fulcrum of Evil?
Bush-Rule or Jungle Rule of Business is simple. The single-point rule is, "give the dog a bad name and kill it".
In Pakistan, we are agitating about media curbs. But the free media of the States like Newsweek is giving good examples of how media should behave. Our media should learn from it and support its Government without taking left or right. It should have acted, not against our own situation, which in the end supplements the efforts of the covert Jungle Rule, but in exposing the ulterior designs of the foreign media painting horrifying terror image of Pakistan for definite nefarious reasons.
Practically, West is painting Pakistan more evil than the famous axis. But for every axis to exist, there has to be a fulcrum. Axis itself cannot be good or evil. It is the fulcrum which makes it so. The world knows well who is acting the fulcrum.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 14 November, 2007


The most dangeorus country in the world is not Iraq, it is not Pakistan, it is the USA at the moment.Somebody higher up in the hierarchy needs to acknowledge this without traces of diplomatic jargon.God bless us all.

Nishaa, Pakistan - 15 November, 2007

Pakistan is not the most dangerous county however, i wont say that its safe either... but lets stop being emotional here and lets STOP blaming all our problems on America.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Shan, Ukraine - 16 November, 2007

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