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Most dangerous country of the World

27 October, 2007

The cover of Newsweek’s last issue dubbing Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world, not merely stunned Pakistanis but the entire world, which earlier considered Iraq and Afghanistan as the most dangerous states.

The cover stating " the most dangerous country in the world is not Iraq. But it’s Pakistan" sent a wave of shock and anger all over Pakistan with analysts fearing the Newsweek’s move as part of ongoing campaign against the country’s nuclear programme.

Ironically, the Newsweek’s report does not contain any comparison or facts and figures about suicide bombings, killing of civilians, and personnel, and other terrorist incidents in Pakistan and Iraq.

According to analysts, the Newsweek’s report is totally baseless, and nothing more than a cock and bull story. Surprisingly, the Newsweek analyst totally forgets the facts that in Iraq, killing of US soldiers, hundreds of civilians, Iraqi troops, and suicide bombing have been an everyday affair.

Around 4000 US soldiers have so far been killed in Iraq since 2004, whereas the entire infrastructure of the country has been destroyed by everyday suicide bombings and bomb blasts.

The analyst also forgets the fact that there is no normal life in Iraq, while Pakistan is the second fastest growing country in Asia.

Here are some questions.
1)what is your opinion about Newsweek’s report?
2)Is this a calculated attempt to prove that Pakistan’s nuclear pro gramme is not safe and may go in hands of extremists?
3) Is this a move to pave the way for foreign forces in Pakistan?

Reader Comments:

USA added FUEL to FIRE and now blames Pakistan

Dear Shan,

Just Google "University of Nebraska" School Books Afghanistan and first read which SPINELESS COUNTRY used the Afghans blood to fight their own war against the Soviets. USA and NATO should have fought ratther than arming the Afghans. This has led to this awful situation.

Yes Pakistan was also involved along with them but if thats true then they share the blame as well.

If you cannot fiond time to Google just read this

Rehan Merchant, Ukraine - 16 November, 2007


pakistan cant be dangerous country than america who can invade and send soldiers in other country.

mahendra, Pakistan - 17 November, 2007

dont u people feeel shame while saying so.... u people think that pakistan is the most dangerous country then what about USA,UK and the so called humanitarian NATO alliance who all have crossed every limit of brutality in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and also ISRAEL is jumping in PALASTINE keeping the US and UK's hand at their you think that you people are GODs or somthing like that to decide who is guilty and who is people keep treating the Muslims all over the world like this and then you are demanding for somthing better from the muslims....
USA invaded IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN merly for their political and economical motives, they killed millions of innocent people over there.On the other hand israel has made the life of innocent palastinians miserabl on their own homeland...WIll US, UK or any other western country allow any muslim to get into their country and then start brutality over there the way israel is doing...if not then please dont blame the muslims all over the world.Dont not try to declare someone as a dangerous or peaceful counttry before judging your own self...

ali hamza, Pakistan - 17 November, 2007

Stop humiliating our intelligence

Attributing Pakistan as the most dangerous country is indeed ludicrous and another failed attempt by criminals to engineer sham, hype and propaganda campaign by a corrupt and a sick nation driven by insane corporate and special interest groups that is guilty of using nuclear weapons on civilians, enslaved helpless people of Africa, illegally occupied territories of neighboring nations as its own states, committed war crimes and shamelessly violate international laws and Geneva conventions and has the genocide/war crimes and blood of innocent civilians on its hands. List can go on but history smiles and ask which nation in reality is the most dangerous nation. Answer is not tough to find..

Dwight Young Jr., Pakistan - 17 November, 2007

Could Become If?

Pakistan could become most dangerous country, if President Musharaf falls. So US has to make sure that the President has to stay. Democracy or No Democracy, sometime it is better to be under emergency for layman, as they are likely to get all benifits, which they had not been getting during democratically ruled Government. The effected people are the Greedy, Hungry and Corrupt Politician. So far Pakistan cannot be said as Dangerous.

Manoj, Canada - 19 November, 2007


This is a Propaganda War against Pakistan which is dangrouse than Atomic War!Being the front line state is so called war against terrorism Pakistan is facing severe hardships in the form that we have been devided Polotically, Economically,and even SOcially. The disparaties creats extremism which ends up in the form of VIOLence and America having Israiel on its back is responsible for it. In fact a Politically & economically Strong, Educated Pakistan with People practicing Islam in its true spirit can never be favoured by them.

Ahmad, Pakistan - 19 November, 2007


humenbeings r livingin this part of the world not the insects to b killed
sniper firing like the
school boys of amerca shouldnot be the job of fighting needs water not pertol.... .........................................................................................................................

zulfiqar, Pakistan - 20 November, 2007

Good because a part of India

Pakistan has good elements because it still has touch of India. Otherwise a terrorist state

zulfi, Pakistan - 20 November, 2007

Dangerous country

US has various faces to show. On one side they have declared Pakistan a Non Nato ally in war against terror and on the other side it is being declared as the most dangerous country. It is still safer than AMERICA. In AMERICA people do not have any say. People are being brain washed against Muslims and they do not know the correct story. Pentagon and US foreign office is misleading and befooling the people on security matters. Tax payers money is being spent with out any accountability and US has increased the miseries of the world. It does not bother about the UN resolutions and is wildly attacking poor nations. May Allah rein US from her ulterior motives against humanity. It will have to pay the price.

Iftikhar Ahmad, Pakistan - 24 November, 2007

Who is targetting who

The extremists are actually targetting the army but to keep army and civilians on the same side Pakistani ISI is targetting the innocent civilians. Now everyone forgot about the blasts triggered aginst Bhutto and who probably was the beneficiarry had Bhutto died

Liaqat Ali, Turks And Caicos Islands - 24 November, 2007

Pakistan not a dengerious country

I can only say that pakistan is not a dengerious country in the world, itis pre-plan from USA, not only for Pakistan but all over the world,

RabNawaz Saand, Pakistan - 25 November, 2007

Pakistan Is the Symbol Of Peace

Pakistan is not a dangrous country..........America is the terrorist and Pakistan facing suicide attacks because of America bcz it helps America fight against terrorism....We are facing this istead of America

Zulqurnein, Pakistan - 25 November, 2007

Peaceful or dangerous country

Pakistan may not be the most dangerous country but it is also not peaceful country either. Shooting and bombing bombing has become the order of life there and this might have been blown out of proportion by the Newsweekbut. Again when there is smoke there is fire.Islam has its root in 'silm' that stands for peace,security and obedience. Unfortunately none of the qualities is conspicuous among Pakistanis and they use Islam for cutting throat of each other. A country with such environment should not call itself Islamic.

Al-Haque, Hungary - 26 November, 2007

Any Powered Govt is corrupted

Any govt that comes to power and sees 'big bucks' tends to become corrupt thus the common people have to get rid of them by forming groups. Pakistan is not a dangerous country, but the leaders of the country make it.Pakistan needs a transparent leader who speaks and follows the islamic shariah.

Nadeem Al Bakhtaari, New Zealand - 27 November, 2007

Pakistan is most dangerous, yes...

Pakistan is a very dangerous country. Why? Clandestine support to terrorism (or freedom fighters, to use Pakistan's officialese), nuclear proliferation, inability to maintain rule of the law within its own borders, delusions of grandeur that has led to it involving itself in The Great Game of Thrones, an army within that is as big a threat as any force without, a political system that's corrupt (but that can be said of every country in the world) and a military coup every decade on the decade... Need I state more?

Arun, Hungary - 27 November, 2007

Dangerous Country According to Me.

According to me, Pakistan is not the dangerous place to live but America is.
it is dangerous to live as it can be attacked anytime by any person like Osama bin Ladin. as it was done on 9/11.
And moreover America is not making friends but enemies around the globe.

Yaser Naseem, Aruba - 28 November, 2007

corrupt politcians, military rulers pushed Pak to instability

The nature of prblems in Paksitan is much mroe differnent than other country problems.

here is no US forces, no US agenda what the nation is opposing the politcians with the benefitting US objective in the coutnry, Army instead of controlling the borders, enjoying luxurious lives.

how terrorism took roots in the coutnry, ofcourse the result of Zia'S REGIME and the neglegnce of corrupt politicians who always seek their interest prior.

the reason behind the law and order situation is takin the nation away to solve their problem in a peaceful way and get their opinion in solution of problems.

only balloting and elections are not the process of democracy, what the hearts of nation say is the real name of democracy.

the way they want to solve their problems and choose thier leader, let them to do that.
but how? no effiective policy is availbable with the any govt.

The people themselves do not like the routine bloodsheddng and miserable lives but they take the condition of afghanistan and other coutnries into consideration that's why want to resist as earleir as possbilbe otherwise US with its policies change the culture, life style of the people which the peole do not like to leave.

People are good engogh in the coutnry to discuss the matter thorougly and let the terrorists away from their coutnry but there are some elements in the govt, in the society, in the religous parties who do not want to stop bloodshed even they find nothing except self interest from these phenomena.

Thank you

bachahussain, Pakistan - 28 November, 2007

no no not pakistan have a look at India

I believe its India the most dangerous country after Israel. Look at the people sleeping on Mumbai roads , the urban rural gap , scores of HIV infected persons, communal riots against muslims and christians, the massacres in Gujrat and Kashmir, and the govt piling up nuclear stocks......shame on newsweek's intellect who cant see this all....................

obaid, Pakistan - 01 December, 2007

england and america are very dangerous countrys they like to point the finger at pakistan when it suits them and blame pakistan for having terorist but the realty is pakistan is a nuclear power and has secured its borders and the safety of its people in the england and america have very high crime rates and murders on a daily basis and gangs on the streets and they cause terror and people are afraid to go out in case the are robbed or attacted england and america should mind there own people in stead of looking at other countrys problems and making life dificult for every one long live pakistan

saleem shah, United Arab Emirates - 01 December, 2007

long live pakistan

...only few words Pakistan is not a dangerous but astrongest country in the world

atif awan, Pakistan - 01 December, 2007

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