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Memo Scandal and Hussain Haqqani

24 November, 2011

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Mr. Hussian Haqani – Former Pakistan Ambassador to United States has finally resigned on controversial memo issue. Soon after his resignation Government of Pakistan has announced that "high level transparent investigation" would be held in this matter.

The issue emerged when Mr. Mansoor Ijaz – American businessman of Pakistan ancestry has brought alleged secret memo to public and media attention. Now even after the resignation of Mr. Haqani, the issue is still concerning all the major players in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army, Intelligence agencies and Pakistan political parties of opposition, are not only taking this matter seriously but major opposition party PML-N is also demanding Mr. President to resign from his office on this matter.

  • Do you support opposition's demand of president's resignation on account of this matter?

  • Do you think that "secret memo" is written or dictated by Mr. Hussain Haqnai and his resignation is right step in this regard?

  • How do you see the role of key player, "Mr. Mansoor Ijaz"  in this matter?

  • Do you think that probe on this matter would bring results & would make guilty parties accountable?

Reader Comments:

Pakistan saved

I think that the guilty parties have been shot and drowned already as far as their anti country nefarious motives were concerned. The snakes have been caught and bottled, though not hanged as they deserved.It was treasion laden acts to take out Pak nukes, and then slaughter Paks(especially Punjabis of Pakistan) by 100000 a day as was bragged in Indian news many times after Pak nukes were gone.

The media as well, especially Dawn of Pak, it seems has gone into strong grip control of Indo-US conspiracies. Any thing sympathizing with Pakistan is left out and anything berating Pak comes out flashing.

Thanks to Pak military that the snakes have been bottled even though they have not been given the proper punishment. And now My CJ also seems to have some loose screws as he is showing desire to tango dance with well known anti Pak. Mr CJ should also clean up his judiciary as there are reports of judges charging million rupees plus bribes for letting go the criminals. No wonder Mr CJ has flashed his some part personality to be laughed at and as ridiculed.
I think General Kyani is too lenient either by intent or by nature.

Thanks the Pak army again.The nation and the military is the one who will face slaughter wrath once Pak 100 plus nukes are whisked away.BRAVO PAK MILITARY, THE NATION SALUTES YOU.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 24 November, 2011

non sense attitude of zardari

our president is in fact a bus conductor! this is why that he behaves in this manner. his previous record show that he was never serious. now after seeking help from USA and after being spread the news, he and his govt is acting like a mad. no they have slaughtered mr haqani but this sacrifice will not prove to be sufficient to save their govt

iqbal ahmad, Uzbekistan - 24 November, 2011

President AAZ is very experienced and mindful leader

Pak Tribune question !!!! Do you support opposition's demand of president's resignation on account of this matter?

Comments By: Aziz ur Rehman Bhoi:- Why an Elected President of Pakistan should resign????????
I understand that President AAZ is very experienced and mindful leader and would never and never even think of such matters as being aired by his political opponents. President AAZ would not even murmur such dangerous matters in the ear of Ambassador Husain Haqqani. For GOD sake,respect this high office and do not point out fingers to wards President AAZ.
Written By
(Aziz Ur Rehman Bhoi) Distt:- Attocl

Aziz Ur Rehman Bhoi, Pakistan - 25 November, 2011

Zardari did very bad.

Zardari did very bad.i hate zardari.

Ammar Yasir, Pakistan - 26 November, 2011

I appreciate Haqqani's action. At-least someone in Pakistan set tradition of resign, otherwise whenever such situation created the concerned person say "I will not resign at any cost"

Regarding inquiry.. No use man.. ignore inquiry processes, as simply it is wastage of time and money. Any inquiry till today produced results in past, just recall... do you remember any? At-least I won't.

John, Pakistan - 28 November, 2011

Wake Up Call

If it is true that Mr. Mansoor Ijaz is an Ahmedi then his version is going to be exactly as his Jewish master's 'TOTAL LIES AND TOTALLY AGAINST PAKISTAN"
Nor is Haqqani any more reliable when he issued thousands of visas to CIA operatives to create a spy network all over Pakistan which may act against Pakistan's armed forces in the event of a war with NATO from the west. India will never let this chance go by that easily. Hindus are NOT reliable. You people need to wake up. Quran had warned NEVER to trust Jews and Pagans. All these PhD's in history and politics fail if it fails to direct you towards the preceding. History and Politics is written by the international educator the Jew, anyway, both of which hide their conspiracy to take over the world.
NATO nor US is prepared to apologise. This is right in your face thing. Now it's upto the citizens to keep an eye on the neighbourhood and a joint Security Force & Citizens network created to offset the CIA network. Pak military needs to wake up and stop relying on the Chinese guarantee. Any numbers of resolutions by the assemblies won't match firm and reliable plan of action. To start with Pakistan start sending emissaries with the help of Russians and Chinese to secure a word from Central Asian countries to cut off NATO routes of supply in case NATO attacks Pakistan. IT MUST DO IT NOW and a forward front plan where man and light equipment is placed inside Afghanistan to stop them from crossing the Hindu Kush, Small wonder they are pushing for the seperate province in FATA and a consulate for a reason. A revised Kargill blue print to control peaks in the western border would lessen the threat from the air.

Truther, - 30 November, 2011


LIZA, - 01 December, 2011




ANDY, - 05 December, 2011

Besharam govt

This is shameful for pakistan and pakistani govt whose that , soverienghty of pakistan is the most important function of govt but this govt have not sapacity to prevent these thing , if they can not do so, then in due respect pakistani govt resinged morraly.

Ch jalil advocate jhelum., Pakistan - 05 December, 2011

This issue should be handled by supreme court

I think after getting zero result of the parliament committe,Nawaz Sharif has gone to supreme and let the court complete its investigation but I don't know who will appear in front of court.

tayab, - 06 December, 2011

Democrcy is rubbish if it produces traitors

Zardari has a criminal record. He stayed in jail for over 10 years on criminal charges. He is a total fraud and is now exposed. People of Pakistan and specilly the armed forces who are responsible for the security of country should make sure that no one gets to the position of President or PM unless he / she is a person of integrity. Thieves / robbers and sellers of national pride should never be allowed. Democracy is rubbish if it produces traitors like Zardari

Malik, Pakistan, - 08 December, 2011

Memo scandle in eyes of rules of business

Dear Readers, the memo scandle has no value in the eyes of official manners, because the memo,letter,note etc. having no signature can not be entertained. Hence any query, clarification on it has no means and needs no action. If, resignation having no signature of any Honourable Justice is thrown /shown on the website of Supreme Court of Pakistan, weather it should be final and the honourable judge will be relieved off from services or it will be tear and put in the paper waste basket.

A Pakistani, Pakistan - 11 December, 2011

i thnk mansoor ijaz is right our government employes are telling lie.all the sincere political parties must take serious action on it nd now government should go to,s the question of our soverinity our soverenity goes in the hand of those who r nt sincere wd pakistan.

rohail asghar, Pakistan - 15 December, 2011

Mansoor Ijaz is not an honorbale man he is a confirmed liar.But he is at least standing firm with his Memo.
Zardari is the biggest Liar of them all because he also signed two Memos but failed to stand firm with his own Memos whcih he signed with Mian Nawaz Sharif

A Jamil, - 20 December, 2011

What a pity

what we are doing with our country. It is simply stupidity that we all are doing. Who is Ijaz Mansoor ??? is it any recognized authority of Pakistan ???
If !!! Mr. AAZ and his team planned the memo then let themselves to prove innocence if they are !!! .
My question to the hole nation if any one come on screen and say Pakistani official said this statement then what we should have to do. Be a practical like the other nations and listen the allegation call inqueiry rather just for our own intrest we demand GOVT to resign.
Mr. AAZ he is elected president of Pakistan he did not snatch the presidency our MNA's and our MPA elected him. And who elected these MNAs & MPAs.
We should respect the designation if we don't like the person sitting on seat then we have a right to hate that person but not a right to insult the designation. Khuda nay apni Khudai degai hai Mr.AAZ to president bana kay.
Mr. Zardari, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif & Mr. Gillani wat ever they are and how much corruption they are doing. Peoples of Pakistan will judge then in next elections and decide their future. We must respect the President, Prime Minister Cheif Ministers I hope for better Pakistan.

Amir, Pakistan - 20 December, 2011

Ek Zardari Sab Pe Bhaari

Zardari is great leader of the country, Punjabi speaking mafia is against him including punjabi speaking generals

Ali Wali, Pakistan - 24 December, 2011

Hqqani is a dangerously ambitious individual as such he knows only one thing, "Unflinching loyalty to his personal interests". He was appointed as ambassador only because he was a close friend of Zardari and could look after Zardari's personal interests in US. In all probability he is the author of the Memo and he must have done this on the direction of his master Zardari. The Supreme Court must get into bottom of this plot against Pakistan's national security. The plotters must be punished for their crime against the country.

sunder khan, Pakistan - 26 December, 2011

zardari ka haq haqani ki need

HAQANI and zardari gadare r main defaulters and they should be killed bcoz it is insult of pakistani army they are traitors

haider rauf, Pakistan - 29 December, 2011

zardari ka haq haqani ki need

HAQANI and zardari gadare r main defaulters and they should be killed bcoz it is insult of pakistani army they are traitors

haider rauf, Pakistan - 29 December, 2011

Army Rules

Entire memogate episode tells us that even PM & Pres are afraid of the Army. They do not trust the Army. If the highest elected officers do not trust the Army & ISI then what can you say about others, who were murdered BB, Bugti, Tassir, prominent journalists and thousands of Balochis.

Al Sayad, United States - 17 January, 2012

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