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Measures over peace processes between India and Pakistan

01 December, 2003

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December 2001, India banned its air space to Pakistan convicting her baselessly on interruption in its internal affairs.

Pakistan had had to put restrictions on usage of its airspace by India reciprocally.

After facing so much problems and financial loss in air industry, India offered back Pakistan to 'talk on irritant first' before getting deep into 'core issue of Kashmir'.

What do you think about this whimsical decisions by Indian Government?

Do you think the recent softening of Pak-India border would be long lasting?

Do you think Pakistan's generous invitation is vicarious?

What assurances should be set to stop future disruptions?

Reader Comments:

The sooner the better!

Perhaps if the peace process had moved faster and all issues (including Kashmir) were settled by now, there would be nothing to derail. The longer it takes to complete the peace process, the greater the chance of it being affected by terrorist attacks. Both nations have narrowed their differences over Kashmir, and are pushing the same idea for a resolution to the dispute: demilitarisation, self-rule, and an 'open' LOC. So why is it taking so long?

Waseem, United Arab Emirates - 18 July, 2006

Maybe we should be more considerate

Indians obviously feel very hurt by the regular blasts in Mumbai and Kashmir. Maybe Pakistan needs to help India in fighting against such terror. That way both countries will be happy.

Subu, Pakistan - 19 July, 2006

Never ending comedy/tragedy.In reality a stupidity.

Pakistanis and their leaders want discussions on Kashmir despite the fact the outcome is written on the walls everywhere for last sixty years.
A dead end to put it quite frankly is that well perceived notion by majority of people on this side leads to ignore comments by Pakistani president,PM as well as likes of MR.Ahmad Bilal, all over Pakistan.
It's a situation typical to old adage"You can take the donkey upto the pond but can't make it drink".Its laughble when many of talented contributors saying it'll hurt India if trade,transport,(by air,road etc.)sporting,cultural and diplomatic relations are cut off by Pakistan then it'll teach Indians not only a lesson but they wont be able to survive. Since Pak's leaders keep saying this through media rest of stupids think this to be a reality.In India very few people waste time talking abovt Pakistanis ,if i had to put it bluntly then it should read as "nobody wants to know abovt W.Pakistanis. But then such a feeling lasts only till other's attitude changes.I feel given the animosity taught in schools,mosques,madarassas,media articles in extremely vitriolic language everything abovt India,Indians it would be a good idea if Pakistani govt.and press publicly denounce all links for another fifty years ,perhaps next generation of people can give a fresh look again.You can be almost certain Indians would never refuse such well intentioned approach.At the same time vast majority of Indians are realistic and admit if an adventurious encounter is forced or made inevitable they're prepared to accept loosing 75-100 million people as inevitable but to make certain this third time is final and learn to live without Pakistan on planet.It's the only way for a permanent soloution not just for Kashmir but also for sub-continent.The alternative plans for is u.s.a. and u.k. blue print of independnt Sindh,Baluchistan and Puktoonistan which seems to be more likely as the new Washington Pentagon map reveals.Then the "core"problem will be solved not by India or Pakistan, It seems most likely outcome.N.S.RAO.

navlururao, Pakistan - 17 September, 2006

Peace process

India and Pakistan should resolve thier mutual problems peacefully.

naushad, San Marino - 03 October, 2006


Well, although all the Pakistani public wants to be at good terms with India...but after what they hav done to us..I don't think we are just gonna accept it. India made us think negatively about her as she never let go any occassion to hurt Pakistan. You got evidence of Indian presence in Balouchistan...then u got evidence of India agencies turning Afghans against Pakistan. The Indian Ambassador to PAKISTAN was recently deported because as he was involved in unauthorised activities, the police also found maps of many important places from him. This all hapened in near past...n still think we r gonna trust u straight away. WE BELIEVE IN PEACE BUT ON EQUALITY BASIS AND WITH THE DUE RIGHTS GIVEN.

Abdul, United Arab Emirates - 11 January, 2007

sell out

I think the current peace process between Pakistan and India is no more then becoming:
1.for Pakistan to become a politicaly weak state next to a very powerfull India which then would become the policeman for South Asia playing second fiddle only to the USA against China.
B.The kasmir region is about to be handed to Indians gift wrapped with no political advantages,except the sacrifice of the Kashmiri blood.

In conclusion if the current plans remain as they are i can see a very dismal future for the Pakitani nation as it wil be no more then the market place for india.

mohammed, Pakistan - 14 January, 2007

I hope

Inspite of all the negative feeling against my mother country in this board, I want the peace process to continue & evntually be successfull.

I have said this before in Paktribune forum, I want my daughter to live in a peacefull world.

I dont think any pakistani parent will want anything else for there kids..

I have hope, if we loose hope, then what is the oher alternative? TINA!

Arjun Serja, United Arab Emirates - 20 February, 2007

India and Pak.

The people of Kashmir don't want to be part of India so the latter should stop dreaming.I do feel that there will be another Indo-Pak war after which there will be great change that will benefit the entire region.Lets not forget China who i think will eventually kick the a** of the Indians like they did some forty years back.Absolutely no doubt that Pakistan can defend itself.


Imran, Pakistan - 21 February, 2007

Some writers here

Some of your Pakistanis writers here, seems have day dreaming. There are many Kashmiri's dont want to be a part of Pakistan either. Pakistan will never get Kashmir, this is for sure.Still today many of the Kashmiris on Pakistan side are under debris of the earth quake, with no medicine, food ,water. The Azad Kashmir (which is no way azad, under constant threat from Pakistan army)elections are farce. The Prime minister of Azad Kashmir is no less puppet, who hardly has any power. West Pakistan was kicked in the 1971 war and was dismembered from East Pakistan,now Bangladesh. Still today Pakistan is reeling for its loss. Pakistan can never win a war with India. Pakistan envy's India's development in economy and militarily. Pakistan politics is always in shamble, run over army dictators. Pakistan is more in to sanctuary, a safe haven for terrors and most wanted Indian supspect's, which is known world wide.

Sunil Sinha, United Kingdom - 21 February, 2007

relation between theindia and pakistan

this is not the issue of the one day but from when the pakistan came in to being this problem created by the britishers . the division of the areas was totally with dishonesty and just because of that the part remains in highly tensed condition . the only way is left to seperate the khasmir from india and pakistan and make them other indepented country the that the condition b/w the india and pakistan remains neutral....and the immune system of these both countries will remain stored not be wasted in fighting with each other.

sadia, Pakistan - 19 March, 2007

indo/pak relations and future

Indo Pak relations may take many decades before they reach a normalacy and openess as seen by all the present day nations of EUROPE.
For centuries from middle ages european countries were constantly at war and conflict.This was always due to religion ,power,politics and territiory.Upto worldwar 2 many millions died over these many wars.
But after this europeans became more intelligent and enlightened and now we see the friuts.Complete peace for 60 years and unity in 20 plus nations of europe where all citizens are equal irrespective of caste colour creed or religion.Open borders,single currency and a combined unitary strategy for future development and progress under consolidated european govt.
I believe that similar is possible for the subcontinent and its peoples.But it will require an exceptional amount of forward thinking and enlitenement,beyond concepts of caste religion and territory.
However as a brown person of indian origin i am not sure our peoples of the subcontinent are capable of this.

ash, United Arab Emirates - 24 March, 2007

Recent conditin of kasmir

There is no definite recent news about kasmir.
thank you

bashar, Bahrain - 09 August, 2007


my family had witnessed 1948 war in kashmir afghans had reached baramulla .but there they got defeated and cleared upto loc which is 55 km from baramulla . u can see the indian strength right here . and friends its not a make up but a true story.

rahul, Mauritius - 13 February, 2008

Long way to go

It is good the two governments are talking but they have a long way to go. The focus is on Kashmir, terrorism, trade, transportation. However the real issue for many Indians is the intolerance and disrespect in every aspect of Pakistani society towards India's majority community. If Pakistan listens to a Chinese proverb "you can catch more bees with honey than a stick", it will allow pilgrimage to the Indus, Katasraj, Sharda and Taxila. This will bring more flexibility on Kashmir than all existing CBM's combined.

Raj, Hungary - 21 May, 2008

Look from the other side - it doesn't hurt!

My dear friends: how many of you ever read an Indian newspaper? If you did, you will be surprised that Pakistan is seldom in the news unless something big - like what is happening in the SWAT Valley - is making news. Even then, it is simple news. If you see any emotion in the news it is likely to be a positive emotion towards Pakistan and Pakistanis. I am a regular reader of the Paktribune here people seem to be so obsessed with hating India and Indians, that sometimes I feel sick. It never hurts to see things from the other side please try once in a while reading news that has not been generated in Pakistan. Here are some of the most popular newspapers from India:;;; Being open to reading all sides never hurts I am a Punjabi a Punjabi who still feel that he belongs to the Punjab the land of five waters where there are no boundaries and I am a regular reader of If you know how to read Punjabi with a Gurmukhi alphabet, you can read Punjabi news in

Rp, United Kingdom - 26 May, 2009

Concious analysis to strengthen ties

There is limited progress in this area so far. There should be more efforts to connnect indians and pakistanies through music and sports through young and old people will help to alliviate some of past wounds. Its only through young leaders with thinking out of the box attitute can only make significant change in current situation and which will definitely going to benifit old and young generation. Best of luck. dont further delay if stop composite dialogue process and ideas for common benifits will only improve the present situation.
God Bless the region, so that leaders could divert thier time and resourses for good cause of human unity and progress of comming generation.

Peace Lover, Seychelles - 03 August, 2009

Sinister plot

I think this discussion board is a Cia-mossad-Raw plot to pick the brain of intelligent people of Pakistan. The NRO, kerry packer bill and IPL and Sass bahu shows are all a sinister plot by India to besmirch the fair name of the Land of the Pure. Our politicians are taking begging bowl to IMF and other brotherly countries and converting to Land of Poor. India wants bus service because Diesel is cheaper and better quality in Pakistan.

Ayaz, Pakistan - 23 December, 2009

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