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Measures over peace processes between India and Pakistan

01 December, 2003

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December 2001, India banned its air space to Pakistan convicting her baselessly on interruption in its internal affairs.

Pakistan had had to put restrictions on usage of its airspace by India reciprocally.

After facing so much problems and financial loss in air industry, India offered back Pakistan to 'talk on irritant first' before getting deep into 'core issue of Kashmir'.

What do you think about this whimsical decisions by Indian Government?

Do you think the recent softening of Pak-India border would be long lasting?

Do you think Pakistan's generous invitation is vicarious?

What assurances should be set to stop future disruptions?

Reader Comments:

Indian diplomacy is under intense hotch-potch elements it can be justified right from the begining from the birth of pakistan; always indian elements did emotional decision based on their hatred towards Pakistan. this followed the Track 2 policies by Indian side. and the problematic decision of banning pakistan air line was among those done the way and as this speakout says india suffered it. especially while maintaining plenary diplomatic relations with afghanistan.

i am of th eopinion that pakistan will try to retain this facility to India, but Indian extremist elements stop me to think this optimistic comment on India.

Yes, indeed! pakistan's invitation for opening bus service, samjhota express and now, air links is vicarious and knowingly that india is suffereing and is in anger to us.

Assurances! India can't assure. they are not sure even of their diplomatic responsibilities; for this RSSS and Shevsina should be accountable internally by Indian Govt

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 01 December, 2003

i think these all matters are dramatized. Elctions should be held neutrally.
India and Pakistan has made it a monoply which they are using for polishing their politics and to sustain their military safe aside and to ping on the resources forcefully.
this all is drama from last 56 years andif they would be sincere enough, a solution had been put implemented

fawad ali, Pakistan - 02 December, 2003


I may sound too rigid, but one has to realize the fact that each dispute has an issue, and if India and Pakistan has some dispute, then they should only talk about the dispute, all other issues which are irrelevant would automatically be streamlined if the core issue is resolved.

We can't architect a building without putting up a foundation and expect that it will always stand strong.

Ali, Pakistan - 02 December, 2003

Here we go again ....

Its all a farce. Starting the peace process for the umpteenth time is a perfect ploy for both the governments. In Pakistan it would keep the people busy discussing other things than the real issues. With the elections coming up in India, it would certainly muster support. Do we really think the Kashmir issue can be solved , when the bread and butter of the rulers depends on it.Do we really think India would give up a piece of its land just because we want it to , would we give up NWFP, if Afghanistan wanted us to ? Its time, the people get a real perspective on things and come out of this it-will-all-be-ok cocoon.

Sahibzada Ahmed Noor, China - 02 December, 2003

Dealing with terrorists

Pakistan has chosen to intimidate India using terrorist tactics. Attacking the heart of democracy, i.e., Parliament, is no small act. Other than attacking Pakistan, what options India has to punish Pakistan who covertly supports terrorism against India from her soil. You don't talk to those who sponsor terrorism, you punish them with whatever means one has at ones disposal. That's what India did rightly.

Virendra Verma, Pakistan - 02 December, 2003

India Pakistan Peace Process

From distance, I am hopeful that eventually both countries can solve their problems as Europe has done in recent history and US has done both with Mexico and Canada. It is in the interest of all citizens of both country. If it is left to younger generation of both country chances are the peace will be for ever.

Arvind Saklikar, United Kingdom - 02 December, 2003

India's attitude

One of the main issues with India is a attitude problem. Somehow, India seems to be obssessed with U.S.A. and always pick up those themes which USA has adapted worldwide. For example, if America is involved in War against Terrorism, India would like to project herself as the same by stage managing dramas like Parliament attack, killing sikhs in Indian Held Kashmir and blaming everyhing on Pakistan by saying the killers had Pakistani Identity cards in their pockets. This is absolutely absurd. It's about time, India should think like a responsible state and stop comparing itself with America and other nations just to prove it's better than Pakistan.

Start the Dialogue and reslove the main issue, which is Kashmir. The world has not yet bought any stupidity of Indian game to blame everything on Pakistan. America needs Pakistan and India, let's understand this and stop spending money on cheap propaganda to malign Pakistan. No matter how much world media recognize Indian's version of the stories, but the fact remains that No one has bought Indian desire to call Pakistan a terrorist state. Truth always win.. just remember.

Agha, Pakistan - 03 December, 2003

Measures over peace processes between India and Pakistan

The typical Indian mentality is that the more softer or giving the attitude of Pakistan, the more aggressive they become. In my opinion, The Pak govt. should stop offering olive branch to India as they see this as a weakness on our part. We should say no to Cricket, opening of borders, meeting of the Presidents and other politicians until they come to the discussion platform. Why should we be always the ones to give in and welcome every politically motivated overtures of the Indians. Enough is enough. We should start standing upright and not loose our dignity. Indians are a bunch of coward bullies and the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them rather than give in to their demands.

Dr Arshad Khan, Pakistan - 03 December, 2003

banning air space

I think that banning of air space did not help sooner indian realized the better it was ,both govt should refrain from making hasty decisions they later repent . Pakistan govt,s invitation will surely earn him more dignity in the world because it will clearly signal that Pakistan means business despite all other conflicts mainly unresolved due to the obstinate behaviour of indian govt . the key to reduce tension is that both govt should move on to have a better dialogue that will enable them to reach on any understanding which is acceptable to both .How can you talk when the other person is not ready to listen so comprehensive talk is imperative in order to simmer the ever boiling situation . its time that both govt,s should stop quarreling and act more wise towards each other .

why me :(

all obove letters r so long but whenever i try to post one it says u r exceeding limits why ...why ....why

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 03 December, 2003

I dont see why all news papers are in search of Spicy stuff? when India and Pakistan are getting closer why you guys are louding out 'Whimsical'?
What do your paper mean by 'vicarious decision ' by Pakistan. Dont be f**l diplomatic trying to be Diplomatic.
Let the dust settle down and then say whatever you wish to

Talib Raza, Pakistan - 03 December, 2003

How little we know of each other!

Reading the above commensts, I can only think of how little we know of eachother!
I am the right one to say that, I am Hindu, from India,work in UK, and share my apartment with 2 friends from Pakistan.
Why the Pakistani public hates Indians (& viza versa) is really beyond me. We can understand if the Indian Poltics and Pakistani army hates eachother, as they are the only once gaining from the mutual hatered.
What is there for the layman to hate his blood ?

Vinu, United Arab Emirates - 03 December, 2003

Fencing on LOC

It makes me sad to know that India has already started taking advantage of our ceasefire offer by speeding up the fencing of LOC, Now what are we going to do about this ????

Adnan, Pakistan - 04 December, 2003

thaw and beyond

It has to be brief comments in the stipulated sapce.Pakistan is going extra mile to make the SAARC summit a success. This is the immediate goal. In mid-terms and then converting into the final objective would be the settlement of Khasmir problem. To be frief; will diplomatic measures alone ever settle Kasmir problem. Yes, Only in one way. If we all go by Indian way. And that is making Kashmir, the whole of it, including Northern areas part of India.
Bye for now.

hayat, Pakistan - 04 December, 2003

"An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind"... This must be popualarly believed in the case of India and Pakistan.
We as the citizens should support the peace initiatives taken by both countries. The politicians, our "decsion makers" make all these decisions... but it is us, the common people who have to face the brunt of any action. Let's be sensible and urge to put an end to war! The media can play a huge role as the dove... to carry the olive branch from across the borders!

Pallavi Mutalik, Hungary - 04 December, 2003


Indian PM has initiated a peace process. Pakistan has also responded favorably. This may be the last attempt of our PM to solve all problems that exists between two nations. Let me share with you that majority of persons in my age group do not want the countries to discuss Kashmir or any other irritants, we want you discuss trade, culture, sports, health care and child care. we want you to discuss the ways to extend our cooperation in these fields. Leave the contentious issues for 10 years and our generation will solve them. You have duty towards the new generations.

rundeep, Hungary - 11 December, 2003

Think Globally..

All we can think about economic progress that can be iniated in both country instead of talking about the Terrorisum, Kashmir issues and other unwanted, unproductive topics. Look out UK, US and western countries , where they have very limted resources but excels in the world. So please push back all this concentrate on the each country developments

Sri, Hungary - 29 September, 2005

Its The People Who Suffer..

Inspite of all that has been said about indians having negative attitude towards pakistan & vice versa, it must be clear for all the general public that people from both sides are voiciferously pushing for peace with teh respective governments. At this stage the media has an important role in carrying the message across & wat it does instead is start negative things like your are doing here.."whimsical decisions by Indian Government" isnt a proper comment on a government of a billion people. Much like any decision taken by Pakistan Govt isnt whimsical or Impulsive, same is on the other side, wherein opinion of everyone has to be respected. I believe peace will prevail in the end but requires conscious efforts from everyone including the general public & most importantly from the media.

Dr Sameer, Hungary - 04 October, 2005

Be Practical

Nations are not run on emotions.Logical and practical thinking always prevail.
India cant take Pakistan side kashmir(If wanted to wuld have easily done in 1971) and pakistan will never be able to take india JnK. Thats the reality. aam janta like us however we may shout it wont effect diplomatic decisions.What the politicians are trying to do is create an environment which will slowly build relations b/w people 2 people n let local government have bigger role in this part of kashmir. This is what they will call as least damage control strategy possible coz if they move an inch away from the present situation(boundry) people of that country will create havoc(assumed). so it will be like u stay in peace in ur part of world n we stay with ours.
Now taking Jammu and Kashmir in consideration APHC just represnts people from only a part of kashmir valley. There is a govt in JNk. APHC doesnt represnts any hindu, christian,bhuddist(laddak) etc community so they can never be sole representative of the kashmiri( i never understood why pakistan say kashmir issue n never a Jammu and Kashmir issue as Raja Hari Singh ruled the completed state together) people n its aspirations. Pakistan india n APHC all understand this very well n global community will never accept them as only representative.
Indian policy was never pakistan centric as the case is for pakistan which has grown its people only kashmir and india centric.
Todays world only runs on economics n not emotions. So it becomes a more logical solution for both india n pakistan to move toward econimic growth as well soften the kashmir issue from the minds of people by talking n taking small steps at a time.

vj, United Kingdom - 29 March, 2006

I cannot believe that a new paper of your cader will call this peace process whismical. Poor people of India and Pakistan are tired of the negative media and want to come close as they were before 1947. I know Kashmir is the main issue but talks have to started some where. You need to take the first srep before you start running. There are enough illitrate and fanatics in India and Pakistan you do not need to put butter in fire. Pakistan is trying to come out of the shadows of clerics and Mulla regime and population of both counteries is coming to know the truth.

Vinnie, United Kingdom - 29 March, 2006

The sooner the better!

Perhaps if the peace process had moved faster and all issues (including Kashmir) were settled by now, there would be nothing to derail. The longer it takes to complete the peace process, the greater the chance of it being affected by terrorist attacks. Both nations have narrowed their differences over Kashmir, and are pushing the same idea for a resolution to the dispute: demilitarisation, self-rule, and an 'open' LOC. So why is it taking so long?

Waseem, United Arab Emirates - 18 July, 2006

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