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London Terror Plot

22 August, 2006

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The London Plot
By Anwaar Hussain
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The British government claims to have foiled a terrorist plan to blow up as many as 10 jetliners flying to the United States from Britain. So far, around 50 suspects linked to the London terror plot have been arrested in UK and Pakistan.

The plan was unearthed at a time when the world media was fully engaged in covering the Israeli brutalities in Lebanon. Even, the US television channels, including Fox, CNN and ABC, which are considered staunch supporters of Israel, were also highlighting the killings of civilians, particularly women and children.

Following the disclosure of the plan, the international media attention was diverted towards Pakistan and London shifting its focus from Israeli repression to London terror plan.

Is this a coincidence that whenever the international media, though very rarely, focuses its attention towards Israeli brutalities, or US atrocities something “ startling comes out? Whether it was the case the Abu Ghuraib jail or the visit of any US high up to Pakistan.

A common Pakistani is reluctant to receive it as a coincidence that before the visit of any US high up to Pakistan, either a top Al Qaeda leader is arrested or the tribal areas are bombed.

Here are some questions

1) Why does it always happen that whenever world media focuses on US or Israeli brutalities, a terrorism plan involving Muslims is unearthed?
2) Is London terror plan a sequel of that exercise aimed at diverting the world attention from Israeli bombardment in Lebanon?
3) Do you think that Pakistani government is part of that exercise?
4) Pakistan says it has again proved its sincerity and active participation in war on terror by helping UK government. What do you think?

Reader Comments:

Shia on the path of blendin as nation state

When emotional worship and ethical concerns are more valued than strict respect of sharia, then popular Islam might provide a religiosity that combines the authenticity of a non-fundamentalist tradition and a modern spirituality. In atomic bomb handling Shia-Iran, in reaction to the politicisation of the celebration of Ashura, wich has been transformed into massive political demonstrations by the Islamic regime, many Hezbullah foregoers prefer to celebrate the day through local associations (heyat, or neighbourhood or professional guilds), where the 'big man' is not the mullah but the head of the association, and where rituals forbidden by the regime (such as self-flagellation) are re-enacted. The same by media inverted formations on so-called 'terror'plots by unearthed young men in grievance of all the mysogynistic Western molded humblance as former ideological earnings of intelligentsial offices steamed as nation states - surrounded Islam!?

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 23 August, 2006

Apocalypse G8 NUKE Aussie Terror Cricket Ball

Israelis Army had collapsed with NATO army one long year
Of planning to invade Lebanon Syria Iran by placing troops
In Afghanistan Iraq. They had enough sleep now to reorganize.
NUKES like in Hiroshima Nagasaki to invade Iran Oil
Is their only option left now? As continued military exercise
To contain Muslim experts with potential user of
Oil chemical cocktail that could temptation to use explosive
In allied countries have been presumed rounded up amid London
Madrid WTO 9/11 7/7 or such publicity. They had designed
Invasion. Mullahs have nothing at all preparation to match
NATO Israeli Pre -Emptive NUKE Attack.Allied Nuke Ball is no Hezb cricket tampered ball

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 23 August, 2006

Understand the 9/11 Conspiracy against Muslims World.

The conspiracy against Muslim world started from 9/11, which is a great plot of to involve Muslims to hijack planne and than invade to Muslims countries, so they invade in Afghanistan, and after that their Think Tank made a plot against Iraq to search WMD (Wepon of Mass Destruction) and still they searching WMD in Iraq, and after that their Think Tank plan to invade in Iran, but they did not find the exact time to invade in Iran, and firstly they plan to invade in Labnon and destroy Hizbullah, so that Hizbullah could not attack in Israel when they are invading in Iran, and Israel do this job very well, but not destroyed Hizbullah and face a big defeat from Hizbullah, and in Media.....
During this we heared a news in western media that 10 jet plane hijacking ploter have been been arrested in UK and Pakistan. And now we are thinking that the next plot when will be come, Our president Mushraf are very happy to support their full cooperation against this plot.... While that our innocent people who are involve in this plot are blaming that they are the Terrorist, but we shoud know who are the Terrorist and who are making plot against Muslims.....

Hamza Umar, Pakistan - 24 August, 2006

Terrorism: A big bluff-cum-reality…?!

Terrorism: A big bluff-cum-reality…?!

The socio-economic and political crises, upheavals, dictatorships, foreign invasions, occupations and war-thrusts make our Muslim world, a planet of resent, revenge and reservations stemming out of the tragedies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and now in Lebanon.

In this climate of distrust & disillusion it is very easy for a British, American, Indian, Israeli or any other agent to infiltrate and mine an idea or plan for terror and then get the desired results by encouraging these “young heads” to an extent where they are considered “ripe” “ready” and “red-handed” for a dramatic rather traumatic disclosure for winning over the global opinion.

This is what happened before and now in the recent so-called suspected terrorist-plan for blowing up the passenger planes over Atlantic Ocean. The timing to unveil these men, means and magnitude of their planned menace was designed to achieve the maximum political goals vis-à-vis propaganda ply to save the falling figures of popularity, for Bush & Blair, at home and abroad to justify and intensify the ongoing atrocities by them and their Semitic stooge Israel against the innocent people and nations in the Muslim world.

Why didn’t we stop these men in December 2005 when their activities became known?

Why we let them tread on this destructive path over a period of 9 months?

Why don’t we address & resolve the outstanding geo-political issues which are contributing to such tragic thoughts and developments?

Is USA aware of the fact that it is taking one step forward and two steps backward in its pursuit of making friends in the Muslim world?

Aren’t Israeli atrocities blocking the success of American & European foreign policies and national interests in the Muslim world?

Why can’t we initiate a constructive and consecutive series of dialogue among friends & foes to minimize the differences and danger of war and terrorism?

If Muslim leaders take the course of democracy and justice by performing their genuine role & responsibilities to save and defend the lives & lands of fellow Muslims then of course these men and women shall not risk their own or others lives by taking law into their own hands…!

Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 25 August, 2006

Osama Madrassa for adult vs Iran submarine to surface fired missile..

A.Osama Bin Ladin is London Terror Plot and Osama is Man made Illusion
(With a Template) in lieu of the Holy Prophet Amid publicity “ separation
of Islam with Oil Rich Muslim States in particular Iraq-Kuwait”.

B.99% Muslim do not dress like Osama or have multiple wives Kids
Fighting $500 Billion Crusaders Muslim Economy Hijackers .Imagine Osama
with his 15 yr $250m vs. $500 billion Osama Iraq Kuwait oil ongoing war.

C. I personally had visited Bin Ladin firm when Osama was 14 and found all white
Engrs.Osama surfaced out with blow up of US embassies in Riyadh
WTcentre’s first bombing practice in 1993 in pursuit to replace US trillions of dollar Debt publicity with Allied Bush Blair .They are themselves Osama cult
Wasting Umma’s time without letting them they make modern progress .
Osama cult shows madrassah with grown up engineers doctors age student
Against madrassah meant for babies and kids .Osama bunch have distorted
Muslim prophecies and Muslim progress collectively or individually.

D.The blow own buildings Helped plant millions of landmines in Afghanistan
Throw bomb on civilian Population. Russia with Central Asian Muslim Army
Did not deserve this with afghan UMMA.Islam is no terrorists with beheading
Stone throwing war with CNN or aljazeera BBC playing tapes or Iraq hypocrites
or Egyptian PhDs publicizing to have had interview with Osama or threw
Bomb on civilian or planted mines. This is not Islam.

E.Osama contributed nothing.Saddam and Iraq army population died.Iran army
Iran population died and got crippled 3 million evaporated in East Pakistan.Osama
collected reward as Islam rasool of Jihad.The Osama designers design own progress.
This is disgraceful templates (compounding and spreading as evil location as anti
Islam forces in created format).

benz m Isphahani, India - 27 August, 2006

Islam ARMY as Human Shield to UK Canada Crusaders

Today in Afghanistan One UK soldier died One Canadian soldier died 6 Afghan died 7 Taliban terrorists killed and Scores of Civilian hurt….

This is sick joke. This constitute both Afghan soldiers and Afghan Civilian acted as Human shield to British soldiers human shield to Canadian soldiers while as usual
US citizen Karzai (prez of Afgnstn) Apologised for British Canadian soldiers death.
Karzai’s daily apologies are dime a dozen without any concern for the safety of
Afghan police death or Osama Taliban terrorist’s death or hundred of thousands
Afghan civilian killed maimed or converted..

This has been going on across Muslim world in Iraq in Lebanon in Afghanistan
For decades. This is a sick Umma sick OIC leaders Sick investors or sick oil/LNG pumpingcrews , sick collateral bombers, sick US allied army and US UK public
And sick Mullahs sick Osamas sick terrorists.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 27 August, 2006

King Osama Bin Ladin family Startup Amid London Plot

Suddenly Osama Tora bora 1990s within UN 1991-2012 project seem preplanned.With
Osama came bombing in Sudan pharmaceutical Plant Darfur and hell on earth in Somali
Hunger HIV in Ethiopia Abyssinia Balkan Iraq Afghanistan. With Osama Chechen leader Canadian General Lewis name came alongwith Allied army of Osama bin Ladin as a religion.The Crusaders emphasize osama and his madrassahs as if they have alliance with certain Muslim regime. One negates other knowingly. King of Islam is a new religion.Osama bin Ladin is New Islam. Osama family have lined up as prince and princess to inherit Kingdom of Islam for next generation without basis (via osama bin ladin).The allied also extends grip of the region in the name of Osama alqaeda and specific type of madrassah with discredited Quran as satanic verses.Whatever they do or have designed or reason why they acquire their heart lung HIV free blood kidnapped babies promote specific dress code specific version of madrassa alongwith NATO
Moving in along with them seem preplanned.Their version of jihad cater their version of Islam seem springing up everywhere (in Afghanistan Pakistan Bangladesh Waziristan
Dera Bugtti Kashmir and around the globe). Osama the new Jihad rasool is correct remark under the circumstance with his allied Bush Blair Harper Elmer the Jewish Enemies of Osama who have grown together recently.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 27 August, 2006

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