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London Bombings

10 July, 2005

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A series of bomb attacks on London's transport network has killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds of others.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has returned to London from the G8 summit, has described the attack as "barbaric". UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was "reasonably clear" there had been a series of terrorist attacks. He said it was "particularly barbaric" that it was timed to coincide with the G8 summit.

An Islamist website has posted a statement - purportedly from al-Qaeda -claiming it was behind the attacks.

London's police chief Sir Ian Blair said there had been "many casualties" but it was too early to put a figure to those killed or injured.

Describing the bomb blasts in London as an "open act of terrorism", Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said the terror attacks would have an adverse impact on Muslims all over the world. "London blasts are an open act of terrorism and will have deep impact particularly on Muslims all over the world"

Who do you think gained most out of these bombings ?
How can terrorism be stopped world over ?
What do you think is the root cause of terrorism ? Religious, Racial, Political, Economics or any other ?.

Reader Comments:

London Bombings

If OBL took Ghandi's approach, even before he was OBL, the US and everyone else would have said "so f------ what!" That approach wouldn't even have the slightest effect in today's world. If it did, I'd hunger strike right along with him to end this - not just the war, but our Middle East policy as well.

What I don't understand is how come these people who are so religious (OBL - who, mind you, never - from what I've read - PRESSUMES upon the graces of Allah, but praises him after the fact; and Bush - who, from what I've read, thinks God talks directly to him) think killing is good? Aren't they just creating a larger army for the ruler of hell than for god? Now I'm beginning to understand evangelism. It doesn't take a great man to point a gun and pull a trigger. It does take a great man to move others to change their lives and beliefs because of his words and example.

Maria, United Kingdom - 28 July, 2005

zionism gave birth to terrorism

I think for most part zionism is responsible for terrorism. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is no less then state terrorism and that has provoked the hatred of many Muslims around the world. Since these Muslims don't have a CNN of their own, and they don't have F16 to fight Israeli aggression they use their own bare bodies as bombs. I am not supporting killing of innocent people , but what I am saying that Israeli zionism have turned Muslims to commet these crimes. We Muslims need to clean our name; we are not killers, we don't want bloodshed, we are peaceful people, but Israeli zionists must do the same. They need to withdraw from the occupied Palestine and give the Palestinians hope, they need to stop demolishing homes, blocking roads, killing their leaders, draining their drinking water for the swimming pools of the settlers, they need to stop up rooting their Olive trees and release their family members.

What I am emphasizing is; terrorism must stop and must stop zionism too. We should not allow our family members become target of Mossad. Cause I think Mossad of Israel has a lot to do with Muslim terrorism. Stop zionism and stop terrorism.

Mohammad, Pakistan - 30 July, 2005

I am so sick and tired of hearing about these attacks. These terrorist are making us muslims lives on this earth so difficult. If these terrorist are so big and bad, then why don't they just come face to face with the world and fight like real men. They do these stupid "suicide bombings" and die in just seconds. My one message to them is that if they don't like there lives then they should just go and commit suicide in the privacy of there own homes...just leave the rest of the world out of there mental troubles.
Another thing i am so angry is about, is the illegals in this country (USA). I am an American citizen and my family came here legally, but i am just tired of so many illegals that are here...the usa needs so be more strict...because they are illegals living here right under USA's niose.

Actually before the London bombings, i thought it was illegals, but then they found out that some muslims involved in the bombings were actual london citizens so i guess i am slightly wrong about that i do admit.

I have no clue what us innocent muslims can do and i hope that allah gives terrorist a harsh punishment soon.

Sadia, United Kingdom - 01 August, 2005

london bombing

British are suffering because policies they made against muslim public and continues policy to keep Israeel in top and India too. Cold war is started I do not think that can be avoided even like me peoples living in europe uk and usa are hypocrate they know the fact nobody kills himself so easy everybody know the reason but muslims become greedy. I believe every true muslim must fight against policies of europe and usa if we are muslim we do not have to be afraid from uk european or usa.I must also know that even i am european national they keep dought that i can be terrorist even i never think about.I believe better for the muslims follow the Iran than nobody can dictate you.I see future of muslims in europe uk and usa is finished and better we must be faithfull on true Islam and give up our hypocracy and by name muslims and we must tell why muslim are doing like this we do not have to appologize for this if usa uk europe do like this they have matching response.we are taking benifits from the countries so we afraid to go back think about that if we are muslim what we are doing .we are not as muslim in these countries but benifiters greedy peoples.True muslims they do not need money or life of living better for true muslims but for by name muslims is comming hell now Inshallah.If lord of london can accept the fact and can annonce on bbc about fact why bombing happend so why by name muslims and their organization are repeating muslim are not terrorist. yes if uk usa europe can terrorise and killing the kids and insulting the old peoples so what is the response. Mulims leaders are only rulling and filling their pockets with uk usa aid. Do well and have well.

CHAUDHARY, Pakistan - 01 August, 2005

To Joe (USA), I can't tell you how much hope I have gained from reading your words! For much of my adult life I have despised US foreign policy, from the inhuman backing of Israel brutality, to the first Gulf War, through the "War on Terror" (read "War OF Global Terror") to the second Gulf War. I am terrified by the incredible arrogance of the current US government (with the backing of MY government!) and their plan for Pax Americana. Spreading the word and policy of the US across the globe in order to make it stable. What a joke! Have they watched too many episodes of Star Trek? Good aliens roll over and welcome us, but the bad aliens must be destroyed. Yeah… riiiight.
As in the UK, their leaders are appointed by how slick they look and talk and how much money they can throw at the election campaign. It annoys me enough in my own country, so do we really want that all over the globe? I can't honestly decide which living hell would be worse: a globe of US clone countries or a globe under Islamic rule (no offence to Islam or Muslims intended). My point is that variety and chance are two of God's most precious gifts to us, yet there are those who strive to forcefully homogenise our cultures, our planet, in some insane dream of creating one stable race. This policy has been attempted in the recent past and the man behind this strategy saw his empire crumble when pitted against a REAL global coalition of forces in 1945.
Now I won't sit here and say that all terrorists were hard-done-by and therefore have some twisted right to strike back, because that's rubbish. But I will say that a great deal of the wrongs being enacted in our world today are echoes of past wrongs. One evil begetting another evil, death upon death, grief taking refuge in the vicious harbour of violence. No-one can blame or cite God/Allah/Yahweh in these atrocities, He gave us free will and hearts that can forgive, and it is up to us how we use these gifts. Do you not think that He weeps with us every time one of us dies at the hands of another? His children, fighting and dying, and doing so in His name?
Whether we are religious or not, most of us still feel God's presence from time to time, and most if us have no idea what to do with it! In the UK, many atheists and agnostics consider true faith to be a sign of mental weakness, and so regard the faithful with disdain. They replace religion with soap operas, music, celebrities, science, technology, etc. These icons, which become the focus of their energy, do not properly fulfill their spiritual needs and so people become disillusioned, depressed, dissatisfied, and aimless. Is this the kind of 'freedom' we want to force upon the rest of the world? Under what right do we do so?
I want to end by saying that I am lucky enough to have friends of all creed, colour and religion. I am a geologist, and my work has taken me to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where I found all the fears spread by the UK media to be utterly false and misguiding. OK, I didn't wander around lawless areas but the many people with whom I have interacted have been among the kindest and most generous that I have ever met. Much of that peace and goodwill comes from their religion, the true face of Islam. Yes, they would gladly convert others to Islam, but wasn't that precisely what we Christians did all over the world, sometimes by force?
Now is not the time for wars or conflicts, that time is long gone – it is the time for moving forward; holding faith and goodwill in one hand, science and progress in the other.

Adam B-Browne, United Arab Emirates - 04 August, 2005

London Bombings

Im quite surprised how after every bombing Muslims automaticaly come at the fore front in international media. Personally I believe london bombings is just a conspiracy by CIA and FBI to demonize Muslims. I just switch off the TV everytime London bombings appears on screen. Its all a lie. I dont beleive a single word out of Western media's mouth. London bombing has just provided UK govt with a free license to kill any Muslim walking down the london streets. People r mourning handful of people who died in London. wt about Millions of innoncent people that British army is ruthlessly killing in Iraq everyday. British army is behaving like animals in Iraq, killing every child they see on Iraqi streets. World is blind to Brits atrocities. Then they stil have the nerve 2 ask why do they hate us Peace loving people....

Maham, Pakistan - 07 August, 2005

To Adam B-Browne, United Kingdom.....Hey, the USA kicked England's behind in 1776 so you better follow your master. Also free Northern Ireland and get your orange behinds out of the Emerald Isle. The only thing that has come out of England lately was Benny Hill. If you don't fight the Muslims then all of England will turn Muslim. So wake up like you did in WW2. If you didn't defend your homeland you would be goosestepping and speaking German. Good think that generation had a pair of you know what. Unlike you.

, United Kingdom - 09 August, 2005

I can't imagine that "comma" from the US would bother to check back with us to see if anyone has responded to his comment, but I'll waste my breath anyway. I am willing to bet that Mr. or Ms. Comma has made enemies of many friends, but has never (nor will ever) made friends of even one enemy. Which one represents the 'stronger' person? Your way out is so much easier, because friendships take much more work than "enemyships." Also, you'd better be careful who you call Master. History has proven time and time again that even the greatest of empires eventually fall. Where do they fall? Victim to those they've persecuted and disrespected. Our time will come eventually, and if it happens in my lifetime, I hope I don't get my ass kicked by the new Master, just because I live in the same country as people like you.

On another note, I wonder what would happen if Al-Quaida sent out a tape with no threats. What would the American media label it? The most recent one was labelled "Al-Quaida Threats". The media controls how those of us who are too shallow to think for ourselves perceive you. I wonder what would happen if you stopped sending tapes addressing us and instead went to the Iraqi government and established your own peace deal with them. I wonder what would happen if those conditions were that the insurgency would stop if the governments demand that the US, UN and whomever else gets out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder what would happen if then you together sent us the bill for all the damage we did and contract with France, Germany, or even China to rebuild. Not to compare these two situations in the least, but you do not pay your child to fix a window that he broke with his baseball. You make him pay for it and get someone else to fix it. Sometimes you just have to say (and I'll spell this in English phonetics as I don't know how to spell it in Urdu) "thaparmarungee bodthameez" then you follow through.

Maria, United Kingdom - 11 August, 2005

Hey Maria from USA. Why don't you convert to Islam so your husband can smack you around whenever he wants or kill you in an "Honor" killing. Wrap that scarf around your head and make sure you tighten it around your neck. Maybe after living with your nagging for some years your Muslim husband will take another wife. If you can't see that the USA enjoys freedom that does not exist in many other countries then do us a favor and convert to Islam. Also how long did it take you to think up the word "enemyship"? If you are married I am sure your husband spends as much time as he can in strip bars just so he can stay away from your fat ass.

Mike Hunt, United Kingdom - 13 August, 2005

Nice Guys!!!

Hope the world Leaders will see that being nice to the ruthless is a waste of time in dealing with those braindeads..Kind laws designed to help humanity and protect humanity are the same laws that the braindeads are using to exploit in their rain of kaous,madness..

kalvin, United Kingdom - 14 August, 2005

London Bombings

Thanks Mike for illustrating my point! It took me a whopping 60 seconds or less and a few choice words to make an enemy of you. I can imagine that to be your friend would take much, much more effort.

P.S. I got "enemyship" from George W. Bush.

Maria, United Kingdom - 19 August, 2005

I agree with Mike Hunt from the USA. I made the mistake of marrying a Muslim man from the Middle East. Needless to say it did not work out. He refused to let me out of the house without being covered. I could not express my political views. I could have no contact with men I worked with. I was basically a slave to Islam. The end finally came when he took another wife and tried to convince me that God wanted him and allowed him to do this. I ended up leaving him and later married a Catholic man from the USA. Presently our son is in Iraq fighting those same Muslims whose culture I shared. He tells us that each woman they meet will do just about anything to leave the country and their men. They wish to have the freedom that the USA women enjoy and they are tired of being slaves to their religion and their men. I think that Maria from the USA should convert to Islam and take a Muslim husband. After a few years maybe her Muslim husband can straighten her out. I cannot believe that any woman would defend a way of life that treats them like dirt. I hate to say this about another "sister" but I agree with Mike Hunt from the USA. Maria, I believe no man would marry you. So if you like the life of the Middle East, then go there please and make room here for a woman who wants to escape the place she is living.

Sara, United Kingdom - 20 August, 2005

Mike, your words they show your enmity against Islam/Muslims burning in your heart for whatsoever reason, but I'm sorry I can't get you any remedy better than this. I wonder how ignorant and blunt some people are when it comes to speak about Islam. The dignity Islam gave to women is undeniable.Whether you are a Muslim or not it really doesn't matter to me because I'm a human first of all and Islam is a religion for all human beings 'NOT 4 ALIANS'. According to the sacred teachings of Islam, women have just four relationships with men, Mother, Sister, Wife and Daughter and these four words itself represent how honorable they are (I don't need to explain them) whether these rels. are real with blood relatives or virtual with all other Muslims. So in whatever kind of relationship women are in they are treated with dignity, respect and tender loving care by men. Islam is not a joke as it has become now a days due to our own ignorance, anti-Islam hypocritical conspiracies and liar false media. Though I'm not a scholar, I'm a Software Engineer but I'd like to add few more words here to tell the world what Islam is all about. In Islam, mistreating a women especially a wife enrages the God to an extent that results in a torment of grave/hell fire right after death. Disregarding Mother (or father) is a great sin especially in case of Mother, God does not forgive unless she forgives her child... similarly breaking up the ties of kinship will never let you able to smell the fragrance of Paradise and so on… there is a lot more knowledge on the subject of morality in Islamic Text. Read it yourself to get rich off it. This is why Muslims are more family oriented and it's commendable! As far as London's bombing is concerned I agree with Maha and it also seems to me as most likely to be another treason conspiracy just as 9/11. (Watch the movie 'Confronting the Evidence' to see who's behind that catastrophe, you can get it free from or go to this link Non-Muslims must clean up their hearts from any kind of prejudice against Islam/Muslims and open their eyes to ascertain the truth. But if you are also having some problems like Mike then I recommend you the same recipe. Try it it'll certainly help you. On the other hand false Islamic orgs/sects (I said false bcoz there is no way for any kind of sectarianism in Islam so all are false whatsoever their motives and names are) must stop fragmentation in Islam and their stupid believes in support of suicide bombers. Suicide is forbidden in Islam as well as killing of innocent people is forbidden so whoever did that he has no relationship with Islam and Muslims. Showing picture of 4 young guys with rucksack taken by some CCTV camera is not strong enough evidence. If they are missed then they could also be victims like others. Whom you are kidding with, you fool???

Ahmad Malik, United Arab Emirates - 20 August, 2005

London Bombing Towards Israel Prophecy

Israel Prophecies Setting the stage for
Armageddon as I See it roughly…It is over!
Journalists of 4 Beastly Nations TV –
USA Israel UK Canada had isolated
Ahmaddinejad today in TV interview as “You give
$100m aid To Hezbollah and rockets” without
admitting $5,000,000,000 /yr aid to Israel and
all missiles Nukes of USA Nato with current war
cost Running at 520,000,000,000.Then we have 10
Tribes – Christian Muslim Jews Hindus Buddhist
Zoroastrian Bahais Sikhs Parsees. Prophecies of
200m or Romans could be Assyrian Egyptian
Lebanese Jordanian Babylon Iraq Turkey Iran
And Alexander the Great country Afghan with
Prophecy of Abyssinia Ethiopia Eriterian.Issue
Of Jerusalem Sepulchre king of the North Defeating
Beastly like nations who have had destroyed Jerusalem
or past Egypt. In short, Israelis and Allied army simply
will not budge amid own Interpretation own killing
own fixation of own version prophecy squandering
wealth and lives of with Proposed Destruction of
1400-1600 million strong Muslim Umma .Prophecy
1400-1601 covers Abyssinia Sinai or one eyed
(Pyramid roof) of past present kings and Jewish
Billionaires and Trillionaires who not long Ago
were foreign exchange converters hecklers In Tangiers
They were on footpath selling clothing and consumer goods
on the High Streets every where or were farmers
Ranchers Before owning hi Rise buildings and palaces.
Muslims and others have prophecy and interpretation too.
It is over with defeat of Israelis and their beastly nations
Their armmaggedon.Prosperity could be nearby in liu
of Israel.

benz m Ispahani, India - 11 August, 2006

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