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London Bombings

10 July, 2005

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A series of bomb attacks on London's transport network has killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds of others.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has returned to London from the G8 summit, has described the attack as "barbaric". UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was "reasonably clear" there had been a series of terrorist attacks. He said it was "particularly barbaric" that it was timed to coincide with the G8 summit.

An Islamist website has posted a statement - purportedly from al-Qaeda -claiming it was behind the attacks.

London's police chief Sir Ian Blair said there had been "many casualties" but it was too early to put a figure to those killed or injured.

Describing the bomb blasts in London as an "open act of terrorism", Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said the terror attacks would have an adverse impact on Muslims all over the world. "London blasts are an open act of terrorism and will have deep impact particularly on Muslims all over the world"

Who do you think gained most out of these bombings ?
How can terrorism be stopped world over ?
What do you think is the root cause of terrorism ? Religious, Racial, Political, Economics or any other ?.

Reader Comments:


On every crime, one of the rules is to find out who's the beneficiary through a murder. Apparently, the hate crime against muslims and subsequently an oficial deportation of muslims from London is on cards with sanctions perhaps on few other muslims countries would come into intact.

This all exhibits, like 911, that someone who's agains Muslims are behind all such terrorist activities. I doubt if any true muslim could every support such barbaric crimes of killing innocent civilians, be it in London, New York, Kabul or Baghdad.

Who ever is ever taking lives of innocent peoples and supporting such absurd thoughts and actions, is the biggest terrorist of this world.

My heartiest condolence to bereaved families in London, Iraq and elsewhere in th world, who have unfortunately become a victims of this unthinkable war.

Agha, Pakistan - 10 July, 2005

London Bombings

Excuse me, but who is calling who barbaric? This seems to me to be the whole problem here. I definitely don't agree with killing innocent people and my heart goes out to anyone who suffers the death of a loved one, especially when the sufferer is a child who loses a parent. But in order to stop this insanity we have to be willing to look in the mirror when we begin pointing accusing fingers at others. So, let me see if I understand, America and its allies can bomb anyone, anytime, anywhere, for any reason and we are not barbaric, we are simply 'at war'? People, these acts which we characterize as 'terrorism' are simply the ONLY way for Mr. Bin Laden and his group to wage war. They cannot meet us on the battlefield. Do you really think they are stupid?

We have been so hypocritical in this whole fight that it urks me to no end how no one seems to see it. Take Dick Cheney, for example. He was 'poking fun' almost at Mr. Bin Laden for sending his young fighters into battle while hiding in the mountains. Where was Dick when the WTC was bombed? I'll tell you where. He was HIDING. So was George. A matter of national security? Of course, you protect your leaders in times of war WHEN the war is on your turf. And we, too, send our young men, AND WOMEN out into battle. There is an old saying that goes something like the faults you see so well in others are typically the faults within yourself.

I'd like to know what it was that made Mr. Bin Laden change his mind about women and children civilians being 'free game' in this war. I understand the fact that we women also get to vote in America and are responsible for the actions of our government, but children? Why them? You know, it is so easy to teach your children that 'we' are the good guys and 'they' are the bad guys. It is much more difficult to teach them that 'evil' (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. It is extremely difficult to explain and I think that is why most adults just go along with the black and white, we=good, you=evil argument. It is difficult to get out of your own head and try to understand what is going on inside the mind of your adversary, especially when you cannot sit across the floor, share a meal together, and tell each other what is in your minds and how you came to be who you are.

Let me ask you these questions. If we had lost the Cold War and the communist regime occupied Jerusalem, would you like that? If we had lost the Cold War and were no longer a super power and Russia had huge aircraft carriers prowling our coasts with guns pointed at us threatening silently - would that not be considered terrorism? If someone in California provoked this hypothetical Russian super power and the communist bombed the East Coast in response would that not seem barbaric?

The thing that confuses me with the London bombings is the lack of symbolism. I understand the symbolism behind the WTC, the USS Cole, the US Embassy in Kenya, but what is the reason for a bus and subway in London? You are already labelled as barbaric. Not explaining your reasons when you claim responsibility only adds credibility to that barbaric image.

I don't know who will gain the most out of the London bombings, and I truly don't think this war will come to an end. Only the 'terrorists' can tell us how to end it and I don't think it is as simple as getting our armies out of the country of the Two Holy Places.

I know if I had 250 million dollars, or even 2 million dollars, I'd be living in a cave right now too, so I wouldn't feel like such a hypocrit.

Maria, United Kingdom - 11 July, 2005

The Unthinkable Crime:

I have done some research into these bombings, and it comes down to race again. It is heartbreaking to think one could do these bombings. What does one gain from it?? Here we are trying to keep peace in all these countries and where not winning. Why?? I am totally agaisn't the fact that it always comes back to Muslims...I think some of them have been treated terrbily and for no reason at all. Then when deported the usually end up dead when returned to there countries. I strongly believe that if your Muslim your a target for the government to make your life unfortunately a living hell. I thought we were beyond racism and were to be equal. But I guess not!!!

Cindy MacLean, Canada - 11 July, 2005

London Bombings

I had to stop abruptly earlier. I guess what I want to say is that I am grateful that I was born in America. I have the opportunity to go to school, have a career if I want, and read what I want about whom I want when I want. I have the freedom to disagree with my government and poke fun at the people who run it. But I am not exactly free to change anything in government. After they are voted in, the government can do pretty much whatever they want whether I like it or not. Money is power in this country, as in any other country, and I don't have enough to influence anything. And as a woman, I am fairly sure I don't have the ear of any Muslim male.

I wish we were a country that was brave enough and smart enough to follow the advice that when your 'resolve' isn't resolving anything, it needs to be changed. We cannot wait for the 'terrorists' to tell us how to end this war. Evidently we don't have enough respect for ourselves, our enemies, our children, our allies, our do this. (Oh, if I just had enough money to live, a cave or simple house--caves of course are more energy efficient--in my own tiny corner of the world, with horses in a nearby pasture of course, a great view of the night sky, and no enemies, only friends, I might just change my mind and agree that there is a heaven/paradise.)

P.S. I am surprised at the lack of people speaking out. It is places like this where people like you could offer a creative solution.

Maria, United Kingdom - 11 July, 2005

London Bombings

I just want to clarify in my first response that the questions I ask "you" regarding the hypothetical Russian super power are directed at American readers, not Muslim 'terrorists'.

Maria, United Kingdom - 12 July, 2005

The Unforgiveable

Apparently, the hate crime against Muslims and subsequently an oficial deportation of Muslims from London is on cards with sanctions perhaps on few other Muslim countries would come into intact. Like 9/11, that if your Muslim your guilty automatically. I truly doubt that any Muslim could follow through with this kind of terrorist act let alone support it. Who ever is taking the lives of these innocent people will be caught, but I wish the government would look elsewhere to. I am involved with Amnesty International, we deal with all these kind's of campaign's. The woman's campaign in Pakistan is our biggest campaign ever.But I have a soft spot when it comes to the 9/11 attack.
P.S. To Agha from Pakistan I totally agree with your comment.

Cindy MacLean, Canada - 13 July, 2005

Chasing the Wrong Guys

I, being a Pakistani, want to express that everybody here disapproves this inhuman act of terrorism. We all stand by the British Muslims, Christians and others. We are for peace and we are for justice. We have gone beyond our capacity to root out terrorism, so; we claim we have nothing to do with terrorists and should not be ranked among them.

Pointing finger towards Pakistanis for London blasts seems another case of discrimination towards this unreasonably overcharged nation. Knowing that they had to bear the brunt in prevailing scenario, Pakistanis were terrified the moment they got the news. Concerned departments in the UK started pointing out Pakistani community right from the start without any evidence as if they were already waiting for something like that to accuse it for. This also shows that they, probably, adopted only one line of action ignoring other possibilities saying that they did not have any intelligence for others. But, they had not have any intelligence for these communities as well or they would have done something to prevent it.

Whatever the case is and whoever is actually responsible, such a premature accusation is definitely discriminatory and very unfair. The authorities in the UK must consider a few things in this connection. Firstly, there is no reliable clue in this case to accuse somebody, especially a community that has been, considerable in number and loyal from heart, portion of the British nation. Secondly, Pakistanis have been themselves a victim of terrorism. The total number of terrorist incidents as well as casualties in Pakistan is more than those in the UK or the US. Lastly, such inconsiderate and empathic accusation will lead to racial disagreement, intolerance and riots.

The west should start acting solicitously towards smaller nations and smaller communities, inside their countries. Accusing somebody without proper evidence and convicting him without a fair and open trial is something contemned in any law of the civilized world.

Imran Hotiana, Pakistan - 14 July, 2005

London Bombings

First of all I want to clarify that no individual should be judged at what happened in London. Its a shameful and barberic event created by the people who have no respect for man kind,their own nation religion or their own family. I do not believe that some one can make you a terrorist. Its a personal choice. We as educated civilian have a duty not to do what terrorist do, hurt individual business or indvidual just because they are Muslims. If we do that then what is the diffrence between us and them. Lets all be one world together against hate and terrorisam. Lets make our next generations lives filled with love not hate.

narvin, United Kingdom - 15 July, 2005

Bombings in London

I am deeply shocked to find bombings in London where
innocent commuters became victims of suicide bombings.
Now it is high time,that muslim mullas and clerics all over the world must stop teaching hatred towards other religions. This the direct result of that preachings.since All religions need to co exist peacefully in this world.I cannot believe that in 21 st century we have to go through this 9/11 and 7/7.
I think life is very precious gift from god which needs to be glorified and enjoyed,irespective of conditions we live in.every muslim life is as precious as others,it is
totally barbaric to advise people to go and die as suicide bomber for mullas sake or religions sake.
Every muslim has to realise, and urgently act where ever they are,that
what little they can contribute to bring peace and harmony with others and stop this ugly suicide bombings and hatred towards other religions, so that this world become better place to live in.If this is not done, the consequences would be catostrophic.

I earnstly appeal to my muslim brothers and sisters
not to heed the advise of anybody who promotes animosity towards others.
we all have moral obligations to make our country and this world richer and beautiful,shall not destroy it.

Ramesh Gondkar

Ramesh Gondkar, United Kingdom - 16 July, 2005

I agree with a lot of the points Maria makes. However, in having good explanations on why 'terrorism' occurs Maria draws a blank on why innocent people and especially children are targeted. In my reasoning, with the idea that we are at war, the enemy is just trying to make us surrender, and in war you do whatever it takes. We, Americas, did it in WWII when we carpet-bombed cities in Japan, and then finally killed indiscriminately with the atom-bombs. It is sad, innocent people are killed in wars. In one last thought, I don't think there has been a war in history (maybe in the movies) where the parties involved made peace with each other. Only after one side has won, will there be “peace.”

Omar, United Kingdom - 16 July, 2005

London's Bomb Blasts

Yes, the destruction of lives and property by the bomb blasts are, indeed, acts of barberism and to be widely condemned. PM Tony Blair is requested to kindly pick up a most remarkable and insightful book: " End of Empire" by a British writer, on the chaper of Palestine. The Book sheds light on the greatest terrorists in the world, the Jews. They had virtually, smashed the British police in the mandatory territory of Palestine and what is worse, the British military could defend itself from death and destruction cause to it by the desperate Jews. No, this is not to condemn the Jews, nor to blame the British. The Jews are a race that perpetually remains in trouble and, as a result becomes troublesome. Their odyssey with Christendome presents an unending troubles and misfortunes. The future is more fraught in the context of the "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ that the evangelical zealots await happening on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The real fault line lies with the Jews. They are a community that canot -- has not and will not -- solve its troubles by itself, being burdened with the condemnation of their own God, Yahweh. Islamic involvement in the present wave of terrorist acts can be defused easily and soon. The Jews had lived with the Arabs and Ottoman Turks for the better part of their exile in comparative peace and orosperity. Caliph 'Umar and Salahuddin Ayubi, each, had provided them safe return to Jerusalem from their previous banishments from the holy city. Nobody can beat the Jewish nostalgia for the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria. There is an authenticated 'hadith' that the world Jewry would assemble in Palestine sometime parallel to the descent of Jesus Christ -- Hazrat Isa ibn Maryam, peace be upon both -- and Christ would descend in Damascus. Alas, the Muslim Umma is keeping its head buried in the sand and instead of defususing the fires of conflict, it is stoking them. I have a letter from Tony Blair's office, in reply to my communication to him, saying :"The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and to tell you that the views you expressed have been carefully noted." I had drawn his attention to the real possibility of the American Jewrt's exodus from a "Back Lash" in the USA. The exodus was likely to end up in the WB of Palestine on the one hand and, worse, the fall out in America might create an unprecedented catstrophe...
A plausible solution lies in allowing world Jewry a "safe haven" in their present place of occupation. This is not the first time, Palestine is plunged in blood feuds and, probably, not the last either.

I can come back on this issue in a more elaborate input.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 16 July, 2005

London Bombings

I think Peter Ustinov said it best. "Terrorism is the poor man's war. War is the rich man's terrorism." If, as narvin says, we should be one world together against hate and terrorism, then let's do it against ALL hate, ALL terrorism, ALL war, ALL ignorance, ALL fear of those different, ALL child molesters, ALL murderers, ALL stalkers, ALL racial profilers, ALL scam artists who rob the elderly of their last few dollars, ALL CEOs like Kenneth Ley who rob people of their futures, ALL liars, ALL cheaters... I think you get the idea.

Maria, United Kingdom - 17 July, 2005

London Bombings

In answer to Omar - USA. I'm currently doing a paper on OBL for a college writing class and, being the older student that I am, decided to "take the road less traveled, and [hopefully that will make] all the difference in the world." I believe I have run across an explanation as to why women and children are now fair game if not targets. Because of UN sanctions imposed on Iraq back in 1990, by May of 1996, approximately 500,000 Iraqi children died. I will admit that I'm assuming this is due to starvation - correct me if I am wrong. OBL (according to what I gather from my reading) feels that he is just in including women and children because America and its allies have not discriminated when it comes to killing Muslim women and children. Nor did we discriminate when we dropped the atomic bomb. I'm sure these are not the only instances, but at least they begin to explain why. I have learned much from my reading - maybe others should try it instead of blindly accepting what they are told and not thinking for themselves.

Speaking of children dying - It really ticks me off every time I hear about Iraqi children killed in bombings because they were standing in line for candy. Our soldiers should NOT be handing out candy to children when they (the soldiers) know that they are the #1 target for bombings. It is plain stupid. Plus, how many of these children are getting well-balanced nutritional meals? And we give them CANDY? It baffles my mind.

My last complaint about some of the comments made are that if anyone thinks this war is strictly about religion, you are being extremely ingnorant, in my opinion. Again, correct me if I am wrong, but from the info I've read, it seems that OBL and many Muslims are upset because of the oppression and disrespect they have suffered at the hands of the super powers and their allies who happen to be mostly Christian. It sounds to me like he is sick and tired of seeing his people being 'victimized' and not doing anything about it. It sounds to me like he is sick and tired of having non-believers inhabit Muslim holy land which is against Islamic law. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) It sounds to me like he has reasons for waging this war and that his many reasons are, in the least, understandable. However, it seems to be what we've done and not necessarily who we are that is the focus. We Americans don't know what it has been like for Muslims in the Middle East. It is disrespectful for us to say that anyone's feelings are wrong or invalid. Contrary to popular belief, OBL is a human being and his feelings are as valid as yours and mine.

I want to make it very clear that I don't support killing of any kind, not ever, not for any reason. I wish we could all live in peace, giving respect to each other even if ways of life are very different. I am, in the interest of the future, going to go out on a limb here and ask the question myself. I have read that diologue is not an option for jihad, however, OBL stated many months ago that the security of the American people is in their own hands. What do we need to do to bring an end this war without killing another soul? Maybe if the answers are put out there, someone will hear and something will change. My fear is that if OBL dies, his 'reasons' for this war die with him, and so do our chances to end it.

Maria, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2005

As U Sow, so shall U reap

First question is who made SADDAM and OSAMA ? Ans.This biggist terror country Named USA. It gave them support to fight Russia and Iran and now do not need their serviceso so trying to distroy them and there people, the country which talks about human rights has no right to enter any country and kill inocent people for no fault of them. If they wanted SADDAM and OSAMA, why did they distroy Iraq and Afganistan and killed so many inocent people, if USA kills innocents, they call it fight against terror, if OSAMA or SADDAM fight back, it is called terror, but who gave birth to this terror ? USA and UK, history cannot be hidden they have killed 50% people of this earth for there selfishness, best example, RED INDIANs, JAPAN, SOUTH AFIRCA, INDIA, GERMANY and every part of this world, thank you USA and allies for teaching terrorism. P.B. Shally rightly said " IF WINTER COMES, SPRING IN NOT FAR BEHIND". Wait and Watch.

Hindian, Marshall Islands - 20 July, 2005

LIFE is dear

no more killing
life is short.
kim turim

kim turim, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

Murder is Murder

When the policy of any group is to cowardly assign someone to kill and mame humans in the name of religion, the religion itself becomes suspect. To kill innocent civilians is a disgrace to all religions. Homicide Bombers are nothing more than inculcated puppets with such low self esteem, even the people in their lives do not desire them in their company anymore. It is an act of desperation with no chance of victory. It's only usefulness is to spash blood and headlines across the newspapers of the world for a week or two. Then what? Nothing changes, nothing is gained and the dead remain dead. We are the most generous nation in the world and for that I am proud. Our people demand our govenment help in times of need and we have always answered the call for help. The reason we are such a powerfull nation is because we are a Nation made up of all other Nation's rejects. We truley are a part of you and have become better than you because our focus is on humanity, not the destruction of life by our creator. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Me, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

Hasseb Hussain Alive!!!!

Today in ARY Digital .. told the whole nation that haseeb hussain is alive and he is in home .. just think friends.. Why usa or u.k news or agent speard thing new .. which is not ture... My counts .... i cant say any thing ... But any thing happen any where Why Musmil have to blame .. this is the recent exmaple... tell me how hasseb hussian a 16 year old kid is feeling right know... they make his life HELL... :(
sorry for u Brother....

Salman, Pakistan - 21 July, 2005

Maria, If OBL had followed in the footsteps of Ghandi, then one might take into consideration his "feelings". He abdicated that consideration long ago through his actions. OBL has already given up and failed his followers. He has surrendered any moral high ground he might have had as a basis for real reforms and chosen time and again to kill people who had no power. This use of innocents for his own purposes, he has lowered himself to the level of the people he despises. OBL and al-qaida clearly have no desire to "win" the war they have started and have already become their own enemies. At this point deserve nothing but ridicule and contempt as failed and pathetic martyrs for a worthless, soiled cause.

But that said, no regieme in this world is above reproach, governments are messy, no matter how well intentioned, and people get hurt and hold grudges. This conflict will be neverending, between those who wish to bend others to their will and those who do not wish to be bent, it was inevitable. OBL and Bush however both subscribe to the doctrine of "with us or against us", and for that reason alone, the world will be better off when both of them and their fanatical followers are gone. It can't happen soon enough, and hopefully the people who follow them won't be so morally and intellectually bereft.

Joe, United Kingdom - 22 July, 2005

London Bomb Blasts -- Fighting Terrorism

A hot pursuit of the terrorists is part of the solution. Fighting the menace calls for an all out war. It is an irony that Al Quaida is misusing the name of Islam in pursuing its nrfarious goal, which it never can achieve. Inducting the force and drive of the media can greatly help in creating awareness among the general masses that Islam espouses peace and tolerance. Messages of Islam, such as "Opression is worse than carnage" and "God does not love spreaders of unrest" should be widely portrayed. The most effective strategy is to unravel the core issue of Israel's aggressive approach towards Palestinians. An interesting aspect of the conflict in Palestine is that the very creation of the state of Israel is ilegitimate and a gross violation of the teachings of "Torah". The Jews are in a state of "exile", which was ordained on them by their God, Yahweh. The religious orthodoxy would confirm that Jews had forsworn to Yahweh in a sacred "Oath" that they would not attempt to create a political entity during "exile" and they would live as peaceful citizens among the nations. The ball, in fact lies in the court of Muslim Ummah. Jews have lived for the better part of their exile under the Arabs and Ottoman regimes. An eminent Jewish writer and author of his bestseller Book: "The Jews" says: "Jews were rarely in control of their destinies and where they impinged on history, it was because they were troublesome and in trouble." The real problem to convey to Al Quaida is not to fight a war it cannot win, but to help solve the Jewish conundrum. How? By recognizing the Jewish presence in its place of occupation, not as a state, but as a "Safe Haven". That would defuse the ticking time bomb in Palestine. The Jews would be saved from an imminent divine retribution for having created a political entity during "exile". The "safe haven" formula would grant the world Jewry a de facto recognition to live with its Arab neighbours in peace. It is the media that is best placed to use its catalyst to avert such imminent happenings as annprecedented catastrophe in America as a result of American Jewry's abrupt exodus, which is marked to end up in the West Bank of Palestine. Shown traditional Islamic compassion and and understanding to Israelis, they cab be turned around into a "Golden Sparrow" for the Palestinians. It is pointed out that the American evangelicals' agenda of witnessing the "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem clashes head on with the Israli's agenda. Moreover, the descent of Jesus Christ is prophesied in Damascus. And his advent promises an era of universal brotherhood and peace throughout the world. The Israelis would be better protected in their "safe Haven" under the umbrella of Islam. The think tanks in both Israel and Arab countries should open dialogue on this path breaking theme. Beating Al Qauida would be easier through defusing the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians. Forget about the "two states" formula as well as the dubious American unilateral drive of democrizing the Arab world. America itself is sitting over a ticking time bomb in that the American Jewry's exodus from the USA is imminent. In stead of clashing with Islam, it is in America as well as its ally Britain's own interest is to put a stop to the ongoing killings in Iraq and Afghanistan or to pose threats to Iran.

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 25 July, 2005

Its a greatest sin on earth to kill innocent people,unfortunately islamic and Arab world has been failed to convince west and America that Quarn did not comt to this worl in 2001 and told Muslims to kill people,there is no word or saying in Quran which tells you to kill people,terroism is work of fanatcs who are using name of Islam and damging name of islam,i am not very religious but i know that QURAN,BIBLE AND TORAH are the holy books of God,and all these three books are on earth for thousand of years,muslims,christians and jews should study eachother religion and they will be surprised to find so nmany common things among themselves,muslims respect JESUS,MARY AND IBRAHIM OR DAVID,ALL holy prophtes of jews and christians.Islam is a great religion,a complete code of life and terroist like osama bin laden have no space in Islam,osama was CIA agent,he was on CIA payrole,today he is not getting paid from CIA,so he is using name of Islam.
new york

Waqar m, United Kingdom - 26 July, 2005

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