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Lady councillor's naked parade, drama or fact ?

21 December, 2002

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SIALKOT, December 19 (Online): Clash of claims goes on in the naked parade drama of the Sadra Bara village where victim's sticks to her allegations which the witnesses deny.

As the story goes, police have arrested Mohammad Alam, his two sons, and another person for beating and tearing off a local councillor Naseem Akhtar's clothes, dragging her through the village.

Alam admits to taking offence to Akhtar's challenge of contributing money for a graveyard, but denies she was humiliated.

Akhtar says she was beaten for two hours and dragged through the streets of the village as townsfolk looked on from streets and nearby rooftops. She said the men were armed with sticks and nobody dared rescue her.

After reading this bizzare story , whom would like to believe ? At one side we have a 65 year old man, Mohammad Alam, who's ready to perform haj in next two months, and on the other side we have this women councillor who's invited media to come and see her ripped clothes, which she's blamed upon Mohammad Alam, who also happens to be her political rival ?

Reader Comments:

It's very difficult to say who's right. From the tone of the story it sounds like that this lady councillor could be exhibiting her story to the media to gain cheap popularity. We have witnessed lot of such incidents in the western world, not to mention Monica Lewnski, who even disclosed the dirt of her clothes to the media for the sake of what getting popular. Could be possible the open and liberal policies of existing government on media, might have knocked her to get the best out of it. Atleast we are reading about her now in the mainstream.

Shahbaz Latif, Pakistan - 21 December, 2002

I think media has gone too much far in twisting the story. She's been harrased and this is the fact. We must project her story in a positive way than tilting it towards male chauvinism of our society. She deserves to get sympathies rather than accusations.

Saima Shakil, Canada - 21 December, 2002

I am absolutely shocked to read about this story. The poor soul had to stand up and make it a media issue. I am sure no one would have even registered F.I.R. on her plea, so where else she would have expected to go other than media ? The last case of a gang rape did become a major hype, and the victim was overwhelmingly surprised to receive warm wishes from hundered of thousands of Paksitanis after going to media. This is a right step. Knock the doors of media, if you can't fight it in courts. I am glad that Pakistani media is opening up about women issues.

Nasreen Khalid, Canada - 21 December, 2002

Such incidents are the norms in this part of the world. It just happens to be the fact that media is more open and reporting these stories. Nevertheless, this requires more responsible reporting and positive journalistic behaviour from journalists. We in India are suffering from tabloid news and it's becoming nuisance every day to reach such stories which are nothing but crap. Despite of what I said, I also agree that such stories should be exposed in a manner as it has been published on PakTribune, giving readers both sides of the versions and providing the opprotunity to participate in posting their comments. Good job PakTribune.

Raj Arole, Hungary - 22 December, 2002

Its difficult to determine, but no Pakistani woman would admit to such a humiliating incident unless it has a grain of truth to it.The fact that the old man is going to Hajj in two months does not mean a thing. One of the most corrupt nation on Earth will send over 150000 people to perform Hajj this year. I applaud our Press to expose such heinious crimes, painful as they are.
This incident must be investigated and if true, then Mr.Alam should be executed on the day of Hajj.

A.R.Khan, United Kingdom - 23 December, 2002

I believe the story to be true. It's really a black mark for Pakistan that in this day and age women in Pakistan are treated like chattels. That is one reason that we Pakistanis are treated like barbarians. Islam is the first major religion which gave equal rights to women, but, the men in Islamic world are hypocrites, who do not follow the religion and instead impose their unwarranted hypocratic will on these mothers , daughters, sisters and spouses of ours. It is high time that these monsters are treated with a heavy hand .

Sarwar A, Husain, United Kingdom - 23 December, 2002

We should not pass judgement against anyone at this time. Let investigation be completed and justice will definitely prevail.

It is however, not surprising that people of the area have given evidence against the lady councillor (alleged victim), who has been described as a blackmailer. We know for a fact that in Punjab people do go that far by blackmailing each other.

Rustam Khan, Pakistan - 24 December, 2002

I think men have gone to far. They think that by punishing women for things they think are unfit or not right, is right. They are acting God for us.

S, Canada - 26 December, 2002

Both men and women have rights over each other. Women have great respect as they being mother, daughter, sister and wife.

The fine balance in mutual respect is the essence of Islamic teachings. If such a thing has happened, culprits must be brought to justice with out delay. Nevertheless, if it proves to be mere blackmailing on the part of "victim", justice must also be done. Bringing bad name to an innocent person, is equally a criminal act in a civic society.

Virgork, Canada - 28 December, 2002

The facts are quite uncertain, however , is the very characteristic of the Punjabi culture which is still alive with all its devils.

Umer Qureshi, Georgia - 30 December, 2002

I think the government /local administration should look into the matter more seriously
cause we not living in stonage.
Public is desparate to know the facts.

TAHIR AKBAR, Pakistan - 07 January, 2003

this story is totally false

DR KHALIDC MAHMOOD SHOUQ, Pakistan - 07 January, 2003

It is a good story for the media, certainly not good for Mr Alam. Anyhow Nasim Akhter and Mohammed Alam both are popular now, goodluck to both of you in the courtroom. It would be nice if the media follow up the story and let the readers know out come of the court.

mohammed shafi, Aruba - 17 January, 2003

Dragged in streets!

How can we tell the people in the west
that Islam is a religion of peace and
progress, why must we inflict injury on
the character of the other person, to
boost our ego, whether we tear clothes
or drag in the streets.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 24 January, 2003


Its too sad whatever happens regarding unjust to women or other people in the Islamic world, we associate with Islam. In fact, there are beasts in human skin all over the world and such events have nothing to do with any religion. What we need in these circumstances, a severe punishment and justice for the oppressed.

Arshad, Belarus - 25 January, 2003


I must say, if Mr Alam is really at fault he should be handeled with law for such a shameful act. But at the same time u did not expect such thing from someone who is ready to go to perform Hajj. Believe me if the woman is wrong then she should be taken to court for blaming a person who is 65 and going on Hajj. But real story could be unveiled when someone really did see this happening can help every one in clearing mind of others wether Man or Woman is right. In both cases Islam do not allow any one to regret the respect of women and fake blames on others.
Do think about it!!!!!

Syed Asif Riaz, Pakistan - 02 February, 2003

Shameful Act

It totally seems to be a cooked story, it just can't happen in town of Pakistan where the ladies are respected, and if at all it is true then there must be something wrong with the villagers who really chose their lady councellar 'a pros..'
No it can't be imagined and it is unbelievable. Please do not try to disgrace Pakistan in such a way where the whole world is witnessing the drama' there is much going on in every corner of the world but the problem is that no projection is given to that ......

Mr.Tariq Malik, Pakistan - 13 February, 2003

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