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Karachi Massacre

16 May, 2007

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The nation is still mourning what it is dubbed as the bloodiest state-sponsored violence in Karachi on May 12, the day when Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry was supposed to address a Sindh High Court Bar’s ceremony in connection the golden jubilee of Sindh High Court.

It, nevertheless, was expected that there could be some physical confrontation between the workers of rival parties as Muttehida Quami Movement, the major coalition partner in Sindh, had announced a counter rally, which, itself was a bizarre incident in the political history.

But, no one expected that there would be no government and law in Karachi on May 12. Erecting containers, vehicles, tankers and other barricades in an apparent bid to prevent the opposition activists and lawyers to proceed to the airport to welcome the chief justice blocked almost the city roads.

Armed supporters of MQM blocked Sharae Faisal, the city’s busiest road and the route where the chief justice was supposed to travel. They were firing on every moving thing, including ambulances. The law enforcing agencies were already disarmed so that they could not interfere in MQM’s business.

The most worrying and pinching aspect of May 12 carnage is that the issue is no more of a political nature. It has assumed ethnic proportions as, according to media reports, various people were gunned down after being identified as Pushtuns by the armed terrorists. Even, a Pushtun driver of Edhi ambulance, who were carrying an injured worker of Awami National Party to the hospital, was intercepted by the armed persons, and shot dead in broad day light.

Here are some questions
1) Was this a calculated conspiracy to resort to ethnic clashes in Karachi?
2) Where does MQM stand now? Was this all made to happen because a huge rally in favor of the chief justice would decide that Karachi is not a MQM’s city as it claims ?
3) Was MQM’s announcement of a counter rally on the same day in line with democratic norms?
4) Who should be really held responsible for May 12 massacre?

Reader Comments:

Blood on Your Hands

Life is cheap. Few lives do not matter if we can hold on to power a few more years. Well thought out and wonderfully well implemented murder.

Bleeding Heart, Pakistan - 30 May, 2007

Deport Altaf

Deport Altaf Hussain from UK
Altaf Husain is a terrorist, Musharraf and Altaf both are fascist and responsible for May 12 massacre, continued violence, bhatta collection, target killings and terrorists activities on the streets of Karachi are designed to take control of the metropolitan and only port city of the country.
Altaf is directly and indirectly involved in loss of hundreds of innocent lives, responsible for dividing the nation on ethnic lines. Destruction and pain brought by his activities to the people of Pakistan are not forgiveable. Especially when he is in control of MQM and dictating his terms from London.

It is believed that demand from the British government to officially extradite him is genuine, this is the only possibility that he can be brought back home and tried for his crimes.
If British Government ignore sentiments of majority of Pakistani peoples, then we agree to take case to British courts. We support Imran Khan, Chairman of PTI in his efforts and will happily offer him assistance for the sake of peace and prosperity at Karachi. We believe that under the pressure of Musharraf, British Government will not act as desired by peoples of Pakistan, but still British courts have fame which could take any decision to lay down foundation, that is another possibility to bring him to justice for his terrorist activities, record of his terrorist activities such as phone calls, meetings with anti-Pakistan terrorists, his source of income and luxirious life style could only be checked by the orders of courts, if British Government refused to help.
If British Government did not take any sympathetic view, then there is no way left except to take case to the International Court of Justice.
Altaf Husain must not be allowed to continue his terrorist activities peacefully from his safe heaven at London, while Karachi may remains under the grip of terrorists and mafia of MQM.
Faiza rape case
Wolf in a sheep's skin
Altaf Husain which started to pose him as liberal and enlightened moderate since Musharraf came in to power; he issued many sycophantic statements in favor of crusaders and some statements for women protection to please western media. It was not surprise for us because a large number of liberals adopted same strategy for the sake of their bread and butter. Majority of them are wolf in sheep’s skin, we have sufficient record of their back ground and vulgar approach. But unnecessary interference in the personal matter of any one is not our policy, except if some body politically challenge then we reply in same fashion, how ever we strongly believe that personal life of politicians is public property.
Since May 12, 2007 massacre of Karachi, MQM failed to justify its terrorists role, to hide its weaknesses it started to blame others, every citizen condemned their activities. But statement of Imran Khan shook entire terrorist network, Don Altaf Husain had a notion that after receiving British passport he is safe to conduct terrorist activities from London. It was a great setback, so rascals of MQM, core commander Karachi, ISI, MI, Rangers, and Government of Sindh turned their guns against Imran Khan. Regular filthy statements on media, wall chalking, banners and public meetings against him were conducted and main point was to attack on personal character of Imran Khan. Question is where are those liberals who always have clauses of “Qazaf” in their pockets and preach laws of “Qazaf”? Kashmala Tariq, Women Protectors and enlightened moderates, who are standing out side courts to support same sex marriage, are tight lipped on MQM’s allegations. However all this shameful expedition is surely running under the patronage of President House and GHQ

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 31 May, 2007

Watch out Altaf Hussain...your time has come to an end

Mohajir's are the most cultured people of Pakistan .

Mohajirs played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan .

Altaf Hussain has hijacked the educated Mohajirs population at gun point for over 2 decades.

Altaf Hussain and his fellow terrorists will have to pay for the politics of murder of anyone who has had a difference of opinion with them.

They will have to pay for the politics of extortion, the politics of rape, the politics of terrorism, the politics of kidnapping, the politics of "daketi".

Mohajir's must take the city of Karachi back from these terrorists and servants of the Mafia Boss Altaf Hussain.

We've had enough!!!

MQM supporters must reject the politics of terrorism.

The politics of murder has been rejected by the Great people of Karachi .

How many more people will you kill?

More than 10% of the population of Pakistan lives in the city Of Karachi ? Are you going to kill 16 million people?

Shame on you.

Your time has come to an end.

The time of Peace and prosperity for the people of Pakistan and specially for the people of Karachi has arrived.

Support Tehreek e Insaf to take this city back from Altaf Hussain and his terrorist companions and lets make it livable again.

Support Tehreek e Insaf to take the power from the "Coalition of Corrupt" and give it back to the People of Pakistan where it belongs


[mailto, Pakistan - 31 May, 2007

It is wakeup time

I have been following the recent events in Karachi (from US) by reading newspapers, watching footage posted on YouTube by various folks, etc. Until about a week ago, I was a big supporter of Musharraf because I was under the impression that he was an open minded person who was out there to protect our country and its people. But the recent events have completely changed my thoughts. In fact, I admit that how could I have been so blind to not see what has been going on in the country for the last few years now. General Musharraf has shown that he is no different from the Generals from the past, whose only goal was to cling to the power as long as they could. He (regretfully) is doing the same thing.

What happened in Karachi on May 11 is totally unacceptable and the responsible parties need to be held accountable for the massacre of innocent civilians. All facts point to the present federal government, the MQM and the provincial Sindh government. But, the problem is that our justice system is biased and is and has always been under the government control. I am not sure whether the CJP misused his powers or not but the movement that his ouster has started needs to go on until the Judiciary frees up from the government control.

I stand by with Imran Khan and what he is trying to do. I completely agree with him that Altaf Hussain should not be allowed to manipulate MQM from London. MQM needs to free itself from Altaf Hussain if it wants to do real politics and not gun-point politics. MQM has now hired Sarfraz Nawaz, a low-charcter person, to defame Imran because Imran is planning to file a case against Altaf Hussain in London. What people like Altaf and Imran Farooq do not realize is that just like in Pakistan, Imran Khan is a house-hold name in UK and is very well respected. When he presents facts to the media, the house of lords and their MPs there, it will be taken seriously. And may be the MQM leadership does know and that is why they are the ones who are afraid of him because they have never face this type of situation before.

I agree with Khan that people in UK should be told that Tony Blair has granted citizenship to someone who is wanted in the killings of hundreds of people in Pakistan and has been orchestrating murder of innocent people from London. Imran belongs to a different league than any other politician that we have ever seen in Pakistan. He is a fighter and does not give up. I also agree with Imran that when 24 people were killed in the UK on 7/7, Mush went on to TV and started rounding up people just to please Tony Blair when there was no Pakistani involved in that event. Where as, he is refusing to start an inquiry into the killings of people in Karachi. This is a critical time in the history of our country and I pray that the CJP is reinstated and judiciary comes out from under the government control and if this happens then a new dawn will start for us and if it fails, I do not want to think any further...

Amir Hameed, United Kingdom - 31 May, 2007

Song & Dance Men

The paramount duty of a ruler is to guarantee the safety of the citizens.While people were being mowed down by terrorists, the head of country joined by the prime minister & the governor of Sindh watched the carnage as if it was a side show.The major event was "dance & song" show staged by a rent-a-crowd, enthusiastically applauded by the rulers and their cronies.A murder is a murder and it must be investigated.General-President is treating this tragedy as if it was a third rate petty crime.Those who attempted to assassinate the General were promptly caught,swiftly tried and hanged.But the blood ofcommon man is cheap therefore crime is excusable.The General in Islamabad, the Prime Minister without a true constituency
and Remote Control of MQM in London jointly bear the responsibility of this bloody crime.

Khushaal K., United Kingdom - 31 May, 2007

shameless leader

i think the dictator is responsible for the caranage in karachi.the only job he knew is to deal with armed weapons and nothing else but he is serving like a monarche in the so called democratic country.untill and unless he is there never ever expect peace in this country.AND MQM SHOULD BE BANNED FOR EVER AND THEIR LEADERS SHOULD BE HANGED.RUBISH MQM.DEAR ISMAIL KHAN

A.BURKI, Pakistan - 01 June, 2007

May 12.2007---Barbarianism at its best.

As I hereby sit down to engrave a few words on the events of a never ending day, 12 May 2007. I stare at the keyboard while my mind goes wandering trying to find adequate words to state a sheer act of barbarianism which was witnessed by the entire nation. The day, which started of with utter peace turned into a bloodbath. The entire nation then kept on wondering regarding what went wrong? Why everything that happened did, seem to be pre-planned? Where were the law enforcing agencies? Where were those 12,000 rangers which were deployed in Karachi, as per the Home Department Sindh? Why wasn’t a single gun shot fired by the Police when an open act of annihilation and butchery was taking place? As usual, there would be no answer to these questions and yet again, they’ll fall on deaf ears. Let me lay down yesterday’s events according to their occurrence and let us see if there’s any element that can be found which can indicate if these acts weren’t planned.
It was at 12:13pm when the Chief Justice-Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry landed at Quaid-e-Azam International airport along with his Chief Lawyer-Barrister Aitezaz Ahsan, Director Supreme Court Bar Association-Muneer.A.Malik and 23 other lawyers. At 12:20pm the first shooting incident took place between MQM and MMA workers at Drigh Road-Shahra-e-Faisal under C.O.D over-head. 12:27pm Barrister Aitezaz Ahsan holds press conference where he reveals that the Police and the Rangers at Karachi Airport tried to kidnap the CJ, followed by an incident where the I.G Sindh tried to force the CJ to take a helicopter to the Bar Association. 12:35pm, firing incidents at Malir Halt where an EDHI Ambulance driver was shot and killed while he was trying to commit an inhuman and an unethical act - trying to save the lives of the wounded. 12:43pm, Secretary-Interior Sindh while talking to Geo mentions that he has had a word with the CJ and a helicopter is at Stand-by awaiting for him, and the roads will be open on the command of CJ and all the blockades will be removed (which never happened). 12:52pm Hell broke loose, firing incidents at Kala Board Malir, Patel Para, Landhi, Guru Mandir, Baloch Colony etc. 30 were killed and hundred’s were wounded.
It was after 1:38pm that I realized that since the past 25 years of my life, I have been living in a jungle filled with vicious and sadistic beasts around me. A private channel-Aj Television was attacked by a group of armed men. Loaded with the state-of-the art arms and ammunitions including Ak-47’s, Mouser’s, MP5’s, and 9mm’s etc. The most intriguing element about this pre-planned attack against Aj-TV was that the gun men were so well equipped that their ammunition never ran out. It was indubitably not a random firing incident as their stations were set, and the way they were shooting clearly indicated that they were highly trained professionals and the best at what they do. I saw the Director News and Current Affairs Aj TV-Talat Hussein pleading and requesting the Ministers online to send some troops to stop this massacre, and the only thing given to him was silence. 30 minutes, 40 minutes and 50 minutes were the time given to those 550 people trapped inside the building for the troops to arrive. And we could do nothing except to laugh on these statements. One of the ministers while talking to Talat Hussein mentioned that it was because of the blockades that the rangers are facing problems in arriving at the scene, while I kept wondering why wasn’t it difficult for those professional gunmen to arrive over there, and above all why wasn’t it difficult for those people who were providing them constant backup of ammunition, which was being done through vehicles as well………….. BUT...our media is empowered, says our government.

What was more shocking was that after this mass execution which took place at Karachi, the following evening a festive evening took place in Islamabad.

Kashif, United Arab Emirates - 01 June, 2007

Stop Hatered

Well these were things I could also read on the walls of Karachi.

Let me ask do you actually know the difference between

"Snatching" and "Donation" ?
'Fear of Death' and 'Free Will' ?
'House Arresting In-Laws' and 'Respecting Wife'?
'Flee' and 'Leadership'?
"gadha ghora" and "Lion" ?

Can you tell me what does MQM stands for actually. 'Muhajir Movement' or 'Mutheda' Movement?

If Mutahed then you are 'Mutahed' with whom ?

If Muhajir then can I ask why you people are still Mohajirs after 25 years of your 60 – 70 seats out of 700 on this motherland, and after how long you are planning to be called as Pakistanis ? if never, then when are you people planning to go back to your land?

You are too sons of Pakistan, don't get used, your blood is as valuable as anybody else's. Stop fighting with each other before our enemy starts.

Salman Awan, Pakistan - 01 June, 2007

Accountability in the Khilafah

Having this dispiclable fraud indian leader called altaf hussain, what is he leading??a death squad? sitting in uk with a uk passport and he is the pimp agent leader??he should be tried in an islamic court for TREASON AND MASS MURDER.PERIOD ENOUGH OF WESTERN AGENTS.SO MANY PEOPLE THIS FRAUDIA HAS KILLED AND NO ACCOUNTIBILTY?? Accountability (muhasabah) is not the first word that springs to mind when discussing the Muslim world. Dictatorship, rigged elections, tyranny and torture pretty much sum up most Muslim countries today. The level of cruelty inflicted upon the people easily rivals if not surpasses some of the worst oppression in history. Unfortunately for those living there accountability and the rule of law seem a distant dream.

saladeen rumi, Pakistan - 01 June, 2007

Low- life worm

How many stones were over-
turned before MQM found low life worm Altaf Hussain ? He is a third rate intellectual thriving on malice toward non
urdu speaking inhabitants of Karachi. Much to his luck, he
found his benefactors in the
army uniform and timely help from double crossing good for
nothing stooges like Choudrys of Gujrat and like of Sheikh
Rashid & Durrani. I think we
ought to blame Tony Blair for
providing a safe sanctuary to
this criminal that every sane
person would like to see behind the bars for rest of his miserable life. Come what
may, he will never be able to
set foot in Pakistan.I believe
in sanctity of life but I am willing to make exception-get
rid of this low life, Altaf by
any mean.

Azam K. Wazir, United Kingdom - 02 June, 2007

Long live Musharraf!

Long live Pakistan!
To hell with the looters and their dogs!

Mohammed Khan, Pakistan - 03 June, 2007


I would like to ask MR. ALTAF HUSAIN a question, can he tell people of karach and Pakistan, what kind of work he do to earn his living, what kind of job, where he works, He was born in a poot family now he is playing in millions, where is that money comes from, can he answer this, If he loves Pakistan and MAHJIR as he said, than why he is holding UK passport, why can't he come to Pakistan try to fight for his rights.

Ahmad, Pakistan - 04 June, 2007

Is is also a state Terrorism?

A strange event in my Pakistan when we have not blamed any foriegn hand in the massacre at Karachi. It explores a weakness in the state power. Why our "leaders" use their all powers to protect thier own powers and why all law enforcing agencies have strong arms againt the poor ? Why do they make themselves deaf when the targeted innocent people were calling them for help? Where was the 16,000 force when 40 people were killed on the open and naked roads? I dont point my forefinger to any party or person but I think that YATEEM LAHOO and BAY_AASRA LAHOO is not so much cheap to digest. People awake and bring a revolution to throw away the rulers in the dustbin of history. Our governments has always made a line of diferenciation between the KHAS PEOPLE and AAM LOG but this line will be a rope for death for those who swellow the loaves of the poor and rule them under the title of GOD BESTOWED GOVERNANCE.When there was no foriegn hand then it is the duty of the nation to identify and cure the actual "casual organisms" to protect the country.

Dr Mazhar, Pakistan - 04 June, 2007

Karachi Massacre???

Where were these critics MQM when during the PPP and PMN Governments almost on daley basis 20-50 people were killed every day but there was no one there to raise the voice. Now when international Media showing pictures of violance in karachi (Majority of these pictures are belong to PPP and ANP workers ) but some reason Mutheda is accused of violance yet no other party want to take the responsibility of what ever happend in Karachi. Where were these Critics when General Babar call people of Karachi Terrorists and ordered to kill thousands of young workers of MQM.Shahbaz shareef said once that General Baber should be procecuted for genocide of MQM workers. On his order security agencies were trasfering thousands of young boys to unknown places where these boys were tortured and killed and barried and the families of those killed still have no clue that where there children go after agencies arrested them. Now we have an other racist (imran Khan) is joining a team of Karachi haters to get some votes of Karachi haters (racists). He should go to hell along with general Babar.

Zahid Ameen, Pakistan - 04 June, 2007

Re:Biggest political party(Pakistan army)

Mr Khan,
If this political party does exist then Pakistan will not exist either. You should be thankful to Pakistan Army for keeping this country running and strong. Tell me who else can run the country better then Army?
Can PPP? ANP? PMLN run the country? just give me one name. All these jageer daar wadairay are only interested in ripping off my beloved Pakistan. Tell me how many of other Governments were able to have more then 20 billion dollars deposites in foreign reservs? answer is NONE. I am sick and tired of cry babies who just think negetively or who those can not not think as Pakistanis.
One last thing.
When this country is on a right track to be the best in southeast asian region and we are growing, we are becoming stronger and stronger and now these foreign agents "unfortunately" a lot of them want to take us back to stone age.
Open your eyes and think like Pakistani.
Just remember Democratic governments are for educated people and in our country 85% people are uneducated and live in suppressed societies run by jageer daar and wadairays.

Zahid Ameen, Pakistan - 04 June, 2007

execute altaf and musharraf should resign

altaf hussein must be executed not only this man but the whole party of MQM. they are terrorists. they are enforcing things on other people especially in karachi to obey them if not they will kill u but nobody would say any thing against him. this man has destroyed karachi. he is unemployed but get millions from karachi if u wana start business in karachi u have to pay extra amount to this man. who is he. the whole sindh government owned by him. karachi used to be a beautiful city but now look at karachi this man have made karachi a terrorist destiny. and president musharraf i always respected this man for his liberal and open-minded policies but now after 12 may i felt a sudden hatred for this man. many people have been killed, tv stations were being attacked but the president of our beloved country said no to investigation and even didn't give any help. he refused to send rangers. what a president. he sat down watching all that but didn't take any action. shame on musharraf. he also know that altaf is a terrorist but he is not doing anything b/c he gets bulk of votes from MQM. it means his sit is more important to him than his own country. i used to hate imran khan for opposing musharraf but now i agree with him this man is doing what our government should do. sure he has lots of guts best of luck imran we are with u. plz purify karachi by removing MQM. one more thing above i read someone's comment taht people love altaf so that's y he get most no. of votes this poor guy doesn't know that how does local and provincial election take place. each place where the election takes place there are many MQM gundas standing and warning people to vote for them if not they will bother to kill u this way altaf get most of the vote if fair election take place i'm 100% he even wouldn't a singe vote

saira, Pakistan - 04 June, 2007

Altaf or Pratap

I tell you what Altaf or most appropriately Pratap is doing for wining a bread? He is a high professional hired terrorist like Abdullah Ocalan of Turkey. He earns in millions US$ on demands of his masters!!! US & UK do shelter such terrorists who are workjing against Muslim countries, they call them Mujahid!!!

Aftab Alam, Pakistan - 06 June, 2007

We need to be calm and collected

It’s really unfortunate and distressful that the so called political party MQM is performing such a cruel act to kill its own fellow countrymen. People of Pakistan should realize that it’s not a fight between Mohajirs and Natives. Mohajirs are the most decent people of Pakistan.

We need to be calm and collected on this critical juncture of history. We all should combine our forces to bring democracy and rule of law in our homeland. And the culprits of the Karachi’s massacre should be brought under the hammer of justice.

This country was not created for the bunch of bloody Army generals, who are exporting our fellow countrymen to our enemies, grabbing our public lands unlawfully, killing the innocent people and suppressing our voices by putting bans on electronic and print media.

We have to change this by coming out on roads and show them that this country is created for 160 million masses, who want genuine democracy, independent judicial system and free media.

Shahid Virk-Sheikhupura

Shahid Virk, Pakistan - 06 June, 2007

Pakistan cannot be a country unless the people living there go back and see the mutual struggles which were made by the founders of this country.
People who love Pakistan are obvious. They are respecable and have lovely bright eyes. But there are those with eyes full of hatered! Many tribes and languages. Many different religions. But lets see carefully: These were all present at the time of struggle too. Pakistan can be a country only if their citizens respect the Flag and national anthem by heart. We must not be misguided.
And must respect the idea of Pakistan. Otherwise nothing can hold the country together. Each citizen must love the country. This is so simple and enjoyable. Waking up in the morning, cleaning the house but also the places outside the house, Streets, roads. The tress which once saw nice kind people still want to see them.
There are more Muslims living in India but they Love India more than the People of Pakistan love Pakistan!!!!!!
I think I am clear cut. Doing so would let us be attracted towards other nations. Nobody respect a tyrant and traitor.
We need to educate ourselves. And that is easier than hating each other.

Ali Hazara, Pakistan - 09 June, 2007

Misplaced priorities & Blind ambitions

Wake up General.Look around you. People are asking for justice.Let us not play blame game.Put aside your personal
ambitions for re-election.Get
hold of those who carried out
massacre.If you think, you are
the last anchor of hope, then
do what is expected of you.Be
an honourable leader.Instead of devoting your energies to
get re-elected, try to leave
a legacy that whole nation can
be proud of. There ia storm of
ethnic strife brewing up.Be a
leader of the nation & stop patronizing a party headed by
a bunch of hatredmongers.

Shah Alam K., United Kingdom - 10 June, 2007

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