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Israel's 'targeted killings'

18 April, 2004

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Within a spam of three weeks Israel has killed two founder members and top leaders of Hamas as an act of pre-emptive strike. Israel has vowed to target militants wherever they are Israel has been killing those it considers a threat to its security for decades but, in the past few years, the policy has been stepped up as part of the government's attempts to stop suicide attacks.

Meanwhile, White House and European Union has reacted differently on these targeted killings being conducted by Israel.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said,

"As we have repeatedly made clear, Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks... The United States is gravely concerned for regional peace and stability. The United States strongly urges Israel to consider carefully the consequences of its actions, and we again urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint at this time. This is especially true at a moment when there is hope that an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza will bring a new opportunity for progress toward peace."

On the other hand, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said,

"The European Union has consistently condemned extrajudicial killings. Israel has a right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, but actions of this type are not only unlawful, they are not conducive to lowering tension."

1. Do you think such targeted killings are justified ?

2.Would such targeted killings help bring peace into the region ?

Reader Comments:

Change Strategy

Personally I feel that this would not help at all to bring peace into the region, but would only promote more violence.

All the concerned parties to this dispute must realize that talking about each others destruction is only an ideology which lacks the benefit of intelect and reality on ground.

The reality is that Jews have now peneterated, whether legally or illegaly, but they are now settled in Israel and Palestinians need a state to live in harmony with them.

Israel, must create a conducive environment for a Palestinian state and their economic progress.

Both side should avoid getting into cheap stupid rhetorics, and rather focus on the concepts of interfaith harmony. Muslims have more commonalities with Jews than any other religion and likewise Jews have same set of theological concepts of monotheistic dogma as Islam preaches, so its about time that we should stop talking about each others destruction and accept the reality as it is. There's no solution to this violence than to forget about each others ego and live in harmony together as Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Ali, Pakistan - 18 April, 2004

Lust !

The lust for blood is greatly
overwhelming to those who've
tasted.Unable to control the
desire,they see no sense of
moral to stop their desire to
remain intoxicated.Soon this
lust will bring them to other
nationalities that oppose the

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 18 April, 2004

It is a violation of international law

It is clear that Israel is doing same thing as United States is doing around the World. The might is right, the powerful rules and weak only cries. The government of Israel is backed by US,UK and other powers. The Muslims States around the Phalistine are weak and they are only intrested with their rule and luxuries.So it is not strange to see these brutalities by Israelies. When the Muslim World has no respact for their citizens and they treat them as animals then you can not expect the other nations to treat you well. The killings of Ahmed Yasin and Abdul Aziz are worst human rights violations in the world but who will listen to Muslim cry.It is same story in Kashmir, where the killings are worst then Gaza or West Bank but we d'ont see any reaction from Arab world.When Muslims are not united then we must expect these kind of punishments.The biggest evil today is not US or Israel but the rulers of Muslim World. There brutel regimes have created a problems all over the world. The Islamic Jihad ,Hammas and Al,Qaida are created in response of brutal regimes of Yasser Arfat, King of Jordan, Dictator of Egept& other Persian Gulf States. Until Muslims are not united,these innocent killings will go on inAfganistan,Kashmir,Phalastineand other parts of the world. There will be no peace until this kind of killings go on and until the Muslim regimes with dictator will not change. These Organization should stop terrorism and start a movement for democracy so that the muslims can have a voice in the World.

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council International Wing.

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib, Canada - 19 April, 2004

Live by Sword, Die by Sword

If someone had killed Osama Bin Laden in Sudan, when he was open target, this world would have been a much nicer place to live.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 19 April, 2004

the world would have been a much more nicer place, had japan got the bomb in the second world war.
Osama killed less ppl compared to killings by USA. just to campture osama and saddam americans killed thousands. Neither they got osama nor they found WMD from Iraq

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 20 April, 2004

Re: Ali Malik

World War ended when Japan suffered from Atomic Bomb.
The war in Iraq was the most safest war in history or mankind and that has upset lot of critics of USA. There were thousands of reporters attached to military units and not one reporter has mentioned 'Thousand deaths' except you. Dont forget Sadaam was captured and world did become a little safer. Same with Afghanistan, USA asked Taliban to hand over Osama who is a wanted criminal and the Taliban chose war. Pakistanis should be grateful to USA for getting rid of Talibans, otherwise in few years Pakistan would have been taken over by Taliban like minded people. Just once think rationally and put religion aside.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 20 April, 2004

We cannot put religion aside. Islam is a complete code of conduct and it is apart of out politics. I live in Pakistan and I know there were thousands of deaths in Afghanistan when Allied forces did carpet bombing, just to capture Osama bin Laden (who was not caught). As far as Iraq is concerned, even if there was a single death, it is still questionable. When there were no WMD, why was the so called SAFEST war fought. Just to get to the Oil Wells. And Pakistan is not thankful at all as we know how to safeguard ourselves. U ppl got a habit of pushing urselves into others problems. U went to liberate Iraq when they never wanted u to come there, and that is why they are all (shia + sunni) fighting u. And I think the world was a much safer place before the start of the Iraq issue.

Ali Malik, Pakistan - 21 April, 2004

The muslim countries which are in shambles economically financially morally is very accurately described by Ali Malik in one sentence "Muslim countries are stuck back cuz they are not fully following Islam." Ali Malik Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala help you enhance your courage to stand up against lies and oppression.

We muslim if just spare one hour daily from our busy schedule to seek knowledge and guidance from Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala Himself than these Isreali and American genocide are no suprises. It is true that Judaism Christainity and Islam are the three factions of same religion and we have the promise of our Creator Lord that He will be the judge between us on the day of judgement what we differ. Lets see what Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala says about the current situation in Palestine Afghanistan and Iraq and analyze it.

5:51 O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily God guideth not a people unjust.

The above verse which according to my understanding is that :-
Friendship between nations. Not individual basis. Jews Christians Muslims enjoy good friendship on individual basis.
Protection between nations.

The rulers of entire muslim world, except Malaysia under the rule of Dr. Mahatir Muhammad never accepted American and Western supremacy, are American puppet.

Saudi Arabia - The Saudi Royal Puppet are the worst unbelievers who had taken American as their friends and protectors. These Royal Saudi criminals did never developed their defense system. They never build up their their economy which would have benefited the common Saudis where present unemployment rate is 16% instead they relied on false American promises on defense and are still very happy to import billions of dollars in goods and services from America and Europe. Saudi Arabia priority is image building amoung Americans by running advertisment campaign on American Cable News Network instead of helping poor Afghanistani Iraqis and Palestinians who needs medicines food water for their survival. The Saudi Royal Family crimes goes on and on which is impossible to bring it within the limits of 5000 words space.

Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Iran, Lybia, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan are all under American occupation with Abdullah Musharraf Hasni Mubarak comply Bush Moron in Chief commands.

Isreal is doing what we are told Jews will do with muslims.

5:82 Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.

The secular or western democracy is not the solution for muslim countries to guarantee financial success neither it guarantee peace. America claimed to be demotratic country with a oppressive system which they called it democracy. Isreal do have so called western democratic system which keep Palestinians under administrative and enonomic occupation.

The solution is to implement the system which provide equal opportunity for everybody. The system which do not discreminate people for their color race religious beliefs and which do guarantee peace within and with all different nations. The system is very well preserved in Qur'an.

The time is now to abandon Talmidic Biblic laws which are widely accepted and practice as mandatory part of faith by Persian Imams and corrupted history.

K, Pakistan - 21 April, 2004

To Sammy (Canada)

Osama - a wanted criminal, wanted by whom ? - Uniformed terrorists who have terrorised the whole world since long. Please stop believeing whatever the Western Media states - that are not the words of God - a quick example now the Occupiers in Iraq are accusing Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabia channels for biased reporting just becoz these channels had shown civilian casulties. Open your eyes and mind and come out of your continent. There are other world outside it too ...
May Allah help & guide you and your countrymen.
Was salam oalaikum wr. wb.

Hasan Zuberi, Pakistan - 22 April, 2004

You guys are loosing it

Dear who ever you guys are

Freedom and liberty is not a bad thing. In the west, you have freedom and liberty. Do not attack them, but learn from them.

You want to be Islamic, then fine, but let other people be what they want to be. Assilmilate, rather than try to dominate.

You guys seem to be loosing it.

Freedom Lover, Pakistan - 22 April, 2004

Re: K, Pakistan

Thank you Mr. K,
I have been trying to tell teh westerners here in USA and Canada the same thing that muslims are told in Quran not be friends with Christians and Jews but they dont believe me.
Any how, you tried your best but if you look around Islamic systems have failed and the countries that followed Christian teachings have advanced in Science, Technology, and Economically.
As another Pakistani, I would suggest that if you want to take revenge against USA the best steps would be to boycott applying for USA visas and visas for western countries including Canada that are based on Christian teachings. Second step would be to boycott internet, dont use emails, dont use chat rooms. Third step would be boycott Microsoft.
What do you think ? And you should pray to Allah that Pakistan is controlled by a Taliban like government which will send you back to 7th century Arabia. You would love to live in that era.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 22 April, 2004

It is violation of International Law

Muslims all over the World mourans the killings of political leadership of Hammas.The world knows that such a killings are violation of international law but who will tell Americans and Israelis. The UN belongs to them, the media is controlled by them, the finincial institutions are theirs, the military might is with them.So we ,the muslims can only cry, and protest, nothing else will happen. The Us forcess killed thousands in Afganistan. The Killings of prisoners in Mazar-e-Sharif in front of world eyes, nothing happened. The might is right, the corurupt Muslim rulers are to blame, including all these kings and dictators. The peace and liberty will come only when the muslim world will wake up and get rid of these two faces enimies of Islam. Mr Arfat and Areil Sharon are both the same kind of people.But Ariel Sharon is faithful to his religion and Arfat only loves power and papoularity. The evil is within us and we are paying the price because of these traitors.

Raja M. Habib Jalib

Raja Muhammad habib Jalib, Canada - 22 April, 2004


I don't agree with the with what either side is doing, blowing eachother up. It seems to crazy. If you really want to send a message, kill yourself only, like budist monks use to do. That sent a very powerful message. Don't kill people driving in a car on their way to worship or little children on their way to school. I'm about to go have lunch with some friends of mine, and no joke. Two are Jews from Israel, one is a Christian Palistinian, another is a Muslim Palistinian, a Sunni from Saudi, a Shia from Pakistan, a couple from India & me a white Christian American male with my Korean girlfriend. They are my best friends in the world and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Life has a lot of experiences in it, but it is up to you on how to experience it.

Have a good one.

T.P., United Kingdom - 23 April, 2004

RE: Raja M. Habib Jalib

Mr. Raja,
As I live in Canada as well, we both know that Canadian Government has declared Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas has no political views, they dont agree with Oslo Accord, they dont want to live with Jews (considering Jews have lived there for thousands of years, all Hamas promotes is destruction of Israel and killing of Jewish people. If you agree to their views then i dont know who gave you Canadian Immigration.
Secondly, its very funny when you say that UN is on USA side, did UN allowed US to Iraq?
Thirdly, your complaint about deaths in Afghanistan, well my friends its the reality of war. But the death toll was certainly not in thousands. If Mullah Omar had handed over that coward Osama, he could have saved many lives. We all know what happened at Mazar e Sharif. Either you dont have much knowledge on world affair or you keep your eyes closed. It was prison revolt. So if those prisoners were shooting and killing US and Afghani forces, what were Afghanis and US army suppose to do ?
Last question, how do you think muslim world will get rid of its two faced enemies? Would you shed some light on that?

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 23 April, 2004

How to change the Arab Governments.

Dear Sammy ,I am not favouring Taliban, every bady knows that Taliban were not obeying the rules of Isalm but local Afgan tribal coustoms. I am not worried about Mullah Omer or any bady elese. What I see in Afghanistan is same tribul brutalities. One Mullah Omer changed to another Kasrzaie.The only way to change the system of Arab dictators is the movement of democracy in that part of the World. The terriorism only makes these Kings more strong, They use this slogan to get a support from the west. The west should push these leaders for democracy. These regimes are threat to World peace. The terriorist are born in a society where there is no rule of law and no freedom of speech or press. These leaders are preaching hate against the west in their countries so that people think that all their troubles are created by the west. If you see the Saudi regime, for example all their newspaper and TV talk against the west but inside they are closet friends of west. what happens after , every bady knows. There are new Osma born every day and Muslim all around the World get the blame.The World need to take action against these regimes. The should open up their democratic system. Islam is openly accepts democracy. It is the basic teaching of Islam about rule of law and accountability before the people. All these bombing and killing will not solve the propblems. we must find the source of problem before this becomes a cultural clash, whoich is good for nobady.

Raja Habib Jalib

Raja Habib Jalib, Canada - 25 April, 2004

Muslisms Should Convert to Christainity

Muslisms Should Convert to Christainity. Christ will take away the pain from your heart and soul. Come to him if you want paradise.

Yahoo, Pakistan - 27 April, 2004

Hamas is not targetted Pre-emptivey

I am sorry if, still, one regards israel's killings as Pre-emptive strikes.
What Israel has done is after Hamas resumed its attacks on normal metropolitan citizens in Israel at the timeline when Peace Roadmap by America, Israel and Yasir Arafat had been announced and Hamas was an affirming part of it.
At that time I myself condemed it on the forum of PakTribune even having a lot of viewers against.
What Hamas is doing cannot be regarded as Freedom Fight. It can sabotage it or endanger more innocent lives of Palestinians along with Syrians and Jordanians. If we are looking at Palestine Dispute isolatedly, we are commiting mistake. With Palestine future of Middle east is linked and to middle east Pakistan's future disputes can be enlighetned or darkened. One can close eyes to the fact but denial is not possible.

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 01 May, 2004

Oh Ali - time to move

Ali Malik, Pakistan - . I wish you were living in China when Japan invaded and you and your family and all you care for or about were amongst the 3 million people butchered by the Japanese!! The Americans killed 110,000 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, - to stop these butchers - it worked!! good on them!! Thank God for the USA and their Nukes - shame they didn't have them in 1939 !

baddbradd, Aruba - 13 June, 2006

Making up Syria

These lands of Jordan, Lebannon, Israel and Palestine are all the parts of Syria which is a sacred land to all religions so all these lands need to be stirred up to make a single land where men of every religion be let free to worship as their own. No other solution of this problem is possible and there are elements who make a full use of the peace solution worsening there instead of solving it. This will go on as has been going on for thousand years.
The Palestanians are not as a nation worthy to be handed over a sacred or important land of responsibility.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 24 January, 2007

Israels target killing is its characteristics.

Israleis(jews)consider themselves as chosen people meaning superior to all human beings.Racism,hatred and denying others basic rights of existence is their socio-cultural-religious value and it will never change.CHristians support them and always will because christians (esp White)consider themselves as superior.(Jesus is blonde,he is son of God so like son like father meaning God must be blond also so every non white is inferior.Also christians believe that Jesus was a Jew.Therefore both christians use their resources in killing non judeo christians and stick together right or wrong.Any oine who trusts them will suffer.

AnwAR, Portugal - 12 February, 2007

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