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Israel skirmishing Syria

07 October, 2003

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Israel once again initiated tension with Syria by bombing populated area near Damascus claiming it to be operation clean-up of terrorist base of Islamic Jihad.

President Bush proselytized that Israel has right to defend her ‘Homeland’.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon asserted after the attack that his nation would not hesitate to strike at its enemies wherever they were.

What do you think about the recent Israeli attack over Syria?

What do you think about Bush’s statement about Israelis’ ‘ Homeland’?

Is there any plan from Sharon in widening up the Middle east war ?

How should Syria act in this scenario?

Reader Comments:

Can't do much

No matter what we say and talk about justice, the fact is that Syria can't do much other than crying.

SA, Pakistan - 07 October, 2003

War of Terror

Well this goes on to prove that war on terror has many players other than American aggression.

The Pre-emptive strike has apparently become a benchmark for countries who in real possess weapons of mass destruction.

Next in line could be India targeting Pakistan, but I doubt if they have the guts to even think about attacking Pakistan. They remained on our borders for more than 9 months, which is even enough to deliver a baby, but they couldn't even move a single inch towards Pakistani terroritory ?

I wonder what kept them clicking to not not attack Pakistan, may be that trick of defence become a benchmark of Syria ?

Ali, Pakistan - 07 October, 2003

Between a rock and a hard place

Personally, I don't think that the bombing of Syria will necessarily accomplish anything good (but I can't say that I believe that there was a need for the Iraq war either), unless it was in fact truthful that it was a terorist training camp (I realize the concept of terrorism is relative). After a series of suicide bombings, whatever the political causes behind them, any country would have to start taking strong action against outside players if they felt that they were enabling attrocities. The question though is whether Syria really is an enabler, and if not, then this event takes on darker dimensions. If they are involved, then it is not simply "Pure Provocation by Israel against Syria" as your fanatical poster who makes his home in the Netherlands said.

Steve, United Kingdom - 08 October, 2003

America is terming Palestinian, Jordianian and syrian land as ISRAEL's HOMELAND, president Bush is Seeking help from jewish community in US as a presidential candidate. Bush may share his personal accesories a jew begger at this time.
Israel is bombing on refugee camps in Syria filled with age old people , women and inncoent children, What it gonna prove?

Sharon says repeatedly that they will strike more and more forcefully. and US or UN can't do anything coz elections on the head! SHOULD, WOULD, COULD... Syria will stay as it was before, innocent lives ld be kept on executed and these agitations will keep on going, grieved it is.

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 08 October, 2003


With the bombing of Syrai you would never have thought it possible that the middle East could get even more unstable and harder for people all around the world to fight for peace.But even then we were wrong because
G.W.Bush comes out with a statement backing Israel.Who decides who is on the list of countries that can or can not bomb there neighbours.
Who decides which countries can invade another.All leaders say before an attack its because of their security .Who decides which leaders can buy weapons.Is it the UN,the people of the world,NO,It's a small group of greedy,corrupt US politicians followed by weak western leaders.

richard winters, United Arab Emirates - 08 October, 2003

World injustice? Or world

Unfortunately, this is an example of a catch 22 (impossible dilema). If suicide bombings don't stop in Israel, then the Palestinians and their islamic neighbours will not get a moment of rest from the Israeli military. Call me grim, but this will probably go on until one side is so exhausted from the war that they surrender (or get wiped out). I just feel lucky I don't live there.

If the Israel and Palestine ever have lasting peace, I'm sure all Canadians will pitch in to buy them a round of beer. =)


Ehoba, Canada - 10 October, 2003

Israel skirmishing Syria

Forgetting all religions, there is right and there is wrong. Israel attacked Syria out of desperation. Syria keeps harbouring and, with the help of Iran, financing terrorists. These are facts. Bush backs Israel because he wants to thwart terrorism. Sharon wants to deliver a message to Syria. Imagine if India kept financed terrorists so they can blow up Pakistanis! Sharon has no plans to widen the conflict. Syria should make peace with Israel, for a better world. Your readers should profess PEACE.

Rami, United Arab Emirates - 10 October, 2003

Israel skirmishing Syria

Syria is a weak country. Israel could have it for breakfast! So the strike by Israel was a message to Assad to behave himself. If Assad is clever he will take notice and stop having Israelis and Americans killed. Bush rightly backs the Israelis for moral and political reasons. Hundreds of millions of Arabs are hostile Israel. Why not make peace with it instead of trying to destroy it? Israel has demonstrated itself ready to make peoce with the Palestinians and all the Arabs. Israel wants to live in peace and has no plans of expansion, just to keep its citizens alive. Syria should be encouraged by all muslim countries to commit itself to peace not terrorism and belligerancy.

Raymond, United Arab Emirates - 10 October, 2003


Why use the word "proselytized" in your article? It is inflamitory. It is meant to paint president Bush as a religious crusader against the muslim world and that is wrong.

DAWOOD, United Kingdom - 10 October, 2003

i donno who the hell is maintainig this web site, what i know is what DAWOOD poked here. Bush amplified him as a crusader, u may find text of his speech on 12 or 13 september 2001, Bushis trying to be loyal to jews more than them, it disposes all his inner greed to the US court as his father was. so mr DAWOOD stay in ur limits putting the facts forth.

ahsan imran, Canada - 10 October, 2003

Syrian Venture !

The NEOCONS in USA and Israel
have made up their mind to create the Empire of Solomon in Middle East.They had been
planning to strike Damascus since long time and now they did,what they wanted.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 11 October, 2003

Israel skirmishing Syria

What you see around the world in areas of conflict is nothing more than the legacy of the Ottoman Empire. An Empire that manipulated people of different cultures and religions by forcing them to live together in an impossible situation without definable borders -- rather like the later British partition.

Other than that, Syria is a rump state with a chump dictator.

notholyjustwise, United Kingdom - 12 October, 2003

Hate and Religion

It seems to me that Israel is only defending itself. They have a strong military so they will use it to their advantage. I can't say that some of the less fortunate countries wouldn't do the same if the roles were reversed. And too many people over dramatizing the facts. USA is much more civil, such as treats citizens great, doesn't torture POWs, and PAYS to rebuild the countries it has conflict in. We have an awesome military, so we use it to our best advantage. And, we sometimes do the wrong thing internationally, but our intent is never evil. We want to stop threats to our allies, and interests. If one of the leaders of an arab country had such a military force, they would do the exact same thing.

Jason McALlister, United Kingdom - 15 October, 2003


Sharon is a butcher and as a United States citizen I find it distasteful that money I pay in taxes is sent over to Israel without ever being paid back. But on the other hand, the Palestinians act like animals. They dress their children in soldier's uniforms and have little girls on television singing about blowing themselves up. I don't know what the solution is, but I would like the U.S. to stop financially backing Israel. We inflicted severe damage on Germany and Japan in World War II, and we paid to rebuild these countries, and now they are self-sufficient. Why, then, do we send billions of US dollars to Israel, EVERY YEAR, for free?

Huns, United Kingdom - 17 October, 2003


There will never be peace in the Middle-East as long as Sharon is the prime minister. He doesn't want peace and he hopes to get the US to take on Iran and Saudia Arabia next. The propaganda against these nations has already started.
Sharon can do no wrong in the eyes of Bush, or his advisors whom are mostly Jews. We will keep sending Israel our tax money no matter what they do as we have no influence over them.
Cut off our aid and let them go it alone.

Francis L. Martin, United Kingdom - 19 October, 2003

Isreal Nothing!!

Basically the matter of the fact is that America is totally responsible for what Isreal has and is doing to other nations. If it were'nt for America to supply Arms worth Billions of Dollars and giving Isreal AID worth $14 Billion Dollars to Isreal each year then Isreal would never dare to attack anyone. But in this case they know that as long as Big brother America is backing them and supporting them they can do whatever they like. Fat boy 'sharon' is nothing without Americas' support.

Imran Ali Agha, Pakistan - 25 October, 2003

Isreal Nothing!!

And one more thing, One should accept the fact that the 'American Government' is Jewish by Heart. The big guys of the Secret Service Agency in America are all Jews, the Big guys in FBI are all Jews, the Big Big Industries in USA are all owned by Jews (Bill Gates, Microsoft). Most Of the Media in USA is owned by Jews. Most of the Money in USA is owned/made by the Jews. The Jews claim that they know how to make Money out of scratch, well obviously as long as you have the Big A** American Government Behind your A** you'll always be making loadsa money. The Americans should realise that Jews are not Gods and that the Government of USA is elected by the people which makes the people the Boss. Their Government should be based on the opinion of the public of America and non-other than that.

Imran Ali Agha, Pakistan - 25 October, 2003

Who runs the foriegn policy of the USA ?

5.2 millions Jews live in the United States. They make up 1.8% of the population but in the US Congress they are 38%. I think Bush is doing alots of things that Sharon doesn't like. The Zionists members of the US congress always sacrified the interests of Unted States for Isael. When Israeli spies are caught in US they don't make news. Zionists are trouble makers, read their history (

Mohamad, Pakistan - 18 October, 2005

Syria(Suraiya) Wahanbii Networking

One eye above a pyramid Is often shown.even in Pak
Tribune Home Page. Pyramid is ancient religion
with Hijab clad men and women of Egypt. Moses
Was depicted as Pharoah Raised.Pharoah has been depicted
As ancient Egyptian religion in conflict with Judaism
And Moses as a Prophet. Syria in French is suraiya
Syria Turkey Iran Lebanon Jordan was great Roman
Empire. Second Coming of Jesus amid Devil Satan
worshipping Has also been linked to Syria
Da MasQ(Damascus).Bani Israel is most Cursed
ethnic religion group Linked to second coming.
What is happening in Palestine Israel and Globe lately?
USA with approx 38% Jewish world population
With 38% US Congress Govt Leadership can be
Co-related. The remaining 62% affluent Jewish population
Is in Europe Middleeast(including) philistine. Since
The Great Gold Index Sinai dance when even
Moses had hurled curse on Stock Exchange
Gold bullion Jewish Dancers of Sinai , Gold Bullion
worshipping OIC is being developed by Jews using
Israel USA Allied Army Hindu Buddhist wahanbii who in
Fact seem to be using Islamic Baitul Maal as a basis
Of conflict creation in their 100 Yrs of War WW1- current
Sheiks and Israel creation. What is anti dote to Jewish killing
of Philistine Native where They were just 22,000 when Jewish
Homeland was Declared amid introduction of sheik and emir
Baitul Maal claimant via OIL and Gold Iron Ore diggers in OIC?

b m zakaria, Hungary - 19 March, 2006

An act of war

I am a syrian who visited Syria a few weeks ago. This attack on syrian soil was blatantly an act of war. If Lebanon or the Palestinians were to have done this, the consequences would be devastating. The zionists didn't stop at Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq but want to extend their war over to one of the most stable arab countries. Their intention to widen the conflict was evident back in 1982 when defense minister Sharon hoped to create an allied Lebanese government to launch a joint attack on Syria. If justice were to prevail (which probably won't happen), all those involved in this attack and future attacks on Syrian soil will be sitting in a court room.

GUH, United Kingdom - 31 July, 2007

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