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Israel likely to start fresh talks on Middle East

13 November, 2006

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Israeli Defense Minister, Aamir Peretz, hinted on Tuesday at the prospects of initiating fresh talks on Middle East saying the dormant Saudi peace plan could serve as the basis for it.

He was making a presentation at the Institute for National Security Studies of Tel Aviv University.

“Israel must spare no effort in assisting the establishment of a coalition of moderate states vis-à-vis looming Iranian threat,” he said insisting that his country deemed Syria as a natural ally in such efforts if it drops its support for Iran and Hezbollah.

1. What has prompted Israel to think of reviving peace process in the Middle East?
2. Why Israel and Saudi Arabia are getting closer?
3. Will President Assad drop his support for Iran and Hezbollah?
4. What are the prospects of peace in the Middle East

Reader Comments:

Breakup of OIC?

1.Why Israel is thinking is in her own interest and not of the Palestinians.
2.The house of Saud now feels
insecure from within her own
realm and with Israel must make Iran the scapegoat.
3.Only lack of moral courage
will prompt President Assad to turn his back on his two friends.
4.With neocons walking the corridoors of WhiteHouse the
prospects of peace in Middle East is grim.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 14 November, 2006

Idea of Israel Sauds Shah with British Invasion of Iraq oil in 1918

British invaded Iraq oil in 1918 and Minister Balfour sought out a Jewish homeland
Saudi Kuwaiti and Shah Sr Homelands. Saddam Hussain grew in occupation while training himself in military academy and law school in Egypt due to Nasser inspiration. Israel allied attacked Iraq Nuke energy plant used ICBM to bomb telaviv and cities in gulf
War while BB nawaz and Hosni Mubarak allowed them with own facilities. Now Israel
Proposing to recover Iran Nuke energy fossil oil LNG energy after retaking Iraq oil. These Saudis and Sheiks Israelis Bush Canada EU Japan and now India oil proposing
Peace or Peace of qbrs death and destruction while in full control of oil + economy of the region with activities of Evangelicals via Sheiks.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 14 November, 2006

Bound to fail

Israel's solution is dissolution...

Sunny, Pakistan - 16 November, 2006

Depends how people look at each other

1. What has prompted Israel to think of reviving peace process in the Middle East?

The world's hawks, seeking military solution to every problem are finding it hard to sell war to the world's main stream that wants peace. US midterm elections results clearly speak about that. Second, Israel, despite very heavy aerial bombardment of Lebanon,found the ground war realities tough against Hazballah.Third, the whole world found limitations of America's military in Iraq. Afghanistan is proving that way too. Fourth, Saudis can be drawn into dialogues that could possibly be used against Iran in future in a very ugly game of driving wedge within Islamic world. Fifth Israel cannot act overlord of middle east if it has to be there on long terms and times.The only legitimacy Israel finds in staying in Middle East is in their historic roots there and no body buys supermacy now a days to see you around. Sixth America is the last stand for the west's rule of the world. A bounced back Russia and super powered China is going to change the whole power equation of the world. Then, the only ground for Israel to stay there will be the acceptance of each other on history way back.The Jews may have suffered from holocaust in Europe, but in the holy lands of Islam and even in Bukhara, Istanbul and Iran, they are looked at as people of faith with looks as much likeable as the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese of Medeteranian origin. Even Ahmadnejad's statement, according to Pravda, has been distorted and mis presented by media. Ahmadi-Nejad never called for the destruction of Israel.He only mentioned about the change of war mongering government of Israel. Ahmadinerjad never called for a holocaust and destruction of Isreal the way it has been wrongfully distorted by trouble making media for possible war against the Islamic republic. According to Pravda, Persian language does not have such words like the corrupted media is presenting to the world about Ahmadinejad.
The key goal and objective for all is respect of life and values for all including Arabs and the Jews. Peace is the pursuit and only pursuit in the holy lands with no killings of any people of any faith.

2. Why Israel and Saudi Arabia are getting closer?

This is a split in the Islamic world and you just cannot win peace through intrigues and deceptions. Iraq and Afghanistan are the latest examples and history has many more. Cornering or picking on Iran won't help. With the world's largest hydrocarbons reserves and the mega deposits of Uranium and its population doubling again in the next couple of decades, this country should be coerced rather than confronted. Russia and China and the Shanghai accord are in the process of deepening their stretegic relations with Iran. Russia and China have bailed out Iran every time in the UN and outside.Iran's neighbours will have to buttress with this very great nation that was the world's first sole super power, has the richest culture and literature, has the tastiest food, has the sweetest languge and has the handsome people of the most regular looks of mankind. Even Alexander the great lost his heart there. Even Israel's foreign minister was quoted to be saying a year or so ago as such:"Who does'nt want to be in Tehran. I will like to be in Tehran as well."

3. Will President Assad drop his support for Iran and Hezbollah?

Mr Asaad is not playing a chess game that changes with every move of the chip. Syria has found a reliable friend in Iran after a long long time if not for the first time.They have great history like Iran. Actually, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan were part of greater Syria not long ago.
I have found Syrians and Iranians talking of each other as people having heart to heart contact.Mr Asaad would'nt break that union of the hearts. By the way, through my eyes, i have found Syrians and Iranians as among the most beautiful looking people of middle east.

4. What are the prospects of peace in the Middle East

Prospects of peace in middle east depend upon how the people look at each other and how they solve the most and the most thorny issue of Jeruselem.I think and strongly and firmly believe that once Jeruselem issue is resolved, the Jews and muslims will be embracing each other as they are the closest religion to each other. Jeruselem was the issue on which the last honest attept to resolve the conflict was made by Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat. All other problemms are the minor offshoots of the core problem of sharing the holy city Jeruselem.Jeruselem is too holy for all- jews, muslims and christians and a compromised impasse is the only solution. Returning to pre 1967 borders and accepting UN resolutions takes Jeruselem away from the Jews. A highly educated Jew once told me that Jeruselem is their Mecca and he allways mentioned Al Aqsa mosque as Omar's mosque instead of the site of the Solomon temple.

Anonymous, Pakistan - 21 November, 2006

Israel and around ....

1. Prospect of daily missiles attack in Telaviv and every Israel city
and town by Hezbollah prompted Israel to think “Better small than Nothing”.

2. Kingdom is opposite to Islamic principle. Saudis are brain
washed people of UMMA (Saudis are identified as people of Lawrence of Arabia culted Islam)

3.Desire to reach Iran via litany river Syria president Assad Lebanon can
be reversed to reach Israel. Syria is safer within Islamic territory with 1.5 billion

4 (a)Peace comes without money floating around for war.(b)Peace come with Islamic principle progressing. Imagine peace of UK EU Canada Israel USA Japan India Democracy taken over by pundits reverends Pope Archbishop Cardinal Rabbis Buddhist monks Hindu Pundits Using Their methodology of religion peace prosperity. Imagine Islam religion like ayatollahs did after Fall of oil democracy advocate shah Iran .
©Peace in Pleasing business was donation of millions of dollar to TV radio Christian church.. I have photos of Hosni Mubarak Late king Hussein of Jordan giving millions to Vancouver based Church of god who in turn was accused by reverend’s own son That my father gave fund to his young mistress almost $63 m. What democracy is doing is $63m based looting extravagance amid corruption incompetency in the name of
illicit bills of democracy.

benz m Ispahani, India - 22 November, 2006

Art of being recognized?

Israel is the only country that has used dubious ways to be recognized.Fully supported by the West in this game.Now they are trying to bring the Saudis into their net against Iran and Syria.They will give Palestinians a homeland with
buffer zones in the West Bank and Gaza surrounded by IDF.In Jeruaslem no Palestinian will be allowed to live unless they become Israeli citizens.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 02 December, 2006

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