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Is It Over?

08 September, 2006

A day before, President, General Pervaz Musharraf`s visit to Kabul, the government and local tribesmen , generally known as Taliban, signed a peace agreement in Miranshah(South Waziristan, ) on September 05. The peace agreement was inked to end longstanding violence in North Waziristan. The Taliban had been following a unilateral ceasefire since June 2006. Shortly before the expiry of the one-month truce, Governor NWFP Lt Gen (retd) Ali Muhammad Orakzai formed a 45-member Grand Jirga to end the conflict in the region,bordering Afghanistan where more than 80,000 troops have been deployed to check militants allegedly moving across the Durand Line.

The agreement contains following clauses;

  1. There shall be no cross-border movement for militant activity in neighboring Afghanistan.
  2. The government guaranteed not to undertake any ground or air operation against the militants.
  3. It bounds the administration to resolve the issues through local customs and traditions.
  4. The army will remove checkpoints in the region and tribal Khasadar force and Levy will take over the check posts.
  5. The agreement envisages that the foreigners living in North Waziristan will have to leave Pakistan but those who cannot leave will be allowed to live peacefully, respecting the law of the land and the agreement.
  6. Both parties (army and militants) will return each other`s weapons, vehicles and communication tools seized during various operations.
  7. Jirga comprising tribal elders, Mujaheddin and Utmanzai tribe would ensure that no one attack law-enforcement personnel and state property.
  8. There will be no target killing and no parallel administration in the agency. The writ of the state will prevail in the area.
  9. Militants would not enter the settled districts adjacent to the agency.
  10. The government would release prisoners held during military action and would not arrest them again.
  11. A 10-member committee " comprising elders, members of political administration and Ulema " has been formed to monitor progress on the agreement and to ensure its implementation.
  12. The government would pay compensation for the loss of life and property of innocent tribesmen during the recent operation.
  13. There will be no ban on display of arms. However, tribesmen will not carry heavy weapons.
    1. Here are some questions
      1) Would this accord bring durable peace to the volatile region?
      2) Political and security analysts say if the said accord had been struck earlier, hundreds of lives from both sides could have been saved. What do you think?
      3) Who was the real winner of this conflict, local Taliban or the security forces or somebody else who gained out from this battle.
      4) How can the tribesmen assure that no militancy will occur?

Reader Comments:

get the facts right

Taliban means students.the agreement was made with the pashtoon wazeer tribe.when is the indian born military man of pakistan learn pashto language and speak straight within and outside of the country.your paper should edit carefully and not pass on incurrect definitions.

rexminor, Georgia - 13 September, 2006


Most of your news are old. Need some improvement. Overall its good

Shuja Zaidi, United Kingdom - 16 September, 2006

What Facts Rexminor!

The negotiations took place between a Pashtun General and
the local tribes.As for the Indian born General correct yourself,being born in Delhi
does not prevent him from from learning Pashto.Perhaps he was speaking Turkish with
Karzai.Maybe you should ask how he learnt that language?
The Taliban should come out
of their shell and learn the
inner spirit of Islam and not
impose their dogma.As Allama
Iqbal said:
Khuda tuj e kisi Tufaan se ashna ker deh.
Keh tere beher ki mohjoh meh
istarab nahi.
Tu kitab kho an hai, magar sahib e kitab nahi.
Islam the most enlightened religion has been made into a zombie by those who have made it a political pawn and
shunned it's spiritualism.I hope that we bring the true spirit of Islam and shun the
West with our humility and not our rhetoric.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 17 September, 2006

There is no winner or losers...

There is no winners or losers in working for peace, democracy and stability. A peaceful Afghanistan is good for Pakistan, it's good for the region and the world.

Most recently, I heard from a few Afghans that the Israeli Mossad is deeply involved in border cross weapons for the Al Qaeda and Taliban, by bribing the Pakistani border police.

Terrorism in such a high gear can't be the work of Muslim alone. Mossad might be hiring Muslim for doing the dirty job of terroris around the world, just to descredit Muslims.

For instance; I never thought a war between Sunnis and Shiites. As they are both Muslims. Mossad could be very well financing the Algerians, Sudanees, Iraqis, Afghans and others in Saudi, Yemen,Pakistan, India, Egypt,Syria,Indonesia, Iran and many more countries.

Those Muslims countries that have allowed Israeli embassies are more in danger then those who don't have Israeli embassies in their countries like Iran.

I think it's important to keep an eye on Mossad's activites.

Mohammad Khan, Afghanistan - 19 September, 2006

Dialogue: the only way…!

Dialogue: the only way…!

The critics who are sceptical towards the Waziristan peace pact should see the ground facts in the right perspective. Peace, stemming out of dialogue, always creates an atmosphere of development and the latter helps form a society enlightened with the modern day education, science & technology which in its turn promote the goals of better life for the common man.

Those who are familiar with the nature and culture of the tribal people understand that if we extend one hand for friendship that will be responded with hundred friendly hands but if we fire one bullet we shall face thousand in return. In fact the tribal people traditionally are born with two things, weapon & freedom, and they even prefer to live and die defending these two as well.

So now the choice is ours whether we want to see this, loyal & potential, part of our population living in peace, going to schools, colleges, offices and industries or we want to engage them in hostile activities, war and an unending cycle of death & destruction for perusing the irrational foreign or domestic agenda of politics…?

Even this peace pact, if honoured in letter & spirit, can pave the way by playing a model role for the next door Afghanistan where the tribes have similar values, nature and traditions at large. The orthodox, rigid and non-productive ideas of Taliban or any other group can and should only be changed through the politics of peace and dialogue and this is the basics of our great Islamic teachings.

So we should forget about the idea of war, wastage of precious human lives & resources and come down to the table of dialogue for settling our temporal disputes for the sake of peace & development.

Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 23 September, 2006


Like that op-ed article in WSJ, Mr Musharaff is making laughing stock of himself by his inane, irresponsible and idiotic remarks, as the people in Pakistan cannot be trusted to choose what kind of regime and leader they want. Like all dictators who fancy themelves as indispensible and indestructible, he has become delusional. And the joke, now he comes with a book which is pure unreadable stuff. Let me pray and hope that the same fate which befell Zia doesn't befell this man also.

Nita Daniel Netto, United Kingdom - 28 September, 2006

Cause of militancy

The solution is World bodies should form a committee to find out reasons of militancy in the world and recommend measures to stop it at its roots. There will be no viable solution by pressing it with coercion. The major areas to consider are Iraq, Afghanistan, Plastine & Kashmir.

Iftikhar Ahmad, Pakistan - 05 October, 2006

It is too early to say, Yes.

The situation in Afghanistan is fluid. There is no substitute movement to counter the Talibans. On the other hand the Tribal Belt is insecure. There is no room in today's world for a patch of territory called FATA. It should be incorporated into the NWFP.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 08 October, 2006

Real Pakistan

The comments of Nita Daniel Netto, United States of America are courageous but probably Nita does not understand that more than 70% of the population in Pakistan lives in villages with no proper education. Many of them do not even understand the system. Until those people are properly educated and made to understand the system, the democracy may not work in Pakistan. Krachi, Lahore or Islamabad is not Pakistan, those people who represent 70% of the population living in poverty and in the villages make real Pakistan. These people are controlled by the land lords and have no voice. They cannot even file a police report if their goods are stolen or a robbery occurs. Police is fully controlled by the land lords, Members of the assemblies and the ministers who are corrupt and work to their advantages.

Syed Zaidi, United Kingdom - 09 October, 2006

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