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Iraq War - legal or illegal ?

18 June, 2003

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Intellectuals, scholars and media around the world are arguing the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has made the legality of the war questionable ?

It's reported that both US and UK, might have accidentally or deliberately exaggerate the threat to mislead the public.

The US-led coalition is still hunting for banned weapons in Iraq. USA has recently mobilized a new team of its own inspectors to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Was the evidence over Iraqi WMDs manipulated ?

If ever Americans find any weapon, would you question its credibility ?

Reader Comments:

All Americans who thought that this was a "just war, ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Americans , what do you have to say now? Not only has he (Bush)started destroying the Bill of Rights, but he also can launch offensives in the false name of "terrorism" and all you lames voted for this idiot.

Don't you think you all should do a little more on your parts of being a citizen and get some facts about candidates before you "bandwagon" and let some big-eared nazi buy his votes?

As far as leaving, it as I read from your other readers, I will not stand by as all of you have done, and watch our Constitution and Our way of life was supposed to be as it was written in 1776! Maybe all you do nothing mindless sheep should stop freloading and leave.

Paul, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2003

For the sake of world hegemony, we must do what we must. The threat of rogue states who willingly step up to American influence must be thwarted!

Thankfully, Syria has decided to resign to US pressure. North Korea, Iran, and others are next. For the sake of Pax Americana, for the sake of cheap oil, bow down! Resistence is futile.

Supreme Leader, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2003


Absolutely no doubt in my mind that Americans would find the much talked about Weapons of Mass destruction, but they all would have a stamp, "Made in America" on it.


Akbar, Pakistan - 18 June, 2003

Lies of 21st Century!!

As the events are being unfold in USA, UK and Iraq, it has now exceedingly been believed around the world that Bush & Blair manipulated the intelligence reports to wage war against Iraq for their vested interests. Is there any system in the world which can bring them to the court for killing over 3000 Iraqis and wounding another 10,000?

Sunny, Pakistan - 19 June, 2003

Hollywood Movies

Now I know whom to cast for my next movie on War in Iraq in Hollywood.

Both Bush and Blair are fabulous actors.

Naeem, Pakistan - 20 June, 2003

Legacy of Damien !

From among us will rise those who will dominate our minds. We will not see clearly and be confused by the two,who in turn play with our will.All matters of legality must now be decided by ONE and all others must bow.The new order
has a new GOD-The NeoCons are there to decide what is legal or illegal.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 20 June, 2003

I don't believe it is what it seems

I think now and have always thought that the real reason Bush started this war was in defense against a percieved threat of terrorisim. It doesn't matter to me if they are acutally found or not, the mere threat of them was reason enough, and the posturing of the Iraqi government was enough to make any sane person wonder.

Terrorism, by definition is designed to spread TERROR and FEAR! 9/11 did just that. It makes all humans a lot less civil than we otherwise would be. I don't know what kind of people live in the rest of the world, but here in the US, we ARE humans - we bleed, we die, we cry and when we FEEL threatened we STRIKE BACK! whether the threat is real or imagined. That is the human response. Who of you should be surprised at this?

Ron, United Kingdom - 21 June, 2003

legal or illegal?

is it legal or illegal for a country to protect itself from a perceived threat after an attack on it left 3000 dead civilians? the conventional war no longer exists. well financed and unofficial state sponsorship of military groups present a threat to everyone. because a government does not admit to abetting a military group does not exempt it from military actions taken against it by the country targeted by the military group. is it legal or illegal for pakistan to strike at the indian presence in kashmir?

tom, United Kingdom - 21 June, 2003

WMD used

In the so called debate over whether Iraq has WMD,very few people point out that Iraq has used those weapons against both the Kurds and the Iranians. So in fact, Iraq possessed WMD. End of debate.

People decry the actions of the US and its' allies and yet the vast majority of Iraqis will be much better off without the secret police and the torture chambers. But democracy in Iraq won't happen overnight and will probably take years. But democracy is coming and that's what scares so many countries. The rulers don't trust their own people and that's sad.

Mark Elliott, United Kingdom - 22 June, 2003

Time will t ell

It's a matter of time which shall tell the world whether USA and Britain was right or wrong.

Saddam was one of the most corrupt leaders in the world, but the real accountability is to punish those who supported him all those years in Iraq.

BayNaam, Pakistan - 27 June, 2003

Which war is Legal...

Does it matter if the war against Iraq was legal or illegal. The question is has there ever been a legal war? The perception of right or wrong will always vary between the two parties.. It is a stupid debate, USA/UK are in Iraq and they intend to stay there. The wise cause is to make sure that the people of Iraq donot suffer any longer. whats done cannot be undone and the blame of war cannot be solely put on the US/UK. They had their intersts and being patriots to their nation they acted. Unfortunately we are not that clear on our current and future course.

Yousuf Ahmad, Pakistan - 28 June, 2003


War against the innocent and defenceless inhabitants of Iraq is surely illegal and criminal by all standards.

It should be addressed with the appropriate remarks of American Led "KENNEDY TERRORISM IN IRAQ".

Elizabeth Thompson Khan

Elizabeth Thompson Khan, Georgia - 28 June, 2003

What a joke!!!.

Since the coalition fail to proove to the world for the caused of the attacked(WMD),it would be better for the coaltions to pack-up and go for a long holiday or spending more time with their family members or the love ones.Waste no time and historians should take note that this war was more or less and invasion-aggression.This should be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record for the worst 'joke' ever on earth in high-tech. human civilization.

Jamal, Seychelles - 29 June, 2003

Iraq War - legal or illegal ?

Any war is illegal if it is not to your advantage. If you attack and take over a weaker country, its legal but if other take over then its illegal.

I would say atrocities and killing of innocent was not human but other avenues if seen in the light of politics there are OK.

Mohammad Akram, United Arab Emirates - 30 June, 2003

USA vs Iraq

Why did Bush really attack Iraq? Saddam committed the greatest sin there is in America's eyes. He wasn't a sufficently compliant puppet! And to make things worse, he believed that Iraq's oil was for the benefit of the Iraqis, not the Americans. This is clearly shown by the fact that the US forces did nothing to prevent the looting of millenia old treasures from Iraq's museums. They were too busy securing the oil fields! And the Iraqis hate them for that.

Funny too, that the "radicals and extremists" fighting the West in Afganistan and Iraq were termed by the West "Hero Freedom Fighters" when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan for the same reasons from 1980 to 1988!

Jim Delaplante, Bulgaria - 01 July, 2003

The invasion and occupation of Iraq accomplishes so much:
1. Takes attention off the hi-jinks involved in Bush's "selection" as President,
2. Gives him phenomenal mass media coverage,
3. Gives him a chance to control the oil of what will soon be the world's largest and lowest cost producer -- and therefore a chance to enrich his clique and boost the US economy,
4. Gives him intimidation control over the entire Mid-East,
5. Helps secure Israel, thereby solidifying the vote of the Christian Right in the US. He may also win some extra Jewish votes in NY and Florida, making the next election less messy.

WMDs in Iraq? What WMDs?
Democracy in Iraq? -forget it!

LA, Canada - 02 July, 2003

ignorant Americans

Don't blame and have resentment towards ignorant Americans. Blame, have resentment towards and passionately oppose the current leadership in the U.S. The U.S. has many strengths in it's people. We are caring hospitable, and dispite the bad rap we give ourselves very tolerant and understanding people. However our bigest weakness is ignorance. We don't see that our leadership has pulled us far away from the foundation our nation was built upon. The legality of this war wouldn't even be a question worth asking Americans if they had had all the facts before them. No American except the corrupt leadership want to see the death of innocents.

Hari Singh Khalsa, United Kingdom - 04 July, 2003


We know Bush now,like we know Hussein,Ben Laden. Human life means nothing. War is in our nature and people will die because of the goal of powerful men.

Charles, United Kingdom - 06 July, 2003

park tribune

usa media,jews, 500 fortune companies,false patriotism,poor educated nation, imperialism ' mixed ',makes AMERICA WITH Pecos BILL in charge ...

julio, Portugal - 06 July, 2003

Its not an war, its an invation roberry

The present attack on Iraq by the former imparial power and by the current one is an illegal attack in every way. They want to rob the oil and keep muslims and their wealth under control. America and england both used chemical weapon on foreign troops and they both has nukes. So, if Iraq ever attacked either one this liars they could have demolish Iraq in hours. All the lie they told the world is just lie's and we all know it too. Its time to work together to save our culture and relagion from these evil people.

A Ansary, United Kingdom - 07 July, 2003

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