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Wednesday Jan 23, 2019, Jumada-al-awwal 16, 1440 Hijri
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Iraq Crisis

17 February, 2003

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World in large does accept the fact that the repressive violence of Saddam's regime is the norm and not something used by the authorities in exceptional circumstances as it is in many countries. The repression, imprisonment, torture, deportation, assassination, and execution are some of the crimes which even. U.N. recognizes that Saddam's regime has experimented over Iraqi people. The strategy of Saddam's regime in dealing with neighbouring countries are also based on arrogance and aggression.

Some believe that Saddam was actively supported by USA/CIA when it attacked Iran. The chemical and biological weapons used by Saddam Hussain on Iranian and Iraqi people in past never raised any concern by the leaders of USA, U.N. and world in large.

After all those years, suddenly President Bush feels threatened by Saddam's regime. USA has been trying to convince the world that Saddam is developing weapons of mass destruction. So far it has failed to convince the world and U.N. that Saddam really possess any such weapons.

What are these weapons of mass destruction ? Where are they hidden ? Is this all about Oil or is it about changing the map of Iraq ? How possibly the U.N. should work to resolve this crisis and perhaps remove the regime of Saddam Hussein peacefully. What should OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) do in this regard ?

Reader Comments:

You are all pretty much idiots. The United States is defending the human rights of all of your countries. My country gets more oil from Iraq than does the US. If the attacks on the World Trade Center did not take place with Husseins backing he would not be in the situation that he is in. When the US rids the world of Hussein the Iraqi people will dance in the streets. Hopefully he will not be replaced with another raping, murdering tyrant.

Jason Michael, Finland - 07 March, 2003

war on iraq

In U.S.A. I am informed that 50% of population in Iraq is 15 years old or younger. I pray for them. They should not be the ones to suffer because of beef between Bush and Hussein

tom, United Kingdom - 07 March, 2003

War on Iraq

I believe this is a war for oil and strenthning Isreal against Arabs and India against Pakistan, so that its easier for USA to rule the whole world.
This is absolutely unfair, unjustified,
in humen and war against Islam and its
followers and must be stopped by all means.

Mubeen Kanwar, Czech Republic - 08 March, 2003

Blix's dilemma !

Blix would love to punch Saddam in the
nose,but does'nt want to dirty nor hurt
his knuckles.He therefore throws the punch from a distance,hoping US/UK will
be able to connect.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 09 March, 2003

Might is Right

I fail to understand why the world is supporting USA and UK for their evil design. Their evil design is clear from their own words, at one side they say that Mr. Saddam Hussain has weapons of mass destruction (with no evidence at all) and thats why we want to attack Iraq inorder to get rid of such weapons and on the other hand they also says that Mr. Saddan Hussain step down and in that case they will not attach, this clearly shows their malfide intentions and personal interest of USA and UK who are the biggest oil user in the world. May God keep all the Muslims in his safe custody and curse on USA and UK especially on Mr. Bush ( Bush and Toney ... Stright to Hell)

TAB Pakistan, Pakistan - 09 March, 2003

It's not about oil.

Those of you who believe that the potential war against Iraq is all about securing Iraq's oil reserves for our own use are woefully misinformed. If the war were only about oil, the US should then wage attacks against Canada, and Mexico, who are our largest oil suppliers. In 2002 The US purchaced 1900 barrels of oil a day from Canda, and 1500 barrels a day from Mexico. (Source:Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review, October 2002)

This war is about preserving freedom. Hussein is a true terrorist. The people of Iraq live in daily fear of his regime. He has no second thoughts about torturing and murdering his own citizens, including women and children.

Ultimately, President Bush's plan will provide peace by removing a terrorist dictator from power.

Twibil, United Kingdom - 15 March, 2003

How despicable

Please understand this. Saddam Hussein have killed so many people with his cruel acts. No one cares about the oil. What kind of silly idea to think that way & to terrorize other nations.

I never liked war. It is beyond awful.
One thing i'm totally against is to hold the weapon of mass destruction!!
I'm not gonna judge who Saddam is (ex.Evil) for it is nothing but ridicule to think that way but i will say that Saddam have no right to murder people!!
Another thing, for those who say "Bush is evil", GET A GRIP!!
That's one of the worst thing i've ever heard! What maturity level are you at?
I don't agree to every decision Bush made but you Hussein supporters really make it hard to lead to peace.

God bless you all and stop being so thick-headed!
We only want peace~

unknown teenager, Canada - 18 March, 2003

where r ur support for islam now

Its message for extremists pakistanis who support the islamic extremists that where the hell they have gone when then very own big boss is fighting against there own people in iraq.they don't've guts to fight against U.S. ask them to go to iraq and fight. The time has come for all of them to goto the hell otherwise. God save Pakistan!!!!!

Deepak Singh, Hungary - 20 March, 2003


just bomb iraq

keyan dabiri, Pakistan - 20 March, 2003

Melting Pot

Please do not forget that the US is a "melting pot". The US population is made of people from everywhere on earth, people of every religion on earth. Everyone is welcome.

J. Smith, Viet Nam - 20 March, 2003

Crush America

I Think God will always with the muslims and muslims should not afraid of america Inshallah Allah will help muslims to crush this america that there will be no name of america in this world history

abdullah, Pakistan - 20 March, 2003

The Invasion for Stability?

Wars are caused by leaders of unstable
minds,whose arrogance surpasses their
ignorance of other's opinion.The leader
of a great nation has shown lack of statesmanship by burying diplomacy in
some dark recess.This war will never
bring justice for the people of Iraq,it
has been waged to strengthen Israel's
hegemony over the region.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 21 March, 2003

We must all unite

We must all unite to face tyrrany and opression. We should all be on the same page. Iraq has violated the Cease Fire from the Gulf War in 1991, this is enough to reignite hostilities.. the US has been more than patient 12 years, and has provided enough opportunity to Iraq to comply.
It is time to secure the world from this type of man!

William M Holder, United Kingdom - 21 March, 2003

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