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Iraq Crisis

17 February, 2003

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World in large does accept the fact that the repressive violence of Saddam's regime is the norm and not something used by the authorities in exceptional circumstances as it is in many countries. The repression, imprisonment, torture, deportation, assassination, and execution are some of the crimes which even. U.N. recognizes that Saddam's regime has experimented over Iraqi people. The strategy of Saddam's regime in dealing with neighbouring countries are also based on arrogance and aggression.

Some believe that Saddam was actively supported by USA/CIA when it attacked Iran. The chemical and biological weapons used by Saddam Hussain on Iranian and Iraqi people in past never raised any concern by the leaders of USA, U.N. and world in large.

After all those years, suddenly President Bush feels threatened by Saddam's regime. USA has been trying to convince the world that Saddam is developing weapons of mass destruction. So far it has failed to convince the world and U.N. that Saddam really possess any such weapons.

What are these weapons of mass destruction ? Where are they hidden ? Is this all about Oil or is it about changing the map of Iraq ? How possibly the U.N. should work to resolve this crisis and perhaps remove the regime of Saddam Hussein peacefully. What should OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) do in this regard ?

Reader Comments:

I am against Saddam

I am a muslim and from Pakistan. I am absolutely against Saddam and wonder why the Muslim world is supporting this butcher who has killed thousands of Iraqis, Kuwaitis and Iranians. Why have we developed sympathies overnight for Saddam Hussein. The majority of Muslim Ummah agreed upon using help from Non Muslims to kick him out of Kuwait, why are they so against if agian non-muslims are trying to remove his regime. It reminds me of the saying of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) who once said, "A ruler may survive if he's not practicing justice, but he will never survive if he's a tyrant."
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In short, we as muslims must get rid of Saddam Hussein, the sooner is the better.

Against Saddam, Pakistan - 17 February, 2003

why war

Why does the US and Uk have to go to war with Iraq, why can't the UN take care of it, why there is a difference between the european countries over Iraq, why is the muslim world not interfearing, why is Iraq a threat to the US and why is the arab world so quiet while there is war at their door step.

Saif Omar Khan, Pakistan - 17 February, 2003


What UN should be addressing is the source of the problem.

1. No country should be allowed to manufacture or hold weapon of mass destruction.
2. Why were the hardware and knowledge that is required to produce theese mass destruction weapons made available to Iraqis. Was it because America got kicked out of Iran. Is the revenge the motive here and to seize revenue from the oil assets to be given to Western Oil companies. What right has US-Britain got to disarm Iraq and its regime?

There are many so call leaders in this world who are killing their own people in there own ways, So what is the difference. What happen to Afghanistan now. After destroying Kabul city by bombing, who is rebuilding those cities for the poor innocence people that are left homeless.

Jeff, Poland - 17 February, 2003

I am glad you raised this issue here

I am really glad to see you have raised this issue here. I think Saddam must be removed with a sensible democractic government in Iraq without foreign invovlement like in Afghanistan. Secondly, some of the other Arab regimes must also be changed with democratic leaders. This will change the scenario for the people of the region.

Sunny, Pakistan - 18 February, 2003


My heart goes out to the people of Iraq, The suffering must be difficult at best. I pray for you and hope this will come to an end soon.
What can be done , the truth is illusive. What can we do to get at the truth and expose the hardship of the women and children?
Each side is made to look like the soul cause. You have your belief and I have mine I am sure it can be worked out. I will pray for you. Sgn. Mike

mike, Canada - 18 February, 2003


We created the UN to stop nations from
going to WAR against humanity.Today we
are making the UN become a perpetrator
of war.Why must we allow one person or
a nation to use this August body,only to destroy another?

Iraq's crisis must not be aggravated by War.The country should be brought under UN Protectorate for a period of two to three years,ensuring that no member of NATO is involved in the administration. During this period the Instiutions be modified to accomodate all citizens of Iraq.New government be elected and let them decide on the fate of Saddam and their country's defence policies.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 18 February, 2003

Weapons of mass descruction are in possession of Isreal not in Iraq. This all crisis is all about oil, to make sure that Isreal is the only powerful nation within the region, the last reason is the personal hatred of Bushes against Saddam Hussain. Bush would have attacked Iraq even if they did not have 9/11 tragedy.The only hope are the brave nations of France, Germany, and now we can see some shift of Russian policy towards France and Germany stance. There is urgent need to form a new bloc to stop this war monger lunatic Bush adminstration. Russia, France, Germany, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India bloc is the only way to avert this war. Bush adminstration has showed weakness when threaten by North Koreans. Edited space limitations.

Assad Khan, Canada - 18 February, 2003


"The majority of Muslim Ummah agreed upon using help from Non Muslims to kick him out of Kuwait"

That is a blatent lie. The Majority of the Muslim Ummah is silenced by the puppet regimes installed by the US. Anyone who supports kaafir attacking Muslims is NOT Muslim but a MUNAFIQ!

You are the worst of the lot. In one fall swoop, if an underground body is able to decapetate the Munafiq who are like the cancer in the body of the Muslim Ummah, progress and UNITY can be achieved.

Turkey is 99.9% Muslim. The government is secular. Where is the Democracy? Look at ANY Muslim country supporting the US stance. The OVERWHELMING majority are against them, yet the government supports the US. Is that "freedom"? Is that "democracy"??

Umar Farooq, Pakistan - 20 February, 2003

Iraqi Missiles lottery !

Why don't those Arab states that feel
threatend by Iraq,take hold of the missiles and insatll them for their own
defence against any future attack from
Iraq.But to do this,they first have to
seek Israel's blessings,afterall who really benefits from Iraq's destruction
the Arab states or Israel?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 24 February, 2003

Foundation of a Dynasty !

The Invasion of Iraq has a little to do
with Oil,Democracy or removal of Saddam
it is the first step to establish the
Imperial power under a Dynasty in the Middle East and all thanks to the Arab
rulers and their petty minds.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 26 February, 2003


Some believe that Saddam was actively supported by USA/CIA when it attacked Iran. The chemical and biological weapons used by Saddam Hussain on Iranian and Iraqi people in past never raised any concern by the leaders of USA, U.N. and world in large.

After all those years, suddenly President Bush feels threatened by Saddam's regime. USA has been trying to convince the world that Saddam is developing weapons of mass destruction. So far it has failed to convince the world and U.N. that Saddam really possess any such weapons.

Md. Miraz Uddin, Bahrain - 27 February, 2003

Not for OIL, nor Imperialism

No we get less than 4% from Iraq.
And now have the worlds largest reserves in ANWAR Alaska.
No, as former colonies ourselves, we have worked to eliminate imperialism through out history. (WW I, WWII, Gulf War.)

William M Holder, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2003

Not against Islam

Why would we desire to war against Islam when we are anation founded upon religious freedom?
We are also opposed to the jewish settlements, and want an independent Palestine.
We only want to insure freedom and human rights, and that no other nation shall be subject to Saddam taking them over.. Afghanastan could be next if he was left unchecked and in power!
We live together and in harmony, Christian, Muslim, and Jew alike.. side by side with respect for each other, all as children of Abraham.. we are all brothers.

William M Holder, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2003

bush a monkey with big gun

well I am very impressed by the real people talking about peace. This is a war of Bush who is anti mankind or a evil man againt goodness. so with joint human we can stop him
I can't understand Americans selecting such a evil man to have control of the biggest power in the world.
Lets pray and fight against a evil man ...Bush
Good luck to all of us

malik, Pakistan - 03 March, 2003

being able to repsond to the defense of your people is of the greatest honor of guard and protect your home,your food, your medicines,and your resources has occupied the thought of humans since the beginning of time..the greatest gift in this life is to preserve life not destroy it...the world reveals to us that the people on it may be going completely insane...and its still only about the greed of resource, thats how the land that is now america was was never about freedom...we have lost touch with simple things and continue not to know why...

clouded visions, Pakistan - 03 March, 2003

BBC and Humanitarian crisis?

BBC wants to know how we feel about the
humanitarian crisis in Iraq,in case US
and UK attack the Iraqis.If they are so
concerned,why all that clamor for war?
We should stand by France and others who believe in peaceful means to bring
changes in Iraq.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 04 March, 2003

Emergency Appeal To The U.N.

Dear friend,
I'm hoping you can join me on an emergency petition from citizens around the world to the U.N. Security Council. The petition's going to be delivered to the 15 member states of
the Security Council on THURSDAY, MARCH 6.
If hundreds of thousands of us sign, it could be an enormously important and powerful message -- people from all over the world joining in a single call for a peaceful solution. But
we really need everyone who agrees to sign up today. You can do so easily and quickly at:

A war with Iraq could kill tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and inflame the Middle East.

Assad Khan, Canada - 04 March, 2003

Attack Iraq Please

First of all, the liberation of the Iraqi people is imminent and has been for the last 4 months. Backers of Saddam are marking themselves for marginalization and loss of credibility. What happened to the 'Arab' fury at freeing the Afghani's? Further, you Saddam backers had better set the table for some exit strategy. What are you going to tell the freed Iraqi people? That you fought tooth and nail to keep their oppressor in power? Maybe you could just tell the Iraqi people that you don't think they're smart enough to organize their own affairs, that they need a tyrant to keep them beaten down and in line. Keep backing the Iraqi regime, we need to know who you are.

John Cooper, United Kingdom - 05 March, 2003


Mr. Bush did not campaign for election saying he wanted to attack Iraq. Now in office he is free (with the vote from congress) to do what he thinks is best. It is not in the hands of the voters until November 2004. The Sept. 2001 terrorist attacks created a confusion most here have never experienced. A confusion within themselves about why it happened. Such a circumstance seldom inspires wisdom. On the contrary it inspires a reaction, and in the case of the president a determination that it should not happen again. With little tolerance for suspected threats the president may have asked himself if he was willing to overlook a potential threat and later, if it would become an attack, have to answer to Americans why he did not stop that threat.

Robt McElroy, United Kingdom - 07 March, 2003


Mr. Holden of the US wrote in your paper that the US has the world's largest oil reserve in Alaska. That is not true. Only a 3 month supply. Is it about oil, water, security, , imperialism, revenge? All are only guesses. It is confusing to many Americans why our president is pushing the war-Some support him without question, others fear a war will bring more terrorism and still others believe that war is no answer. Other than those who simply long for war most Americans long for peace and pray for the safety of the innocents who would be affected. I think the president is one of those people.

Robt McElroy, United Kingdom - 07 March, 2003

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