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Iran Missiles Test

01 October, 2009

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Iran has tested two short-range missiles and announced plans for a controversial long-range missile test. It says the short-range missiles were the Tondar and Fateh, with a reported range of up to 170km (100 miles). Tehran said it would test a long-range Shahab-3 missile, believed to be capable of reaching Israel. These tests come amid mounting tensions between Iran and the West over Tehran`s nuclear ambitions.

  • Do you think, these missiles test was the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran?
  • What action will be taken by the US and Western countries towards Iran?
  • Will United Nations impose sanctions on Iran?
  • Do you believe Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel?
  • Reader Comments:

    Why Not Iran in Missiles NUKE Plant Garden Road Marking Painting Decorative Business

    Q. Do you think, these missiles test was the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran?
    A. It is better to be scientific Like USA India China Japan Korea. So Iran is congratulated for achieving 100km 760 km or even 2000km or more and even for reach for the Moon.
    Q. What action will be taken by the US and Western countries towards Iran?
    A. Obviously NATO Warsaw Strength Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan with power and Might Strategy.Their Interpretation of Eliminating Taliban Look alike entire Afghan Nation and Western _Northern Pakistan people is criminal. With hostility Towards Iran Central Asia is direct violation of International Law they have Fear of Islamic Jihad Taliban Mujahediin or Muslims with Nuke Iran. Fear of any crime and criminology group of people as they seem to be .They dare not would have ventured out in Islamic Resource Islamic Territory. Muslims are no Match to NATO who recently Acquired WMD people with tens of thousands of Nuke Arsenal which they possess.Their invasion drone attack and resource Removal.and open and hidden civilian deaths (not reported) is proof.
    Q. Will United Nations impose sanctions on Iran?
    A.UN is nothing but Hyde Park speech platform .UN was for the protection of Israeli Expansion and show biz effort in
    Human Disaster which theft people after stealing murder massacre resource grab which created even arctic Ice melt deforestation
    Excessive Rains and floods.
    Q.Do you believe Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel?
    A.I Think Saddam had been framed and hanged using Halabja and Gazi Salahuddin Kurds Episode.Their oil extraction from there Reveal with presence in Iraq Afghanistan and their illicit activities in Uranium Mines other OIL Gas area nearby. But if Saddam's Scud missiles fired twice had reached Tel Aviv and Haifa then why not Iran's Missile reaching Israel Paris Rome Athens London and Washington.This is why they are in Iraq Afghanistan.This is why they are punishing Muslims of their own location accusing them them as Terrorists. They blame them Writing inciting in internet against US Canada UK French German or 37 nations presence and illicit occupation of Afghanistan.They are the worst kind of Armed looter robbers resource waster pretender incompetent people .NATO armed with WMD Missiles Nuke And Oil Gas Iron Ore uranium Ore with 90% World resource at their not wish to vacate Iraq Afghanistan and taking Aim at Iran and Ayatollah Khameini and Ahmedinjad.Why?

    B_Lal, Canada - 02 October, 2009

    yes I think, these missiles test are the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran and Iran has full right to prepare herself for best defance against any threat.
    I believe that Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel only if iran is under attack by israel first.

    Rana Ali Sufyan, Pakistan - 12 October, 2009

    Missile Test to deter Subversive Pressure On Iran OIL Gas reserve?

    Q.Do you think, these missiles test was the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran?
    A. Now the guerilla War fare suicide bombing across Third world OIL Gas region by bankrupt US Western Countries indicate That they are trapped and will try to disrupt stabilitlity of each of these location to maintain flow of resource and provide pay cheques for UN and Israel. Missile test in preparation to combat is a must.
    Q. What action will be taken by the US and Western countries towards Iran?
    A. Like all other Bankrupt looter free wheeler Dealer they will try to hang on to their oil Gas flow tax oriented economy by destabilizing Iran and all oil gas Mining products region which make the US Allied G 8 so called rich Oil customer Nations who want free
    Stuff with two kind of world trade people .i.e. paying or free kind
    Q.Will United Nations impose sanctions on Iran?
    A.Why all emphasis on Iran?UN was unpaid for quite a while until 9/11 was invented providing income of US Allied EU UN and all.
    Q.Do you believe Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel?
    A.When bankrupt world illicit technology and economists seem hell bent on destruction of Muslim Oil Gas region such a Iraq Afghanistan amid dwindling resources in Saudi Arabia Gulf oil region Iran has choice to do or die.Islam method of peace and prosperity methodology combined with Iran Law Jurisprudence science technology development backed with Religion Expertise Chief such as Ayatollah Khameini seem good strategy. Any claim by the west that fellow Ayotollahs want power and wealth in helping G8 or G20 NATO got to be fraud and against National interest.

    Z.Billo, United Arab Emirates - 19 October, 2009

    Imperialism Zionism Communism vs Islam Missile Technology

    Tippu Sultan Mugal India from South had a British war – Mughal of Tippu Sultan had Mini Rocket And gun Technology based on both bamboo and Metal Tubes packed with gun powder. Tippu had defeated British originally This was due to superior Technology of Tippu .British Divide and Rule combined with inquisitive mind Virtually stole Tippu Technology. Struggling British regrouped .After –research and modified Weapon technology British Defeated Tippu at final Seringapatam battle with 4000 soldiers in about 1800. Once British acquired this Muslim Technology and then british went on to defeat American Canadian in 1812 War while France and others EU sought out their colony.British Dutch tried out in some Muslim Part while Turkish Ottoman remained Major Power in Africa Europe Asia( Three continents with Coffee Hamam modern Suit Boot Culture) until 1918 and until Kamal Pasha defeated Allied for Battle of Euro Asia In Istanbul.1918 Proposal for Jewish State for 22000 Jews in Israel and Oil Sheiks of car culture wealth making came With WWW1 WW11 Nuke at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Thisresulted with continued Israel Growth technology .What is this Free stuff Israel EU Thing which was developed and is Ongoing. This is cause of world turmoil... This how to grow in 1920 came with sudden Use of oil Gas gained via car gained momentum while per barrel even by Shah before Ayatollatollah Khomeini was selling for $1.73/barrel.This recent Car Sheikh and Israel growth encompassed Oil gas and Muslim Based Resource.They cannot go too far.The whole episode is short lived.This lead to eventual 9/11 pretext.This created invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan using Mujahediin Pretext .Mujahediin Pretext was to enter into Afghanistan with Osama and foreign based Taliban who remained foreign Infact 9/11 training was based in USA for USA turmoil. For Iraq Afghanistan acquisition on false pretence..Mujahediin were excuse to enter there to evict Russian _Central Asian. As far as technology and growth is concerned It is Muslim Right to Acquire Gun Technology Missile technology and even Nuke Power plant technology.Why Not Muslim make use of God given Quran Islam and resources Food clean air clean water Job income and dignity for Muslim growth If Iran or any Muslim country want to go Hi tech why not?Muslims should help one other to go jointly against allied illicit Occupation of Afghanistan.The excuse Mujaheddiin of Afghanistan have to be eliminated by these invaders of Afghanistan is simply unacceptable.The invaders must vacate.Iran Missile Test is good effort to Reacquire Muslim Technology.Muslim Umma should go for Technology based growth like good old days.

    zmb, United Arab Emirates - 23 October, 2009


    JAHID, Bahrain - 07 November, 2009

    super power

    America the only super power will and should abandon Afganistan for its own intrest,since histry tells us that nobody has/have ruled or has been succesful in their war mongering adventure in history of the area,dont fool yourself Pakistanis or 4 that matter USA,no body is going to win except the locals!!!!!!!I sa

    , Pakistan - 08 November, 2009

    Real Apparent Alqaed vs Islam Missiles

    Q.Do you think, these missiles test was the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran?
    A.I00% right towards Islamic Massail (problem) Solutions.

    Q.What action will be taken by the US and Western countries towards Iran?
    A. More Appropriately will be towards understanding of Apparent Real US UK India and allied activities .This Govern killing machine Terror Technology i.e. Alqaeda_Taliban (none Muslims).They can be also called Democracy .They are apparent and real Judiciary of say UK Canada .Then there are things such as Real English Language or current formatted one which has become better than So called Allah Claim about Islamic. Who is going to over throw their claim based on Alqaed Technology? This is dangerous Technology amid every thing from current wealth making to knowledge to origin of civil law economy trade .While world’s hungry Muslims getting lowest calories and getting least share of world’s wealth. Least technological products .Should you be willing to learn then it will reduce all these image of rich democracies who have built upon their dream and infrastructure on Islamic model. The fault lies with Muslims who while luxury loving or doing nothing .The friends of theirs are also luxury loving UMMA who will likely jeopardize hard working innocent none Muslim mass who deserve high living standards. The UK USA overall deserve recognition what they have achieved. But ills of Democracy ills of their courts and wealth making technique are
    Working against them which is apparent real and criminal (highly sophisticated)
    . They need themselves to catch those criminals who are terrorizing really in their guinea pig experiments .This is resulting in climate change to mass extermination (hidden
    Apparent and real)

    Q Will United Nations imposes sanctions on Iran?
    A. The charter of UN is OK like Human rights Rule of USA UK Canada but they follow zero% and sinking rapidly.
    Q. Do you believe Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel?
    A. This free stuff Israel is equivalent to Their Alameda and dangerously wealth making which has left Muslim UMMA with little safety without adequate weapons without technology and without Allah Qaeda (meant for Muslims)

    Z.Billo, Pakistan - 19 November, 2009

    Missile Test Amid 9/11 Pretext NATO Looting

    Right Test For Muslim Rights for Muslim Wealth of Iraq Afghanistan is needed to evict foreign invaders They invented 9/11 and all suicide bombing of showing Muslim individuals bombing and getting killed at the hands of White Braves now Indian cops .It is a business growing technology based on the suppression of Muslim individuals Muslim engineers Muslim economists Muslim community Muslim individual countries Muslim OIC while stealing and staying by force designing
    Globalization using own UPS making Null and Void Muslim Resource for Muslim Criteria using mind bending excessive force .It must Stop

    zb, United Arab Emirates - 22 November, 2009

    misile test by iran

    all those who love their country must take all nessary steps to defend it.

    faiz ur rahman, Pakistan - 09 December, 2009

    # Do you think, these missiles test was the right decision in this conducive situation for Iran?

    No. A technologically weak country should never challenge the West. Otherwise they will suffer.

    An 80 kilo wrestler should not challenge 200 kilo wrestler, until he has defeated all the 80 kilo, 120 kilo, 150 kilo wrestlers.

    # What action will be taken by the US and Western countries towards Iran?

    The west doesn't care much about Iranian missiles. They are more afraid of Iranian nukes. So far Iranians do not have enough material to make a nuke, so the missiles can only carry conventional warheads. And that's not a big deal.

    # Will United Nations impose sanctions on Iran?

    It is difficult. Iran is under sanctions already. Moreover Russia and China are resisting any new sanctions via UN.

    # Do you believe Iran is capable of and would fire missiles on Israel?

    Yes. It is capable of firing missiles on Israel.

    but Israel is not a little kid. They can fire much bigger missiles and much more things than just missiles.

    Looks like Arabs and Iranians make a mistake when they take on Israel.

    Iran is safe until the end of 2012. By then Iraq will be much more stable and Afghanistan will be how Iraq is today.

    At that point, NATO and USA may attack Iran.

    I hope that doesn't happen. Because a lot of Irnaians will suffer because of the misguided policies of their government.

    Piyara Pakistan, Pakistan - 13 December, 2009

    Advance Sajjil -2 Iran 2500km Missiles Test Today

    Congratulation for Today's 2500 km Islam Missiles Test for instant Muslim Defense: Top priority is building or acquiring ship or submarine to be able to display that one can fire at London Washington or anywhere like NATO Israel and India from closest proximity i.e. like from Istanbul to 2500 km London or from Mediterranean or Persian Gulf to Israel or any European City or from Atlantic or Pacific Oceanto anywhere in USA Canada target. Just copy USA UK Canada India Israel allied tactics what they are doing to Afghan Palestinian and Muslims right now.Ability to take action in time Will be counter action in Self Defence (Muslims neglected all these years).

    benz m Ispahani, United Arab Emirates - 17 December, 2009

    Iranian missiles

    I am not amazed at all while reading that news because every country has right to protect his if iran is developing missiles and even nuclear weapons......if other countries have nuclear weapons yy iran not... who has given the right to them to have nuclear weapons...we claim to be humans but we never proved that... why the 5 nations in the world have vito power.... is this is justice... i knows people will not listen to me because in this world the law of jungle exists no matter how much civilized we are....Everybody is trying to protect their intrests then y iran and pakistan or others can not...that is the reason y the entropy of world is increasing day by day...

    amir, United Arab Emirates - 17 December, 2009

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