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Innocent victims

20 January, 2006

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United States, while refusing to tender any apology, has defended the deadly air strike on a northwestern Pakistani village Damadola (Bajur Agency), in which 18 people, mostly women and children, had died on Friday last.

According to initial reports, the attack had aimed Osama Bin Laden`s deputy Dr Aimen Al Zawahiri, who had been invited to a dinner by a local family, however, he did not turn up.

However, the head of the bereaved family, who was also injured in the attack, and other locals deny that Zawahiri or any other Arab militants were invited to dinner.

Four US warplanes violated Pakistani air space and entered the tribal area from Afghanistan`s Kunar province in the wee hours. One of the warplanes fired missile on three houses killing 18 civilians, 14 of a family, and injuring 6 others.

The deadly air strike sparked instant countrywide protests, also participated by the ruling parties. Huge rallies were held in all over the country on the very next day, which were participated by all major political and religious parties.

The ruling PML(Q) also joined the chorus of criticism asking Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz to postpone his US visit in protest against the air strike.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has defended the attack saying Al Qaeda and Taliban are not the people who can be dealt lightly".

US officials claim that senior Pakistani security officials had been informed prior to the air strike, but Pakistan denies that.

Islamabad lodged a " strong" protest with the United States over the unwarranted killings of the innocent civilians. It was the second protest lodged by Pakistan with its key ally in so-called war against terror, for incursion into its tribal belt this month.

1. Is Pakistan`s protest commensurate with the gravity of crisis?
2. Should Pakistanis still consider US their friend and ally?
3. Should Shaukat Aziz have postponed his US visit as a mark of protest?
4. What is your opinion about US refusal to tender apology on this unwarranted act?

Reader Comments:

Terror killing Managers in Afghan border

Event in Afghan Wane region reflect “how new land in USA was won
replacing natives”.A million UK soldiers died in ww1 amid Attempt to
invade Afghanistan losing British.Gujratiis can be blamed for Tanzanya
Uganda US embassy bombing. But Muslims died in Gujarat quake Ayodhya and
Elsewhere via RSS Gujratiis of Uganda Tanzanya too. Putin was brought
In 2000 who may lose Russian federation with more Killing of Muslim coming
in Afghan Iran Baku Iraq border.There is one Allah(God) .They are
waging war on unseen God pretending there is no God at all but just ruling
Class few privileged Informative people with torture and rape to mullahs.Anti
God legislation or unilateral promotion of Christianity or Israeliism reflect
Imam and may be even Jesus second coming under their custody. Custodians
Rule the world .They are killing creating new people and new rule of their own
They create I n n o c e n t v i c t i m s .

mohammed_belal, Canada - 20 January, 2006

Pakistan government protested because of public anger against this US aggression. US has no shame in killing innocent children women in Muslim countries. They justify all their criminal brutalities hiding behind fighting "war on terrorism". US has used the chemical weapons in Falluja to take control of this small Iraqi town killing tens of thousands innocent children, women, elderly unarmed civilians.

Pakistan govenment including Shaukat Aziz are American puppets. Pakistan government should be held responsible for these murders. Shameless criminals.

US will not apologize because the general thinking is that they have the right to kill and bomb any country they choose to fight their stupid "war on terrorism".

KGB, Pakistan - 20 January, 2006

The basic tenets of neofundamentalism

They oppose the concept of 'national cultures' and local Islam and reject Sufism as bid'a. They aslo reject theology ('ilm al-kalam) because they see it as either redundant or constituting some sort of a 'rival' intellectual construction that ends by being a substitute for the true corpus. They consider that there is nothing positive to be borrowed from the West and nothing to discuss about US/Pak allied friendship, except calling them to Islam, although mainstream Salafis agree that one should treat non-belligerent infidels leniently. Islam is for these tribal neofundamentalists an all-encompassing religion, but mainly in so far as the daily life of the individual is concerned. They believe they should not borrow Western conceptual categories (like economie, constitution, political party, revolution or social justice), even by giving them an Islamic slant.
This insistence on salvation is consistent with their focus on the individual. An extreme legalistic approach goes hand in hand with extolling faith, a stress on salvation, and even a kind of friendship. Salvation is often linked with God's riza, or satisfaction. Radicals insist that action is more important than the result, so the allied forces have undertaken paradoxically the archievement on God's sovereignity.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 21 January, 2006

Shokat Saleem, Germany

What are u talking about?

You are a case of severe brain washed western news networks propaganda.

KGB, Pakistan - 23 January, 2006

Innocent victims

Our country should, but never will say they`re sorry.

I am so, so sorry.

Maria, United Kingdom - 23 January, 2006

all i want to say is that foreign militants did die in the blast...and the four people that died were wanted terrorists who would Allah knows killed innocent pakistanis..Al Qaeda what is Al Qaeda an organization that commits women to suicide bombing killing 100's of innocent people in iraq...what was afghanistan under the taliban... a country with mud houses and unpaved streets, no water santitation anything and not to forget women dying because they were not allowed out of their homes when they were sick or pregnant, females were not allowed to go to instead of earning educationlearnt how to use guns. is this what you guys want critizing musharraf. what do you guys want...i know innocent people did die in the blast but dont innocent people die in iraq the iraqi rebels formerly allies of Al qaeda have turned against them in order to end the catastrophy there and the reason was ONLY 1...most people being killed by Al qaeda operations were innocent civilans...what do you guys want criticzing musharraf what does this media want always talking against the governmnt. Do you guys want pakistan to be like afghanistan or do you guys want pakistan to be a progressive the saudi amir is in india to see the republic day parade ...he will see missiles made to destroy pakistan in the event of a war,, isnt he muslim...we have to learn to co more thing what do all of you want criticizing the government all the time...people like "EM EM Ae" with qazi sahab and "maulana" fazlur to rule pakistan or musharraf who got pakistan out of the economic collapse like situation when Mr Sharif got is upto you guys to decide...because i read one article in favour of the government and tonns against..

Asfar Siddiqui, Pakistan - 25 January, 2006

Innocent victims

The durand line deal was done back in 1993, Americans have every right to attact NWFP and Balochistan since its counted as part of Afghanistan.

Nick Demonter, United Arab Emirates - 25 January, 2006

The problem is majority of people believe all the news they listen on their telivision or read in news papers.These news networks did do the every effective marketing Iraq war which we all know that are all lies. Al Qaeda is the latest weapon of mass fear which Bush is using effectively for their sick political agenda.

There is no proof that any of Al Qaeda member was killed in the recent bombing in Pakistan. I hread on CNN that Al Qaeda members has removed the bodies and burried them. The real reason for this bombing was to divert the attention from NSA spying, lower approval ratings, hide the truth about Katrina and the most important to keep the control of Congress and Senate this November.

All these so called attacks including 9/11 has benefited none except Bush and make him the leader who can bomb and kill anyone without any justification. When ever Bush administration is trouble Al Qaeda taped message pop up on Al Jezeera to get them out of trouble. It look like Osama Bin Laden is on Repulican party payroll recording messages to keep them in power. Last message which helped Bush was aired on October 2004 before American presidental election which helped them to keep their support intact. The latest message is just in time when Bush is under tremendous pressure from the majority of people as well as from Democrats. Senate judiciary committee has called the hearing next month on the issue. Voices and drive to impeach Bush is getting louder. Bush lied on Katrina destruction. Republican senators indictments. Bush adminstration and Republicans were in real trouble and were in defensive mode. They use their effective weapon of mass fear to take control and shift the attention of public and Democrats by releasing a new tape with the message that Osama is planning a new attack in America. Bush and Repulicans are now on offense that wiretapping is justified to fight war on terrorism. They started their usual attack on Democrats that their approach of fighting terrorism is weak which will their message for the comming election and this will help them to keep the majority in Congress and Senate.

Iraqi Resistance is figthing the illegal occupiers which is very much legitimate by the laws of every country and is very much in accordance with the commands of God. There might be small numbers of foreign fighters in Iraq but the majority of resistance is Iraqis.
Bush lies killed over hundred thousand Iraqi civilians, destroyed their cities, use chemmical weapons on civilians. Is this not "terrorism"?

Bush is safe, Musharaf is safe as long there are others who believe in their corrupt lying mass murderers leaders.

The majority of comments are not related to the questions.

KGB, Pakistan - 25 January, 2006

Bajaur Victims

The attack on Bajaur is a deceiving act. The U.S Govt is on one side showing false friendly relations with us and on the other hand is warning us for just not to show any company with Iran. That is an action without announcment and a false act.
Islam has taught us to be friendly to those who are to us and to be fully cooperating with them but in the case of fight is at the contrary; Islam tells to retaliate equally or more severely then the enemy.
Actually what is to be done is to make Afghans to be united and make the occupying forces get out of the region as soon as possible.
The most severe movement that the U.S has started is a war not against terrorism but against Islam. What The U.S is showing off and making others to act upon is just a false drama. Actually the religious free open democratic governments are being tried to be established specially in all the Muslim countries. America has targetted in his first attempt Kuweit, Saudia, Afghanistan and Iraq. That is to be kept in mind that this activity is just like death of our Muslim Community and social structure as in our religious and political structure there is always a presence of a supreme leader "Amir/Imam/Sultan" who is to be a head of a Shura(cabinet). If there remains no proper discipline then men will start getting married with each other.
Just for that reason The United states is trying to harass Pakistan considering it stronger among the Muslim countries. Then feels itself fast and free to do anything.

Mohammad Shamaun Pasha, Pakistan - 26 January, 2006

What is Leadership!

Leadership has character to accept fault and the moral courage to aplogize.Mr Aziz is returning empty hand and what is he going to present to the victims?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 26 January, 2006

sad but true !

No country has the right to fire missiles as US did in Pak territory under the pretext that osama's deputy was around.

the fact about pak is is a client state of US with no soverign value of its own, at least in the eyes of the western powers reflected from reports in US media.

everything comes as at a cost. pak's ability to bleed India comes at a cost of loosing its soverignity to states like US and china. why would others respect your soverignity when you have scant respect for others soverignity.

Chan, United Kingdom - 27 January, 2006

"Documents Show Army Seized Wives As Tactic - News Headline"

People who are supporting American illegal invasion of Iraq justify seizing suspected Iraqi Resistence wives. Saddam was doing this now US is doing what he did to keep him in power. Saddam according to U.S. propaganda killed hundred of thousands civilians in thirty years rule. U.S. killed more than hundred thousands civilians to control occupied Iraq. Is this justified?

KGB, Pakistan - 28 January, 2006

Air strike

It is unfortunate to see civilian and innocent people dying in different parts around the world. This incident was tragic too but the fact of the matter is, the target was not to kill innocent people but Al-Qeada members because those coward terrorists hide among civilians. It is not clear whether any Al Qeada member was killed or not but clearly, there were credible information about the presence of terrorists. The tribal elders still invite those terrorists for dinners and wedding parties. They really do not understand that Pakistan's reputation is being ruined because of terrorists. I am sorry to say but these tribes are not for Pakistan, they always bring bad name to our country whether they live in NWFP, FATA, Balochistan, Sindh or Punjab.
Just imagine, there was protest in Pakistan against the attack, million people took part in the march against Pakistani government and US strike but none of them demanded for unconditional co-operation from tribe elders to fight war against terror. These tribe elders are axes of evils, and I urge Pakistani government to do whatever it takes to protect Pakistan from these evils. Pakistani government must implement law and orders in FATAs and make sure that they respect the law, if not, face unwelcome and serious consequences.
Zulfiqar A Tanoli

Zulfiqar A Tanoli, Pakistan - 28 January, 2006

Indians are not interested in war with Pak !

the show of Indian defence systems on republic day parade is not aimed at pak. it is for the Indians to see and feel proud of our achievements. it also displays the progress made during the year.

Indian missile systems is a by-product of a larger Indian space program. Now there are reports that India will be entering commercial space market. similiarly Indian nuclear program is not pakistan centric but to make a space for itself in the leading countries of the world. and mind you everything is home made.

Indians currently are falling over each other to get a foothold on the economic rollercoaster ongoing in the country. most people are not concerned about kashmir or pakistan.

its just a matter of 15-20 years, till India has a big enough economic stick with which it will not break the international laws, but might just start making laws for other.

for musharraf: this is the best time to get a favourable settlement on kashmir. in future, it might happen that another UN resolution might just direct pak to unilaterally vacate the occupied kashmir.

those of you saner lot in Pak and B'desh, might just curse your decision of crossing over.

have a bright future !

Chan, United Kingdom - 31 January, 2006

This message is for Mr/Ms Chan!
This section is not regarding Indian defense system, however it would be interesting to discuss this very issue. It is clear that just like other countries, India is spending enormously in defense. But in reality, it is essential to provide food, shelter and health care to 50 percent population who live below poverty in India rather than spending recklessly on defense. We do expect India, Pakistan and others to spend in social sectors in order to improve people's life, improve health system, fight corruption, bring equality, make justice system effective, etc.
It's good to know that India and China are growing but I think they are still behind at least one century in order to become real power there is lot more need to be done. Do not count 15 or 20 percent of its population but look at the broader picture, two third of the world's population live in these two countries and significant numbers of people live below poverty line. Therefore, it is just an imagination to declare India as an economic power or India will have leverage to dictate Pakistan or any other country in the region or around the world.
Second point, Kishmir issue: I think diplomacy can play an important role to resolve any issue at any time and countries like India or Pakistan both understand their stakes, because they both are damn nuclear powers. But it cannot be resolved by ordinary leaders, you need serious, bold and honest leadership. Fighting a war is not easy, they have done thrice in the past but no result was achieved and this time around it is completely different story because of nuclear capabilities.

zulfiqar-tanoli, United Kingdom - 01 February, 2006

The Best Defense

The best defense is a good offense. I think the treatment of Dr. A.Q. Khan is disgraceful considering all he has done for Pakistan. If only for humanitarian grounds he should be given free and complete access to medical services, preferably from his own doctor(s).

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 04 February, 2006

Innocent Victims-Why?

Foreign troops bomb Muslim roads bridges buildings
And give loan on IMF Ribba to enslave and issue order
On behalf of Ummah.i.e. “About closing down
Modern Saudi -Danish mfg plant to send off 800 Saudi
Workers Home. Saudis did not allow 100% Danish
Ownership. Why Saudi funded plant or Muslim trained
Workers have been sent home instead of foreign troops”
Why not Wahanbii Gulf Emirate Afghan 120,000 USA
Troops in Iraq reduced?

Q.1. Is Pakistan's protest commensurate with the
Gravity of crisis?
A.1.Protest is just Ehtijaj.This is Anti-Islamic method.
Not a single Muslim individual leader or OIC
Country knows how to dismantle million USA or
Foreign soldiers' state within state or their Terrorizing
With WMD can be stopped. UN staff or Their troops'
Wage come from money taxed by corp who are out there
To fetch the source of the fund. With Protest there is
need to look into format of operation of EU troops too.
Suggestion(bulk) via current method does not reach.

Q.2 Should Pakistan still consider US their friend and
A.2 I discovered foreign troops '76 in Bin Ladin Consulting
Eng H/Q and in and around Middle East.Should Pakistan
Consider Saudi Arabia as friend who says They procured
Oil fields plus 99% land from Turks and placed the King
Custodian of two mosque and created kingdom Within
Mohammedan states.Turks did not mfr car or levied Tax
on Oil to send troops in OIC

Q.3 Should Shaukat Aziz have postponed his US visit
As a mark of protest?
A.3Islam is “Did Allah give tongue mouth to raise dialogue”
Q.4 What is your opinion about US refusal to tender apology
On this unwarranted act?
A.4 Have you done any thing to modify OIC or adjust quality
Of Muslim UMMAH and use Islamic method other than just
Doa protest demonstration and answer BBC concern:” what
Result world mosques prayers street demonstration brought”

benz m Ispahani, India - 13 February, 2006

re apology

these arogant fat yankees wojt apologoise as the lives of muslim do not mean anythning to them, our muslim brothers and sisters died in their, but i understand the weaker ones get battered and the stronger dosnt need 2 apologise .. I cant wait for the day the chinese will become a supper power and we all teach these yankees a real lesson the smelly fat arogant cowboys...

asif, Pakistan - 21 February, 2006

get the facts first

This message is for Mr. zulfiqar-tanoli
You do not have your facts right—
1. India has been a low spending country on defense (2-3% of GDP). It is still much lower than the world standards of 4-5%.
2. ASEAN & South Korea (including Singapore) were like India 30-35 years back. With high compounded growth rate, all poverty was gone in 15-20 years and they became affluent in the 90s. The same is going to happen to India (Inshaallah to Pakistan too). India is already the fourth largest economy by purchasing power and ninth by real dollars(we win by numbers). I told my friends when I studied in Belgium that India economy is more than double in real dollars, but has to be divided by a population 100 times bigger yielding 1/50the of Belgium income per head. But by purchasing power it is just 1/8th(world bank 2003/2004) of Belgium.
3. Russia was also a superpower with a lot of poverty, economic injustice and all. US itself has so many poor who did not even have money to flee hurricane Katrina.
4. US economists project India to have the world's highest purchasing power in 20-30 years. They are preparing to have a partnership for that and they seem to be right.
5. India already happens to be among top five to ten in everything you can possibly think of e.g. IT, manufacturing, agriculture, space, etc. It even launches satellites for smaller EU countries like Belgium and is one of the three countries that fully make their own supercomputer (US, Japan, India). It has the second largest scientific as well as professionally educated workforce after US, produces 5% of its power from nuclear technology already, has the world's biggest middle class (driver of growth) and the world's largest English speaking population. Infrastructure wise it has the busiest and biggest railway service, top 5 road networks in the world and the like, world's biggest bandwidth in the world between Madras, Bangalore and Singapore, etc. Since India is among top ten in everything, US is right to describe it as the superpower of the current century.
6. Pakistan, which was slightly better than India in the first 45 years after Independence has lagged behind and needs to gear up now—
As per World Bank and CIA world factbook data (2004), Pakistan has 32% people below poverty line, while India has 25%.
Pakistan--142nd in Human Development Index and India-127nd.
PCI by purchasing power parity, Pakistan-US$2100(real $600) per annum, India US$3100 (Real $ 620). (World Bank 2004)
Transparency International Corruption perception index India-88 Pakistan-144. Bangladesh & Chad at 158 rank are the most corrupt.
However, both countries rank low on vitals, I agree. Inshallah we should work in a win-win way to get better.

Dayal, Hungary - 01 March, 2006

what all humans know

There are things in life that I am sure of. Love, help, and care for all people. That's what, I believe, God wants. I may not always do this but I know in my heart it's right and I will work harder to make it be my way of life. Those who go against this will suffer until they concede. All religion is based on human interpertation. I say listen to that thought in the back of your head. The only one that is right, and one will be eternally blessed. If that thought in the back of your head does not agree with what I stated above, search deeper. It is there. It is your soul. It is the one common thing that we all have, that says the same thing to all of us.
I'm a Christian, and in the past few weeks I've discovered that the people who taught that the only way to go to Heaven was through Christ were wrong. It's not saying that "I believe in Christ", it's being Christ like. Caring for others as he did, sacrificing his needs for the needs of others. This same thought can be applied to all prophets that people from all religions believe in. I don't think their message was to believe in them but to believe in their way of life towards others. Let's do this and have peace. I am sorry for the innocent dying.
1. Protesting is graet way to get a message out to the public. What was the message?
2. I would hope so.
3. I don't know why he was coming here in the first place.
4. I've never heard the U.S say "We refuse to apologize."
I can only hope that the innocent victims families know that of couse the average joe american despises innocents dying, and are surely remorsefull if our boys are responsible. Please forgive us, we're trying to help your country.

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 12 March, 2006

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