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Indo-Pak Conflict

02 January, 2009

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Intense war mongering is being seen on both sides of the border in the aftermath of the Mumbai Terror attack.

  • Can there be another war between India and Pakistan?
  • If yes, what will be the repercussions?
  • If no, what is the solution?
  • Speak out please!!

    Reader Comments:

    indo-pak conflict

    I look because I love you

    Harun, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2009


    I dont know why there is disscussion millitry war between India and Pak.

    Indians dont need to fight a millitry war or any kind of a traditional war. Pakistanis are already doing that against their country. They are fighting theirselves not only in FATA and SWAT but in the entire country. They are inviting foriegn troops to fight theirselves and give them permission to do attacks in their so called "sovorent country".

    Pak has large population supporting TALIBAN VIEWS either in form of taliban or in form of Kashmiri terrorists. Civilised world is seeing all these and the opinion that Pak supports terror has already come to their minds.

    Leave the talks of terrorist groups, talk about Pak government. What happened after 9/11 we all know: US asked Pakistan, "be ourside or be into their's" and what a shame that Pak govt told we are on ur side please come to our country and fight taliban. Seems funny, how can a country build a group of some ideots (their own people) and one day when some one says, "be ourside", run to their side. Even they are not accepting ded bodies of their people involved in mumbai attacks, that happened even durring Kargil. what a shame for a country (first it uses them for their interests and when caught by the world they dont even respect their terrorists: fighters in their terms).

    Now lets talk about dare to fight India. when you are not accepting your own people those are killed fighting India beacouse of any fear, then what dare u talk about for a open war (hehehe seems funny).

    Now lets talk about economoic capabality to fight a war. Do one thing have a look on the news papers of pakistan. Try to find about whether your economy stands in front of India? even Now a days Pkistan is crying for bellout for economic crisis. How can u think that u can fight. war is not fought on the basis of truthless talks. In the worst condition, if war happens then Pak cant fight even for 5 days. Its the reality.

    Now lets talk about what if Pak uses necleur weapons. Then my friend you people will be isolated in the world and world will support india what it will do (u well know what india will do). you will give the reason to india to solve the PAK PROBLEM for ever.

    I know what Pakis are taught in their text books and news,"VICTORY IN ALL WARS AGAINST INDIA". I have one one simple answer go to wikipedia/bbc or see any modern world history book, u will defenitely find the correct answer.

    Raj, United Kingdom - 06 January, 2009

    Talibani thinking

    I read a lot of articles which is publish above by various people.I dont know on what bases they said that the defeat indians.Everyone knows that mahraja prithvi singh defeat mohd gori 16times.But we indians are very innocent everytime feels ok they dont do it again.But know 60 perect of pakistani awwam is converted into taliban.So there is no option to talk to them.The only option left is india fought a one more was and will free the some part of pakistan like baluchistan n some more who are treating as the slaves in pakistan.

    Sid, Hungary - 06 January, 2009

    indian history of wars

    i dont know what people study and believe.all i know that pakistan has got a big part of kashmir so where it come from?did india gave it to them in infact pakistan won the war and captured that place from india so it is a ground reality not a so called statment from any govenament. now we will see their history. english empire ruled india for over 200 years and before that it was king baber,akber,shajehan,aourangzaib, and befor that it was ladhi,stretched to another 400 hundrd years of pushtoon and turk rulers so were they hindus who ruled india or were they foriegn fighters who came and ruled india.please dont rely on publications and see things ur self to asses ones strenght.india pakistan war is not gona benifit any one because the people who talk about wars infact they havent seen one.i will relate the war between india and chaina in which india lost abig chunk name axsi chin near kargil mountains and they still hold it until now so we need to be true with our words.america didnt win the war in afghanistan 1000 time lowerin military strenght si its not the wepons,its all about people and their devotion so please dont beg for wars.we need to live in peace, we are the same people ,same race,same areas,same tradition,same language so why fight.if india win so who will it benifit.the constant scare of revenge will be flooting above us.

    abdul saboor, Pakistan - 06 January, 2009

    About Pakistani

    Pakistani goverment always taking that we will punish those behind the mumbai blast if they are pakistan.There is a condition if.The whole world knows from where terrorist comes.There is no need of proof.Even they killed the great leader of pakistan banzeer bhutto what goverment of pakistan do to capturing those terrorist.Everyone knows that the existance of terrorism is only because of ISI.And now they also suffer to tht whose create the terrorism.
    Whatever gone in the past it is the history.You are talking abt the babar and akbar if someone dont know then i will tell them indian muslims have the more population then pakistani.And they are equally participate in Indian Democracry.Whether it is sania mirza,APJ Abdul Kalam Azad or whatever else.
    There are some people who said that war is not a solution then i want to ask a question to them if pakistan is not involved in these blast then why dont pakistan goverment give those terrorist to India those who are involoved behind this.Because they clearly knows that if they handed over them then everyone knows the involovement of pakistani army behind these attacks.

    Sid, Hungary - 06 January, 2009

    who to believe

    to express ur self is easy but to know others,not easy. who will tell us that the mumbai attacks were not staged by indian govt himself?through these attacks they have killed one of their best police cheif who captured one colenal from indian army who was behind and supported many terrorest acts against muslims in india and later put it on pakistan.ten men all together attacked ten places in india.two were shot dead at train station and three were at taj hotel so the rest of five had attacked 8 places?does it make sence.what if indian govt had done it ta have a reason to attack pakistan? what if any other country staged it to make these countries for all this we need joint investigation to come to a result not to attack a country and kill million innocent people or to show who is powerful.history gives us understanding of behaviors like if we see hitler set alight to its national assembly buildings and declared emergancy to take power of the chancellor and so as russia when they attacked chehnya ,and every body must have seen the discovery documentry(truth behind 911)so please dont draw results without checking papers.thats the reson pakistan shouldnt take responsibilty if they havent done any thing wrong.

    abdul saboor, Pakistan - 06 January, 2009

    Khyali pulav

    Pakistan is known for its self boasting attitude... I really appreciate Riaz's comments on this issue...violence is no solution at it abig country or small country everybody loses in war...Being a true indian,, i would say people here have posted say india was rules by invaders...i agree India was ruled by invaders coz india never a single nation that time,,but still the indian identity is the strongest till date...If forced for war, pakistanis are not aware of the military capabilities...India would not repeat the mistakes it did 1000 years back...This time it wont be stone pelting,,but massive attack which would not only attack pakistan but remove pakistan historically and geographically,,leaving no remains on earth...So be mature and i urge pakistanis to behave like civilised society

    Monish, Pakistan - 06 January, 2009

    Find and fight your joint enemy

    India and Pakistan are two amputated limbs of the same body. If we can put to freeze our Adrenaline for a while, it will immediately appear clear to us as daylight that, divide and rule is still the game. Otherwise, West still remembers that, it owes its glories to the sub-continent. Without search for Western route to India they might not have discovered America, or more appropriately, India could have discovered and colonized America, which Europe made its Andaman Island to off-load its over-flowing prisons full of incorrigibly hard boiled European criminals. Once bitten is now always shy. Indian economy was the thorn in the Europe's throat and West would do anything to save its throat. Present Indian economic strides are scaring the hell out of the Western world which they must stop. Mumbai attack has actually worked as the most effective economic barrier. We should see who benefits from the horrible carnage.

    Now, Let us sit together and join forces. For this, I would not hesitate to get guidance from Mahatma Gandhi, universally accepted as an achiever and a humane figure. I would not consider religion or any other orientation being a handicap because my religion teaches me that, “Knowledge is the lost property of a true Muslim and every Muslim should pounce upon and grab knowledge wherever found or discovered.” Therefore, I delightfully quote below, some of the very appropriate and relevant rules from the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi which should provide much needed guidance to both, India and Pakistan:

    - Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

    - When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won.

    - There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always.

    - An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    - Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right.

    - The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted.

    - If two friends ask you to judge a dispute, don't accept, because you will lose one friend; on the other hand, if two strangers come with the same request, accept because you will gain one friend.

    - That action alone is just that does not harm either party to a dispute.

    - What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

    I sincerely believe, if we can see the real reasons of our plight, we shall not waste a second and join to fight our joint historic enemy.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 06 January, 2009

    I have a solution

    Pak is right now bent for money. Its government is literally surviving on international aid. For this aid the Pakis are willing to do anything - all attacks on their own country in SWAT etc regions. All Indians should contribute 1 Rupee and send to Pak they will be happy to allow India to attack and do whatever to ....

    Mak Indian, Hungary - 07 January, 2009

    Grow Up

    Dear Pakistani,India brothers and sisters,
    both countries have massive problems and the unnerving ability to meddle in each others affairs, lets get realistic both countries have to work hard and resolve this matter through dialog and dialog only. Both of us have to stop spreading hatered at each other have we not learned any thing in the past 60+ years lets be mature and sensisble and trancend this childish pattern of blaming each other and work to resolve our differences.


    P, Pakistan - 07 January, 2009

    just Wait and Watch.....

    just wait and watch..Obama will rightfully do to pakistan what Bush wrongfully did to Iraq and he will pull Bin Laden out from the grave if he has to...just wait and watch.

    ak, Hungary - 07 January, 2009


    I don't know what pakistani people learned in their schools
    they always say that babar mangol turk all ruled india but all are foreigners as well as british

    So why you people are pointing out about these rulers frequently
    thing is not like that all these are pakistani and ruled india you people are also ruled by them
    and if you say that they are muslim so they can be treated as pakistani then can u allow to be ruled by a turkish or any other person from muslim country
    In india we people are not like you we treat all same whether it is akbar or chandragupt or kusan or any other but i dont think u even heard about these emperors and they ruled as well Pakistani region of india
    but you dont know them
    how foolish you people are you are.

    Ajeet, Hungary - 07 January, 2009

    Remember East Pakistan

    If ever there is a war, I think this time a new country call Balochistan will be found.
    People in Pakistan I think will be more happy iof their government provides them with proper education, health care and security Instead of dragging the same line about Islam and Kashmir.
    The facts state that Inspite of being an Islamic Nation, most of the Bar Dancers found in the gulf countries are from Lahore.
    Thank Allah.. my forefathers did not migrate to Pakistan.

    Zafrul Islam, Hungary - 07 January, 2009


    "i dont know what people study and believe.all i know that pakistan has got a big part of kashmir so where it come from?did india gave it to them in infact pakistan won the war and captured that place from india so it is a ground reality not a so called statment from any govenament. "

    Not sure if it was a Pakistani "victory". Kashmir was orginally neither part of India or Pakistan but an independent kingdom after the 1947 war India took roughly half of Kashmir with Pakistan gaining roughly 1/3rd and the Chinese getting the rest.

    qwerty, United Kingdom - 07 January, 2009

    Mischief, not conflict yet

    This whole dangerous mischief was started by Indians chauvionists/ intelligence agencies with financed intrusion to break up Pakistan from Balochistan/NWFP/FATA seams and was also further propagated with further financed suicidal bombings in Pak.

    No body knows and Paks for sure do not wish to accept the kinks and bends of the Indian side of stories to get Paks involved in accepting the Indian/American bias that might lead to whatever consequences.

    Peace lovers and noble Pak nation,its intelligent government and its great military and ISI must and will never want to drag the Pak nation to the butcher's den to sleep with the wolves of india,which has right now even intriguiing American support.The fuming maligning of Paks with clear wishful languished revenge by Idia on some unproven and biased charges by that Condi Rice and equally un-equivocal wolflike suuportive of india by Mr McCain along with berserk wish to strike at Paks by Indian government and military,makes it very defensive for Paks to measure and exercise all restraints to save the country and its great nation, military and ISI and Pak nukes.

    The lust to take out Pak blood is definitely languished there to thrust the blame on Paks with the relentless blame to make the Paks accept the guilt which they most definitely are not party to it.It is the mighty ones gang on the noble and innocent Pak nation,its transparent military and ISI to accept something false in hurried pressure on them.Pakistan has been not only betrayed again this time by its so called mighty and false ally,but it has been sucked into a trap to finish it off with confession by forced default.Definitely,the Pak lifeline of military,ISI and the government has the duty and the right to counter dodge a falsified clever plan of intrigue,confusion and forced confession by the only adversary and its new found supportive wolf in sheep's clothing.Pak's are seeing its long time faithful dog turning into wolf like its only adversary allways was.

    You read into the latest issues of Russia's pravda and the Chinese news and you find and discover this conspiracy.Pakistan has been targeted as front state in a grand assault on the Islamic world,which has been very cleverly and successfully made to part with its historic and potent Jehad.Now,even the legitimate jehad is made to be confessed as terror by the very islamic states themselves.

    The war would have occured between India and Pakistan had Paks not possessed nukes.Condi Rice,Mr McCaine and some others in US had gone in tandom support of some unproven allegations against Paks and they did not leave any stone unturned to wishfully predict the war.Many people must be sad by now that war did not happen and it may not happen at all.

    Bottom line is that India and Pakistan are too congested to take on each other in total conventional military and nuclear war.Peace is the only viable option to practice by both India and Pakistan.Do not forget that Indians are far accessed in hate against Paks in global media.Even the suicidal attacks, trouble in Balochistan and Fata was culminated by berserk gone bellicosy on part of Indians from their bases in Afghanistan.Very sadly,Pakistan's supposed to be ally America in Afghanistan overlooked that out of neglect or partisan reasons.

    Pakistan and india need to work together with no prejudice and respect of each other and try to mitigate all troubles through non interference into each other.In other words, there has to be conduct of peace from heart.there is urgent need to replace hate with love as there are too many commonalities between the two countries.A full blown nuclear war will completely destroy and annihilate the ten thousand years of bondage between the people, their culture,their language,their food and more or less every thing common accept the very few spoiler causes.We are are very sure that remedies and preventions are there if hate is taken out.i can tell you from writing thousands of letters and hundreds of poems in international media that the hate from the Indian hindus is ten times more than what Paks have for India.




    'we want peace for all."

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 07 January, 2009

    The twisted version of history taught by Military rulers to the common Pakistani man is reason for their false confidence. I suggest just key in word "Niazi" and "Yahya khan" or "Dec 16 1972 India-Pak" in Google and you will get the real picture.
    Secondly war is also fought with money....and in current scenario it will be disaster for both.India with its economic growth will manage to survive and recover in a year or two but Pakistan will surely have huge issues. Assuming as last ditch effort Pakistan does use its nuclear weapons , it will manage to destroy a couple of Indian cities but then world opinion and reaction will ensure ,Pakistan stays in 19th century like economy. Even your friends China and Arabia will not support you guys just to avoid world confrontation and sanctions . Besides USA and Afghanistan would latch on to the chance and your western province will be gone to them which as it is is predicted to be gone by 2014.Remember Obama is putting more troops in Afghanistan and motive is NWFP. Then finally India will of course not keep quite if nuked and a couple of cities in Pakistan will be gone in vapor too. Now with western provinces gone and with 2 major cities gone....Pakistan will have scored a slight victory but with consequences that they cant imagine or understand. And the solution to this all is just simple. Leave out denial mode and accept ISI and terrorist camps have link. Wipe our rogue elements in ISI and wipe out terrorism and leave peacefully and let live peacefully. Cheaper and logical solution but it needs common sense and desire to implement. Only if the common man in Pakistan stood up for this ,you will be surprised how much help you can get from India and also how peaceful the region can be besides being an exemplary path for Israel and ME to follow. Peqace is not absence of conflict but prescence of justice and only Pakistani people themselves can assure that for themselves by bieng true to justice and standing up against your rogue elements who are lending your country a bad name. The bad name is reason why every country feels Pakistan is a failed state and world migraine and even cricket tours are not possible despite security assurances from Pakistani govt ( No trust is real cause for cancellations). Do a favor to you and then the world. Promote peace and not terrorism.True courage is not war but accepting whats wrong and then rectifying it and this will be far less costlier than a war in which only Pakistanis believe they can win giving a damn about what military analysts in the world predict including ones from China. Indians do not want harm to Pakistan unless provoked by incidents like 26/11 .India is busy trying to eradicate its shortcomings and it may have its own issues but eventually they have been solved ( like Punjab insurgency). The President was a Muslim and the PM is a Punjabi sikh and an Italian is powerful figure in it is a secular country. Dont try to make it look on par with Pakistan because Pakistan's problems today were created by their own past Army Generals and policies. Indians know that common Pakistani is peace loving but your peace is being held hostage by your own army and ISI and it would be better for your own good to stand up against them rather than with them.

    Kaushik, Pakistan - 07 January, 2009

    its time let actions speak.

    its easy for people like us to say that v r stronger than u. but the reality will never change. the truth will always remain the truth. we r the creation of one god. we share the same sun the same air and the same land. if we created borders its us who created trouble. if india and pakistan go to war what could happen to the max, india loosing its economy, pakistan loosing its economy. the net result will remain the same but. both the country will fall back again about a 50 years. its us who have to decide what we need its us who has to decide between the rite and wrong. if we fight then may god be with the rite one.


    chetan walia, Hungary - 07 January, 2009

    Pakistan in Laughable Denial

    I regret that Pakistan is making only a mockery of its intentions by denying the information handed over to it by India. If it tries to find a escape route, it will only increase the world held view that it is behaving Jenus-faced or double-speak. Its a country now famous for Kinder-Garden to Doctorate of terrorism. I would say it is a golden opportunity for Its government to demonstrate its effectiveness by raiding the camps, all those alleged (not proved at this stage we should say) should be apprehended and investigated, provide the DNA of the family claiming to be of Kasabs, match the voice sample of phones transcripts with those alleged in Pakistan, and find where all 9 others are alleged to be. If it does it honestly and punishes the whole chain, it will win the confidence of the world back. Why is it important? Not only for India but much more for Pakistan. Because its a fact that this double speak will only increas e the speculation that The country is not serious of terrorism and its Nuclear weapons are not safe. America whosever friend it is must be having some design in mind to denuclearise pakistan in one way or the other. no doubt it will be supported by other countries under the pretext of these falling into terrorist hands how much secure they actually may be. So it will prove that the Govt writ runs and its capable or bringing the culprits to book. It may be difficult to extradite people to India and understandably so, but Pakistan if demonstrate a transparent, fervent self action it can silence all the rhetoric and pressure by India and the world. A single bold decision by the civilian govt can remove the long held view that Pakistan state is complicit and double minded on issue of terrorism. In short term Pakistan may be able to assuage the US as they need it for the Afghan border issue but once that is solved they will haunt pakistan for its nuclear assets as we can see signs of reports in their country of dangers from Pakistan. That all may be exagarated but still cant be dismissed as they are hegemonic and we have to realise it. I wish Pakistans image as a state close to failing cum terrorism sponsoring is wiped out. People of Pakistan deserve much better recognition and respect than what is there in the world. In this country there are so many Pakistan people who have shops but they all tell to people here in daily talks that they are from India. They hesistate to tell that they are from Pakistan because their customers will look them with a different view. Pakistan deserves a much better space and its a golden opportunity for it to start with this. Pakistan Gov/army must understand, it will not be able to fudge the world much more and can now turn around the tables to its advantage. I do not think there is any big problem if Pakistan tells yes its citizens were involved in this heinous crime and it found this in its own investigation. Any one from India may even do it tomorrow.. or for that matter from America or any other country. But this does not mean the country is doing it as long as it does not raise doubts in others that it is non-serious about punishing the terrorists. All the best to Pakistan.

    VNPandey, Netherlands - 07 January, 2009

    Mumbai 26/11

    "No Pakistanis could be involved. Pakistan is peace-loving; and we've suffered more terrorism than India has."

    To (today's):
    "The lone survivor is Pakistani."

    I'm hoping, some day in the not-too-distant future:

    "All gunmen were Pakistani. They were directed from Pakistan by Lashkar-e-Taiba leaders with help from the ISI. We have a habit to lie a lot to hide our ridiculous ideologies and violent dispositions but have now come to realize that complete abandonment of those ideologies and dismantling of terrorist breeding grounds are not only good for world peace, but ACTUALLY BENEFICIAL FOR PAKISTAN!"

    ReignForrest, United Kingdom - 08 January, 2009


    Thanks to Pakistan my beloved country for finally acknoledging my citizenship. I thought my country betrayed me after I fought for it bravely. Now, I hope my govt will provide me a legal aid.

    Ajmal Kasab, United Kingdom - 08 January, 2009

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