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Indo-Pak Conflict

02 January, 2009

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Intense war mongering is being seen on both sides of the border in the aftermath of the Mumbai Terror attack.

  • Can there be another war between India and Pakistan?
  • If yes, what will be the repercussions?
  • If no, what is the solution?
  • Speak out please!!

    Reader Comments:

    Remember "Stone age"

    No, there will not be any war between India and Pakistan.

    India by itself never going to start the war, but if Pakistan dares to start it then as usual they would loos the conventional war in a weeks time. Only option that Pakistan will have is to go to Nuclear, which might press the panic button all around the world and if in today's world any country goes Nuclear in a war then I believe entire world is going fight against that country united (Except China though, as it would live true to its reputation of being a spoilsport).
    Moral of the story : Though US said it but I believe its India which would actually send Pakistan to stone age and ultimately there will be no Pakistan and I believe the entire land today so called is Pakistan would be used to punishstore the prisoners of war.

    Solution to avoid a possible conflict: Pakistan should stop spreading hatred worldwide in the name of Allah/Islam and should try to uplift the values of true Islam and start respecting humanity.

    Shub, United Arab Emirates - 02 January, 2009

    Indo_Pak war

    India Pakistan fought four wars with each other.The first war between the two neighbours broke out soon after their independence in 1947. Despite early successes, the Indian Army suffered a set back in December because of logistical problems. Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) troops forced Indian army to retreat from the border areas.
    The 1965 war was perhaps one of the most intense wars the two neighbours ever fought. It was also the one that exposed weaknesses of the India's military prowess. The Indian air force suffered heavily and proved no match for the Pakistan air force, which ruled supreme the skies just after three days of the start of war and on 9th September assured the ground forces its full support wherever required. The 65 war also saw the greatest concentration of the tanks after the 2nd World War at any one place and almost 1000 tanks took part from both sides at Chowinda sector. Indians with all their armour failed to capture Sialkot or cut off GT road near Wazirabad to isolate Lahore from the rest of the country.
    The 1971 Indo-Pak war initially started as a civil war in the then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh, as a result of political oppression by the ruling elite of West Pakistan. in such a situation India found an opportunity it was looking for long and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi decided to help Bengali freedom fighters liberate East Pakistan in April 1971. Civil disobedience amounting to civil war gave birth to Mukti Bahini a liberation force which was fully aided by India. Thus Pakistan army was dragged into a long internecine guerilla war lasting for 9 months when on November 21st, 1971 India launched the full fledged attack on East Pakistan. The Pakistan army though fought valiantly but could not hold for long all by its own self greatly and highly outnumbered by the enemy, without any replenishments, reinforcements or supplies from any where and with a hostile local population. India liberated Bangladesh in two weeks, taking about 93,000 civil and military Prisoners of War. On July 2, 1972, India and Pakistan signed Simla Pact, agreeing to withdraw the troops to pre November 20th 1971 position and respect the Line of Control until the issue is finally resolved. Kargil was one of the brutish wars fought between the two countries at the frozen heights of Himalayas. On May 31, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said it was a "war-like situation" in Kargil and on June 6, the Army launched Operation Vijay with full Indian army might including air force and heavy artillery (bofor guns) against hand full of ill equipped and ill maintained foot soldiers and mujahedeens having no air cover and artillery support. Indian causalities was so high that they had to import coffin for their dead which became a scandalous deal forcing their defense minister George Fernandas to resign. The objective was to keep the crucial Srinagar-Leh highway free from any Pakistani threat. Three days later, the Army captured the crucial Tololing peak. Vajpayee visited Kargil while US President Bill Clinton urged Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to pull out off Kargil. On July 12, Sharif announced the pullout on the television and proposed talks with Vajpayee.
    All these wars were fought bravely by Pak Army.Hope fully there would be no war as both countries can,t afford another war If God forbid Pakistan is faced with another war Inshallah we will fight with all our mighty force. Please all the readers of PakTribune dont under estimate Pakistan GOOD thing always come in small packages!!!

    Shazia Jafri, Pakistan - 02 January, 2009

    War between India and Pakistan

    I do not think either the public of India or Pakistan want or afford a war. Media on both sides needs to stop saying that there will be a war. Pakistan needs to come clean and hand over the terrorist to India so they can be tried in in India since crime was commited in India. The government of Pakistan knows that ISI is involved in these attacks and was admitted by one of Pak leaders. Mind you these are the same terrorists who are killing Pakistani people with human bombs. What ever happened to humanity.

    Vinod, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2009

    Indian Friends, You're Not.......STUPID!

    India has DEFINITELY been on the right track all along... if she were to continue to insist upon putting the cart before the horse.

    Or how is this for an idea? In fact at the risk of sounding like a broken record, and please pardon my borrowing a line from the 1st Clinton run, but it is indeed:


    The sooner India, the world's biggest democracy, shakes off it's positive allergy to SERIOUSLY, fully and finally discussing this 'explosive' issue (remember the democratically held UN Kashmiri plebisite?) the sooner that WHOLE region and by extension, the West can feel safer.

    Our courageous Musharraf and his multi one-way unanswered gestures (how unfortunate) may have left the scene, but PLEASE understand this:

    Cosmetic and mere lip service CBM's, stubbornly refusing to include near impatient and ready 3rd party mediators (US PRES. OBAMA being the latest) with the real hope that the issue will somehow be swept under the rug by the passage of time are a waste of both time and money. What do you fear? Peace? Or should we continue to insist on pieces?


    Indian friends, is your government listening?

    N. Javed, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2009

    These Pakistanis never cease to amaze me with their idiotic comments. There were four wars between India and Pakistan and they lost all of them including Kargil. In the first three wars they lost proerty and India still holds some of the property. May be you guys should read information from other sources like BBC or American sources, rather than listening to the pakistani military girations.

    Thomas, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2009


    Two points Shazia glossed over - Kargil was triggered by Pakistani terrorists and Armymen sitting on Indian peaks - Kargil, Tololing, etc.

    Secondly, while the author correctly mentions that India had to import sohisticated coffins for it's soldiers, Pakistan left their soldiers rotting on the mountains and even refused India's offer to help take them back.

    This is the difference between the two countries. Humanity and Barbarism

    Arindom, Hungary - 03 January, 2009


    Forget about war with India, our internal war is ruining us for heaven's sake.
    I cant stand this bravado that Musharraf started. It was so embarrasing that he would bring up the topic of defending Pakistan and striking back at India and enemies at every opportunity he got, including his grand children's birthday parties. He has used the India card to whip up frenzies every time his popularity was dipping and we all fell for it like a brick on dung. It is now proved that we started Kargil and we came back with our tales tucked between our legs.
    It is now proved that Mumbai heroes were Pakistanis and we have to shut up and think of another lie.
    It is embarrasing. Is this what we want our country to be known for.
    I travel the world and how people prctically refuse to acknowledge us except when it comes to terrorism is appaling. It makes me cry.
    The public has been raped repeatedly. Our country is being raped repeatedly.
    Dear all - Brothers,

    Every morning I wake and check out the net to see if our mother has been raped by NATO and it has been raped. Along with it there are bodily injuries like deaths.
    And we do nothing about it.
    Just think about it guys-

    The ISI and the Jihadis have inflicted utmost misery on us.
    We are taliking of war with no Indian even being ready for War. It is costing us money.
    Our meddlesome nature (Read ISI) has cost us FATA and SWAT. Some of the world's most beatiful places.
    What are these rulers talking about.
    It is good to talk about Jihad, Kasmiri brothers, Zionist attitude and Bush's madness on a full stomach and fully clothed . These military guys have everything and we are made to suffer. Look where India is today. I am not sure that Nepal and Sri Lanka are better off than us. Can you beleive it. We are being raped along with our motherland brothers. Let us wake up pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls.

    War with India will ruin us. I think we will be balkanised and if that is India's agenda, beleive me we are giving in to it.
    You can call me an Indian agent for all this but I doubt India will meddle with us or anybody else. Thay are just too busy making money and when one does that nothing else matters.
    I am not too intrested in any thing at all except living in my country in style with pride and promise. Now except for Death on the streets there is nothing else for me. Can my daughter walk down the road. Can my daughter get a degree. The more conventional muslim countries are changing - S A, Iraq, Iran and we want to go back. All this to please a few people. We are living the opposite of Democracy.
    Are we so dumb that we dont read the writing on the wall.
    We are always talking of past glories ( Whether true or not) and future actions. Never about the present. We are goners brothers - right now and right here - we are finished.
    Let us think usefully without our bloated egoes. Let us think of our future generation. Let us try and live well for the day pls.
    Let us be moderate and expose these extreme elemts amidst us.

    Riaz, Ukraine - 03 January, 2009

    Pakistan a terrorist state ruled by dictators in garb of week democracy would pay price if it tries to save the terroists.

    Sameer, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2009

    Actually a simple matter on a big terrorist attack is exaggerated by Pak and bringing to war. Arrest criminals and take detail from India and USA, punish them. Matter over. From all the talk, it is felt that Pak wants to help those stupid criminals who arranged bloody attack in Mumbay, otherwise taking action is so simple.Why Pak wants to keep Indian criminals, just hand over and thus remove headache. The other day Dr M.M.Singh said he will support Pak in IMF, just a few days after that he got gift of terror attck in Mumbay. How stupid it is?

    Arvind-Pune, Pakistan - 03 January, 2009

    Pak and India

    Actually a simple matter on a big terrorist attack is exaggerated by Pak and bringing to war. Arrest criminals and take detail from India and USA, punish them. Matter over. From all the talk, it is felt that Pak wants to help those stupid criminals who arranged bloody attack in Mumbay, otherwise taking action is so simple.Why Pak wants to keep Indian criminals, just hand over and thus remove headache. The other day Dr M.M.Singh said he will support Pak in IMF, just a few days after that he got gift of terror attck in Mumbay. How stupid it is?.If the present economic condition prevails, after 15 years, Indian GDP will be above USD 3.5 trillion and Pak somewhere 300 to 375 billion. People of Pak will remove the Wagah border gate, remove the fencing as it happened in Germany

    Arvind-Pune, Hungary - 03 January, 2009

    fuck you shub

    i pray to GOD this war stays conventional war pakistan is fully capable whack indian asses.its in indias interest not to start war

    akbar ali, Pakistan - 04 January, 2009

    fuck you shub

    i pray to GOD this war stays conventional war pakistan is fully capable whack indian asses.its in indias interest not to start war

    akbar ali, Pakistan - 04 January, 2009

    we dont want war

    yes, India dont want to waste its time and money.
    India is not afraid of war, but of its growing economy.

    Indian economy is growing now and is the major competitor for China in Manufacturing, Textile, food industries etc. inorder to stop the competitor, china is inducing pakistanis & terrorists to stop Indian growing power. China can't do it directly to India since it dont want to lose the world's largest consumer market for its cheaper, low quality, imitated products.

    China is also afraid of India's military ally with US and Russia.
    ( world's top military powers:

    1st CHINA,
    2nd USA ( supports INDIA)
    3rd RUSSIA ( supports INDIA)
    4th INDIA ( INDIA )

    IT & TELECOM made India to go at the higher growth rate. now china wants to grab it by blocking India with Pakistanis help.

    I dont know why the leaders of Pakistan dont concentrate to develope their country rather than relying on China's military aids and US's Finance aid.

    Pakistan thinks that its Nuclear weapons are its protection, indeed its not.

    If war brokes out between India and Pakistan, everyone know that Pakistan will lose at the end. with that shame Pakistan will use its nuclear arsenal.
    Its really very easy to block and destroy the Nuclear missiles on its way to any of the major cities in India by its anti ballistic missiles and other high speed missiles, bcoz of the distance of those cities from the border. But pakistan's cities are not like that.
    AND it will be the greatest mistakes ever done in History ( to use Nuke ).It will certainly spoil the PAK's name among international community. no country would accept it and will take Pakistan as a threat for world. so pakistan will be isolated from the world. Even china wont help you if it wants relationship with any of the world countries.
    then, there wont be any threat for India and will continue its growth( ofcourse china would look for some other SAARC countries to disturb India).

    And one more thing is that, Pak started thinking of war immediate after the 26/11 attack, but India has asked Pak only to act on terrorits.
    After then too India said that it would strike the terror camps in POK only. still pak is in fear of war. Why do you(pak) worry if you dont support terrorists???
    why cant you prove the world that you are not helping terrorists and block India's alleged aggression?
    you cant prove it, bcoz the world know the truth.

    in short think the relation between US-IRAQ-RUSSIA and its replica is CHINA-PAKISTAN-INDIA.



    yuvaraj, Pakistan - 04 January, 2009

    mind you

    India till now have not blamed the Pakistani govt. involvement for terrorist attack on Mumbai. Till now it is trying to get those terrorist hiding in Pakistan, supported by Pakistani army and ISI agency through democratic way, by pressurizing Pakistani govt. but i hope this will not like earlier case, in which Indian govt. asks for some terrorist hiding in Pakistan, and Pakistan govt. refuses to do so.

    If the same happens this time, then in that case India may strike the terrorist stronghold in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. If Pakistan takes this as attack on its sovereignty, then a full-fledged war will occur.

    My this paragraph to Pakistan military, ISI, Taliban terrorist who have said that they will support Pakistan army in case of war between two countries.

    If Pakistan Air Force retaliate in response to Indian attack on Pakistan occupied Kashmir, by attacking on any place India, then no one can avoid the full fledged war.

    If full war occurs between to neighboring nations and China comes in support of Pakistan, then World war 3 is not very far. All the countries except Arab world, China, and Terrorist, Taliban will support India. And Chine and Pakistan and Arab world will be converted to ashes. Jai Hind!!!

    harishankar, Hungary - 04 January, 2009

    india vs pak

    there will be a war between india and pakistan but india is facing few problems. 1)America doesnt have an alternative supply rout into afghanistan.they wil never attack pakistan without their concent and for the purpose they need to find a backup plan if the war breaks out.2)india wil attack to weaken pakistan and this will allow nato forces to asses the power of a country to which they will fight back.3)if both these plans are not wokable than forces from afghanistan will try to captured the trible areas streached to balochestan touching the sea for the purpose to have their own supply rout to the region which will make them independant to act for long time.
    abdul saboor (pakistan)

    abdul saboor, Pakistan - 04 January, 2009

    Illiteracy in Pakistan

    Hi Shazia, have you went to school once, and if yes have you red any international newspaper or article about India Pakistan wars.

    This is for your information that all the four wars fought between India and Pakistan. The Pakistan was bloody looser. I think you have studied the Taliban newsletter or article that is readily available in Pakistan. recently in.

    prashant, Hungary - 04 January, 2009

    Pakistan is on it's way to self-destruction

    It appears that Pakistan is on it's way to self-destruction, India do not need to start any war,
    I still do not understand why Pakistan is defending few nasty people with twisted ideology, they are not only spoiling reputation of glorious country in the whole world, but dragging nave and peace loving majority of Pakistan in the shadow of war and destruction. People of Pakistan should ask their government and army to throw away dirt from their soil and seek explanation that why they are protecting them?

    God, United Arab Emirates - 04 January, 2009

    War on Terror !!

    India and Pakistan both should join hands to fight terrorists who are using Pakistani soil to attack innocent unarmed people on Indian soil. Time for war over boundaries is an old time warped concept. Time has come to fight war against poverty, intolerance, global warming, extremists,water crises , energy crises ..!! India and Pakistan should co-operate to declare war against these challenges. Result of our war against these challenges will decide our future.The animal instinct of killing innocent people and using arms against fellow human beings needs to be erased from our minds. These are not the options for civil societies. Challenges for both of us to banish such instincts and look forward to co-operation in joint war against common enemies.

    Sanjay, Hungary - 04 January, 2009

    indias war history

    the people who say india is a big and stronger country so they should see their history first. mohammad bin qasim came with hundred time lessor army and defeated indians. some people say if every indian would have thrown one stone over qasim there army would have been buried in stones but never had the as mehmood ghaznavi and english empire.tell me some one who they won war against,no one ,they are famous for their big talks if we see their 1000 year history.they cant take the montains of axci chen which they lost against chaina in 1962 war.

    mazher ul haq, Pakistan - 05 January, 2009

    Delusions & Falsehoods!

    First of all, I'd like to applaud Riaz from UAE, for realizing the reality & urging his fellow Pakistanis to do the same. I strongly urge all Pakistanis to read his comments above.

    Secondly, I do understand that all Pakistanis have been brain washed & inflicted with falsehoods that they won all the wars they fought with India. I suggest all Pakistanis to go to '' & punch in 'India Pakistan wars' in the search header & find out the truth!

    G. Sabharwal, United Kingdom - 05 January, 2009

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