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India abjures US request of sending troops to Iraq

16 July, 2003

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Few days before Indian Government refused US Government officially to send its troops to Iraq for peacekeeping. This decision came after two hour meeting of security committee in New Delhi. The United States had asked India for a division -- 15,000 to 20,000 soldiers to command a sector of northern Iraq around the city of Mosul.

Yashwant Sinha, Foreign Minister of India, informed reporters, ‘Were there to be an explicit U.N. mandate for the purpose, the government of India could consider the deployment of our troops in Iraq’

"Our longer-term national interest, our concern for the people of Iraq, our longstanding ties with the Gulf region, as well as our growing dialogue and strengthened ties with the U.S. have been key elements in this consideration," he further added.

This decision has come up as a surprise to USA, who is in endeavor to establish a long term strategic alliance with India. At this policy disclosing decision by Indian Foreign minister, US State Department expresses its remarks with disappointment. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said. "We would have hoped that India would have made a different choice -- that they would be there,"

The statement by Yashwant Sinha is very important in terms of Indian foreign relations with Iraq. In past, India led strong military coordination with Iraq supported Saddam’s bath party and its government in cold war and post cold war timeline.

What do you think about the intentions of India from its recent renounce to America?

What does India mean by ‘long standing ties with Gulf’??

Is it possible to identify cracks between Indo-American relations??

Does India intends to counter-strike Pakistan by deepening ties to Middle East ?

Reader Comments:

India Can Never be trusted

India as a country can never be trusted. Though, India is giving an impression it took a decision to keep Iran and Syria happy, but I am sure India will back bite these two countries in future too.

Hindu Mentality has always been co-related with a mind of a crook person.

Qalandari, Pakistan - 16 July, 2003

Unfortunate decision

It is for all nations of the civilized world to be ready to deter terrorism. To do nothing is to side with the terrorists. There is nothing to fear as great as those who would stand by and do nothing in the face of evil. I am saddened not only as an American but as a citizen of the world.

Tim, United Kingdom - 17 July, 2003

The Correct Approach.

India has shown the correct approach.Why should they put their forces under command of
a force, that illegally went to war against another nation and is not willing to hand UN
the administration of the war stricken nation.India's ties in the Middle East have been
far more fruitful than ours.I think we should study more to change the situation in our favour.

India has very wisely refused to jump on the bandwagon. You know that Vajpayee's seat is not at stake,unlike many in the region.India has closer ties with Iraq for a very long time and would be ready to help,provided UN takes the command and control of the situation.There is always a lesson to be learned.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 17 July, 2003

Troops in Iraq

India is not wise, but smart and clever. Let's wait and see what they are upto after taking this decision.

If Pakistan ever decides to send troops to Iraq, it should only send Army medical doctors and engineers to help Iraqi nationa and in reconstruction of Iraq.

Ijaz, Pakistan - 17 July, 2003

India is cashing pakistan's least interest in middle east with respect to business, economy settling , new market research and finding ways for the people to have respected jobs there. as Yashwant sinha indicated interest in iraq w.r.t. reconstruction.
as far as the questions raised are conecrened diplomatic ties are not easy to be seen by a lay eye. India knows how to deal with cracks in diplomatic walls.
yes india can do so by having power in grass root level in middle east as secular states believes in power of nation not elites

Ata Muhammad Bux, Pakistan - 17 July, 2003

fear to die

indians are known fom always of their cowardice in the subcontinent and they have always back bited Muslims and other powers. scenario right now also presenting the same situation. and it also shows black inner of USA and other nations of the world who are at iraq in search of their goals not for PEACE KEEPING. And it is also a fact that India asked for help from US when got hammer on her head by Pakistan but she is d*mn*ss that not helping its STRETEGIC PARTNER in this hard time when US has got 149 death bodies of its marines.

fawad ali, Pakistan - 17 July, 2003

1. Indian government made the right decision not to send their troops to protect American aggressors in Iraq.

2. This is true that India has good ties with middle eastern countries. India's foreign policy is much more effective compared with Pakistan where our Foreign Minister is happy and a proud person taking dictation from White House directly.

3. There are no cracks or will be no cracks between Indian American relationship. American needs Indian support not the other way around.

4. India already had very good relationship with all middle eastern countries.

K, Pakistan - 17 July, 2003

What India has done is correct. It wasn't the decision of BJP but deeper consulation with opposition too. Democracy does work in India. This was parliament decision not to send troops to iraq. Pakistan should also take hint from India and learn not to side US in all evils. Enough damage is done in Afghanistan and Iraq with Pak mandate now learn to say to your masters

Salim Wani, Hungary - 18 July, 2003

India and US are strategic partners and INdia can afford to say 'NO' to US. Pakistan on the other hand lives on US's handout, so u pakis spend some time in schools and colleges (not madarassas) and do ear some foreign exchange for your country (very high hopes for u guys)

Harish, Pakistan - 18 July, 2003

India Mean's Business To Afghanistan/Iraq & Iran/Syria !

BUSINESS & TRADING India Mean's Grabing Future-Business Tenders on Infra-Structure from Iraq-Oil by Keeping Open-Policy of No-War.
Business with Afghanistan To Turn Them Against Jumpy Un-United Pakistan.
Is India Friend to Muslims or Their Money or Geo-Eco?
India in Iran&Iraq War too was Making Business with Both by Keeping Out of Taking Sides or Favours.
In Iraq People whom are Victimized Under UN Must Demand & Come-Up with Their Claims Registrations at ECHR European Court.
Mr.F.Koch {JAIC}
{Justice Advise
Investigation Centre}.
Postbus: 5857, 3008 AW

Mr.F.Koch {JAIC} Justice Advise Investigation Centre, Netherlands - 19 July, 2003

Thank you India!

Indian efforts in driving an independent, consistent and wise foreign policy is commendable.

Pakistan's confused and event driven policies are a proven failure. Musharaf who has not yet come out of the joy ride to Camp David, first said troops may be sent under UN, then under OIC, and then GCC. Why not under Pakistani nation approval. Being incharge of Pakistan Army does not mean he can send troops where he likes.

Sunny, Pakistan - 19 July, 2003

What do you think about the intentions of India from its recent renounce to America?
India is not willing to deter its soldiers kept ready for controlling Pakistan. Yes, they are mostly, Pakistan specific!
What does India mean by 'long standing ties with Gulf'??
Indians have all the creamy layer jobs in middle east, whereas, Pakistanis are Jack hammer specialists. Well they are specialists in making tunnels in Kashmir, after all!

Is it possible to identify cracks between Indo-American relations??

Does India intends to counter-strike Pakistan by deepening ties to Middle East ?

Middle East has long identified, in their list of work classification( job profile) who should be a master and who should be a slave!Dont bothr about it now. Waste of time!

rajiv, Hungary - 21 July, 2003


I for one believe if people would try and get along with each other and love thy neighbor the world would be a better place for everyone.I hate no one.Color,religion nor race matters.I believe in letting all people live their lives as they choose as long as nobody gets hurt.We were all born on this earth and we should try harder to get along.Something needs to be done to protect the children.Bless you all.From someone who truly cares.

Barb, Canada - 27 July, 2003

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