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Hunt for Bin Laden

26 February, 2004

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The US military appears increasingly confident of finding al Qaida chief Usama bin Laden and other senior militants this year.
pakistan has arrested more than 500 al-Qaida suspects and handed them over to the United States over the past two years.

Troops from both sides have launched a fresh offensive against al-Qaida and Taliban fighters hiding in remote tribal areas (South Waziristan) near the Pak-Afghan border.

"We are on the hunt for al-Qaida," Bush told a meeting of US governors at the White House.

"It requires all assets, intelligence assets and military assets, to chase them down and bring them to justice, and we're going pretty good - better than pretty good," he said.

1. Why do you think importance was not given to Osama Bin Laden's capturing during early days of war on terror in Afghanistan?

2- Is the recent agressive hunt compaign against Osama Bin Laden, a possible political move of President Bush for coming US elections?

Reader Comments:

Answer to 1st Question:
Binny is CIA trained so he always remains 1 step ahead of the Americans. I think importance has always been given to getting Binny, but I think using $ billions of bombs and resources are just not enough to capture him. What you need is good human intelligence, which right now seems unlikely because the USA is rubbing everyone on the wrong side by making some poor choices.

Answer to 2nd Question:
A new born baby just out of the woomb can observe that this is a frantic move to catch Binny else his re-election chances are over. Bush has taken the country from a $287 billion surplus to a $560 billion dececit. He has to get aggressive now. But I feel he is a strong contender to win because most States in America are dominated by the Rednecks who love bombing the hell out of other people. So in summary, yes it is!

Daddy Drew, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2004

how pitty

how pitty while the world is fighting 'terrorism' this all has happened in india and no one had even any hard comments about that rouge state which afterall has been proven to be behind this state terrorism.let alone kashmir thats not the only place you can see indian bloody terrorism.

fasih, Pakistan - 08 March, 2004

OBL is innocent

>I don't understand,
>why Americans have
>firm belief on Osama
>Bin Laden being
>responsible for 9/11

Fatima- Maybe it has something to do with the fact that bin Laden admits it in his videos.

>Razur, "Osama would not give
>in without a fight"

Just like Saddam?

>Sunny, after 5 days of
>this original report
>Radio Tehran confirmed
>the arrest but disputes
>that his arrest was
>made in South Waziristan

OBL may be in Waziristan or Baluchistan, but this report about his capture has no credibility. If you've ever read anything from the Iranian press, you'd know that they play into every conspiracy theory there is. Just a few weeks ago they reported on something equally bogus. To claim the Pakistani press is reliable is another laugh. How many times did they claim that OBL is dead, then claim he's alive, then dead again, and so on. Give me a break.

rrgg, Finland - 08 March, 2004

Innocent OBL

>I don't understand,
>why Americans have
>firm belief on Osama
>Bin Laden being
>responsible for 9/11

Fatima- Maybe it has something to do with the fact that bin Laden admits it in his videos.

>Razur, "Osama would not give
>in without a fight"

Just like Saddam?

>Sunny, after 5 days of
>this original report
>Radio Tehran confirmed
>the arrest but disputes
>that his arrest was
>made in South Waziristan

OBL may be in Waziristan or Baluchistan, but this report about his capture has no credibility. If you've ever read anything from the Iranian press, you'd know that they play into every conspiracy theory there is. Just a few weeks ago they reported on something equally bogus. Give me a break.

rrgg, Finland - 08 March, 2004

down with USA

down with the USA!!! its the reality of today.all the people of the world are getting arritating by US actions(agression)against the defenceless.i hope they (the US goverment)get lessons from it.moreover its now on the people of UNITED STATES to pull down these war mongers in washington in incoming elections b4 they harm there country more.

fasih, Pakistan - 08 March, 2004

Green Cards for all of you

If today USA announces that free Green Cards will be given to every Pakistan, there will be bloodshed on streets just to get ahead in line.
Hatred towards US stems from Technological advancements, living standards, and equal justice for all, which is not provided by rest of the world except some western Christian countries.
What has arab world or muslim world contributed during last 100 years. NONE. If you say OIL, that was drilled by British and US companies.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 09 March, 2004


Fatima, Osama admitted many times that he was involved in WTC attacks.
Osama is a coward, if he is so brave he should come out and fight the brave young men of US army.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 09 March, 2004

May Allah Bless America!

May Allah bless the Freedom granting America, and the American Soldier! Praise to Allah!

Mike, United Kingdom - 09 March, 2004

Osama Bin Laden

I think Osama is a true muslim and he is fighting for the sake of Allah. Inshallah even if they catch Osama more Osama will be born.

Javed Ansari, Pakistan - 11 March, 2004

terrorists found

looking for terrorists i found em deal wd em


BUT NO i forgot your choice always is to hunt 'muslim terrorists and fanatics' ise nt?

fasih, Pakistan - 12 March, 2004

Javed Ansari: Reply for you

I agree with you that Osama Bin Laden is true muslim. First he set up an evironment for true muslims in Afghanistan and that is 7 century living standards and he encouraged muslims to and live in Afghanistan but I guess you missed it.
Secondly, he launched attacks on infidels which is how Islam operation in 7 century.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 12 March, 2004


Hi Tribune!
My view is that religion should teach a person to live with morals and ethics, it should visonize followers with good behaviour and respect to mankind, human race, and love and affection to humans. If it cannot do so? I personally feel that ISLAM as a religion is toooo good...with whatever little knowledge i have of and with whomevem moslims i met in life, though little. But why do people allover the world disbelieve in this religion..., it is just becuase of the deeds they do to the society.....and humans........i am not a moslim...but it is really very sorrow that some people are just being ill treated becoz others of the religion have done something bad and the whole religion is is not like that...if there is good, there is bad..everywhere in the one is Mr.perfect in this world.......if it is...then it should be god....but what everyone should remember is what is good, is good and what is bad, is bad...dont support what is bad bcoz the bad deeds done are by people of the same religion....just think, which religion says to kill innocent people who have noting to do with the cause of what the so called jihad warriors...if any religion is saying that......then it is something of serious concern to the rest of the world...becoz it is not just those people living in the world, there are other too....i dont think ISLAM is saying anything of such kind.....

MRPR, Hungary - 13 March, 2004

usa should stop policing the world specially the muslim world.20,000 civillians killed by usa in iraq in few months.they are killing muslims in afghanistan and supporting israel to kill innocent palestinians.they dont give a damn about chechens and kashmirs while iran is next on the target.what usa expect from muslim youth who have got consiounce?close their eyes?
al qaeeda dont hate americans but american foreign policy.
most of the members of alqaeeda are engineers,doctors,lawyers andn you think they are all insane?no but they cant ignore the injustice by usa and its allies towards muslims.
its 21st century colonialism,it will be defeated through Jihad.
the only messege to america is to leave the muslim world alone and dotn try to implement its policy by force.
usa is not bigger or stronger than roman empire,iranian empire or united kingdom.all the great powerfull countries were and will be defeated Inshallah.

anwar, United Arab Emirates - 13 March, 2004

Bin Laden is most likely dead. If not, the first time he pops his head from his rat hole a USA made .222 caliber bullet will take care of that. A lot of Muslims complain about the USA "aggression" on the arab countries like Iraq. The funny thing is that nobody is stopping us. Why is that? I'll tell you why, because we are right. If the world disagreed with the USA actions they would have united like the allies did in World War II to stop Hitler. But they didn't. America has given up her sons to die on foreign soil for Liberty. We are the voice of Freedom and Democracy in the world. We have given to the world and ask nothing in return. Our past foes are now our allies. Why? Freedom!!!! You arab radicals will never have freedom because the goal of your religous leaders is complete control of the people. We hold no grudges on our past foes. Not like you people who are still mad from the Crusades. If that were the case with the USA we would be at war with Britain because of 1776. Wake up. I say that knowing I am speaking to deaf ears. There is an old saying, "My future is so bright I have to wear shades". Lets hope that brightness is not from a nuclear detonation.

Joe, United Kingdom - 13 March, 2004

my answers to your 2 questions

1. OBL was (and remains) secondary to US interests behind the general dismantlement of Al Qaeda. Given the history of Afghanistan, the US needed to procede cautiously. I would suggest their strategy here was as successful as could have been hoped for under the circumstances.
2. Recent efforts to kill or capture OBL are most certainly being magnified for Bush's relection. Unfortunately, domestic political considerations will always distort sound military or foreign policy considerations.
My regards to your readers.

Larry Cook, Aruba - 15 March, 2004


renewal of my pledge.....may god help us creating peace in our world.see how easy that is to create peace in our today's world bcoz we have all the required infrastucture body(UNITED NATIONS)is IF the intentions of big powers go righteous they can sort our world out within months if not days. the procedure is simple,to start with sort all the conflicts of the world via UN route with full justiceful approach to each of them and then with the help of all countries in UN we should get more n more funding to feed the hungary of our world(invest in capital). give oppertunities to all the countries to get prosperous..... so much else we can do and i am quite sure that if only the first part of my solvation is being done we'll be in sooo different world(much safe n secure)there is only one thing required for this all task only ONE thing and that is THE NOBLE intention.
peace aman sallam
ameen yaRabulAlameen

fasih, Pakistan - 17 March, 2004

Not anti-Muslim

Everyone says this is about oil or who's god is better but that is not true. In the US, Muslims are free to worship without anyone telling them they cant. The people who say this is about oil, are wrong too. When Saddam invaded Kewit, and we kicked him out, people said it was because the USA wanted their oil. Did we keep it? NO! Did we stop it from being drilled? NO. Well this hunt for OBL isn't about who he worships or who's oil he is standing over. It's about the fact that he KILLED over 2000 innocent people. The Muslim religion teaches that you if you wage war, you 1) do not harm un armed people, 2) Harm no tree if there is one green leaf on it, 3) You harm no buildings. Osama broke all of the rules his faith demands. I say he is not a true muslim but a thug and a rich bully. Yes, the CIA trained him when we had common intrest in stopping the USSR from invading his country. Osama was then a friend of freedom but he turned his back on his friends and that makes him less of a man than anything he has done. He will be cought and he will meet justice. If he doesn't meet it on earth, he will in heaven because the god of Christianity and Islam are the same. As a final note......Let's all just worship God and do no harm to his children. Even if we disagree with them. Let God do the judging.

Tim, Florida, United Kingdom - 18 March, 2004

War-Think what that implies

My brothers and sisters never solves your problems, it only multiplies them. Why do we call it a WAR on . Doesn't that imply we are just as vicious as the enemy????
It is so easy to kill yet so difficult to create. So easy to complain, yet so hard to act. Take time and think about where all this brings us...
There will always be we can never stop it. If you actually think we can supress or completely stop it, please come here to Israel my friend and find out for yourself.
A free plane ticket to chechenya, iraq, anfganistan, israel, etc. to the brave soul that wants to make a difference.

GD, Iraq - 18 March, 2004

Bin Laden EVIL

I know my words will have little effect on those gullible and ignorant followers (extremist Muslims)of your religious leaders who brainwash them with their insidious and malicious teachings, but if America were such an evil empire, let me ask you this: How are you able to live freely in your country and practice your religion if they truly wanted to conquer the world and make everyone live by their standards? Why haven't they done this already? (They certainly have the military might to do it) And, why didn't they do it before 9-11 in order to avoid such a tragedy? One more question, did Japan and Germany crumble to dust after they were defeated in WWII? NO! They are among some of the most prosperous countries in the world and were helped to become so through the help of America. Their cultures, religions and languages are still intact and still flourishing. This was accomplished through trust, collaboration and the generosity of not only our governments but by our people reaching out to them. Is there not a lesson to be learned from this experience by the Muslim world?

This demonization of the West (I include Canada and Europe) is just a manifestation of envy and blind hate by your leaders, their misguided followers and especially by truly villainous criminals like Osama Bin Laden.

We have a very good life here and let me tell you that we did not build it by intentionally going to other countries and murdering innocent people. No, we worked hard and had inspiring leadership to guide us down the right path. You can argue this by saying that we exploited 3rd World countries, but this is an easy and simple accusation. We relied on our own resources and abilities to do it! The only time we went to war was to protect our country, our families and our freedom. Instead of inspiring your youth to achieve great things through peaceful means and, through education, focusing their energies on acquiring the knowledge and abilities in order to have a better life, Bin Laden incites young Muslims to commit acts which can only be described as inhuman and EVIL. Nothing is ever achieved through violence and hate. It not only destroys those it is directed at but those who perpetrate it. You must help us to eliminate this curse on humankind and help restore the peace that ALL of us crave. We deserve it and, most of all, our CHILDREN deserve it!

A new film about the life of Jesus Christ has just opened here in North America called "The Passion of The Christ" by Mel Gibson. Bin Laden should get his own copy and watch it very closely. Perhaps he will begin to understand true sacrifice and start preaching the Gospel of LOVE instead of his brand of HATE.
Vince Simone, Canada

Vince Simone, Canada - 18 March, 2004

The Trick of Allah

It would be admitted that the power of Allah is superior than all of the World.Every materialic person comments that America is a super power and nothing is hidden for America but I say ,America is
nothing in the way of Allah.
God says in "The Holy Quran "
that they play the trick and I (Allah)also Play the trick and Allah's trick is the best.
They cannot abolish the name of Jehad till the day of judgement.

JAVAID MAHMOOD, Pakistan - 19 March, 2004

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