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Humanitarian hiatus or ‘War Against Terror’?

29 August, 2003

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Port Authority at New York and New Jersey released transcripts from emergency phone calls and radio transmission made by the people thwarting inside WTC on 9/11.This incident took lives of more than 4000 innocent people.

Just after few weeks US forces stroke Afghanistan hard with full thrust ceasing innumerable Afghanis in War Against terror with carpet bombings all around claiming it to be a home for Usama but finding none of him.

Do you think Bush administration justified ‘War against Terror’?

Do you think ‘War against Terror’ is over now?

How do you think was the relation of Usama with CIA in past?

Is there any need to disclose facts & figures about innocent deaths in Afghanistan?

Reader Comments:

Which war ?

No one knows what is this war and what objectives Americans have set for themselves to win this war ?

How would they know if they have won the war at any stage ?

Personally, I think bombing a soil with 2000 tons of bomb up above form 70,000 ft high creates more terror among the residents of area than any other terrorist act in the world.

Agha, Pakistan - 29 August, 2003

Terror vs Terrorism !

Perhaps in course of time we will know the truth of the terror being imposed on us,by those trying to fight the act of terrorism, as they alone are the holders of the key.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 29 August, 2003

Misuse of Power

The script, the artists and the sites are all deteremined before a drama is filmed. The sequence of the shots too are pre-determined. I am sure many more thousands have been killed in the name of war against terror, from those 4000 killed on 09/11.

Sunny, Pakistan - 30 August, 2003

No Justification

Bush has no justification of war against the civilized world.

Samreen, Pakistan - 30 August, 2003

Bush is a person with no intelligence and reasoning. Bush has come up with stupid doctrines to justify all unjust policies. Emperor Bush doctrine everybody who disagrees with him is enemy combatant, unpatriotic, terrorist. All contries rich in natural resources should be declared terrorist states and must be occupied to give boast to economy.

None of the muslim is innocent according to Bush doctrine. Killing innocent children, women, old men attending marriage ceremony or people with beard must be murdered to justify all their atrocities.

I have doubts that Usama still have links with CIA. This whole 9/11 incident has raised so many questions which will never be answered as they are under the huge coverup Bush administration. To name them just few here are. How could all the planes hijacked with so much similarity without any problem? Why the plane was shot down instead of brining it back to airport with air force escost? How the passports of hijackers fly out of those burning buildings and found? There are planty of questions which do not make any sense.

No its just the begining. American forces are tied up badly, thanks to Iraqi resistance, otherwise they would have moved to Iran and than Saudi Arabia and maybe Libya too.

K, Pakistan - 30 August, 2003


4Q&A! (No)US-Not Justified
(Open US-State-Terrorism)
(US History Kills Japan War Germany Vietnam Korea)
New(Iraq)Iran-Syria-Libya ?
Jesus Raised His Voice against INFLATION at the Worship-Place-Lord-HouseCommercialization by Jews Clergy in COALITION with Pagan-Priesters under the Romans-Protection Legion Hold-Peace-Grant-Concept which Claimed Jesus-Trial.
Now Roma=US=Jew-Trade
in ALLIANCE with Europe Athieist-Socialist-Secular
Rate of Interest Collecting Rents-Returns in Phoney Face of Help Humanity & Democracy-Freedom under Bureaucracy-Enslavements
Capitalism vs Islamism.
Because in Islam ALLAH is One in Christianity God 3=1
Mr.F.Koch {IPN & MHRW}

Al-Haj.Mr.Faridullah.Koch{Chairperson&Foubder of Islamitische Partij Nederl, Netherlands - 30 August, 2003


The greatest act of terrorism perpetrated on mankind was the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands of civilians not soldiers compliments of the great hypocrite the United States.American Capitolism=Global Consumerism=Cultural Genocide=Slavery to the One World System.

william binnie, United Kingdom - 02 September, 2003


The CIA had a very close relationship with Usama.I would not be suprised if the CIA and its vast global network was behind the 9/11 attacks as a precursor to stealing the rights and freedoms of people around the globe.Global domination by U.S. based and backed conglomerate corporations is the goal.For example, Haliburton and Betchel's takeover of Iraq.

william binnie, United Kingdom - 03 September, 2003

War on Terrorism

Page... 1
The Bush cowboy macho man image is torn by going to U.N. and begging to bail them out of the mess which they created by their foolish policy of invading Iraq. The Pentagon now is admiting that they do no have the plan for post war Iraq and Congress do not have funds to occupy Iraq after March 2004. The Conservatives hawks started to put all sorts of spin to save their macho man cowboy Bush on all news media networks. The real face of Bush which has come out now is an old wrinkled man with no confidence and an idiot with failure written all over his face.

As the anti war activitist this come as no surprise to me as I had printed the analysis on few forums on internet predicting Americans failure due to the cost and the size of army they require to keep this occupation.

K, Pakistan - 04 September, 2003

War on Terrorism

Page... 2
As the anti war activitist this come as no surprise to me as I had printed the analysis on few forums on internet predicting Americans failure due to the cost and the size of army they require to keep this occupation.

I respect German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac for their strong stance against American invasion of Iraq. Now after Saddam the situation is completely changed and they see this as an opportunity to share the huge profits by providing so called stamp of multi nationalism unless France and Germany again take the strong stance and reject demand of keeping Americans incharge in Iraq.

K, Pakistan - 04 September, 2003

War on Terrorism

The war on terrorism will continue by twisting hands of weaker nations like Pakistan threatning Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia to face the consequences if they don't obey the commands of His Royal Highness Emperor of World George W. Bush. The Bush approval ratings are sliding downwards but still there is a chance that he might get the second term as majority of Americans really don't use their common sense to cast their votes.
The situation in Iraq will only stablize when these barbarian American forces leave.

K, Pakistan - 04 September, 2003

I have a question that I hope someone can answer.If the U.S. Government is despised as the Great Hypocrite,why do the coward terrorists attack innocent civilians that porbably have more in common with them than they do the top 1% elitists ruling rich in the United States of America that control and manipulate over 90% percent of the wealth.If terrorists terrorized corporations,non-violently,(For example,by hacking into companies and diverting billions of dollars to the poor and disadvantaged of the planet) they would certainly have many,many more people listening to them.When you target innocent people,especially children, you only breed contempt,anger and hatred.Which leads to revenge which never seems to end,for example Arab and Israeli.

william binnie, United Kingdom - 04 September, 2003

As the Randy Newman song, Political Science, says "They all hate us anyhow. Let's drop the big one now!"

That's how most of US feel

Sam, United Kingdom - 06 September, 2003

Hey Sam

Hey sam,what branch of government do you work? Thats the exact right-wing,ignorant rhetic that helps the world develope the feelings they have.If you live in the 21st century and not the 1950s you would realize that globalization requires tolerance and understanding not stupidity.

william binnie, United Kingdom - 06 September, 2003

now its Iran turn

whatever America is doing every one can see its IRAN turn after Afghanistan and Iraq.sit and wait for time.

khan, Pakistan - 31 August, 2005

Bin Laden, Bush and Blair, I believe they are all terrorists. Bin Laden terrorizes with an AK-47 on the other hand, Bush and blair terrorizes the world with their superbly armed armed forces and their huge stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, this the difference.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 29 November, 2005

AXE of Evil Terrorism came 21st Century Crusaders Bush Blair

Terrorism came with 21st century crusaders Blair Bush and 7% have people trying to acquire entire Islamic asset by legislation bills of democracy. Islamic banking IDB quickly moved in and captured Indonesia Pakistan and others via IMF bank loan.
Money comes from asset APEC SAARC G8 Asean NAFTA EU.There was no WMD
But it is method to acquire shipment and flotillas of tankers ships displacement of
Ocean water in unprecedented scale. Few hundred million who world energy
Wealth this time they have recruited umma intellectuals on their side. They have no now
Legislated fraud amid xmas lights Church gimmick Buddhism and diwali and durgah
Sufism insulting Islam as Shria Sufism niqab hijab as coverup.No matter who says what 7% owners now own oic legislated leading fraud.

z_b, Canada - 09 April, 2007

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