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05 June, 2006

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In a new US massacre against Iraqi civilians, US soldiers have deliberately killed 11 Iraqi civilians, including five children and four women, last March, a video footage obtained by the BBC revealed.

Some 11 Iraqi civilians were killed in Ishaqi, about 100 kilometers north of Baghdad on March 15. The US military said at the time that four people were killed when US forces engaged in firefight after a tip-off that an Al-Qaeda element was visiting a house in Ishaqi.

US forces claimed that the building collapsed under heavy fire, killing four people - the suspected Al-Qaeda element, two women and a child. But a report filed by Iraqi police accused US troops of rounding up and deliberately shooting 11 people in the house before blowing up the building. The BBC video came as US Marines face charges of killing 24 civilian Iraqis, including women and children, in cold blood last November in the western city of Haditha in what would be the worst case of abuse by American soldiers in Iraq since the 2003 invasion.The Pentagon has decided to give ethic training to all its troops in Iraq following the Haditha massacre.

The BBC videotape showed several bodies, including those of three children, one of them covered in blood.

The US military said it was investigating the incident.

Here are some questions

1) Was Haditha massacre an act of some individuals or the general policy of US forces?

2) Do you think the US troops involved in this heinous act will be punished?

3) Will the ethic training by Pentagon help curb such kind of incidents?

4) US government has announced 1500 dollars each as compensation to the families of slain civilians. Is that enough?

Reader Comments:


God has created this world to live in this world with peace and harmony.But now there is violence and war everywhere man is the worst enemy of man.According to Aristotle "Man is a social animal".Man has proved it that he is a social animal.Adam and Eve made sin and God send them out from Eden Garden.The world where we are living is homeland of all human beings.We are all creations of creator why we fight with eachother?.Why we say that we are super powers?.Where are we going?.What man has made of man?.At the end of second World War America and allied forces dropped an atomic bomb at Nagasaki at 11:00 AM when a B-29 flew over the city and dropped the bomb.It seemed that hell is on earth.The season was very horrible even after many years the after affects of that attack are still there.Super powers always raise voice for rights and freedom but he himself is snatching the rights of common people.Governmeants never solve disputes they only use them for a platform of their politics.The list is very long super powers first attack on poor countries in the war of countries innocent people died nothing happen to leaders they are in tight security.Only citizen suffer government never suffer.First USA attack on Iraq several and now he announced that 15OO dollars will be given to the families of slain civilians as compensation.This attitude of super powers seems to be careless.Why now UNO is quite he is quite because his father is super powers.Still there are many questions foe which govenments are answerable in front of their civilians but who will make them answerable it is the need of time that we should change social syatem.It can only be changed by law and order and equality in society.

Nadia Aleem Ud Din, Pakistan - 05 June, 2006

Warcis bad

In a war or war-like situation, it always happens. When civilians are killed, that party cries, but the same party tries to kill the other party also, including any civilians or innocents(e.g Shia vs Sunni in Iraq). All war or conflict is bad and should never happen.

Dayal, Hungary - 06 June, 2006

Blame it on the Bossa nova!

Remember that little girl half naked burnt by napalm in
Vietnam.That Napalm was not thrown by US planes,but by the Venezuelean.There is no such place Abu Gharaib in Baghdad.Its imaginary prison.
This is the beginning of the NEW Imperialist Order and the
aim is colonization of those
Muslim states which have very
high abundance of Oil,Gas and
mineral resources to feed the
NATO forces.If the Iraqi PM and President have moral courage(Character) they should throw the 1500 dollars
to Rumsfeld and ask him to feed his pets in the sty.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 June, 2006

Totality And Perception

Hence the intellectual General Staff of the organic party often does not belong to any of these fractions, but operates as if it were a directive force standing on its own, above the parties, and sometimes is even believed to be such by the public. This public function can be studied with greater precision if one starts from the point of view that a newspaper too (a group of newspapers), a review (or group of reviews), is a 'party' or 'fraction of a party'. [Hegemony is]the struggle to contest and dis-organize an existing political formation; the taking of the 'leading position'...over a number of different spheres of society at once - economy, civil society, intellectual and moral life, culture; the conduct of a wide and differentiated type of struggle; the winning of a strategic measure of popular consent; and, thus, the securing of a social authority sufficiently deep to conform society into a new historc project. Iraq will never retemplate such these bombing acts into uprootedness of some diminished people.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 07 June, 2006

That's War

Very unfortunate - what do you think the chances were that the people living on this street saw the terrorists setting up the bomb in the first place? There is no fence sitting in this type of war or terrorism will triumph. The brave people of Iraq who helped in the death of the Jordanian Dog know this. These people were either a party to the setting of the bomb that blew up the column or could have warned the Americans of the bomb. More than 1000 innocents have been killed by terrorists for each one of the people of Haditha, over 100 American troops have died for each one of the people at Haditha - trying to protect the people of Iraq. I can tell you right now - if it was the Policy of the US Government - and was activly in place, the car bombings/suicide bombing in Iraq would have stopped cold 3 years ago. Kill everyone on the spot that may have something to do with, or assist the terrorists, kill anyone who directly threatens the civilians who stand with the Americans - and kill them quickly! There is a lot of killing to be done in this war on terror - and it is what the terrorists want - to die for their cause - lets help them out!!!! Peace can only reign when these freaks understand that we will NOT tolerate them any longer.

baddbradd, Aruba - 09 June, 2006

What they are doing is what anyone can expect from animals. No surprise at all ! The gallant Iraqi Muslims are teaching the cowardly Americans a nightmarish lesson they will not forget for generations and generations to come. American Army desertors to avoid getting posted in Iraq and Afghan have become a headache to the Canadian government. Fear of Iraq and Afghanistan runs so deep that all the attractive packages offered by the American military is failing to lure any new recruits. To pick on Quranic Muslims is as good as picking on an inevitable humilating defeat. America stands cornered both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Acts of massacres are frustrating acts of a defeatist army. But for Iraq and Afghanistan, Ahmadinejad would not be spitting on the Americans so glaringly. America as a military superpower is dead.

Sadat Khan, Afghanistan - 12 June, 2006

War not Licenciousness

Anyone who wishes to say that this is acceptable because, it's war, what do you expect? is an idiot. If your morality does not allow you to distinguish between an innocent and a combatant and your faith in God does not allow you to trust in those instincts then I beg you, I PLEAD with you, DO NOT GO TO WAR! A fool shoots a child who is not already shooting at him. A fool kills a woman who is weeping in the street. A pig attacks a family in a home full of innocents. It may not make the most SENSE to a strategically oriented person, but it makes the most sense to a MORAL person. Personally, I may lose, but I'll go to Allah with a clear conscience. Pray for the peoples of Iraq (that there may be peace for them soon), Pray for the peoples in Afghanistan (ditto), Pray for the peoples of America and Canada (that their governments may stop this psychotic crusade). Ameen.

Lyle M. Wood, Canada - 18 October, 2006

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