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Gwadar Port

22 April, 2009

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Gwadar Port Project is an excellent example of Pak - China regional cooperation. The port is strategically dominating others regional ports and will probably be compromising the economic interests of neighbouring anti Pakistan countries. The operation of port on full scale will definitely boost the economy of Pakistan and particular Balochi people, which is not acceptable to exterior and interior anti Pakistan forces. The current insurgency indicates involvements of some foreign hands. Please deliberate the statements and answer following:-

  • Which foreign hands are involved in insurgency and unrest of Balochistan?
  • Why some Baloch leaders particularly Bugti, Mengle and Muree tribes are opposing development projects in Balochistan and working on foreign agenda?
  • Why US is opposing operation of Gwadar Port?
  • Reader Comments:


    India definitely and probaly US are the foreign hands
    The local tribal leaders want their own share, to have keep their power and ifluecne maintained, so they will not like the developement in the region. there may be other factros invloved which helped their cause eg the tactics of previous musharraf and some other governments
    US will generally like it because of China's influence and will like to keep Pakistan dependent on it
    Indai has its own plans and they never like Pakistan to prosper.

    dr Asif, United Arab Emirates - 17 May, 2009


    i guess most of the pakistanis are not aware of what is happening to their country. instead of concentrating on internal problems they are blaming US, India, Afghanitan etc.., There must be some issue with pakistan education system that so many ppl are mis informed. no one is benefited by unstable pak. It is country which is problem to the whole world. someone says there will not be food in india in future, as if this moron has been settled in india for ages. you pakis come out of self denial mode and accept the fact that your country is in a mess. it is the epicenter of terrorism. someone from canada says pak is gonna prosper, may be in his dreams, why the hell has is gone to canada. pakis are born with anti-india sentiments. you blame india for everything that happens in pak, be it lahore attack or bolch issue. if pak has to develop it has change its mindset and probably its education system. india is in a much better situation than pak is. dont blame west and india for your short falls and stupid policies. i have also observed that paktribune is anti-india and pro pak govt which is corrupt.

    vishal, Hungary - 18 May, 2009

    Mind your language

    These Indians are responsible for all Pak troubles by sending terror infiltrators.But, Paks Inshallah will survive and losers will loose it all through dried rivers. Ganges is already almost dried up and peace loving Paks still commiserate on this Indian tragedy despite the trouble making acts of Indians.

    You even watch the crude and offensive language of these exalted people agaibst Paks.

    Paks really feel commiserating on drying up of Indian rivers and feel sad when some one sings:

    'ham oos des ke basi hein
    Jis des ki ganga sook gai hei."

    And an Indian station was playing an Indian song on a station in a rich foreign country as such:

    "Aa aab laut chalein"

    Some one just added as:

    "Aa aab laut chalein
    Aur phir bhooke maren"

    Then a lady voice in song sag as:

    'Aa ja re"

    The realistic second man just added as:

    'Na ja re".

    These people should feel lucky that Pak media is too liberal to publish even anti state talk.Media in other countries will through these rabble rousers out the window.

    Pak peace man, Pakistan - 21 May, 2009

    Lovable peaceful Paks

    Enjoy my poem from Canada as such:

    Love em peaceful Paks

    Peace for all, war for none
    Paks will have peace for fun
    Peace is Pak grand possession
    Human love is Pak obsession

    Noble Paks are so divine
    Look at Paks,you feel fine
    Pak people hate the wars
    Peace is Paks wish from stars

    Angels,fairies love the Paks
    Paks have got peace for talks
    Peace in Paks,you won't miss
    Paks do give U peace for kiss

    Stepping out of clouds high
    Pak fairies come from skies
    Pak beauties R out of clouds
    Wish I take away from crowds

    So Happy is all mankind
    Come to Paks,N peace U find
    love the peaceful Paks divine
    That is sweet wish of mine

    Yes,Paks show the peace path
    Down with foe thinking wrath
    Peace to Paks is very dear
    Peace from Pak is all U hear

    Bright like sun is each peak
    Peace,yes Pak mountains speak
    In Pak mountains,love lingers
    Grab mountain girl in fingers

    Must give Pak peace respect
    Peace for peace,Paks expect
    Love U Paks, you are grand
    Paks give peace,we understand

    Over the hill and up the hill
    Paks enjoy peace for thrill
    Pak peace has sweet a smell
    Foe of Paks, you go to hell

    Perhaps it's time,I feel lone
    Think of her of time gone
    Pak love is peace haunt in me
    Close my eyes,it's her I see

    N You miss Pak peace in tears
    From Paks, no one has fears
    Want peace, to Paks you reach
    Peace and love,Paks do teach

    Mankind has one peace star
    The peace star,Pakistan U are
    No more war,grand Paks do say
    Like sweet Paks, peace U pray

    Sweetest thing in life U find
    Are em peaceful Paks so kind
    Love peaceful Paks my friend
    Paks love peace sans pretends

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 22 May, 2009


    i just want to pray & hope that our brothers the pakistani peoples should realize that weak pakistan is not in favour of india or west. I just want to ask one simple question will anybody likes his naighbour to weak so that it brings troubles to you, whether you are in talking terms or not.

    A strong pakistan, forward looking pakistan, prosporous pakistan is what we want, is what the world wants. Please belive in yourself, please come out from the cocoon of infiriority. You all have lot many things to give to the world and your neighbour (or brother).

    amit, Hungary - 24 May, 2009

    A sensible letter from Amit

    So,there are good Hindus like Amit here and Paks will certainly appreciate Amit's letter for peace and stability reasons in south Asia.

    A good neighbour is like brother to you.Paks also appreciate other good sensible Hindus like PM Vajpayee and PM Gurjal, who acted on the side of peace.

    There are clouds of big war overhead and every effort has tobe made that south Asia does not slip into the big WW3, which sure is in the making if nothing is done to mitigate the causes.

    There will be peace in south Asia if people in India start talking and acting like this Amit, Mr Vajpayee, Mr Gurjal et al.


    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 27 May, 2009

    Peace for all is good for all

    Here is my poem I write from Canada for Paks and all mankind as such:

    Peace for all is good for all

    When you think peace for all
    Not a nation will ever fall
    And you bring real peace in
    War is out as a bloody sin

    Human love and peace is need
    Of this time rot with greed
    Think humanity for a while
    Love humans and reconcile

    Only peace, you must choose
    Let warmongers not get loose
    Mullen, Petraus can now sit
    In barracks, where they fit

    Human kind are all so sweet
    Love each human shade U meet
    Black, brown, yellow, white
    Must have peace,N be in sight

    And as human, we are great
    If no religion we must hate
    We love all, is this news

    No more fellow human to bleed
    We burry all the gun N greed
    Just be happy,live with less
    N there won't be bloody mess

    Obama said, be peace for all
    It was a really noble call
    Now, peace for all,we wait
    Fulfil promise and be great

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 29 May, 2009

    Why Gwadar? (2)

    Q: Which foreign hands are involved in insurgency and unrest of Baluchistan?

    (---Part 2)
    China had realized long ago that Gwadar's strategic location is vital to all super-powers aware of dwindling oil resources and fast increasing consumption. Last 20 years have seen astronomical development in China envied by the developed world. Working with a great foresight, China had started developing friendship with Pakistan right in the beginning, working on the basis of mutual respect and regard. Even it went on to utilize services of Pakistani leadership in opening the long closed China Gate. Construction of Karakorum highway, the modern engineering wonder of the world, was the first stepping stone on way to open China. It followed with Pakistan providing the first modern jet airliner to China for establishing foreign links. Ping-pong diplomacy had its route passed through Pakistan. Karakorum Highway, which helped cement the China-Pakistan friendship, has a long pending desire to get the link extended up to Gwadar, serving as a potential Chinese entry into the world economy. China is also interested in making it an important hub of energy-transport for which it has future plans for building an oil pipeline from Gwadar into Chinese province of Xinjiang. The planned pipeline will pump crude oil sourced from Gulf and African oil producing countries into the various consumption centers in China. Such transport by pipeline will cut freight costs and also help insulate the Chinese imports from interdiction by hostile naval forces in any untoward eventuality.
    It it is hoped that the Gwadar Port would generate billions of dollars in revenues and create about two million jobs for mainly, the people of the region. Government of Pakistan has already awarded port operations of Gwadar to a Singapore based firm for an initial period of 25 years, and gave it the status of a Tax Free Port for the following 40 years. The main investors in the project are Pakistani Government and People's Republic of China. Interest of the Chinese Government involved in the whole area are now, clearly evident.
    From the foregoing, it is clear that, all countries opposed to the Chinese initiatives in getting unhindered and safe access to the world trade routes and unrestricted supply of oil and gas energy, have sufficient reasons to ward-off Chinese influence at any costs. Therefore, creation of unrest and insurgency against the Government are the obvious tools to make things difficult for Pakistan and China. The beneficiary of the whole crisis is only the lone super-power horrified by the Chinese advances into its so far exclusive domain.

    Why some Baloch leaders particularly Bugti, Mengle and Muree tribes are opposing development projects in Baluchistan and working on foreign agenda?

    Baluch leaders have become wise to the realities and have well understood the reasons behind the struggle of super-powers eying the controls in strategic oil region which is also the future gateway to the sleeping oil fields in the beds of the Caspian Sea. They definitely know much better than our slumbering leaders and indifferent bureaucrats capable of not seeing beyond their own nose. Therefore, any amount of promised goodies from the Government can not match a fraction of the promised slice by those who know extent of the vast hidden treasures. They also know, once they get free from the writ of Government, they will get chances to deal and get mouth watering deals from the US that they can never dream of getting from Pakistan-China joint venture. Being feudal minded myopic self perpetuating selfish lot, they cannot think of the development of their area through any long time association with Chinese involvements. They believe in one-time deal to self enrichment capable of making their own and immediate family's future by consigning all others to peril.

    Why US is opposing operation of Gwadar Port.

    Gwadar Port has remained a point of interest ever since our existence. First The US and USSR, then Iran, Oman and now China, all have their interests involved in Gwadar which is a major gateway to the future riches of oil and its transportation hub. Like everywhere, the US considers that, might is right and its unfathomable might gives it unlimited right to hold every glittering object for its own exclusive and undiminished glory. Therefore, it must oppose every other party eying the cake.

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 29 May, 2009

    Peace for all

    First of all,we all Paks have to feel comfortable with the fact that we are all Paks whether we live in Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Balochistan,Azad Kashmir or FATA.And all the natural and human and financial resources are for all to share with of course preferred benfits of those particular resources lying underneath that province or territory.No foreigner should be allowed to rabble rouse,finance or arm and train terrorists to disrupt peace in Pakistan.

    What a sin cranked jokes or acts,when you see heavily armed,trained and financed infiltraters swarming into Pakistan to fight the Pak military and do suicidal bombings as well.No country in the world would approve that happen within its territory or else you are self allowing the country to fall apart.

    You see in Canada that oil and gas rich Alberta province is super rich in agriculture as well, but it has only 10-11 percent of Canada's population.People from more populated provinces are now in majority here and all Albertans, old and new get special benefits enjoyed by all Albertans.Not just that, even the foreigners migrating to Canada and settling in Alberta province enjoy all trhe same benefits and bonuses,which are originally God's blessings to Alberta province of Canada.The same things,more or less,happens in America as well.Look at China,the Sinkiang province has now more Han Chinese living there than the original native Uygurs, Tajiks and Kirgiz, whereas Han Chinese constituted only 5 percent of Sinkiang population 30-40 years ago.China discovered huge oil and gas deposits in Sinkiang province and now mainland Han Chinese are moving in there as they can work and develope Sinkiang's oil,gas and coal.

    Like Canada,America and China and all other countries case, no foreign power should disturb things in Pakistan and no natives are supposed to get bribed to go anti state.

    Pakistan has enormous amounts of coal and other resources burried underneath Pak soil and these resources belong to all Paks, whether it is coal or gas or oil or gold or copper.Mr Zardari, PM Gilani and all other leaders, like the great Canadians,the Americans,the Chinese and all soverign nations must declare this resource sharing and working for all Pakistanis and by all Pakistanis whether it is world's second largest coal or big copper, gold, oil and gas in Balochistan province or elsewhere in the rolled up into one united Pakistan.

    Foreign hand can best be kept at bay if Pak military is kept strong and its all military controlled nuclear arsenal expanded to the level of several hundred ever expanding nukes for peace reasons.Trouble making foreigners must realize that Pak military is very strong and is the ultimate defence of Pakistan.

    Paks must develope coal and copper and gold and oil and gas and other resources as soon as possible and all Paks, like in Canada or US or China be free to work safely and peacefully where the opportunities arise to make Pakistan a yet more grand nation.Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochs, Kashmiris, Urdu speaking and others should move wherever they find better opportunities all over Pakistan at large.That is how nations are made grand and resourceful through collective, united, assimilated and rolled up into one grand nation type efforts.

    Look at Alberta province where you see more than half people from other provinces or even migrated to Canada foreigners.

    Don't listen to that traitor Altaf, who does'nt even speak like other Urdu speaking people, does'nt even live in Pakistan and spoke in India that creation of Pakistan was a big mistake.We have patriotic urdu speaking loved Paks who shut him up all the time.This enemy of Pak is even opposing peaceful Swatis and Pashtoons and all other Paks freely moving within their own country Pakistan.

    Pakistan has a very grand future Inshalla soon. Even despite financed terror meddling into Pak by Pak foes, nature and Almighty God is in the process of saving Paks from external enemies and enemies within.


    Here are renewed answers to the three questions:

    Which foreign hands are involved in insurgency and unrest of Balochistan?

    Answer:India and Afghanistan as primarily and main ones.

    Why some Baloch leaders particularly Bugti, Mengle and Muree tribes are opposing development projects in Balochistan and working on foreign agenda?

    Bribes and BLA head quarter has been established by Pak enemies in Kandhar,where training, money, and sophisticated,modern and latest dsign weapons are infiltrated along with terror training funneled into Balochistan province of Pak.

    Why US is opposing operation of Gwadar Port?

    Under some compulsions and size reasons, America will listen to India more.But,Paks are rationally doing and acting it in peace for all modes.Powerful,all friend Pak army is for peace for all only.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 01 June, 2009

    Pak foes, leave Gawader alone

    Read my poem as such:

    Pak foes, leave Gawader alone

    They eat like wolves
    And wolves they cry
    Sending infiltrators
    Make Paks to die

    The terrorists caught
    Admit all same
    Financer, trainer
    Is India they claim

    Rehman Malik said so
    From Kandhar they come
    The BLA trainer
    Has India become

    The hippocrite America
    Some Pak leaders num
    The stay as quiet
    Think proof is dum

    The culprits caught
    They do confess
    It's India the culprit
    No ifs, no guess

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 June, 2009

    Man I hope bolochistan punjab and NWFP cud just all live in peacee!:(

    PUNJABIBOLOCHPATHAN, Pakistan - 12 June, 2009


    Bugti , Mengal , and the Murres are the main Bloch tribes, living in Balochistan for the last many centuries.Their leaders ( sardars ) have been exploiting their position and had their own vested interests in keeping the common man away from education and the area away from development. They can not afford to see the new generation of the common Balochis getting good education and standing upto them to challenging their "sardari Nizam". But this is the 21st century and the common Balochi seems to be as much interested in getting education and improving their life standard as any other pakistani. This is a direct threat to the SO called Sardars and they will do their level best to oppose this wave of awakening in the common man.Now as we see that they have failed in their attempt and the common man in Balochistan are not prepared to listen to then any more and be their slaves, so these false Sardards have decided to take revenge from Pakistan and have joined hands with the anti pakistan forces, especially India and the Jewish lobby in the Americas. I suggest to the Govt . Of Pakistan that all development pro jects including road network and the railways and the airports , must be continues and the other necessary infrastructure for establishing the much needed energy corridor , connectting the Gulf with the central Asia and China, must be continued.This is in the best interest of both ,the people of Balochistan and for pakistan . The enemies of pakistan and their agents in Pakistan will perish sooner rather later. Long live pakistan

    muhammad Alamgir, Pakistan - 23 June, 2009

    the forces involved to unrest pakistan

    it was the time of 80s when i was travelling to russia , in myaircraft there were almost 30 or more baloch passengers who journed with me they all were students and were going russia for study and almost they all were sloganing against pakistan, they all has offered to get free education in russia ,almost every month a large scale of students approximately 1000 left pakistan for study purpose and when they came back after passing some years in russia they utterly became communists , there brains has been washed som consipirates of pakistan.
    it was the base of BLA, a terrorist based organizaation which presently a well known organization takepart in every assasian activity caused distrees in city
    russia was a origin of BLA.
    that was proof of russian involvement in pakistan.
    accoding to baloch leaders , it is an open herald that they are getting much aid from foriegn countries among them india and israel are there front line allies. involvement of RAW and MOSAD is also fascinating point here, these all are some kind of disaster for us.our Govt.should seriously taken a step against this sedition

    rana umair, Pakistan - 24 June, 2009

    supporters of separate Balochistan opposing development projects

    Supporters of separate balochistan are opposing development projects in Balochistan. Who is going to benefit ?

    , Pakistan - 15 January, 2010

    will infos about gwader

    this is the pride of balochis,that gwader port is in balochistan, and gas in dera bugti . and gold in sandak. so we should be thank ful ALMIGHTY,and coil in koholu,many minerals in balochitan. i request all balochi people that dnt be hurdle in way of progress,other coming generation of baloch will go behind 700 years to this modern world ...

    khadim hussain bugti baloch, Pakistan - 06 September, 2010

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